Recent World Events as Understood from

the Mayan Calendar

(Concluding article in the Calleman-Jenkins web debate)


Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

Then I saw a great white throne and Him that was seated on it...

Holy Bible, Revelation 20:11

What will make you realize what the day of Judgement is? The day on which no soul shall control anything for (another) soul; and the command on that day shall be entirely Allah’s.

Holy Qur’an, Cleaving Asunder Surah, 82:17-19

It seems that John Major Jenkins and I are at such a distance when it comes to how we understand the Mayan calendar that it is difficult for us to have a meaningful debate. It is almost as if we are not talking about the same thing although we both call it the Mayan calendar. I feel the best I could do then is to describe how recent world events may be understood from The Mayan Calendar. From such a description the readers may then gain some idea of the consequences of the two opposing views. In this way I hope things may become more tangible also for those that have not read our respective books.

As I have said several times in this debate I am convinced that the Mayan calendar is not about astronomy. Rather, it describes a sequence of spiritual energies on different hierarchical levels that condition our ways of thinking and living and constitute the driving factors behind cosmic evolution in all of its aspects. If we understand the codification of these energies - and have correctly determined the time periods that they rule! – then the future will in a certain sense become predictable. This is not to say that the Mayan calendar allows us to predict events that will occur in the future exactly. Although the divine plan imposes certain progressions of energies on mankind, it is hardly predetermined in detail how these energies will manifest. Yet, what is predictable, at least as far as I have been able to analyze, is what specific types of creativity that are meant to be expressed in a certain Underworld and a certain Heaven.

My book The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) was not published until 2001, but is based on materials that I had presented in articles and lectures already several years earlier. Thus, the basic predictions that I will present in this article have not been influenced by recent events, or even events before the current Underworld had began its rule on Jan 5, 1999. This Underworld is one that is developed by a sequence of 13 tuns (13 x 360 = 4,680 days) and so will be completed on October 28, 2011. I had predicted that this Underworld, which I have termed the Galactic, would be dominated not only by a different rhythm, but also by a different Yin/Yang-duality than the lower ones.

What does this mean and what predictions did I then make about the Galactic Underworld in The Mayan Calendar? Firstly (page 171-174), I stated that because of the increased frequency of change of this creation cycle (changes take place between light and darkness every tun rather than every katun) time will be perceived as accelerating, or even as disappearing, and events will unfold at a pace that has never been experienced previously (resulting in phenomena such as burn-out and the like). I think a lot of people would agree to the existence of such a speed-up of time, although relatively few know that the Mayan calendar gives the explanation to the phenomenon.

Secondly (Figs 77 and 78), I predicted that - at least in the Northern Hemisphere - the world would be divided into three main sections: 1/ the Western Hemisphere including the British Isles, 2/ Central Europe under the trunk of the World Tree, and 3/ the Eastern Hemisphere including Russia. This new division manifested already in the very first weeks of the first day (day does not mean day in the physical sense, but day of divine creation in the sense of Genesis. In this particular Underworld a day has a duration of 360 days, a tun) of the Galactic Cycle as the UK and the US jointly fought a war against Iraq. This phenomenon we see repeated today in the war against the Taliban, where no other nations are actively participating, at least at this point. The notion of West is thus now becoming more specific.

The third prediction I made (page 77 and elsewhere) is that the current cycle would be a dualist cycle generating conflicts between the East and the West. This is in contrast to in the period 1992-1999, which was by far the most peaceful in the history of mankind, when in fact there were no wars between different nations (only civil wars). The reason that this period was so relatively peaceful was that we had arrived at the seventh day of the Planetary Underworld in 1992 (which was a unitary Underworld), but the dualist Galactic Underworld, beginning in 1999, had not yet started. The prediction of increased conflicts between East and West after 1999 has manifested not only in the attack on the WTC by Islamic terrorists and the Western wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in the NATO war with Yugoslavia. A further prediction of mine that has been verified is that these wars have manifested in the periods that are days. The reason is that, as we may understand from the Mayan Calendar, the days are the periods that are ruled by new Yin/Yang-polarities creating the potential for conflict.

