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27. Shift of the Ages 

28. Kalachakra Prophecy

29. Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secrets

30. Romanian Fortune Teller

31. Profiles in Wisdom and Legend of the Rainbow Warriors

32. 2012 Meets The Holographic Universe

33. The Orion Prophecy - Now in Print

34. 2012 - The Mayan Prophecy

35. Sunspots + Schumann Resonance = Mass Telepathy in 2012

36. New 2012 Poem: CDP 2012

37. Astral Transition Essay Vindicated by Non-Human ?

38. Sixth Sun Crop Formation

39. The Orion Prophecy - a Full Review

40. Kalki - Critical Mass of Enlightened Ones by 2012

41. Mayan Daykeeper Reveals Nibiru knowledge

42. Awakening to the Omega Point

43. DMT: The Spirit Molecule - Review

44. Mushrooms Reveal 2012...again!

45. The 21st Century Book of the Dead....Laurence Lucas

46. Salvia Divinorum and 2012

47. Laurence Lucas Part 2: Information Overload

48. 2011

49. Self-Transforming Machine Elves

50. Maori Elders on 2012

51. Aetherius Society and 2012

52. Nostradamus and 2012?

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27. Shift of the Ages

You may have come across an online book called Convergence, or an article on the Great Dreams site (All About 2012 page) in which David Wilcock concludes that the 2012 end-date of the Mayan Great Cycle is fraudulent, and the true termination point will be 2039. THIS ARTICLE AND BOOK ARE NOW OUT OF DATE!

Wilcock's website, Ascension 2000 now states its objective, to scientifically prove that "a dimensional shift is to occur on Earth on or before 2012".

Convergence has now been re-written as "The Shift of the Ages", and is available to read online at the Ascension 2000 website.  The Shift of the Ages is an attempt to find the science and philosophy behind the Mayan 13-baktun cycle, using Cotterell's sunspot theory as a key part of the puzzle. In Convergence, Wilcock had concluded that the end-point should be 2039, following Maurice Chatelain's reinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar, which was based on the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, but as he explained to me, "Now I know that the 2012 date fits in much better, though the JS conjunctions are definitely still important."

The Shift of the Ages is certainly worth checking out, covering many subjects, such as Earth changes, Superstring theory, sacred geometry, the Philadelphia Experiment, Bruce Cathie, and Hoagland, and much more, and forms an introduction to the more scientifically orientated follow-up, called Convergence III, which is being uploaded as it is written. In an email, Wilcock summarised another interesting part of his  work as follows:

"... much of my work has been in substantiating the validity of a source of channeled communications from an entity called Ra, the set of which is known as The Ra Material or The Law of One. Without any reference from either side to the Mayan Calendar, Ra independently stated that the cycle change would come between 2011 and 2013, and they gave some very precise information regarding how that works. Indeed, their cosmological information is vast, and both Shift of the Ages and Convergence III are dedicated to explaining it."

This channelled material is reminiscent of the Cassiopaeans (see item 22), using the same terms ,eg, humanity divided into 2 groups - -STO and STS (Service To Others; Service To Self), and prefers to talk in terms of densities rather than dimensions. See also Operation Terra.

To get a taste of the kind of scientific evidence that Wilcock is following up, check out the article by Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev;  Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life, (=updated URL) about the magnetised bands of plasma through which the solar system is passing. Wilcock  claims that in 2012, we are due for a "matter transmutation" and that, when it is finished, Convergence III will be "the "smoking gun" to prove that this matter shift is going to occur."



28. Kalachakra Prophecy

Have you  heard a rumor about a Tibetan prophecy connected with 2012?  It is usually just a brief reference, but in Monument to the End of Time, by  Weidner and  Bridges, (see item 37 and What's New 21), we get a bit more detail:

"The Tibetan Kalachakra contains a prophecy that 860 years after its introduction into Tibet, which happened  in 1127, the conditions would be fulfilled for a twenty five year period that would culminate in the appearance of the Tibetan version of New Jerusalem, the hidden city of Shamballa. Eight hundred sixty years after 1127 is 1987, and 25 years after that is 2012. These dates are also significant in various versions of the Mayan calendar."

