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The Gnosis of Precession


In Graham Hancock’s three-hour TV series, Quest For the Lost Civilization, he shows that the ruins of ancient civilisations all over the world encode astronomical information and pinpoint a time around 10,500 BC, when a major flood occurred. Mythology from the ancient cultures suggests that survivors from this ice-age civilisation spread out over the world, and are remembered as semi-divine culture-bearers, who bequeathed their knowledge of science and astronomy to mankind at the dawn of history.


In his book, Heaven’s Mirror, Quest For the Lost Civilization, 1 on which the series was based, Hancock shows that precessional numbers are encoded into ancient cities such as Teotihuacan in Mexico, the Great Pyramid, at Giza in Egypt, and the 72 temples at Angkor in Cambodia. In addition, Hancock finds that the newly founded societies were centred on geodetic nodes - omphalos stones that were called navels of the Earth, and were seemingly deliberately positioned 54, 72, 108, or 144 degrees apart, in many cases. These are precessional numbers representing the period in years of ¾, 1, 1 ½, and 2 degrees of precessional movement.   In Heaven’s Mirror, Hancock also shows that, as well as astronomy, the ancient culture-bearers were also passing on a “science of immortality”, a technology of the soul, in which techniques aquired over millennia of study and experimentation could be used to preserve consciousness beyond the veil of death.


Although this soul science itself has yet to be openly divulged, Hancock suggests that it has been passed down through secret societies, and he quotes from the Nag Hammadi Library – a cache of Gnostic texts discovered in Egypt in the late 1940s. The texts mention a group called “The Organisation”, whose purpose is to build monuments to encode astronomical information that has something to do with the perfecting of the soul, when it becomes god-like, or star-like (Teotihuacan means the place where men become gods, Quetzalcoatl was transformed into Venus, Osiris became the constellation of Orion and pharaohs would become stars). The Gnostics pointed out that, in the Book of Genesis, 2 Jehovah told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, warning them that they would die if they ate from it. However, the serpent told them that they would not die, but that they would be as gods, knowing good and evil. 3 When Adam and Eve listened to the serpent, and ate from the tree of knowledge (gnosis in Greek), Jehovah admits to his fellow gods (Archons, as the Gnostics called them), that what the serpent said was true – “Behold, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever…4 and Adam and Eve were then expelled from the garden, and the tree of life was put under the permanent guard of a flaming sword.


Thus, the serpent became the Gnostic emblem for wisdom, as well as a symbol of rebirth, since snakes are seemingly reborn when they shed their skins. Archaeologst Laurette Séjourné has concluded that the gruesome practises of the Aztecs resulted from misunderstanding and taking literally the spiritual metaphors that were part of the existing religion of Mexico when they arrived. One of these practises was the “flaying of the captives”, in which the skin of a sacrificial victim would be removed and worn by a priest.


In Gnostic versions of the Genesis myth, the forbidden fruit gives knowledge of light and darkness. The tree of knowledge, as we have seen, can easily be seen as some sort of hallucinogenic plant that made those who had eaten it, aware of other planes of existence, and via out-of-body experiences, they would have seen that consciousness can exist without the physical body. The “tree of life” thus became perceptible – the kabbalistic tree of life is a map of the paths of the netherworld, and the middle pillar relates directly to the chakras in our subtle body, situated along our own middle pillar – the spine - and by certain exercises involving the chakras or power zones, and the snakelike Kundalini energy, it seems that the astral body can be perfected or transformed into a vehicle with a much longer lifespan.


So Hancock’s study traced this science of Soulcraft from a pre-diluvian race, through ancient civilizations in Mexico, Egypt and other places, suggesting that it is linked to the precession cycle, and ends up finding traces of it in the writings of the Gnostics. In a Gnostic text called The Sophia of Jesus, 5 the numbers 5, 6, 12, 72, and 360 are repeated, and according to one of the interpretations at 6 Jesus thus imparts the information that an aeon or age is one complete cycle of precession; 72 x 360 = 25,920 years and mankind first achieved wisdom 10,800 years before Jesus (12,800 BC). This is very close to Hancock’s 10,500 BC and even closer to Paul LaViolette’s date for the last superwave of 12,700-12,850 years ago (see chapter seven, Galactic Core Explosion). In the second part of the Sophia of Jesus, which is attributed to Mary Magdalene, three psychological components are mentioned:


“And she began to speak to them these words: "I saw Jesus in a vision and I said to him, 'Lord, I saw you today in a vision.' He answered and said to me, 'Blessed are you that you did not waver at the sight of me. For where the mind is, there is the treasure.' I said to him, 'Lord, how does he who sees the vision see it through the soul or through the spirit?' Jesus answered and said, 'He does not see through the soul nor through the spirit, but the mind which is between the two, that is what he sees the vision with. The soul serves you as a garment, though you do not know it.'” 7


In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, the two themes of cyclical ages and immortality of the soul are connected:

“The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us how our end will be." Jesus replied, "Have you discovered the beginning, then, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there you will find the end. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know, then, the end, and will not experience death."” 8

Some of the information can still be found in the bible. In Mathew 22, the “kingdom of heaven” is compared to a marriage, at which those who are not wearing the “wedding garment” will not get to witness the wedding. When cross-referenced to Thomas, we can see clearly that we should be in possession of a “soul” - one of three components of the post-mortem state that is a vehicle for the other two - mind and spirit. In Luke’s gospel, the precessional number 72 is mentioned 9 and the number twelve is mentioned about eight times. At Judgement Day, the twelve apostles will sit with Jesus on thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel 10. This is the Sun surrounded by the twelve zodiac signs. The sign of Aquarius is the secret signal 11 (just as Christianity is associated with the age of Pisces, the fish). This is the spring equinox entering Aquarius, and those who make sacrifices will receive, “in the age to come eternal life12. In Luke and Mathew we are informed about the pineal eye:


“Your eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is sound, your whole body is full of light; but when it is not sound, your body is full of darkness. Therefore be careful lest the light in you be darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, it will be wholly bright, as when a lamp with its rays gives you light.” 13


This theme is expanded in Matt. 25: 1-13 in which we are told to have our lamps fully fuelled up and burning, ready for the arrival of the bridegroom for his marriage feast. As to exactly what this means, John Major Jenkins, in his Galactic Alignment, has provided us with a clue from a book called The Celestial Ship of the North, in which someone called Edgar Conrow is quoted:


“The Pineal Gland is the “North Gate.” This, in man, is the central spiritual creative center. Above in the heavens, it is found in the beginning of the sign Sagittarius, and is the point from which spiritual gifts are given. It is called “Vision of God,” and is the Light within, a gift to the pure in heart, who verily may “see God,” but to the impure or those who abuse this great gift the consequences are terrible.

    This North Gate, the creative center in man, the most interior center in the body, has become atrophied, and redemption or regeneration means its restoration to creative ability, by having the electrical or positive and the magnetic or negative forces restored in equal balance in man or woman.” 14


The alignment of the solstice sun with the galactic equator, close to Galactic Centre at the beginning of Sagittarius, is thus a time when the Galactic Pineal Eye will radiate its Light and restore our Pineal Eyes to their full potential of transmundane vision. However, not everyone will qualify. Luke’s gospel implies that only those who are not married will qualify 15 but it seems, as we shall see, that he means that sexual energy should not be wasted in orgasm, but should be used for the higher pupose of modifying our subtle body into its fully flowered form.




