Mendip Madness

Transporting the Whack-Jobs of Cider-Land


(a bus driver's encounters with the strange inhabitants of Somerset):

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Mendip Madness is an anthology of stories that were first aired on social media, as they occurred, (over three years), and were so popular that many readers asked for a hard-copy collection to be published. Finally, the collected stories are available here, as an affordable pocket-sized brain-tickler. It is illustrated, with 81 pages.

There are 25 stories in the collection:


Crooning on the Mendips
The Farrington Puker
The Lord in Avalon
Hot Beer Bottle
Swearing on the Bible
Buffy the Handbag Sniffer
Volcanic Bus juice
The Roi Perdu
Air Freshener
Anger Management
Dog-End Aroma
Aromatic Butter
Metamorphic Obituary
Suppressed Dirt
Invisible Chihuahua
The Midsomer Sneeze Stifler
Tesco Smile
Roundabout Rage
Wet Chicken
Drunken Hero
Potty Mouth
Loveless Bus Driver
Quantum Bus Mechanics
Battle of Evercreech


Currently only available from this website, and 4 Glastonbury bookshops - Labyrinth Books, Dicketts, Courtyard Books and Gothic Image> Hopefully it will soon appear on Amazon.

Here are some of the many endorsements:


"It really is highly recommended. You will get funny looks if you read this in public as people who sit, laughing and giggling to themselves are generally viewed with suspicion!" Eddie Coles

"...the James Herriot of the travel industry." Kay Ash-Lee

"hilariously like the bus driving version of Hunter S Thompson!" Tina O'Donnell

"Great entertainment... I laughed so much" Suzie Collins

"Wonderful breakfast chuckle." Lillah Lotus

"Brilliant writing" Janetta Morton

"Very funny. I actually laughed out loud." Jonathan Adams

"The detail, the honesty,the obsservation, the internal dialogue... poetry in motion on a bus! John Cranwell

"Funny as f**k... oops, sorry" Diana Brown

""hahahahahahaha" Melissa Gunasena




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