Gnostic-2012 resources  

UPDATED! Gnostic Friends Network: The irreverent and fun way to learn about the Gnostics, with a page (under development) on the Gnostic Apocalypse. (Warning to Xtians: this site may damage your faith). : Precession concealed in Gnostic texts

Donmeh West : Gnostic kabbalism

Gnostic Christianity, Revelations and The Presence of Shiva : A brilliant short article by John Major Jenkins. This may jolt you into seeing the secret teaching lurking blatantly behind the words and images of Christianity.

Gnostic Shamanism  of Light : The truth behind all religions? - a fusion of Tantric, Gnostic & Shamanic concepts 

Gnostic-Shamanic-Tantric-Apocalyptic library (writings of Samael Aun Weor - some links don't work)

Alternative Gnostic-Shamanic-Tantric-Apocalyptic library Samael Aun Weor's books - all links working

Scientific Research - A Gnostic Interpretation: A Gnostic interpretation of BLT Research's findings in crop formations points to human mutation by low-energy plasmas, causing fertility and growth changes, plus consciousness changes around 2012.

Gnostic Resources - a great list of Gnostic sites, with summaries

Apocalypse & Apocatastasis Gnostic apocalypse Apocalypses and Gnostic Gospels archive

Gnostic Apocrypha list - some online

First Gnostic Church of the Enochian Apocalypse