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In recent weeks, some visitors to 2012: Dire Gnosis have expressed a certain disquiet regarding the Dire Gnosis logo and buzzing sound on the index page. In response, I reduced the buzzing by 50%, recognising that it can be annoying, and I've also created an alternative index page featuring sounds from Greg Joly's wind harp (best with headphones), and an alternative logo with someone "looking a little more enthusiastic" as requested  - click here to see & hear it. However, since I don't intend to change the original index page I thought I should explain the symbology of the sound and image.


In February 1974, the science fiction author, Philip K. Dick  had an experience - an anamnesis - a Greek word meaning "loss of forgetfulness". He was waiting for medication to be delivered for an impacted wisdom tooth, and when it arrived, the girl who delivered the medicine was wearing the fish symbol of the early Christians as a symbol on a gold necklace. A pink beam of light was fired from the necklace directly into Dick's head and it temporarily blinded him. He recognised the girl as a secret Christian, as was he, and they both feared detection by the Romans. He was taken over, and watched as the presence healed his 4-year old son's fatal birth defect, and set his life in order. He called the presence VALIS -Vast Active Living Intelligence System, and it inhabited his mind for a year, during which time, he could speak ancient Koine - a dead Greek dialect; Hebrew & Sanskrit, and had memories going back over 2000 years. Information was downloaded into him in sessions lasting up to 8 hours, like a speeded-up film, and key phrases were given to him, which later formed the appendix of his novel, VALIS - one of a set of three that he wrote after the experience, to try and explore possible meanings (the others were The Divine Invasion and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer).

During the years that remained of his life, he explored many religions, philosophies and beliefs, and collected the ideas in an 8,000 page Exegesis. One of the central and recurring themes that related to his experience was that of the Gnostics.
As you know, I first discovered the 2012 phenomenon via the first edition of Terence & Dennis McKenna's Invisible Landscape, which I read over and over again. The McKennas' experience which led to their 2012 discovery was a shamanic experience, and Terence McKenna found a lot of explanation in the ideas of the Gnostics, but I didn't realise that until I finally got hold of the published extract of Philip K. Dick's Exegesis, (In Pursuit of Valis), in which TM had written an afterword. In that afterword, he explains the synchronicities between his life & Dick's, and how they were both "contacted by the same unspeakable something". Both thought that the Logos had travelled backwards in time, from an Omega Point, to communicate with them (& both were thought to have become insane by their friends).
The case of Gopi Krishna springs to mind. The first kundalini experience of GK resulted in a period of extreme anxiety, terror and pain, since the fire snake rushed up the pingala instead of the sushumna. It took 12 years before the process was completed in Samadhi.
My friend Tania, works in emotional process, where people enact or re-enact their most secret memories, and bring out buried complexes. This is often a painful proceedure, and many people are upset, before they reap the benefits. In a similar way, 
McKenna pointed out that someone from another planet, upon encountering a woman giving birth, would presume that the screaming, blood and squirming of the scene represented death as a result of the process of metastasizing a huge tumor. However, the opposite would be true; and although to many, the Earth seems to be sick and dying, the Earth Changes are possibly an inevitable side-effect of giving birth to a new consciousness.  2012: Dire Gnosis presents a cross-section of views. The logo shows none of the asteroid impact/ tidal wave graphics that would give an impression of a specifically catastrophic angle to the site. It shows someone experiencing an intense mental download.
Dick and McKenna (and myself since before reading either author), all had an attraction towards Gnostic concepts, and the noosphere/complexity consciousness theories of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Thus, the birth of a Gaian consciousness, where mankind becomes a "neocortex" of human neurons in a global brain. When this brain is triggered into full function, imagine suddenly sharing in the combined knowledge of mankind in a "telepathic interface that will annihilate time" as Alice Bailey put it. That might come as a bit of a shock if you were expecting it, but if you were not expecting it, it would be an even bigger shock.

