38. "Sixth Sun" crop Formation at Milk Hill

In Whats New item 6, the prediction was made, that 2001 would see the first 13-fold crop formations, since all the other component numbers of the Mayan Long Count had been represented - 20 Kins; 18 Uinals; 20 Tuns; 20 Katuns; only the 13 baktuns were absent.

Actually, Tzolkins and Calendar Round numbers had already appeared:

1997 gave us a 3 x 260 formation = Tzolkins (item 23)


1998 gave us a 13  + 20 formation:         Steve Alexander; C.1998  (Some called this a Mayan Sun symbol) Beltane Wheel, Silbury Hill, 4th May 1998. Photo: Steve Alexander

and the 52 years of the Calendar Round:   Steve alexander; C.1998 (52 parts to "sperm tail"see SC No.78 p.5) Sperm/Egg Beckhampton 21st July 1998. Photo: Steve Alexander

1999 gave us a 18 x 20 formation = aTun;   ( Whats New item 6 )

2000 gave us a 20 x 20 formation = Katuns & Baktun   ( Whats New item 6 )

In 2001, we didn't get a 13-fold formation, but we did get a "whirling star" with 6 arms, each 13 circles in length. Could this be a representation of 6 "Great Cycles" - we have almost completed the Fifth Sun, and the Sixth Sun starts in 2012. There was a total of 409 circles (- numerologically;4+0+9=13, emphasising 13 again), making it not only the most complex, but also the largest formation to date. Some claimed it appeared on the 13th. A "large star"= a Sun; very apt.

Milk Hill, Wiltshire, 2001. 14.08.2001. C.1998. Steve Alexander;  Milk Hill, 14th August 2001. Photo: Steve Alexander