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a159907_1 16229386_1632829320355673_4139037876958527488_n 2013 Hedlund 2 nisse2

Hedlund-V-Twin-01 Hedlund-V-Twin-03 7911c-1 Hedlund-V-Twin-Engine-TimUK Hedlund-V-Twin-02

Hedlund made 52 of these 980cc SOHC v-twins for sidecar MX use. " They are compact and lighter than the Commando and similar engines, popular at the time. Bore is 95 with a short 63mm stroke, giving about 980cc. Duplex chain drive to a Norton gearbox. Carburettor was either a downdraft twin choke Webber, special narrow body one made for Ferraris, or a pair of side mounted Amal Concentric Mk2 (most pics of MX ones I have seen have these). The one I have is (according to the British importer and ex factory rider) the only Roadrace spec one made (1981 ish). It has bigger cams and sodium filled exhaust valves, I am not aware of any other changes. In it's day the engine made a reasonable amount of power and heaps of torque.....he Hedlund was in fact a true union of European engineering - It was designed and built in Sweden using a Swedish Stefa magneto, the Matchless con-rod and Norton clutch came from the UK and the Mahle piston was made in Germany. "

source: http://cybermotorcycle.com/euro/brands/hedlund.htm



Live re-build of the Hedlund v-twin engine


021 Hedlund V 2 Street Crosser 019 Hedlund V2 1000cc Strassenrennsport Gespann

Modern and retro: USD forks, monoshock supermotard version, and Norton Featherbed-framed racer version with huge silencer and leading-link forks


hedland 14726439_141695026299648_6742519568574447616_n rimg0055

Cafe-racer: Hedlund V-twin in a Norton Featherbed frame



20160606_112755 28379164_795114810681315_3901564149272298624_n 307084295_797522754636046_7468796086417434235_n

Roine Larsson's special - Hedlund 1000 in a Norton Dominator. The project was started by the late Alf Klaar and finished by Roine.



hedlund PIC_2694 Hedlund-V-Twin-Roadracer-1987

Street-legal Hedlund bitsa racer with twin discs: it is an ISR chassis kit used to make 3 of these ISR/Hedlunds..............................................................................................and a road-racer on track


NHAlvsjomassan.JPG-for-web-NORMAL nisse1 nisse3 nisse5

Mr. Hedlund himself, riding his personal Hedlund sports tourer


hedlund4 hedlund3 hedlund2 hedlund1

Hedlund v-twin project: frame made by Sune Ohlsson (SOH), who is famous amongst classic scramble racers in Sweden. Pics taken in 2011. Source: http://albinracing.blogg.se/2011/march/

(thanks to Mats Olofsson)


hedlund_motor a159904_1 a10 17621129cu-1

$_12 014 Wasp mit Hedlund V2 1000cc 015 Hedlund V 2 Motor 1000cc

This is what the Hedlund v-twins were designed for - sidecar MX



hedlundagain Untitled-9 semester2011-047_161678600 HEDLUND1

s_4d99c06b5e7f2 s_4dc3922bd911a Hedlund 235634[1]

Various customs and chpped Hedlund v-twins.... the black lowrider was built by Stefan Farnell in 1985



isr_engine acke_bike 2010-12-07+13.08.23-768693

Acke on the first ISR motorcycle (ISR Brakes) source: http://www.isrbrakes.se/about_isr/ ..............................and another Swedish project



20080716_0108 dsc09457_56a3e15de087c337be8f54be

Swedish TFA 125cc v-twin racers circa 1954


nv_albin 20070712_577 NV-42 1000-3 albinsivagn_181383434

There are only supposed to be 2 of these NV 1000cc Albin v-twins in existence... however, there seem to be four here. Source for military pics and the translation of Varberg museum info: http://www.bjorns-story.se/private/Tekniska%20Malmo/Tekniska_museet_malmo_mc_eng.htm UPDATE: The fourth (far right above) ia actually a special with one-off crankcases based on a JAP twin... seeV-TWIN NEWS PAGE 23

"This is one of the two existing motorcycles a project, which was the "JAS project" in the beginning 1940. Inspired by the German troops consisting of armored cars units followed by motorcycles and machine guns. The Swedish army 1942 wanted a cycle like the Germans. AB Nymans workshop got instructions to design a new motorcycle. From the beginning only 2 prototypes. If these made the tests another 750 copies should be ordered. The meaning was to use as many details from the solo motorcycle Albin/Monark M/42 (500 cc) as possibly. Instead it should be a 1200 cc. The Harley Davidsson should be the pattern. 3 factory new Harley Davidsson was bought and partly copied. The instruction was also that a side wagon had to be driven by a propeller shaft and it must be able be declutched. A BMW 500 cc TV was bought as model.An order for totally 3 375 000 Skr was confirmed by Nyman 1943. This large contract included testing and control of the vehicle. During the production severe problems showed up and the whole project time was prolonged. In February 1945 the Swedish metal strike broke out. After totally paid 650 000 Skr the army responsible division decided 1946 to withdraw the order and gave Nyman Workshop 85 000 for compensation. The main reason was that the new terrain car showed better mowing abilities and it could also take more soldiers and was also more comfortable. All this for about the same cost as the motor cycle.Two copies of the motorcycle was built for about the cost of 1 million pro each in today money value."




P1090386 f3b76cb3ef0971071cbf075c08e48602

Lasse Sundberg's 80-year old Husqvarna 550cc "1668"





maxresdefault Kilafors husqvarna-v-twin-06 Husqvarna-v-twin-7

Vintage Motorcycle Photographs husqvarna-v-twin-03 husqvarna-v-twin-02 Husqvarna-1926-600-m-1

Husqvarna_500_cc_TV_Racer_1931 classic-husqvarna-v-win-model-180-for-sale-l85jh09v8i-supermax 1925-husqvarna-v-twin-759x570



husqvarnaracer_50cf909dddf2b37155000aee paradkostym_hoger_sida_52b188c4e087c337fbc9caed suc50286_174815068

Original Husqvarna racer and Christer Watz's race replica - the "Watzqvarna"



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