(Kala = Time; Chakra = Wheel.)                    I searched around on the net and came up with the following:

a) http://www.puntapunt.com/sakya/initiation.htm Teaching brought to Tibet in "10th century", there will be 25 kings of Shambhalla. The 21st king started to reign in 1927. The 25th king will fight the Final Battle in 2425 AD  then there will a 1000-year golden age
b) http://www.kalachakra.com/Shambhala/Shambhala.htm Now (1927) is the reign of the 21st king. There will be 25 kings altogether The 25th king will reign from 2327 AD (so they each reign for 100 years). The Final battle will be in 2425 AD, followed by the golden age.
c) http://www.thewildrose..net/shambhala.html  The 25th king will reign from 2327
d) http://www.crystalinks.com/shambala.html The prophecy was introduced into Tibet in 1026. There will be 32 kings each ruling 100 years 32nd king will fight last battle, then Shambhalla will appear.
e) http://www.dreamscape.com/morgana/juliet2.htm Prophecy introduced in 1026 32 kings each reigning 100 years.

Then, on Vincent Bridges' Magic Journey site, I found this:

http://www.vincentbridges.com/drstrange/stargoddess.html : The year 1987 was also the last year of the Kalachakra calendar of ancient Tibet, being the last of the 16 cycles of 60 years since the Kalachakra teaching were released from the mythical kingdom of Shambala in 1027.

Then I found this on Arguelles' Earth Ascending site:

g) http://www.earthascending.com/maya/PVJD_03.html The sixteen 60-year cycles of the Kalachakra prophecy, virtually span the second Christian millennium to the time of Judgement Day, AD 1027-1987.


I contacted Vincent Bridges to clarify the matter, and he told me the following:
"the Sakya-pa and Nyng-ma-pa schools have different ways of calculating, and the number of rulers is contradictory in many cases". Hence the 2 versions I had found ( a to e above), with the "final battle" in the reign of the 25th king in 2425 AD, or in the reign of the 32nd king in 3125 AD. However, Edwin Bernbaum, in his book, The Way to Shambhalla,  has cited "an early Tibetan source who supposedly made the journey and returned. He quotes the even older prophecy of Padmasambhava, giving the 5 x 12 x 16 formula". In other words, the AMET paragraph above is flawed, and should say,
"... 960 years after its introduction into Tibet, which happened  in 1027..." instead of 860 and 1127. Jose Arguelles was inspired by the Bernbaum book, to connect 1987 into the Mayan calendar, by proposing the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987, and initially proposed the idea in his 1975 book, Transformative Vision.

Bridges says that he came up with the 25 year period himself; "I came up with the extra 25 years idea, 5 x 5 for a round of  elemental forces to bring it  in line with the Mayan."

For anyone who wishes to pursue this matter further, Edwin Bernbaum's book, The Way to Shambhalla, is being reprinted in December 2001.



29. Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secrets

If you have been looking at the Ambilac site, or Howard Middleton Jones' ARCHAEOLOGY - ARCHAEOASTRONOMY - ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS, you may have been a bit confused, and wished they would sum it all up in a book. Well, they have just published a book called Giza-Genesis - The Best Kept Secrets Vol.1 , ("they" being James Wilkie and Howard Middleton-Jones), but you may find that it doesn't cure the confusion after all. The characters of the Old Testament have been converted into a star chart using their age at fatherhood, and age at death, where age at death is divided by 360, then the result is multiplied by age at fatherhood to arrive at an angle. The same is done for the son, and so on, for 6 generations, and the points are joined by equal-length lines. There are 4 remaining generations until Noah, but the formula results in an angle over 360 degrees, for the first of these - Enoch. Instead of continuing round the circle to get an acute angle, the authors decide to go back to the Adam point and draw the line from there. The logic breaks down further at this point, and eventually, the reader has to take their word for it, that this diagram represents the Giza plateau, and helps locate the hidden Hall of Records. Noah's Ark is then mixed up with the ark of the Covenant to find that the biblical recipe for  these are really the instructions for building the Great Pyramid, and there is a secret room accessed from the Grand Gallery, leading to a giant crystal underneath one of the Queens pyramids of Khufu (see "Crystal Clear"). Further contortions lead to the conclusion that the Giza plateau is a map of the sky on 21st December 2012, when everything goes inter-dimensional. If this is "Crystal Clear" then I'm garnet-mica-schist! Solar radiation "may provide the catalyst for an ancient race of beings, lying in stasis below the Gaza (sic) Plateau, to awaken in time for the May 5 planetary alignment."

