Mysteries of the Long Count


an illustrated pocket-book with a pull-out diagram:




Mysteries of the Long Count is a hardcopy version of an online essay that was written in 2012 - see the explanation on the back cover (above). You can read the essay here. It has been re-edited with a new Author's Note and Contents pages and with high-quality illustrations, plus Endorsements from Scholars. The "Long Count Mechanism Mk 2" ultimate cogging diagram has been included as a pull-out diagram at the back of the book.





Currently only available from this website, and 3 Glastonbury bookshops - Labyrinth Books, Courtyard Books and Gothic Image - it is a rare item for Maya enthusiasts (this is not a book for those new to the subject - recommended introductory reading: The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars ).

Here are some of the endorsements:


Dr. Mark Van Stone, Maya specialist, epigrapher, and Professor of Art History at Southwestern College, San Diego:

"I must say, your article on the 13-Bak'tun versus the 20-Bak'tun cycle is very good. Especially I find your recapitulation of the history of the 13-Bak'tun idea, excellent. Have you submitted it to scholarly journals? Or even to, say, *Archaeology*?"

Dr. John Hoopes, Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Kansas:

"I think your article will be a valuable contribution and one that will stimulate some valuable further discussion."

Robert Sitler, Professor of Spanish at Stetson University, Florida:

"A truly wonderful article. Is it already published somewhere?"

John Major Jenkins, independent scholar, author of more than a dozen books on Maya cosmology and calendrics; an advisory board member of the Maya Conservancy:

"I re-read your 13 vs 20 essay and wanted to thank you. It is a brilliant piece."




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