Lightning & Shamanism

Danion Brinkley literally had a bolt of lightning shoot through him, which resulted in a near death experience that changed his life, and revealed information about 2012 (see Whats New item 92). It also left him with psychic powers. I didn't know this, when designing the Dire Gnosis logo; the lightning motif is continued on the 2012 Links page, but accompanied by thunder, rather than the electrical buzzing sound of the index page. However, I was aware of the 2012-shamanism & shamanism-lightning connection:

"Shamanic initiation often takes the form of a sickness - the cure is the discovery of the vocation. Eliade describes a famous Yakut shaman who had been ill as a young man: "he needed to shamanize; if he went for a long time without doing so, he did not feel well." Shamans often become sick when they are young. During their illness, they may see visions of spirits or meet the ghosts of their ancestors. Shamanism can also be inherited through a family line. A dramatic way to become a shaman is to be struck by lightning and survive. "The Greeks believed a person struck by lightning was in possession of magical powers, and in tribal cultures throughout the world lightning shamans are venerated and feared as mighty shamans," notes Holger Kalweit, a German scholar who recounts several case histories of lightning shamans who manifested superhuman powers given to them by the "Thunder Beings." " Daniel Pinchbeck

The lightning represents an "enlightenment" or "illumination" that is intense, and if you think how long it takes meditators to reach enlightenment, by safe, easy stages, then look how far the "man in the street" has to go, in what will probably be quite a short time, you can see where I'm coming from. Also in the symbolism is the inference of a phenomenon with electro-magnetic side effects that might act as a trigger - such as a galactic cloud of magnetised plasma (Dmitriev); plasma discharge effects from an incoming planet X (McCanney); or the hypernova of Eta Carinae (Smelyakov.) Lighning is a form of high-energy plasma, and Philip K Dick said, "a bio-plasmic orgone-like energy entered me". He called it a "plasmate" - a form of living information.

The Buzz

The following is extracted from McKenna's True Hallucinations , and was recorded by Dennis McKenna following the ingestion of stropharia mushrooms in the Amazon jungle; the second paragraph is from The Invisible Landscape;


"But it was definitely at some point in time near to that conversation that I first heard the sound, immeasurably distant and faint, in the region between the ears, not outside, but definitely, incredibly there, perfectly distinct on the absolute edge of audible perception. A sound almost like a signal or very, very faint transmissions of radio buzzing from somewhere, something like tingling chimes at first, but gradually becoming amplified  into a snapping, popping, gurgling, crackling electrical sound. I tried  to imitate these noises with my vocal chords, just experimenting with a kind of humming, buzzing vocal sound made deep in the throat. Suddenly, it was as if the sound and my voice locked onto each other and the sound was my voice - but coming out of me in such a way that no human voice could possibly distort itself the way mine was doing. the sound was suddenly intensified in energy and was like the sound of a giant insect".
The brothers theorized that the buzz could have been caused by the "metabolism of the tryptamines within the cerebral matrix and might be the electron spin resonance of the metabolizing tryptamine molecules within the nervous system, somehow amplified to audible levels."
The buzzing sound is heard by 50% of those who ingest caapi (ayahuasca), which contains harmine ( a harmine compound - 6 methoxytetrahydroharman - is actually manufactured in the human pineal gland, and said to be produced by advanced meditators); harmine was originally called "telepathine" due to its telepathic effects. Other sources have also mentioned buzzing sounds accompanying dimensional breakthrough. It is also associated with UFOs and crop circles.
The man in the graphic was taken from the front of Radio Free Albemuth, (an alternative to Valis, published posthumously),  in which Dick's alter-ego is receiving transmissions directly into his head from an alien source. Instead of a satellite I have Hunab Ku, representing the galactic alignment and rebirth of One Hunahpu in 2012, and also encompassing Paul LaViolette's Galactic Superwave;  Arguelles' "Resonant Frequency Synchronisation Beam" myth; the even more mythical "photon belt".
The word DIRE , although it can mean calamitous; dreadful; ominous, it also has a meaning of URGENT as in "dire need". Thus, the words 2012: Dire Gnosis mean 2012: Urgent Knowledge, as well as also implying the calamitous group of meanings, just as the whole 2012 phenomenon includes many catastrophic theories, which may be partially true, as birth traumas (it is also a pun, of course, as in 2012 diagnosis - the effort to find out what 2012 is all about).
So, you can see that there is a whole complex of meanings wrapped up in the Dire Gnosis logo and sound.  In the alternative index page, I tried to keep some of the meaning described above, but made the transition look less painful, for those who are too "freaked" by the original page. The Time Tunnel background is explained at item 24.


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