The authors state on page 157 that "The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) is offset true north by 24 feet, or 3.7142 degrees." Then, a few lines further on, they increase accuracy by saying, "remember, the degrees true north the pyramid is offset is 3.714285." a page further on - p.158 - they get even more precise by saying, "The great Pyramid is offset true North (24 feet), or in degrees, 3.7142857." Stunning precision, eh? No, its the Egyptians who were precise! In Egyptologist Mark Lehner's The Complete Pyramids, we are told, "Khufu's pyramid is laid out with its sides oriented almost exactly to true north - the greatest deviation is under 5'..." That means five minutes, not 5 feet - the actual figure is 3 minutes, 6 seconds, so the Egyptians aligned the pyramid to an accuracy of a twentieth of a degree from true north - that's 72 times more precise than Wilkie & Jones and their 7 decimal places, which are then used to calculate the alignment on 21st December 2012.

Another clue that this book is hogwash is that in most of the Giza plateau models, the pyramid of Khafre is larger than the pyramid of Khufu. In short, I would say this book is disinformation, to bring the whole subject of the Mayan end-point into disrepute and make it a laughing stock.  GIZA-GENESIS: BEST KEPT A SECRET!!

Here's the perfect link to go with this - APOCALYPSE NOW  (UNAVAIABLE, BUT ARCHIVED HERE no pics, sadly)- flying Mr. Kipling cakes and plasticene aliens in 2012 - wait a couple of minutes for it to download, before looking & don't forget to read the hilarious Swiss-English Nostradamus quatrains.



30. Romanian Fortune-Teller

A small snippet  which appeared in this morning's London Metro 3 October 2001:

 A Fortune teller is so sure he is going to die in 2012 he has bought  himself a grave and a cross inscribed with the date. The healthy 70-year-old claims  to have had visions which allowed him to calculate the year of his demise.
 In 1991, Alexandru Marin saw a `big star' in an unusual position and, a  year later, a `strong light' shone in his house. `In 2012 we will see if I am right,' he said. A priest said his purchase had shocked residents in the village of Branistea, Romania. 

 (Thanks to Laurence Lucas & Neil Kilburn)



31. Profiles in Wisdom and Legend of the Rainbow Warriors

Steven McFadden's  book, Profiles in Wisdom is back in print, together with his new book, Legend of the Rainbow Warriors, and both relate to 2012. Steven has prepared a paragraph on each, especially for 2012: Dire Gnosis:

Profiles in Wisdom: Native Elders Speak About the Earth by Steven McFadden (2000, iUniverse.com).  In this highly acclaimed book, the author takes his lead from John F. Kennedyıs Pulitzer Prize winning Profiles in Courage. But rather than focusing on political leaders,  Steven McFadden presents the stories and thinking of 17 contemporary Native American spiritual elders. As our existing culture shifts, what to the ancient ones who have been trained in the sacred Traditions of Turtle Island (North America) have to say? With this question and others, journalist McFadden begins his quest to speak with contemporary native American elders. The elders offer penetrating and poetic insight on a host of crucial matters.  Several of the elders speak directly about the time of transition from one world to another,  Mayan elder Hunbatz Men, in particular, speaks in depth in the book about the Mayan calendars and the global shift taking place in the years leading up to 2012.  The New York Times Book Review said: "...there are some stirring and unexpected powers unleashed in this book."

Legend of the Rainbow Warriors, by Steven McFadden (2001, Chiron Communications, Santa Fe, NM). This book  a journalistıs account of one of the core myths of America, and an exploration of how that myth is playing out in real time. As drawn from dozens of historical accounts, the legend of the rainbow warriors relates that "when the Earth becomes desperately sick and chaotic -- socially, environmentally, and militarily --  people of all colors and faiths will unite, and rise to face the overwhelming challenges with insight, honesty, caring, sharing, and respect."  The prophetic teachings of the spiritual elders are skillfully juxtaposed with the key news events of our era, and a compilation of wisdom teachings from around the world.  Legend of the Rainbow Warriors gives a detailed accounting of Harmonic Convergence (1987), and traces the development of the impulse released at this time as it leads onward to 2012.  In essence, the book provides the full mythic and journalistic context of the transition, and offers in-depth guidance on balanced ways to navigate through all the storms of change.