Georgei Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1873-1949) came from the Caucasus, between Turkey and Russia, and spent many years wandering the world, visiting remote monasteries, passing time with Sufi mystics, and picking up esoteric knowledge along the way. He encoded this knowledge into an almost unreadable fictional work, called, All and Everything: Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, 16 written in a deliberately awkward style, as if written by someone from another planet. The purpose was to constantly remind the reader to see things from a new, higher perspective. He says that three holy forces (affirming, denying, and reconciling or +, - and neutral) originate from the Holy Sun Absolute and these holy forces should ideally collect within our bodies. They are taken into us via three being-foods. The first is simple food for our physical bodies. The second is Hanbledzoin, which is contained in the air we breathe, and is used for coating and perfecting the Kesdjan body. The third being-food is used for “the coating of the highest being-body” or soul, and is absorbed by a process called Aiessirittoorassnian-contemplation. In a fully-functioning being, which is performing its Partkdolg –duty, the three Holy Forces concentrate at the three corresponding being-brains (situated in the head, spinal column and nerve nodes, including the solar plexus). However, due to the residual effect of a now-absent kundabuffer-organ, once at the base of our spines, mankind have become fixated on pleasure and now neglect their being-duty (Partkdolg duty), so that only the second Holy Force (denying force) is actualised. As a result, most humans are equipped only with a physical body, “and thus are, for themselves, destroyed forever”.  J.H. Reyner has provided some interpretation in his book, The Gurdjieff Inheritance, 17 where he explains that as children, we respond to influences of beauty and wonder, and begin to create “conscious brain programmes”, but these are drowned out by negative emotions. In order to achieve a higher state of consciousness, there are four basic methods; the Way of the Fakir; the Way of the Monk; the Way of the Yogi and Gurdjieff’s method, the Fourth Way, which could also be called Karma Yoga or “right living”. This involves a process called self-remembering, or the conscious interpretatation of impressions  - a kind of constant meditational practise in which one learns to be conscious of oneself in the act of observing one’s environment:


“The conscious interpretation of impressions transforms the coarse material of everyday experience into substances of a finer quality. If the effort is sustained, these finer substances begin to crystallize to form a second body. This is of a psychological material and coexists with the first (physical) body and because of its higher level, it can begin to exercise a degree of conscious control over ordinary activities. It is not necessary for a man “asleep”, but is essential to any sustained awakening. If the effort is continued, further transformations are possible, leading to the production of still finer substances, which may coalasce to form a third body; and this may ultimately be followed by the fourth body, which is composed of the highest materials available to man. This will have full control over all the lower levels, and will for the first time be able to display the functions of real “I”, and exercise real will.” 18


Reyner labels the four bodies as Carnal, Astral, Spiritual and Divine, and says that these four bodies can be found in other systems, but that many of these other systems confuse the issue since they “fail to interpret the true emotional relationships”. 19


Once formed, the higher bodies survive the death of the physical body, and provide a measure of individual immortality as distinct from impersonal immortality of the soul, which is a cosmic creation. 20


Reyner mentions five “centres”, whose functions we must learn to balance. They are Instinctive and Sexual - both of which are fully functional - and Intellectual, Emotional and Moving, which all need to be worked on in preparation for the coming age transition:


“The present period contains unusual opportunities, which can be used in preparation for the transition to a new and possibly more conscious age.” 21




Boris Mouravieff, an expert in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Tradition, published a three-volume work in French in 1961, called Gnosis. 22 In the early nineties, English translations of the three volumes were finally published. Mouravieff claimed that this Gnosis was the only complete exposition of the true esoteric Christian tradition, which had been only partly understood by later Christain heresies, including the second-century Gnostics. The tradition had been kept alive in Greek and Russian monasteries, and Mouravieff used a very ancient Slavonic text of the New Testament – a version that avoided all the alterations imposed on the European versions, plus many other fascinating and rare manuscripts. Mouravieff claimed this was the Tradition that was only partially revealed by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, who were both aquainted with Mouravieff.


The system outlined in Gnosis unifies the apparently ambiguous clues we have found in the Bible, Gurdjieff and Reyner. There are three mental centres in Man, called the Intellectual, Emotional, and Motor centres. These are located approximately in the head, the heart, and the loins, respectively. By esoteric exercises, we create three higher centres, the Higher Intellectual, the Higher Emotional, and the Sexual, plus a co-ordinating centre, called the Magnetic Centre. The Magnetic Centre eventually merges the two Emotional Centres into one, resulting in a total of five centres. Man One is dominated by his Motor Centre; Man Two is dominated by his Emotional Centre; Man Three is dominated by his Intellectual Centre; Man Four is creating his Magnetic Centre; Man Five combines the centres into a total of five and attains his Real “I”; Man Six attains consciousness of the absolute, and Man Seven attains his True Will. Mouravieff says that we have now entered a period of transition, whose purpose is to give us entry to the Cycle of the Holy Spirit:


“We can therefore interpret the indications given in the Tradition in the following way: the general resurrection at the time of the Last Judgement is not the resumption of a body by millions of souls, each of which have incarnated only once, but the incarnation in a single generation of all the souls attatched to our planet. If we consider that billions of souls are incarnated and periodically return to Earth, we will see the concept of the general resurrection in a new light. We should then be capable of understanding, for example, that from the esoteric point of view, the progressive growth of the Earth represents progression towards this general resurrection. When the billions of souls attatched to the Earth all incarnate at the same time, the era of the Holy Spirit will be finally established. That will be the coming of the celestial Jerusalem – the Kingdom which is not of the “world” that we know today, the world whose face will pass away.” 23


This is the Orthodox Eastern version of Peter Russell’s 1010 (ten billion) human neurons incarnated in the global brain. St. Paul’s description of the Day of Judgement, “Behold, I tell you a mystery: we shall not all die but we shall all be changed”, 24 is explained by Mouravieff as follows:


“The underlying meaning of the word “changed” in this sentence lies in the fact that all exterior men as well as those who have reached levels 5, 6 or 7 will sooner or later be called to leave their physical bodies. The difference is that the latter will do it as one abandons an old suit to take another, while the death of the physical body for men 1, 2 or 3 will result in the decomposition of their foetal-Personalities. Death is an astral abortion. Salvation comes with the second Birth, when the entirely developed and born Personality is indissolubly joined to the real “I” to form an individuality. Once born, this individuality no longer depends on the physical body, in the same way that the child who has been born does not die, even if his birth has been at the cost of his mother’s life. It is this to which the apostle aluded, saying we shall not all die.” 25


The acquisition of the astral body enables an existence of eighty astral years, which is 2,400,000 Earth years, allowing functioning on the Mesocosmos level, which is the astral plane. This is the achievement of Man Five. Man Six has achieved the birth of the Mental Body, which operates on the level of the Deuterocosmos, and which has a huge lifespan of eighty Mental years (72,000 million Earth years?) Man Seven has developed or “crystallized” the Mental Body into the Body of Grace, which is beyond space and time, and has achieved “final salvation”. This is the end of the evolution possible for Man living on Earth, and those who achieve it will be “received in the bosom of the absolute-Love who is without beginning and consequently without end. This is the Pleroma of the Orthodox Tradition.” Man Five has achieved Planetary Life, (consciousness of the Real “I”) while man Six and Seven have achieved Solar Life (consciousness of the Universal “I” or absolute).


As the negative emotions are conquered, the sexual energy on which they fed is freed for a higher purpose. The monastic practise is to use “emotional and intellectual concentration” accompanied by sexual abstinence, while keeping the Motor Centre occupied to stop it channelling the energy off towards orgasm. In this way, the aspirant stores the energy “to accelerate the formation of the astral body”. 26


The Fifth Way


Mouravieff claims that we are approaching an era when a short-cut method will become more and more popular, eventually becoming obligatory. This is where a man and woman work together as a couple. This is not just any couple; for each man or woman, there is only one suitable candidate in existence, who they may possibly meet only once in their life. This is their “polar being”. As they perform the esoteric work on themselves, their subtle, or astral bodies cystallize faster, fusing into a single, shared astral body. However, they must avoid the temptation of carnal love, since the sexual energy would be thus wasted, instead of being internally transmuted into the substance of the astral body. The temptation will be even stronger than in a normal couple. Together, the fully developed polar beings will form a unity – an androgynous microcosm, which Mouravieff says was the pre-fall state of Man/Woman. 27 He calls this method The Fifth Way, (since Gurdjieff’s method, which he enlarged upon, was called The Fourth Way), but it should remain distinct from Robert Masters’ technique, based on the ancient Egyptian teachings of the goddess Sekhmet, that were also called The Fifth Way (see below).




Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born in Russia in 1831 and spent several years travelling the world before founding the Theosophical Society, to “promote the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science, and investigate the powers latent in man together with the unexplained laws of nature”. In an article entitled, Astral bodies, or Doppelgangers, Blavatsky claims that humans have three kinds of double. The first, she calls the shadow, Protean body, or Plastic body. This forms the framework around which the human body is built. It exists in a rudimentary form before the child is born and grows with the human, and dies with him. The second double, she calls the Thought body, Illusion-body, or Dream body, and it survives death as a Kama-Rupa or Spook. The third double, she calls a Causal body or Karmic body, which is the vehicle that carries the monad or divine spark – the immortal part of man – through incarnations. At physical death, the higher part of the Illusion-body merges with the Causal body, while the lower part forms the Spook.


Theosophy later split into various schools that “clarified” this system of bodies. The Adyar school of Leadbetter, says there are five planes, including the physical. The etheric body exists on the physical (first) plane, though at a density finer than gases. There is an astral body on the astral (second) plane, then beyond that, a mental body (rupa) on the mental (lower third) plane, then a causal body (arupa) on the higher mental (higher third) plane, and two higher bodies above that; the buddhi on the buddhic (fourth) plane, and the atma on the nirvanic (fifth plane). This gives a total of seven bodies including the physical body. Theosophists Annie Besant and Alice Bailey agree on this, except that Bailey gives alternative names for the planes, which total to seven planes. All three differ, however, from the original system of Hindu psychology, in which the causal body exists on the buddhic (fourth) plane. Bailey also tells us that the causal body is in the form of an egg, and is sometimes called the auric egg.


The contemporary Theosophist, Douglas Baker summarises the bodies in terms of two triads linked by an antakharana, and actually lists nine bodies divided into a lower group and an upper group. The lower group was collectively called the Personality Body and consisted of the physical body; the etheric body; the astral body; and the mental body. The upper group was collectively called the Causal Body and consisted of the manasic body; the buddhic body; the atmic body. 28


Mary Scott


In Mary Scott’s book, Kundalini in the Physical World, 29 she says that the Theosophical schemes have made the whole subject unnecessarily complex, since there is no reason why the planes need to be seen in such a stratified way:


“It would not seem to violate any fundamental principle of occult science if, for instance, instead of thinking in terms of stratification, the planes were thought of more flexibly as a band of energies of different wavelengths interacting as do those of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many phenomena might be more easily explained if the astral and mental planes were seen as part of a continuum of energies out of which subtle entities are constituted. Such entities would operate under different laws from those applying to their physical counterparts but in a way which ensured that the two sets of laws functioned co-operatively to facilitate interaction between energy levels. Such an approach is implicit in Hindu psychobiology which is why I have found it easier to use as an analytic tool then the theosophical schema. It assures fewer entities and explains more phenomena satisfactorily”. 30


Scott says that Hindu science allocates three interdependent and interpenetrating bodies to the human. These are gross, (sthula sharira), subtle or mental (suksma sharira) and spiritual or causal (bodhi sharira), but there is also a life-vehicle, or prana-sheath, whose job it is to collect and distribute prana, or vital energy. In out-of-body experiences (OOBEs), the subtle body detatches from the gross body, and takes part of the life-vehicle, which maintains a connection with the gross body and the remainder of the life-vehicle, via a cord of prana. The word prana also refers to breath, and one of the main methods of prana-absorption is through breathing it in from the atmosphere.




In the esoteric Hebrew system of the Kabbalah, the map of the planes of existence is called the Tree of Life, with its ten sephiroth (spheres) and twenty-two paths. The Kabbalistic system comprises four Worlds or realms of creation. These are “the material world of Assiah, the astral world of Yetzirah, the mental world of Briah, and the spiritual world of Atziluth. 31 The four worlds are interpenetrating “states” 32 and “the Tree of Life is Implicit in all four worlds, 33 so we could see the four Worlds as four Trees of Life stacked in three dimensions, with Atziluth on top and Assiah at the bottom. However, there is also another kingdom called the Qliphoth lying below Assiah, composed of another ten sephiroth – like a negative reflection of the Tree above.


There is a Kabbalistic doctrine of the Heavenly Man, which says that throughout the cycles of history, certain individuals manage to achieve perfection, and become part of an evolving mega-being. “This process is repeated, so says the tradition, through seven great epochs of evolution, until at the end there is to be found one Heavenly Man which consciously mirrors the mind and consciousness of the Eternal, that mind and consciousness which is immanent in all manifestation, and which in the Qabalah is known as Adam Kadmon.” 34


As well as Gurdjieff and Blavatsky, there has been a third major contributor to the esoteric database – the controversial character, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Crowley was also widely travelled, but unlike Gurdjieff and Blavatsky, he reveled in publicity, whether good or bad. He did pioneering work in correlating ideas from Chinese, Kabbalistic, Egyptian, Alchemical, Hindu, and other sources, and used the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as his map. Some people are nauseated by any mention of Crowley, (though there is no doubt that many of his exploits were exaggerated by the press), but his conclusions regarding the higher bodies and planes are relevant here, so I make no apology for including this section. Crowley’s system was Magick, or “causing change to occur in conformity with will”. To this end, it was necessary to make changes on the astral plane so as to influence the physical plane, and aspiring magickians would have to “develop” their astral body for working on the astral plane.


“Within the human body is another body of approximately the same size and shape; * but made of a subtler and less illusory material…Now this fine body perceives a universe which we do not ordinarily perceive…This body, which is called by various authors the Astral double, body of Light, body of fire, body of desire, fine body, scin-laeca, and numberless other names is naturally fitted to perceive objects of its own class…in particular, phantoms of the astral plane.


* I.e. as a general rule. It can be altered very greatly in these respects. ” 35


Crowley suggested that in order to become clairvoyant and diagnose sick people through observation of their auras, and to obtain the power of psychometry, the best method was to develop the astral body:


“ Develop the body of Light until it is just as real to you as your other body, teach it to travel to any desired symbol, and enable it to perform any Invocations. In short, educate it.” 36


Crowley rarely mentions Mental bodies or Causal bodies, but I have found one reference in which he says that the Causal body is composed of “the deeper strata of the astral”. 37 When he discusses the “higher planes”, he says that several other planes have been classed under the Astral, because the delimitations are somewhat vague: “Just as the vegetable kingdom merges into the animal, and as the material plane has beings which encroach upon the boundaries of the astral, so do we find it in the higher planes.” 38 Once the Astral body is sufficiently developed, the student must practise “Rising on the Planes”.


“In Rising on the Planes one must usually pass clear through the Astral to the Spiritual. Some will be unable to do this. The “fine body” which is good enough to subsist on lower planes, a shadow among shadows, will fail to penetrate the higher strata. It requires a great development of this body, and an intense infusion of the highest constituents of man, before he can pierce the veils.” 39


Thus we see that, in Crowley’s scheme, the Astral body is developed by consciously projecting it, and by becoming aware of the necessary signs and sigils, protective devices and extra-dimensional geography, plus a daily familiarisation with astral inhabitants. If this is continued, together with the other practises that constitute Magick, then the body of Light will advance to the Causal level.


The Origins of the Gnosis


In the 1972 book, Consciousness and Reality, 40 two chapters were included by Kenneth Demarest, that were based on fourteen years of research by the mathematician-philospher, Charles Muses. Demarest looks back to the beginnings of civilisation as recorded by the Greeks and Chaldeans, to find reports of cuture-bearers with certain fish-like characteristics, who emerged from luminous globes, having come to show mankind how to develop his own light-body and become immortal. Then, 12,000 years ago, a catastrophe destroyed the centres of civilisation, which then moved to Egypt, Sumer and Persia. Some of the latter then moved on to invade India in 1500 BC. A remnant of the knowledge still survives in these areas.