Thus, even if the ultimate end result in 2011 will be unity, each Underworld is driven by its own polarity leading it to generate the potential for both creativity and conflict in the days that it rules. The Yin/Yang duality of the National Underworld (usually called the Great Cycle or Long Count), generated conflicts especially between the major historical religions, the nation states, and, not the least, with all the regional communities that were coerced into monarchic nations. The Planetary Underworld starting in 1755, on the other hand, based on its particular Yin/Yang-duality, gave rise to conflicts between the old order of feudalism, clerical power and monarchic rule and the new order of capitalism, materialism and democracy.

Fourthly, and by far the most important in its consequences, is my prediction (page 179 and many other places), that the Western dominance of the world will come to an end as we progress through the Galactic Underworld. The divine plan will pulse by pulse favor the creation of a balance between East and West, which is finally to be attained in early 2011. At the time I formulated this prediction it seemed almost unthinkable, given the almost total dominance of the West - militarily, economically and in the media - in this world order. Yet, it was the only conclusion that I could draw from the Mayan calendar. Thus, the Galactic Underworld will step-by-step strengthen the Eastern Hemisphere and the right brain half in order to create "going-with-the-divine-flow-ism" ("divinely guided anarchy"), man's ability to transcend matter (living on light, spiritual healing and the like) and a balance between East and West. At the same time it will replace the old order of the Planetary Underworld: democracy, technology and the rule of the West. The problem is obviously that from the present situation it is hard to see how the end to the Western dominance of the world could come about smoothly, and so the path there may well see many tragic events.

A great value of the Mayan calendar is that it allows us to study the energies of the times and to learn from these by making parallels. Thus, it is for instance hard to believe that it was an accident that the attack on the World Trade Center in New York took place in a day, September 11, 2001, with the same energy (6 Imix) as the first day (December 25, 2000) of the day it took place in (Yes, it should really be written in this way. The word "day"

 has two different meanings here). The most pertinent event of the tun thus took place on a day with the same energy as its initiating day, quite consistently with the ancient Mayan art of prophecy.

Another comparison to be made is between events taking place during the second day (December 25, 2000 - December 19, 2001) of the Galactic Underworld and the second day of the Planetary Underworld (1794-1814). This is highly relevant since the two time periods represent the same energies (see day 2 in Figure 1 above) in the wave progression of seven days and six nights from seed to mature fruit. For the purpose of such a comparison between Underworlds, it is not very difficult to identify the dominant historical phenomenon during the period 1794-1814. This is the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. To some it may seem farfetched to make a parallel between Napoleon and bin Laden (assuming that he is behind events), but when we look upon them from the perspective of the whole context of the Mayan creation Cycles, the specific roles of the two are quite similar. First of all, the scale of the ambitions of the two persons does not seem to be too different. Napoleon's ambition was for France to conquer the world, and supposedly bin Laden wants Islam to do the same. While many today may think of Napoleon as an honorable French Emperor, this is not how he was viewed by his contemporaries. Napoleon, was seen as a terrorist, or worse, especially by the royal houses of Europe, whose rule was forever shaken by his military campaigns (A sample of epithets given to him by a royalist newspaper at the time shows: "The Man Eater", "The Werewolf", "The Beast"). Hundreds of thousands died in the Napoleonic wars and so both men, if it served their ideals, seem to have lacked concern for the loss of human lives, both in their own camps and among the enemy. Both rebeled against the established order.

What may be more important to note than these similarities is that the two men were both surfing on the early (day 2) waves of the respective Underworlds they were living in and so were very distorted expressions of the phenomena that these ultimately came to develop. Hence, while Napoleon was a child of the French Revolution, he himself betrayed its egalitarian ideals by becoming an emperor. Put in other terms, Napoleon's Imperial brand of the French revolution had very little to do with the kind of democracy that he paved the way for and, which later came to be developed. Similarly, bin Laden may be part of a process serving to create balance between East and West, but he and the Taliban clearly do not embrace the ideals of the return of the goddess and the "divinely guided anarchy" that I feel are the expressions of the East that it is the purpose of the Galactic Cycle to develop. As Napoleon met his Waterloo (1815) as the second night of the Planetary Cycle began we may expect something similar to happen to bin Laden around the time that the second night of the Galactic Cycle begins on December 20, 2001. (Someone may object that this seems easy to say today as the Taliban are crumbling, but the reader of The Mayan Calendar will note that I predicted a "reaction" (page 227) against all the changes that the new Underworld has brought to set in at the time of the beginning of its night 2.)