32. 2012 Meets The Holographic Universe

Inspired by Michael Talbot's book, The Holographic Universe, and 2012: Dire Gnosis, Andy Heidel has produced a thought-provoking poster. Click here to see it.



33. The Orion Prophecy - Now in Print!

As promised, ( Whats New item 12 ), The Orion Prophecy by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx has made it into print in 2001, (though December rather than October). The book is available from Adventures Unlimited , but is not yet mentioned on the site, at this time (31 December 2001). However, it is covered in the free catalogue that can be ordered from the Adventures Unlimited site. The book is a 324- page paperback, with illustrations, and costs $16.95 plus postage and packing.  The code for the online order from is ORP. Warning!: Using the "ordering information" link is OK, but when I clicked on the "download order form" link, it was a pdf file that jammed my computer and I had to reboot it. 

The book is also available from Amazon

This is the official synopsis : 

In the year 2012 the Earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will turn over in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will completely destroy our civilisation. Europe and North America will shift thousands of kilometres northwards into polar climate. Nearly the whole earth's population will perish in the apocalyptic happenings. These dire predictions stem from Mayans and Egyptians - descendants of the legendary Atlantis. The Atlanteans had highly evolved astronomical knowledge and were able to exactly calculate the previous world-wide flood in 9792 BC. They built tens of thousands of mandjits and escaped to South America and Egypt. In the year 2012 Venus, Orion and several other stars will take the same "code positions" as in 9792 BC, the year of the previous cataclysm! For thousands of years historical sources have told of a forgotten time capsule of ancient wisdom located in a mythical labyrinth of secret chambers filled with artefacts and documents from the previous flood - this book gives one possible location.

I have been lucky enough to read a pre-publication manuscript of the English translation of The Orion Prophecy, and have corresponded with Patrick Geryl regarding various aspects of the book. It would be unfair to comment at this stage, until I have received and read the final published version, but the Orion Prophecy will be reviewed here soon...



34. 2012 - The Mayan Prophecy

During November and December 2001, I traveled around Mexico and Guatemala with my partner, Tania Woodward. In a bookshop at Panajachel, on the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Tania discovered a book called "2012  La Profecia Maya", by Alberto Beuttenmuller. The book is a novel written in Spanish and the subtitle (El Relato Apasionante Del Secreto De Una Civilizacion Asombrosa) translates as, "It tells about the exciting secret of an amazing civilisation".

Many thanks to John Stray for providing the following translation of the the back cover of the book:


The Mayan Prophecy

This extraordinary story, written in the style of a novel, tells of the discovery in the Mayan ruins of Palenque, of  "Codex K", and the later discovery of the amazing prophecy which it contains.

The Maya were guardians of lost knowledge emanating from time immemorial. A civilization which, according to the author, had a sacred mission: to leave to the inhabitants of this planet, the necessary information to understand the fourth dimension.

This work tells us about the evolutionary jump, explains the  manner of development, and indicates the time when these exciting events occurred. 

The forests in which the unusual Mayan civilization flourished, created the most perfect calendar known, and possessed an extraordinary understanding of magic, is the point from which the heroes of this story show us future surprises, leaving a past full of questions.

Did the ancient Maya come from the Pleiades? Did they deliberately end their civilization once their mission was accomplished? Is it true that they were capable, using their precise calendars, of foretelling the most outstanding events of the future? And the fundamental question: Are we on the threshold of the most important period of human history?

An intense and puzzling book which, without a doubt, will not leave any interested reader indifferent to the mystery of the origin of Man and his future as a species.