The Indian version spoke of an uprush of divine fire, symbolised by a large, falcon-like bird. The god Agni governed this process. The god Mitra governed the flight of the Firebird back to its source, which was mastered by “the in-breath and the soma- or elixir-bestowing waning moon” 41 (the soma that was a psychedelic plant was not this “higher soma”). There was also an accelerated version performed by a man and woman together – a developmentally matched couple in love. This was to “stimulate certain centers in the brain”, which controlled the development of a higher immortal body, the “golden embryo”. Demarest mentions, “the ancient Brahmana instructions also tell of the luminous orb and the immortal being within it…” 42 which sounds like a UFO, but also just like the Immortal Vehicle of Taoist Yoga.


In the Egyptian version, Isis reassembled the fourteen pieces of Osiris, having collected them in the Land of the Phoenix (Phoenicia – now Lebanon), during the fourteen days of the waning moon, (except for the phallus, which was lost), then bound him up like the pupa of a butterfly. She then used a wooden phallus to conceive Horus, and Osiris ascended to Heaven (possibly encoding the higher use of sexual energy). The phoenix was retained as the symbol of an immortal bird, but is also connected with the recurrence of a long cycle of time.


The Persian version retained the symbol of the bird in connection with a “New Birth of spiritual regeneration”, and there was also a “spiritual gestation” – these were part of a series of seven initiatory stages. There was also a concept of the joining of the immortal with the mortal by love – a kind of spiritual wedding at which the higher body matured. These initiations later became the Seven Sacraments of the Christians. A further, eighth stage, was one called “the Eagle”, or “pure Grace”, where the higher body was freed “before the dissolution of the mortal body”. The Gnostics called this “shining body” Augoeides.


Demarest also says that the tradition was preserved in the writings of Zosimos, who was the earliest known alchemist. Zosimos was an Egyptian, and the word alchemy, which means the Egyptian Art, was represented on a mundane level as the transmutation of base metal into gold, though we can now see what transmutation was involved on an esoteric level. Zosimos saw the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega, as a glyph representing attainment of this immortality, (in the Book of Revelation, Christ, who attained his resurrection body, is the alpha and omega). Demarest also points out that the alchemist Basil Valentine said that the Phoenix was connected with three powers from the Immortal Sun that allow us to conquer mortality – a statement that connects alchemy to Gurdjieff’s three Holy Forces, and the cycle of the Phoenix.


Demarest explains that, during the fortnight when the moon is waning – between full moon and new moon – a “cosmic life power” is absorbed by all living beings. It does not originate from the moon, but from a “supercelestial, transcendant sun”, though it is synchronized with the moon. The incoming cosmic power surge slows enough during the waning fortnight, that carefully timed meditations allow us to increase our intake, allowing an evolutionary acceleration. 43


Back to Egypt


We have seen how fragments of the ancient science of Soulcraft has been preserved in India, Persia and Egypt, and passed on via intermediaries such as Kabbalists, Gnostics and alchemists, into the esoteric societies of the early twentieth century. Whether the higher bodies are seen as a series of progressively finer vehicles that can be moblised successively, or as one subtle body that can be developed, crystallized, exercised and perfected, it seems that this process is the truth behind all religions, and perhaps the most obvious place to look for more information, is Egypt.


The Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt were carved on the walls of pyramids in the fifth and sixth dynasties. These are among the oldest surviving texts in the world, the oldest Pyramid Texts being in the pyramid of Unas (c. 2356-2323 BC), and they give some clues about the Egyptian Netherworld and its navigation (as we saw in Appendix Two, The Astral Transition). At the time of the Middle Kingdom, these texts had evolved into the Coffin Texts, painted inside the coffins of important people, and by the time of the New Kingdom, were in the form of the Book of the Dead. According to Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, in his translation and commentary on the Egyptian Book of the Dead, 44 or to use its proper title, the Book of Coming Forth by Day, a person consists of nine components. These are the khat or physical body; the ka, or double; the khaibit, or shadow; the ba, or heart-soul; the khu, or spirit-soul; the sahu or spiritual body; the sekhem, or vital power; the ren or name; and the ab, or heart. 45


Temple of the Cosmos


Jeremy Naydler has clarified this ancient Egyptian spiritual psychology in his book, Temple of the Cosmos. 46 The khat is the physical body, (symbolized by a fish hieroglyph) and the ka, (symbolized by upturned arms) or “double” can be seen as “vital force”, - an energy body that seems to be equivalent to an etheric body. The ba, (symbolized by a bird with a human head), although often translated as “soul”, is better understood as a seed-soul consciousness, since it is “but a preliminary to a yet more exalted state of consciousness”. 47 It is consciousness extenalized, and seems to be the equivalent of the astral body. “As a ba, a person had the experience of looking at his or her body as if from an outsider’s standpoint. This experience was central to the Osirian initiation.” 48 The khaibit, or shadow (symbolized by a dark human silhouette), represents “all the untransformed earthly appetites and obsessions that fetter the ba to the physical realm and prevent it from moving on” 49 (the astral body is also known as the emotional body). The akh, also called akhu or khu, (represented by a bird – the Crested Ibis), means “shining one”, or “illuminated one”. It is also called “the imperishable one” that returns to its source beyond the Duat. Naydler says, “The akh may be understood as the ba divinized”, 50 but in order for the akh to be released from the body, a new spiritual body had to be germinated from the physical body as a vehicle for the akh. This spiritual body is the sahu. This sounds like the immortal man in Taoist Yoga, which is gestated in the abdomen, and expelled through a psychic opening in the top of the head, to appear as a person sitting on a lotus within a golden sphere. The lotus was also a symbol of rebirth in Egypt.


Another important part of the Osirian initiation was the “re-membering” following the dismemberment, which is common in shamanic experiences. Naydler says that this was an essential part of the germination process in which the sahu is formed and the akh is attained, allowing access to the stellar realms beyond the Duat.


Sekhmet’s Way of the Five Bodies


An alternative explanation of the Egyptian spiritual psychology, and one that has some very useful insights, comes from Robert Masters’ book, the Goddess Sekhmet; The Way of the Five Bodies. 51 The physical body is called the aufu, (instead of khat), and the ka, or body of experience is seen as the vehicle of the conscious mind. The haidit (khaibit) or shadow is seen as the unconscious mind. The khu (akh) or magical body according to Masters’ description seems to be an exact description of the astral body. The sahu, or spiritual body only becomes available to us after we have integrated the first three bodies and learned to exercise the khu in its own world. The sahu, (which is the vehicle of the ba or soul), is described as “transparent and luminous” 52 and when developed, can acquire sekhem – power or might, which is associated with the goddess Sekhmet, who is the same as the Kundalini fire serpent, according to Masters. 53 There is also a second soul, called the sokhim 54 – a kind of unconscious version of the ba in this system.


In fact, he says that the mythologist Joseph Campbell has found evidence for Egyptian knowledge of chakras and Kundalini, and Kenneth Grant has also connected Sekhmet with Kundalini, with the Hindu word shakti being derived from the name Sekhmet. 55 Sekhmet is known as “the Lady of the Lamp”, and we have already seen the connection between the lamp and the pineal gland.


This all seems to support the contention of Charles Muses, that there were three post-mortem paths that could be followed by the newly deceased Egyptian: The Hippo Path, in which the soul’s vehicle disintegrated and the soul reincarnated; the Cow Path, in which the soul experienced a dream-like existence in the Duat, or Underworld, from where it could either reincarnate or ascend; and the Lion Path, where a higher body allowed access to a higher dimension.


The Lion Path


In Muses’ 1985 book, The Lion Path 56 (written under the name of Musaios), he reveals that the “supercelestial transcendant sun” written of by Demarest in Consciousness and Reality, as the source of the “cosmic life power”, is actually the Sirius star system. The timing of the whole seventy-day mummification process was synchronised with the seventy-day disappearance of Sirius into the Duat (the period when Sirius is not visible). Muses points out the parallels between mummification and the process of metamorphosis from caterpillar, via cocoon and pupa (chrysalis) into butterfly. The wrapping of the body in bandages represents the silk-enswathed larva (caterpillar), and the folded wings embossed on the sarcophagus lids represented the visible wing shapes that are visible on the pupa or chrysalis case. The mes-khent, or “birth tent of skin” represented the outer cocoon. The seventy-day embalming period was a later metaphor for a metamorphic transformation – one that was commenced while the physical body was still alive, and leads to the birth of the “winged form”, or immortal body.