Even if likely the beginning of night 2 will see the end of bin Laden’s role, we will see new expressions of the Eastern mentality surfacing again in day 3, either as new violent conflicts or in people seeking an Enlightened path or as a combination of both. Based on my analysis of the Mayan calendar I cannot tell what, partly because it depends on the choices people make. Regardless, what we may expect from the future is a wave movement where the East and the right brain half makes advances during the days (and this could take any of a number of forms) while the West and the left brain half regains its control during the nights. Evolution is never linear. Nor is it smooth. Of course, the rise and fall of human civilizations brought about by the wave movement of the divine creation cycles is not a new phenomenon. What is new in the present situation is its truly global arena and the speed with which the transformation of consciousness will occur.

Spontaneously many would think that a period of light would mean peace and darkness means violence, but this not what you find if you study the Mayan calendar. Light and darkness are as such neutral. The divine process of creation operates more like the Hindu god Shiva, the creator and destroyer, who may destroy in order to create. As an example of this the beginning of day 4 (see Figure 1) in the Planetary Underworld saw the outbreak of World War I, where millions died in Europe in a violence that as such served no good purpose. Nonetheless, it led to the collapse of the many autocratic empires that were ruling at the time. This collapse then led to the breakthrough of democracy and republics on a worldwide scale and the rise of the United States to a world power, phenomena that it was the purpose of that particular Underworld to develop. Thus the various days tend to develop the things that are meant to happen - regardless of human likes or dislikes. The divine plan is subordinated to its ultimate purpose to manifest in the year 2011.

Fifth, I predicted that the Galactic Underworld that we are currently in is identical with what in Christian terminology is called the Apocalypse (page 198), or the "end times," the tumultuous, dramatic and possibly tragic times at the completion of creation. The Mayan calendar provides a rational explanation to why the end times, as has been described in Holy Scriptures, the Bible and the Qur’an, may be expected to be so tumultuous and dramatic. The reason is that a world order will be, if not reversed, then at least balanced in a very short period, about 13 years, of physical time.

However, the Galactic Underworld is also one that widens the frame of human consciousness and so tends to transcend the boundaries inherited from lower Underworlds. Thus, while in the earlier days of the cycle, the emerging conflict may come to appear as East-West I expect that towards its end, at days 5-7, the two remaining powers of the world that still are dominated by a marked nationalism, the US and China, will be immersed into the then otherwise already border-less planet. At that point I feel that the Yin/Yang duality of the Galactic Underworld will be less expressed as an East-West dichotomy and more as a conflict between democracy and divinely guided anarchy on a worldwide scale and as one between control and intuition in each and every one of us. This may then be what the Book of Revelation describes as the struggle between "the Beast" and "the Christians", respectively. The separation of people described in said book could then have much less to do with how many "moral points" a certain person has accumulated than with his willingness to surrender control to the divine plan.

Fig 2. The Yin/Yang polarity dominating the days of the Galactic Underworld. This is transmitted through holographic resonance to the human individuals with the earth (here seen from its Pacific side) serving as a relay.

Thus, if it is the Eastern Hemisphere that will be strengthened in the days of the current Underworld, this will also mean that it is the qualities of the right brain half that will be favored, and the dominance of the left brain half that will come to an end. And this will affect everyone regardless of where he or she happens to live. We are all one and all the products of the same divine process of creation, and so it is no wonder that many, regardless of location, in recent times have been working to develop their intuition and balance the two hemispheres of their brains. This is an expression of the Galactic Underworld where the days will favor all human expressions linked to the right brain halves, such as intuition and wholeness, and lessen the controlling function of the left brain half. Anyone that has faith can surrender to the divine process of creation. As a consequence of the receding dominance of the left brain half the controlling mentalities it carries will come to an end, and so, in turn, the control of anything for another soul will come to an end.