Alberto Beuttenmuller is a journalist who was so impassioned by the Mayan civilization, when in 1970, he was sent to Mexico by his newspaper, Jornal do Brasil (Journal of Brazil). Since then, he has been dedicated to studying the mysteries of that puzzling culture, at that time  penetrating  Mayan esotericism with the help of the anthropologist Jose Arguelles, and the  Mayan elder, Hunbatz Men, the last guardian of the ancient knowledge in his village. This story is the fruit of his investigations, which have now uncovered the hitherto lost secret of the Maya:  humanity's next step into the fourth dimension.

More on this book when I've learnt Spanish...


35. Sunspots + Schumann Resonance = Mass Telepathy in 2012

Jazz Rasool gave a recent presentation at the Mysteries of the World Conference in Marlborough, in which he pointed out that we are currently experiencing the most active solar cycle since records began, and that the 11-year sunspot cycle has just jumped forward a year, so that the current phase will terminate in 2012 instead of 2011 (see Whats New item 18). He also pointed out that this is the same year as the last one on the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle, and Kyoto Protocol deadline (anti-pollution treaty).

 The fact that Schumann Resonance is rising, (see Beyond 2012 item 18), combined with recent discoveries by the Japanese scientist, Hiroshi Motoyama, that the frequency around psychics increases to a level of 17 hertz, leads Jazz to the conclusion that these environmental factors will lead to a "switching on" of some of the massive amount of genes with officially unknown function (so-called "junk DNA"), which he calls "Species DNA", leading to mass telepathy and telekinesis. This will be the birth of a new species; Homo Spiritus. (Click here for a summary of the conference - Jazz was speaker number 2; speaker 3 - Paul Vigay - suggested that the American military are trying to counteract this effect using HAARP).

Decades ago, Alice Bailey predicted something very similar; 

The Plan

The production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time. It will make available to every man the true significance of his mind and brain and make him master of that equipment and will make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience. This next development of the plan will produce in Man an understanding - intelligent and co-operative - of the divine purpose for which the one in whom we live and move and have our being - has deemed it wise to submit to incarnation.

Think not that I can tell you the plan as it truly is.

36. New 2012 Poem: CDP 2012

Elixir Wizard, who believes "that Dec. 21st 2012 is a 'keyhole' of sorts and that, individually and collectively, WE are the 'keys' ", has supplied 2012: Dire Gnosis with a brand new 2012 poem; CDP 2012. Click here to read it.


37. Astral Transition Essay Vindicated by Non-Human ?

2012:Dire Gnosis has received its first communication from a non-human! No, it was not automatic writing...nor did your webmaster glaze over and start speaking in a strange monotone. The following communication was received by email, and the author was obviously familiar with the Astral Transition essay...

I am an Astral Traveller. A non-human. I have been researching into the next opening of the Gate of Heaven, when the Astral plain and the physical world become one. The date revealed in the Prophecies in the Akashic records is 2012, but the gate will be shut in 2036. In that time, the most powerful of humanity (spiritually and mentally) and those who's souls have awoken will be the only survivors of the opening gates. I am currently on a mission to reunite 4 of the most legandary and powerful aspects of life back together. The rebirth of a creature known as Imandos by the Elves is linked in with that of Osiris and Jesus. All 3 are the same creature I think. A being older than time itself. I believe it is one of the Elder Gods/ Ancient ones mentioned in the Necronimicon. Possibly Marduk.

2012 is the time when Physical bodies will no longer exist, and the Astral form (the soul) will take its place on the physical plane, and the dimensional shift that will take place will lift us above time.

The event that will precede the opening will involve the coming together of the five elemental keys, three of which are already in 2 of the 4's possesion. The 4 are the 4 creations of Tiamat, and are the only creatures who are outside of the limits of our souls. They are almost gods. They represent (each is represented by only 1) Courage, Power, Wisdom and Knowledge. Each has descending power, and the 1st had so much power, He is practically human, as He is so unstable, he wouldn't be able to survive on the Astral.

(Taken and interpreted from the Prophecies of Light, Discovery, Life and from records on the Gate of Heavens.)

I am

Imanrae the Traveller, the Leader of the Armies of Johr Ionus. General
Marshall of Nostor, Guardian of Elki'nirai and Student of 2 of the 4.

Searching for the 4

PS You are almost there but not quite.

Awake, for your time is over. Our time is beginning. 2012.