Caterpillars produce a hormone called ecdyzone (or ecdysterone) that triggers the metamorphic process, by “activating certain genes that would otherwise remain inaccessible”, and Muses says that we have a gland near the hypothalamus that is designed to produce a similar substance, but the gland is not functional. The production of the hormone is controlled by other polypeptide hormones also produced in the hypothalamic area of the brain. These neurosecretory areas are like a “rusty valve” which the Egyptians used to “open” with an unidentified woody plant extract and with the possible addition of copper bells and meditation at resonantly appropriate times.


In a later work 57 Muses identifies the plant as Catha edulis or Khat, which contains ephedrine, and is known to have only a mild affect on consciousness, and has been used from Africa to Saudi Arabia as a treatment for depression. It is interesting to note that the word khat is the same as the Egyptian word for the physical body, just as the word soma of the Hindu tradition, means “body” and also a hallucionogenic plant. Muses says that each of the three paths had its own medicines. The Hippo Path had medicines for the physical body, while the Cow Path had medicines that could lead to “Bardo-type experiences”, and these cow-molecules all contain an indole ring, like DMT, harmaline, Ibogaine, LSD and psilocybin. The Lion Path had its own elixirs, such as khat, that could accelerate development of the highest body, but it must be used straight after being harvested, or it loses its qualities.


Muses noted that every 90,000 years, certain astronomical phenomena synchronise, 58 allowing an increase in the “cosmic life power”, and this was due to occur between 1979 and 1999, giving humanity a chance to accelerate the construction of their resurrection bodies along with that of the planet, (Gaia). The sessions took a total of around five years to complete, on the resonant days, and the process would continue on, with changes happening in the various “pleromic worlds” until the whole process culminates on November 12th 2004, when the end-time earth changes will become imminent, 59 probably starting with the eruption of volcanos on the Pacific Rim.


In the epilogue of Naydler’s Temple of the Cosmos, he recognises the connection between Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt, and “his desire to discover the sources of Masonic Lore-which he believed lay in ancient Egypt…”. 60 He also recalls the Masonic Great Seal of America, with its implication that the “New Order of the Ages” was coming up, and represented a “general spiritual awakening” linked to a re-emergence of Egyptian knowledge (symbolized by the return of the capstone to the Great Pyramid). We have already seen how the great Seal encodes the year 2012 on the top of the pyramid.


At the end of Masters’ book, The Way of the Five Bodies, he says that the Way of the Goddess Sekhmet – the methods by which the higher bodies can be awakened and integrated – can also be called The Fifth Way, since it represents an alternative to the three ways of the Fakir, the Monk and the Yogi, plus Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way. Some of the techniques used to awaken the higher bodies can be found online at The Fifth Way Mystery School. 61 He also says that “the War in Heaven is intruding ever more fully and terribly upon this earth”, 62 and that is why Sekhmet is manifesting now:


“By means of Love She comes to re-establish those conditions which alone can preserve the human race and provide for the harmonious development and fulfilment of human beings as individuals but also as parts of that Great Cosmic Whole that The War in Heaven is about – the eventual outcome: either Being or Nothingness.” 63


We should also remember that Ra sent out his eye in the form of Sekhmet to punish mankind, just before he created the current World. So here we can see that all three researchers who have investigated the ancient Egyptian science of Soulcraft have concluded that it is particularly relevant to the turning of the age that is just about to happen.


Binary Soul Theory


In a book published in 1997 by psychological counsellor, Peter Novak, Division of Consciousness: the Secret Afterlife of the Human Psyche 64 has studied the Gnostic texts that were found at Nag Hammadi in Egypt, and claims that six of the texts describe what he calls the Binary Soul doctrine. This teaching says that there are two afterlife components – the soul and spirit, which separate at death. The spirit, or conscious mind reincarnates, while the unconscious mind, or soul lives out an existence in a dream world of its own creation. This could be either heaven-like or hell-like, according to the beliefs and expectations of the person while he was alive. Not only does this explain exactly what Robert Monroe has found during his many investigations of the astral plane, 65 but it is also backed by Freudian, neo-freudian and Jungian psychology, and by recently published papers in psychology. We have a more masculine, conscious mind located mainly in our left hemispheres, controlling the right side of the body, and a more feminine, unconscious mind predominantly in our right hemispheres, controlling the left side of our bodies. The theory seems to correlate to religious beliefs from all over the world, according to Novak, and also explains ghosts and apparitions, near-death experiences, poltergeists and possessions, as well as past life recall.


The book is the first in a trilogy that the author calls the DivisionTheory trilogy. The second book, The Lost Secret of Death, 66 goes further into the mystery and includes a chapter on the use of the Toltec pyramids of Mexico in the unification of the two afterlife components. The third book in the trilogy is still being written (February 2004) and has no title yet, but Novak has written four trial chapters and posted them online at his website. 67 Based partly on the theory of Professor Julian Jaynes, in his book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, the third book in the series looks at the cycle of precession, and concludes that every 6,500 years, a different consciousness prevails in mankind. Each precession cycle has four sub-cycles and these are interior individual, exterior individual, interior collective, and exterior collective. We are now approaching a juncture when we leave the quadrant of the interior collective (access to collective unconscious) and enter the quadrant of the exterior collective (access to collective conscious mind).


On the massive Kheper website 68 M. Alan Kaslev analyses systems of higher bodies from many philosophies and religions, and on his preliminary summing up page 69 he says that he shares the same basic conclusion as Peter Novak, except that he thinks there must be at least four states (bodies), “with the reincarnating principle as perhaps the highest of those.”


The Egyptian systems suggest that reincarnation is not the highest path, so we shall differ from Mr. Kaslev on that point, but it is interesting that he sees Novak’s theory as tenable, if more elements are added. Robert Masters’ system describes the first two bodies (ka and haidit) as the conscious and unconscious minds. He also mentions two kinds of soul – the ba and the sokhim. These sound like the two principles of Novak, which are separated at death. Overall, Naydler’s system seems to make more sense than the Masters version, and Masters has actually congratulated Naydler on the back of Temple of the Cosmos for his “ambitious and lucid interpretation of ancient Egyptian consciousness”. Naydler’s interpretation implies that the conscious mind resides in the khaibit (shadow) and the unconscious mind in the ba (astral body). If the shadow can be conquered, then it can unite with the ba to form the akh (khu). At the same time, the sahu can be germinated from the ka, which now has access to more vital energy - the sexual energy, that is no longer being diverted into emotional blockages since the cleaning up of the shadow. This interpretation provides a scheme of the unification of male and female (conscious and unconscious) while retaining the evolution of the higher bodies.


Novak’s Gnostic-based theory also incorporates an approaching cycle transition point when there will be an opportunity for large-scale higher body development, just as the other ancient Egyptian-based interpretations discussed above, agree. I do have a criticism of Novak’s theory, since he seems to have compromised it in an attempt to defend contemporary Christianity. He tries to retain the concept of God sacrificing his son for the sins of the world, and forgets that the Gnostics saw Jehovah as an evil and jealous demiurge - an impostor who lied to Adam and Eve. Apart from this, it is very useful in tieing up the Egyptian concepts, and provides an explanation of the spiritual wedding that is implied in some of Jesus’ parables, Rosicrucian mythology, and the wedding of the Lamb in the Book of Revelation.


