Glastonbury Underground

Searching for the Lost Treasure of Avalon


(Full length 2018 edition):




Glastonbury Underground is a study that has taken several years to get to the point of publication. In 2012, a few (about 35) full-colour preliminary study copies were distributed amongst local authors. Since then, many of the stories have been clarified and much new material has been added, including new appendices. It is generously illustrated (some colour, but mostly b/w), with 186 pages. It is pocket-sized (174 x 108mm).




Here is a film of "Speliologist K" taking a trip down one of the tunnels:


Currently only available from this website, and 5 Glastonbury bookshops - Labyrinth Books, Dicketts, Courtyard Books, Speaking Tree and Gothic Image - retail price £8.99, but cheaper for UK residents to buy direct from this page... see below.



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