38. "Sixth Sun" Crop Formation on Milk Hill

In Whats New item 6, it was  predicted that 2001 would see the first 13-fold crop formations...

Click here for link


39. The Orion Prophecy  - a Full Review

Your faithful webmaster has sweated blood while producing a thorough dissection and examination of Geryl & Ratinckx's The Orion Prophecy, (sub-titled "Will the World be Destroyed in 2012?") To read the review,          CLICK HERE
Briefly, the authors claim that the Egyptian  Book of the Dead contains information concerning a catastrophe that happened in 9792 BC, when the earth stopped its rotation and started to rotate in the opposite direction, causing the tidal wave that swamped Atlantis. The knowledge was carried to Egypt, where the Atlantean kings became the gods of Egyptian mythology. The knowledge of the catastrophe, and how to predict its future arrival, was encoded into the texts which were included in the collection known as  "The Book of Coming Forth by Day" (the Book of the Dead), but it was primarily guarded for posterity in The Labyrinth, which was purpose-built by the Atlantean descendants as an astronomical observatory. The authors claim that the Labyrinth was not destroyed, as claimed by the Egyptologists, but lies buried at a location they discovered by laying a sky-map over a map of Egypt, (with Giza as the belt of Orion), and projecting the Hyades star-group (known as "the labyrinth") onto the ground. They hope to soon find someone to sponsor an excavation, so their findings can be verified.

They discovered that there was a retrograde loop of Venus in the year 9792 BC, that matches another one in 2012, and after finding it, discovered that the phenomenon was encoded into the Book of the Dead, as an astronomical signal that the catastrophe is at hand. (They supplied Nigel Appleby with the loop information see items 26-28(and Adrian Gilbert also inherited it see item 47).

 Is it true? CLICK HERE & see!


40. Kalki - Critical Mass of Enlightened Ones by 2012

In Whats new item 28, I mentioned the Kalachakra prophecy, and its association with 2012. Well, I have just received a copy of The Way to Shambhala by Edwin Bernbaum, which was  re-published in December, and although I haven't had time to read it yet, I've had a skim-through. it confirms (p.16) that the Kalacakra was introduced to Tibet in 1026 AD, when the Tibetan calendar begins; it explains the 32 & 25 kings (p.14): the 8th king founded a second line of 25 kings - he was 8th & first of the 25 (25 + previous 7 = 32). The 21st king assumed power in 1927 and will rule until 2027. Since each king rules for 100 years, this means the 25th one will arrive in 2327 (p.237). However, due to disputes over Buddha's date of death, some lamas believe the 25th (=32nd) king is ruling now (p.237-238) ( 32 x 100 years after Buddha's death). This last King will be the 10th and final incarnation of Vishnu who will return to vanquish Evil, put an end to the age of discord, and inaugurate the Golden Age (p.82). The Hindu name for this king is Kalki, while the Tibetan name is Rudra Cakrin, and in the Golden Age, which will last at least 1000 years, there will be no more work or fighting, and our lifespan will increase to 800 years (p.243). The book also says that the Golden Age will come when the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter all meet in the same quadrant as the Tishya constellation (p.83), (which is part of Cancer). The next time this happens is on 26th July 2014, according to my astronomical software. Free downloads of astronomical software at: 

 Earth Centered Universe                                       My Stars                                                Cybersky

Here is a quote from a website revealing that Kalki is already here and the Golden Age is coming in 2012:                     (click here for the whole article):

About 15 million people around the world think of Kalki Bhagavan as the Supreme Being who will usher in a new age. This golden age was inaugurated on September 25, 1995, and will be fully realized in the year 2012.The Vishnu Purana and several other sacred texts consider Kalki to be the last incarnation/ avatara of Lord Vishnu. He has descended nine times already (23 times in an unedited version) and the last one for this cycle will be at the end of Kali Yuga, the present degenerate age. Some Hindu thinkers put the beginning of Kali Yuga around 3102 BCE, and since it is supposed to last 432,000 years (according to one reckoning), many Hindus are not expecting Kalki anytime soon. Nevertheless, some individuals have been identified as Kalki by their devotees. Apart from the Kalki Bhagavan ... "Amma" or Bangaru Adigalar in Mel Maruvatur (Tamilnadu) has also been identified by his followers as Kalki.