The Spiritual Wedding


Just as Feng-Shui, the Chinese system of geomancy, has an Earth Ch’i and a Heaven Ch’i, Mary Scott has found evidence that the fire-serpent, or Kundalini, which is said by the Hindus to lie coiled and sleeping at the base of the spine, is actually an Earth-force. This Kundalini is “the Shakti or divine cosmic energy with particular dominion over the physical world”. 70 The evidence suggests that “some energies may enter the chakra at the base of the spine, from below, a point not stressed in Tantric texts”, 71 (part of the evidence was from meditators who had a condition called physio-kundalini, the symptoms of which are concentrated in the pelvic area, but which start with sensations in the feet and legs). The Kundalini is “coiled three and a half times around the Linga, the Shiva line of force which enters the body from above”. 72 Shaktis, including Kundalini, are the feminine aspect of the divine in manifestation, while Shiva is the male aspect.


Kundalini Yoga is a collection of techniques to raise the Kundalini up the spine, cleansing the chakras on the way, until finally, the two aspects of the Divine, the male Shiva force, and the female Shakti (Kundalini) reunite in the Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head. This results in the ego-annihilating Samadhi or trance of ecstacy. It is quite a dangerous practise, and needs to be learnt from a Yogi. The Kundalini energy is not prana, but works in close association with prana (which Mary Scott, after Sri Aurobindo, has divided into physical prana and psychic prana). She says that “Kundalini is called the Logos in bodies, and this has to be taken to cover galaxies as embodiments of Brahman as well as bodies in the usual sense of the word.” 73 The prana and Kundalini blend in the muladhara or root chakra at the base of the spine, and in a similar way, Scott tells us, there must be a blending of forces in the Earth – terrestrial centres and channels through which cosmic energies pass and in which they blend.


This concept of a force from above meeting a force from below, and the meeting of the two taking place in the human body, was suggested over fifty years ago. In the Theosophical booklet, Kundalini – An Occult Experience, 74 published in 1947, G.S. Arundale suggests that there is an Earth-Kundalini and a Sun-Kundalini, which may be seen as two poles – negative and positive repectively (similar to the Chinese Earth Ch’i and Heaven Ch’i). The booklet does not mention prana, but says that Earth-Kundalini flows up through the feet and limbs to the Root or Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine, where it is concentrated together with the Sun-Kundalini so that, in the rare cases when the system works at its full evolutionary potential, the human acts as a rod connecting the two terminals, and experiences a higher consciousness of union with the Divine, together with clairvoyance and other paranormal side-effects. These higher states, he calls Buddhic and Nirvanic, which may perhaps be equivalent to Global Consciousness and Solar Consciousness.


Arundale also suggests that there are inter-planetary and inter-solar streams of Kundalini, and not only does Earth have chakras, but that the Earth and the Sun may themselves be chakras in larger systems. He also suggests that Kundalini concentrates in hills and mountains, and places of repeated ceremonial gatherings such as churches, temples, and mosques, which he says are “magnetised areas”. He says that this Kundalini “waxes and wanes” or “ebbs and flows”, which suggests a lunar influence (though he doesn’t actually say so). He hints at the connection between sexuality and Kundalini, in that, “such remnants of sexual nature as there may have been seem to be transmuted and transformed into their true purpose…Godliness.” 75 Since “Kundalini Fire is the essence of the Love of God”, 76 perhaps some kind of “love” in our sexual centre is being converted to Love, or the Holy Spirit; Eros converting to Agape.


Mary Scott does not mention Arundale, but has independently investigated the findings of dowser, Guy Underwood, and found many connections to Kundalini lore. Underwood detected deep underground streams and called these lines “water lines”, which he saw as lines of force, which cause discontinuities in a background force field coming from the Earth. He also detected two other types of lines, that he called “track lines” and “aquastats”. All these convoluted lines were found to have an intimate relationship with prehistoric sacred sites, and in the course of his investigations, Underwood excavated to check his results, and found he had actually discovered several prehistoric circles, barrows, mazes and stone-paved tracks, which have since been declared genuine sites. Blind Springs are coils where lines converge, and which occur on all three types of line. Water lines and aquastats, which often interweave with eachother, converge on blind springs with seven coils, or with multiples of seven (49 was the maximum number found by Underwood). Track lines converge on spirals of three and a half or multiples of three and a half, just as Kundalini is said to be resting in a coil of three and a half turns.


Scott says the lines correlate to the water veins and Yin and Yang dragon currents of the Chinese system, while the straight alignments known as ley lines correspond to the Chinese spirit paths. The snake/dragon theme is preserved in the names of many hills in Britain, and many of the churches built over sacred sites have been named after Saint Michael – the one who slew the Dragon. Scott points out that Underwood found that each blind spring had an associated “geospiral” and a pair of “halos” surrounding it, both of which altered according to the phases of the moon. Since Feng-Shui (the Chinese art of geomancy) places importance on planetary influences and some earthworks trace planetary movements, she concludes that the ley-lines are spirit paths, with influences from the Sun and major planets, while the aquastats and tracklines are the Yang and Yin dragon paths of Feng-Shui, which are associated with energies of the Earth and Moon system. At sacred sites, the two types of path meet in blind springs:


“If this is so the phases of the Moon and the lunar year would play an important role in the circulation of the intrinsic energies while solar cycles and planetary movements would determine phases of activity and quiescence along ley lines. The priests and priestesses of the old pre-Christian religion in Britain must have been conversant with all the relevant astronomy, as we can gather from Sir Norman Lockyer’s research into the subject”. 77


In John Major Jenkins’ Galactic Alignment, 78 he reasons that since our spines are “microcosmic counterparts to the cosmic axis that runs from the center (or root) of the cosmos through earth and out into the vast expanse of infinite space”, 79 that it would be appropriate to visualize a cosmic tree from Galactic centre to Galactic Anti-centre, with a galactic chakra system spaced out along it. He admits that it is debateable as to whether the Galactic Centre represents the Crown chakra or the Root chakra, but that the concept is very useful in understanding the process of transformation that is connected with the galctic alignment process:


“The as yet unspoken message in this survey is that the galactic alignment opens a channel for the galactic Kundalini shakti to flow through the earth, cleanse it (us), and excite it (us) into a higher level of being.” 80


He sees the peak of the process occurring now, during the thirty-six years that it takes for the winter solstice Sun to cross the galactic equator (approximately 1980 to 2016, centred on 1998, but flagged by the Maya at 2012), and sees it as a window of opportunity for humanity to awaken and lift our consciouness to a new level.


The Peruvian Solution


Weidner and Bridges have now published an updated and extended version of their book, A Monument to the End of Time, 81 called The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time. 82 The book shows in great detail, how the knowledge of a cyclic event connected with the cycle of precession was encoded into alchemy and Gnosticism, along with a science of transformation. A Hermetic text called Isis the Prophetess indicates that this is a threefold transmutation, of “the cerebrospinal energies and fluids”, 83 the use of those energies to perform physical transmutations, and the transmutation of time, converting the Iron Age to the Golden Age. Isis was in charge of the process and it could not begin “until the stars were in the proper place”. 84 Isis is connected with Venus, and we are reminded of the forthcoming transits of Venus in 2004 and 2012, that Will Hart suggested would be some kind of trigger. However, Isis is also connected with Sirius, so this brings to mind Charles Muses’ suggestion of Sirius as the trigger (the Maya version of the re-birth of First Father which signifies the Galactic Alignment as the trigger, could be equated to the re-birth of Osiris, which was enabled by the wooden phallus episode of Isis, perhaps representing a higher use of sexual energy). The secret is traced through Coptics, Gnostics, Hebrews, Islam, the Knights Templar, Cathars, Priory of Sion, Troubadors, and grail romances to the building of the cathedrals, where it was encoded in stone, just in time before the Church burned everyone at the stake.


