COMING SOON ("Late Spring" 2005)

BEYOND 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy - A Complete Guide to End-of-Time Predictions 

by Geoff Stray

With an extensive foreword by John Major Jenkins

The long-awaited hardcopy version of the Diagnosis2012 (2012: Dire Gnosis) website is in the pipeline! Re-arranged, updated, fully referenced, with hundreds of illustrations and some colour plates, plus a foreword by John Major Jenkins, this will be a chunky volume that will also contain material that is not on the website.

The book will be in four parts:

Part 1: Ancient Calendars & Prophecies

Part 2: 2012 Theories

Part 3: Beyond The Veil

Part 4: Diagnosis

With 22 chapters, a large notes and references section, bibliography, index and three appendices, this will be a thorough investigation into the meaning behind the year 2012, which is the time when the 5125-year 13-baktun cycle of the Maya comes to its conclusion. Prophecies, visions, predictions and the many theories advanced to explain them will all come under scrutiny. A considerable amount of information in the book is previously unpublished in print or electronic format, and some of it is controversial. Part Four - Diagnosis - represents an attempt to bring together some of the most convincing arguments and work towards a conclusion, but there is no agenda or subtext. The reader will be aided in their journey through the labyrinth, but will ultimately be encouraged to find their own avenue of investigation, armed with a wide-angle viewpoint.

The text will also incorporate previously unpublished but re-written and updated extracts from "Omega Point", an early work by Geoff Stray (nothing to do with John Gribbin or Frank Tippler),  which currently exists only in one barely legible hardcopy. Here is what one correspondent -Derro -said about the few parts of Omega Point that are online at Diagnosis2012:

I've looked through your site on innumerable occasions, and while I've found all of it fascinating it is your Omega Extracts that have my attention. In particular are those chapters I can't read.
Some of those titles are compelling to the point of pain. Have you published this book or the extracts? If so, where do I buy my copy?

John Major Jenkins, author of Tzolkin, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, and Galactic Alignment, has written the foreword to BEYOND 2012. Here is an extract of his foreword:

"I support and encourage serious discussion of 2012, and the current level of the discussion - in quality and cogency - must be raised. Beyond 2012 does this with admirable comprehension and comprehensiveness, inviting us all to engage with this topic in deeper ways. And again, the keys, exampled by Geoff Stray, are open-mindedness and discernment."

On the back cover of the book, Vincent Bridges co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time says:

"For anyone doing any kind of research on the significance of the end date of the Mayan calendar, its galactic alignment or the curious psychological undercurrent of apocalyptic beliefs now gathering around it, Beyond 2012 is an invaluable resource. Fair, open minded and rational, Geoff Stray’s book, and the website from which it evolved, displays the enormous range of the “2012” phenomenon; a sort of mega-mall of marvelous strangeness, odd insights and sudden flashes of truth. Even a few hours spent wandering this marketplace of cosmic ideas can be seriously paradigm changing."


Beyond 2012 will be released by Vital Signs Publishing in "Late Spring" 2005