Extract from an essay on the Great Dreams site (UPDATED):

The traditional Hindu model of the yugas runs into the billions of years, yet Sri Yukteswar, in The Holy Science, puts forth a different model based on a 24,000-year cycle. Like the Mayans, he claims that this cycle has to do with the journey of our solar system around another sun.  He also speaks of a much longer revolution of our sun around some kind of "grand center", similar perhaps to what the Mayans understood as "Hunab Ku".

A site about this "Avatar of the Golden Age "  explains the 2012 connection further:

Others would say that this is not possible. That the old calendars say that the Golden Age won't "be here" for thousands of years. Currently there is heated debate in India as some experts have claimed to have found errors in the ancient calendars. This puts the date of the Golden Age very close to the end of the Mayan calendar.

The Golden City site (UPDATED) explains that Kalki only needs to enlighten 60 thousand people in order to start a chain reaction, since he is a Mukti-Avatar:

Secondly, there are now very powerful spiritual energies engulfing the Earth coming from the center of the Universe. These energies are meant to make mankind enlightened, but somehow the process is not starting off as it was supposed to. So Kalki can give and transform these energies to anyone now, but only until 2012. If 60 thousand have become Enlightened before this, he can help man getting enlightened. If later, the negative powers will take over and we have missed this very rare chance. The future will not at all be nice if man will not transform fully in the near future.

The Official Kalki site, Foundation for World Awakening  has more information, and here is another site  (in rather bad English), that mentions 2012 and Kalki.


41. Mayan Daykeeper reveals Nibiru Knowledge

Hunbatz Men, a Mayan Elder and Daykeeper, who has published several books, a Mayan calendar wall-chart (Haabs & Tzolkin), and videos including one called Centros Initiaticos Mayas 2013,  (about pyramid secrets & the "new cycle" which is sadly, only available in Spanish), held an 8-day course in March 2002, called "Initiation in the Cosmic Mayan Healing for Humankind", that was announced as follows:

The return of the planet TZOLTZE EK', or NIBIRU in Sumerian, is to be  formally revealed and taught for the healing of our Great Mother  Planet Earth - during this most significant Spring Equinox Initiation  in Merida, Yucatan and at powerful ceremonies to be held at the  sacred Mayan sites of Uxmal, Chichen Itza, and Oxk'Intok  HUNBATZ MEN, Mayan Elder and Daykeeper of the ancient Mayan Calendar  knowledge, invites us to participate and experience this awakening  and healing of ourselves and our planet as we fulfill the Mayan  Prophecies as foretold by the ancients.  Elder Hunbatz Men will teach us the 26,000-year Cosmic Mayan Calendar, showing its relationship with the Pleiades and the Mother  Earth and the role it now plays in the major changes taking place on  our Sacred Planet.  He will also be giving certification to attendees  as Mayan Initiates to teach this Sacred Mayan Knowledge worldwide.

If anyone attended this, or knows more about Mayan knowledge of Nibiru, please email 2012:Dire Gnosis NB see UPDATE at Whats New item 63

42. Awakening to the Omega Point

Bob Buck has written an essay concluding that every 13,000 years, Earth goes through a "naked singularity", or merging of dimensions. Signs of this are, the planets losing their magnetic fields; Jupiter's red spot changing its direction of rotation in 1986-87; that the sun is losing its polarity, but also that there has been a shifting of the spectrum in the Auroras and rainbows, like a red shift in the other direction - a kind of violet shift. This shows that a powerful magnetic field is the cause  - the "naked singularity", that will probably upset the Oort cloud and cause more comets to divert from their usual orbits. A 23- degree axis shift back to its position perpendicular to the ecliptic may also be on the cards.