As we saw in chapter eight, the authors concluded that a galactic core superwave, as predicted by Paul LaViolette’s theory, will bring a “double catasatrophe”, but they also say that “It could also be a window of opportunity for profound change, perhaps even the moment of ascension or the mass attainment of the Diamond Body, an immortal light body described in Tibetan Buddhism.” 85 We also saw in chapter eight how the authors decoded the anagram in the inscription of the Hendaye Cross, as Inca cave, Cusco, Peru, and Hail to the Cross at Urcos, and then, during a conversation with Dr Juan Nunez del Prado, a professor of Anthroplogy at Cusco University, who was doing a lecture tour of the USA, they found out that there is a cross at Urcos. They later visited it, and also found caves near Cusco, but the original cross had been replaced, and the caves didn’t give any answers either. However, the Hendaye cross had predicted a catastrophe in the Northern hemisphere, and intimated that Peru was a place of refuge. Cusco and Urcos are just North of the Altiplano, which is a high plateau surrounded by even higher mountains and would thus be well protected from tidal waves. It is also in the Southern hemisphere. But perhaps the word “cave” should be taken in its Latin meaning of “beware”, or more aptly, “be aware” – in other words, be aware of the Incas near Cusco, Peru.


In the new book, the authors mention another Peruvian link they have found, that could be significant. They have spoken to Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and medical anthropologist who has been studying the Q’ero priests and Quechua shamans of Peru for over twenty years. Villoldo says that the pachacuti that Joan Parisi Wilcox spoke of (see chapter one) as a cosmic transmutation, actually has two meanings. “pacha” means both “Earth” and “time”, while “cuti” means, “to turn upside down” or “to set right”. 86 Therefore the meaning is both a turning upside down of Earth, and a turning upside down of time, but also setting them right – in other words, turning them the right way up again. It is interesting that some people translate pachacuti as “earthquake”, since this is the meaning of Ollin – the central symbol on the Aztec Sunstone that rules this era and its transition. The prophecies of the Q’ero speak of “a tear in the fabric of time itself”, and “the end of time”. 87 However, both Joan Parisi Wilcox and Elizabeth Jenkins say that the pachacuti ended on the first of August 1993, while Alberto Villoldo uses the term to cover what they (Wilcox/Jenkins) call the first phase of the taripay pacha from 1993 to 2012 (the “full-blown form” is not expected until 2012, when the sixth-level priests emerge), and taripay pacha means “The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again”, which sounds just like the spiritual wedding.


Joan Parisi Wilcox spoke of the “engaging of the energy body” as a technique that will aid the spiritual evolution of mankind during the first initial phase of taripay pacha, from 1993 to 2012, following a pachacuti from 1990 to 1993. Villoldo has a slightly different version, in that he puts the pachacuti between the year 2000 and 2012. 88 but Wilcox and Elizabeth Jenkins (see below) have split the initial 19-year phase of the taripay pacha into two sub-phases; the first is a seven-year period from 1993 to 2000 and the second is a twelve-year period from 2000 to 2012. Chaski puts the start of the pachacuti in 1992 89 which is also the start of the 20-year period leading to 2012 that is signified by the Cross at Hendaye, though Weidner and Bridges say the pachacuti is between 2002 and 2012, (the Hendaye Cross flags 2002 as the halfway-mark in the 20-year period). At any rate, nitpicking aside, whether we see the pachacuti as a three-year phase preceding a nineteen-year phase, or simply as a twenty-year phase, the window of opportunity is happening now!


Jay Weidner has recently made a film with Alberto Villoldo, Healing the Luminous Body: The Way of the Shaman 90 and spoke about it in a radio interview by Network X in January 2004, but here, he seems to imply that the pachacuti starts in 2012:


“…Villoldo tells us that the Incan shaman believe that 2012 heralds what they call a pachacuti or period of upheaval and renewal that occurs at the end of time in which the world will be turned right side up again. He tells us, "There will be a tear in the fabric of time itself, a window into the future through which a new human species will emerge. They call this new species, Homo Luminous". I don’t know if this is what is really happening but if the pursuit of alchemy is to turn lead into gold, so perhaps, the real goal of time and history is to turn the lead of the human body into the gold of Homo Luminous. Perhaps, like the ancient Egyptians believed, we will become stars in the heavens being born in the Bardo dreams of Orion. To be honest though, I don’t really know.” 91


On Villoldo’s website, he says that the Prophecy of the return of the Inka or return of Pachacutek will herald the end of time. 92 The Inka Pachacutek was the ninth man-god and was the one who built Machu Pichu, and after him there were three more, (four if you count the one-year reign of Atahualpa, but he was very cruel and so does not seem to qualify), but there are now efforts being made to summon forth the thirteenth.


“The Star Rites are held at the Snow Star, at Mt. Ausangate. They are believed to summon the return of the Inka. Before Spanish rule, the Inka were the political and spiritual leaders of a mighty empire that spanned a large part of South America. But the shamans are not speaking about the return of a ruler that will re-establish the now-forgotten glory of the empire. They speak of the possibility of Luminous Ones emerging among us.”

“The processes the Inka shamans have been the keepers of are known as Karpay, the great rites of passage. The Karpay connect the person to an ancient lineage of knowledge and power that cannot be accessed individually - it can only be summoned as a village. * This power can ultimately provide the fuel for an individual to leap into the body of an Inka, a luminous one, someone who is directly connected to the source that fuels stars. A person who completes the cycle of ceremony of the Karpay is able to emerge into the fifth Sun, similar to the Hopi prophecies of emerging into the fifth world. They can become the Luminous One, also known as ‘Man (or Woman) who walks in Peace.’” 93


* Villoldo differs on this point from Juan Nunez del Prado, who learnt the Hatun Karpay initiation from the last two priests who retained it, and now passes it on to individuals all over the world.


There is another connection between the cross at Hendaye and Peru. Weidner and Bridges decoded “Urcos” from the inscription on the cross, but since the original cross at Urcos had been replaced, they remained mystified about its connection to the enigma. The answer lies in a book by Elizabeth Jenkins, called Initiation: a Woman’s Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes. 94 It was published in 1997, two years earlier than Joan Parisi Wilcox’s book, and is a similar story, of a woman who undertook the fourth-level initiation under the guidance of Juan Nunez del Prado, who explains that “attaining the fourth level has to do with developing the astral body”. 95 Wilcox told a story about the emergence of twelve fifth-level paqos (priests). In Elizabeth Jenkins’ version, she goes into a little more detail. She had just taken her hatun karpay, or initiation into the fourth level, when she was told the prophecy of the twelve fifth-level paqos. There will be six males and six females – the priests are called Inka mallku and the priestesses are called nust’a. The first Inka mallku will emerge at the festival of Q’ollorit’i – an annual festival at a very high altitude, (also called the Snow Star festival), at the base of a glacier. At this festival, seventy thousand people produce a huge bubble of living psychic energy, visible to those initiates who have developed their clairvoyance. The first Inka mallku will


 “…follow a specific travel route to the village of Urcos, and there, at the door of the church, he must meet and recognise another Inka mallku who has risen simultaneously here, near the Temple of Wiraqocha. These two must then travel together to Cuzco where they will meet and recognize the third Inka mallku, who will rise at the public ritual of Corpus Christi on the main square in front of the central cathedral of Cuzco, the ancient Temple of Wiraqocha in Cuzco.” 96


Elizabeth Jenkins was told this by Juan Nunez del Prado when she was at the Temple of Wiraqocha at Raqchi (not the one in Cusco). The story continues, that the three Inka mallku travel on to Lima, where they meet the fourth and the first nust’a. The five continue on, gathering the rest of the twelve at specific times and places, and they all return to the Temple of Wiraqocha to perform a “coronation ritual”. This will cause the emergence of the new sapa Inka and qoya – the supreme Inka ruler and his sister-wife –the first initiates of sixth-level consciousness. Then the mythical hidden city of Paytiti will materialize, just like the prophecies of New Jerusalem and Shambhala, and the Golden Age will begin. After this, the seventh and highest level of consciousness is possible. These seven levels seem to correlate exactly to the seven man types of Mouravieff.