Needless to say, this great change may cause enormous and probably very violent reactions. Modern Westerners (not the ancient, such as the Maya) tend to deny the subordination to a divine plan. Thus, while the rise to world dominance of the United States can be shown to follow the Mayan calendar with razor blade sharp precision - from the Albany Congress to the fall of the Soviet Union - most tend to explain this rise with the superiority of their system rather than with an evolutionary aspect of a particular Underworld favoring the West. Linked to such a denial may be a fear to surrender control to the divine plan and live in a world where no soul controls anything for another soul. And yet, such a world seems to be exactly what the current Underworld, the level of consciousness currently evolving in the divine plan, is meant to develop.

Thus, this Underworld is really about healing our planet. It is about the control of one soul of anything for another coming to an end, the dominance of man over nature coming to an end. It is also about the attainment of a true planetary balance as humanity approaches the Enlightened state of universal consciousness in 2011. It is also about practising the In Lak’ech philosophy - that we are all one with another, with all living things and with the divine. The Galactic Underworld is truly a cycle of healing. Nonetheless, as with all spiritual healing the first response is usually negative. As the light first comes in, the negative symptoms are often reinforced rather than alleviated. This is thus probably what we need to expect with most pulses of light in the Galactic Underworld, and so maybe the end times will be tumultuous and sometimes violent. But this is not the intended end result, at least not based on the Holy Scriptures of humanity. The worst we can do is to deny the divine plan and for people to understand this and what is actually happening in the world the Mayan calendar is and will be invaluable.

These conclusions about the time period ahead, ruled by the Galactic Underworld, are not something that could have come out of a simplistic linear analysis of some single aspect of the Mayan Calendar. It is instead one that holistically encompasses all of creation, going back all the way to the Big Bang and so is not based merely on some singular astronomical event. Yet, the truth about the Mayan calendar is really not difficult to understand. The problem is only that we have all more or less been trained in a materialist mindset that makes us look for the ultimate explanations in the material reality rather than in the divine plan. Needless to say, many have egos that find it difficult to accept that they are subordinated to a divine plan that can not even potentially be manipulated by physical means. And yet, I feel the existence of a divine plan is exactly what mankind now has to accept, the sooner the better, the more people the better. The future belongs to those that have trust in the process and are willing to go with the divine plan. As far as I know the only tool for understanding this plan is the Mayan calendar, and how this may be used to help us know if we are living in alignment with the divine plan will be the topic for my forthcoming book 13 Ahau – the Mayan calendar as a path towards Enlightenment (Acalan, 2002).

Many of the dominant traits of the Galactic Underworld, predicted based on the energies of the time cycles, that were spelled out in general terms in The Mayan Calendar have thus already been verified. I am convinced that it does lay down the basic framework of the divine process of creation accurately. I also made predictions that were limited or even inaccurate. For instance, I now think that Central Europe will become the center of the drama of the Galactic Underworld only towards night 5 and not as I initially thought in its early days. This only attests to my personal shortcomings and that no one partaking in the divine process of creation may see the whole picture or be completely objective about it. Compared to all the things that were correctly predicted these errors were however very minor and do not negate that the Mayan calendar correctly describes the divine process of creation. I feel it is now time for people to wake up to the fact that the study of Mayan calendar is not some spooky pseudoscience. It is the very science of the future.

I assert then that it is more meaningful to learn about and discuss the spiritual energies of the Mayan calendar than to look for an event to happen in the sky some time between 1980 and 2016. Those that believe in a materialist interpretation of the Mayan calendar will simply not be able to participate in the very important discussion of the purpose of creation that will now intensify. In my own view the interpretation of the Mayan calendar as reflecting an astronomical phenomenon (or some physical alternative such as a magnetic pole shift, etc) deprives people of the most important information available from the Mayan calendar: That we are all one and that we are living a divine plan whose purpose it is for us to attain the Enlightened state of cosmic consciousness. I hope no one will miss out on this.


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