Twenty twelve poem


Twenty twelve is within reach

I donít wanna rave or manic street preach

But the new agers doom date is looming

And the Mayan end point is zooming.


Now theyíre calling it Ascension

Breakthrough to the nth dimension

A mighty change Ė can you feel it?

If you gotta problem, just heal it.


Your bodyís just a vehicle Ė not you!

Makes you think about what you do

Makes you wonder who you are

If your bodyís just like a bike or a car.


If you read this stuff straight it stinks

If youíre stoned youíll be making more links

If youíre totally outa your head

 You wonít care if youíre alive or dead.


Can you hear the gurgling, feel the grime

2012 is getting closer, the plughole of time

Thereís a pull, thereís a whirling confusion

A shattering of each long-held illusion.


The projection screen we call reality is tearing

Itís time to be earth-shattering, daring

Time to change, to risk, to let it all rip,

Give yourself what you want, that baby, that trip!


Get it while you can, my lovelies, you lot

They may all be right or even if not,

Youíre going to die anyway, itís all a game

Live out your dreams, thatís why you came.

                                                         Jan Maloney