So the church at Urcos  - where there must surely be another cross of some form – will play a key part in the coming shift, when the first two fifth-level priests meet there, to begin the process leading up to the emergence of the sixth level. The emergence of the sixth-level priests is expected to be “around 2012 or so” 97


“This time period, from 1993 to 2012, represents a “critical period” in the development of human collective consciousness. These nineteen years mark the time when a significant percentage of humanity can and must pass from the third to the fourth level. We must be able to leave fear behind and learn to share our cultural gifts and achievements. If we can truly learn to live ayni  - sacred reciprocity – and to share all of our accumulated knowledge without fear of each other, then we can discover our wholeness, like putting together pieces of a puzzle that make up our human family, our ayllu. It is up to the people of the earth, us, to maximize this critical period in order to bring in the taripay pacha. We must not waste this opportunity!” 98


The first step to prepare people for the coming change is one of “cleansing”. In the karpay ceremonies, the paqos use their medecine bundles to “extract any huchas, or heavy energies associated with our past - the pain, grief and discontent that we all carry from our personal histories, as well as the violence we carry within us.” 99 The fourth-level initiation as Elizabeth Jenkins described it, also involves the use of several caves, some of which are close to Cusco, to connect with Pachamama (Mother Earth or Gaia) in order to cleanse the energy-bubble (subtle body) of heavy energy and absorb finer energies (sami). Could this be the reason that the Hendaye Cross points to the caves around Cusco? The caves are places of living energy that have been in continuous ceremonial use for centuries and are thus potent tools for developing the subltle body.


As we have seen, emotional blockages divert the vital energy from its true purpose of feeding our energy bodies, and thus being ready to “meet ourselves again”. There are plenty of people who specialize in this very technique of helping people to release all attatchments, fears, complexes and other baggage, so a trip to Peru should not be necessary for this. The process can be continued by practising the exercises in the back of Wilcox’s book. Elizabeth Jenkins’ Wiracocha Foundation ( also runs courses and expeditions to initiate students to the fourth level – hatun karpay. Another option is via Alberto Villoldo’s courses that cover the continuing process of healing the Light Body (see his website at Also with 2012 in mind, Ananda Bosman does a Vortexijah or Diamond Body training, based around the “secret Tibetan Buddhist teachings of the Vajra Chakra: the diamond body”, cross-referenced to findings from superconductive physics (see Although his site says he won’t be doing any more after 2001, he did run another course in Switzerland in May 2004 and there is a video available.


The Incas had a similar concept to that of the Hindu chakras, but they are seen as energy belts with a focal point, four of which can percive as a kinds of eye, so that the pineal eye is called the “seventh eye” rather than the third eye. The energy belt at the naval or solar plexus position is the one through which most of the energy exchange is performed, and is called the qosqo. This correlates to the place where many people report that their astral body connects to their physical body via a silver cord. The city of Cusco thus means navel, and is seen as the navel (chakra) of the world. The centre or navel of the city was the Sun temple, or Coricancha, which stood where the cathedral now stands, and inside the cathedral, the original egg-shaped omphalos stone still survives. The Coricancha was the centre-point of a system of 41 ceques or alignments of sacred places, or huacas, which have been totalled to 328. The system was a giant lunar calendar of twelve months of an average 27.3 days each, (a sidereal month of 27.3 days is the passage of time for the moon to return to the position of a given star), according to Dr. Tom Zuidema of the University of Illinois 101. Knowing that the Incas had a Soulcraft technology, and that Charles Muses has found a direct link between Soulcraft and the lunar calendar, perhaps one use of the ceque system was for the timing of those operations. According Paul Devereux, the ceques were essentially “the physical correlates of the routes of shamanic flight in the spirit landscape; lines either marking the designated ways over the landscape for the disembodied mind of the shaman, or recording where the shaman’s spirit had travelled, or both.” 102 Juan Nunez del Prado has been working with Q’ero paqos to reconnect the sacred sites of South America by laying down “energy filaments”. At the same time, they cleanse and reactivate the chunpis or energy belts of Pachamama (Earth Mother).


In the Coricancha, which still has intact solstice alignments, there once stood a massive golden Sun Disc that is at the centre of several myths. 103 It was said to have reflected the morning sun onto the mummies of the Inka rulers. Other myths connect it with the pachacuti, (but many inter-net sources say that the pachacuti is a 500-year period, and two patchacutis make one Inti, or Sun) and say it also represented the Central Sun of the galaxy. 104 According to one source, “It has been prophesied that during the time of the 10th Pachacuti, which began in 1992, the Solar Disc would be reactivated …2002 was the opening and activation of the Temple of Illumination on the Ethereal Plane. With this opening the energy frequency of the Solar Disc will finally be restored to its original power.” 105 Note that the 1992 and 2002 dates also connect to the Hendaye Cross. However, the location of the disc is not yet known, since it was removed by the Incas to stop the Spanish from getting hold of it and is said to be either in lake Titicaca, or in the hidden city of Paytiti. The cover of this book shows a full-size reconstruction of the solar disc, which is displayed in a museum in Lima, Peru. It represents the fulfilment of the prophecy, when Joan Parisi Wilcox says that the three realms – the upper realm, Earth realm and underworld, (hanaq pacha, kay pacha and ukhu pacha) will merge or coalesce into “ one paradisiacal world here on Earth”. 106 This is very similar to the “dissolving of the veil” predicted by the Maoris for 2012. This is how Villoldo sums it up:


“The Inka believe that the doorways between the worlds are opening - holes in time that we can step through and beyond, where we can explore our nascent human capabilities. We can craft new physical bodies that age differently, that heal differently, and that die differently. We can create a world where our children live in peace. We can bring balance and beauty to the Earth.” 107

In The Shaman’s Secret: the Lost Resurrection Teachings of the Ancient Maya, 108 Douglas Gillette reveals that the Maya themselves had a doctrine concerning the survival of consciousness in an immortal body:

“From carefully preparing all the evidence researchers have gathered over the last twenty years, we now know that the Maya believed the soul had a life cycle that began in paradise, continued on the earth plane as its participatiuon in the struggle to defeat and absorb the forces of destruction and death, and that was intended to end in an eternal celebration of life and Being. The soul determined its own ultimate fate by how well it constructed a durable “Resurrection Body” during its sojourn on earth.” 109

He says that all the Maya who aspired to their true potential, became some form of “shaman-creators” by simply developing their creative skills and sacrificing all in the attempt to perfect their creations. This enabled them to build their Resurrection Bodies and achieve “an intensity of Being that assured them of eternal life.” 110


So we have seen how Graham Hancock detected traces of an ancient science of Soulcraft intertwined with clues about a long-term cycle connected with the cycle of precession, and that this information originated around 13,000 years ago at the end of the ice age. He also showed that this information was spread around the world, that it has been preserved in the ruins, mythology, and religions of our ancient forebears, and he tracked it as far as the Gnostics in the early centuries of the first millennium A.D. We have fleshed out the details of the process a little by looking at the esoteric knowledge of the three main influences of the “occult revival” of the early twentieth century, and comparing that knowledge with findings from recent examinations of ancient Egyptian texts. We found a general intimation that we are currently at or approaching a cycle transition that may cause a few birth pangs in the planetary body, but will also cause a cosmic energy to inaugurate a mass rising of Kundalini, as those who have prepared themselves sufficiently become rods connecting Earth to sky – the spiritual wedding of Shiva and Shakti, turning humanity into human neurons in a global brain, and awakening the planet - Pachamama or Gaia - into a collective telepathic consciousness. This will allow access to the tree of life 111 - a route to higher realms in a kind of divinised astral body, encoded into Christianity as the Resurrection Body.


As Terence McKenna put it:

We are the inheritors of a million years of striving for the unspeakable, and now with the engines of technology in our hands, we ought to be able to reach out and actually exteriorise the human soul at the end of time; invoke it into existence like a UFO and open the violet doorway into hyperspace and walk through it; out of profane history and into the world beyond the grave, beyond shamanism, beyond the end of history, into the Galactic Millennium that has beckoned to us for millions of years across space and time…This is the moment! A planet brings forth an opportunity like this only once in its lifetime and we are ready and we are poised and as a community we are ready to move into it, to claim it, to make it our own. It’s there! Go for it! And Thankyou…112




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