43.  DMT: The Spirit Molecule - A Review

The Mayan shamans ingested  psychedelic mushrooms, and venom from a poisonous toad as part of their technique to travel to the underworld, or Xibalba. These both contain psychoactive  tryptamines such as psilocybin, psilocin & DMT. * As we know, they also devised a calendar consisting of 260 Katuns that terminates in 2012 AD. Terence and Dennis McKenna, while in the Ecuador rainforest, ingested the very same mushrooms, containing tryptamines, that the Maya had used.** They then de-coded the 26-level temporal hierarchy of Timewave Zero from the I-Ching, and found that the termination point was in 2012 AD. DMT plus hallucinogenic beta-carbolines are chemicals that are also made inside your own brain, in the pineal gland, *** which is associated with the Third Eye of Eastern Mysticism. The pineal gland converts melatonin to make DMT, and it has been found that crop formations can induce increased levels of melatonin in people who spend time in them. All this seems to point to the possibility that the forthcoming "evolutionary quantum leap" expected at the end of the year 2012 will be caused by a mass-triggering of DMT production in humanity. *The toad-venom contains 5-MeO-DMT, which is also found in the human brain; Stropharia cubensis mushrooms contain psilocybin, a tryptamine  (composed of an indol group and a dimethylamine chain).                                                                                                                                                                                **The mushroom that the McKenna brothers took was the Stropharia Cubensis mushroom; the major psychoactive ingredient of which is Psilocybin, otherwise known as 4-phosphoryloxy-DMT, not simply DMT. However, they followed up by smoking the bark of Banisteriopsis caapi, an "maoi" (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). They described the result as follows: "Alteration of monoamine oxidase (MAO) levels through the smoking of B. caapi bark after ingesting mushrooms is the closest approximation to smoking synthetic tryptamine (DMT) that we have found in nature." (Invisible Landscape 1993 edition, p.112)                                                                                                                                   *** Regarding the pineal gland, Strassman presents substantial evidence for an essential function in DMT production and assimilation (perhaps supplanting the previously demonstrated synthesis of DMT by blood, brain, and lung).

In 1990, Dr. Rick Strassman succeeded in getting funding for a 5-year study into DMT. His book, called DMT: The Spirit Molecule, A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences, which sums up the 5-year study, makes fascinating or even essential reading, for all concerned with imminent change.

Caroline Taylor has prepared a review of DMT: The Spirit Molecule exclusively for 2012: Dire Gnosis, and has included a dialogue between Rick Strassman and herself, in which she asks his opinions regarding McKenna, the Timewave, and John Mack's work with alien abductees. 

CLICK HERE for the review 

For more on DMT and its 2012 connection, check out Ananda's Somagenics page

DMT World

DMT at The Vaults of Erowid 

44. Mushrooms reveal 2012...again!

I have just discovered a new page on the Dutch Lightworkers Tempel site, which corroborates the DMT/mushrooms connection to 2012 (original format & spelling preserved):

Our Awakening.....
My partner and I took some Magic Mushrooms,
and what should have been a fun trip, 
turned out into a Vision of the Future.  
It Woke us up and pulled us out 
of the Old World for once and for good......

We also received a date, like a programmed endingpoint, or beginning... 2012 . this is the moment  where Time 
and therefor also space will fall apart, and we will remain with only our spirit.(energy) 
And it isn't anything dramatic, because at that point you will realize, the body is only a blockage,
it cannot deal with the speed,and you will want to be released from it... 

Click here for the whole article



45. The 21st Century Book of the Dead......Laurence Lucas

Exclusively at 2012: Dire Gnosis:

Laurence Lucas is an Astrologer and Liquid Lightbody attuner, who utilises his lightbody to "download directly", consciousness from the Earth, using shamanic techniques. As a prelude to his forthcoming book Laurence presents a bold, encompassing overview of the exciting opportunities available to us all at the end of the Mayan calendar. The overview will take the form of 5 short thought provoking essays; one to be uploaded each month.

Part 1:      2012 -  Introduction to the Galactic Shamanic Paradigm   
Part 2:     Information Overload 
Overviewing ,Terence Mckenna - his destiny, Martin Prechtel and the nature of language, Psilocybin, DMT, their relationship to 2012, and the observations of Rick Strassman MD. What is the meaning of information overload in 2012?

Part 3:       The Mayan Message of 2012?                    
Looking at the Popul Vuh, the Mayans today, the shamanic atmosphere, my trip to Mexico/Guatemela and Mayan consciousness and the interconnectedness of the tribe


Part 4:      Why Galactic ?                        
John Major Jenkins and the alignment, the sacred calendar, Jose Arguelles, Carl Johan Calleman.
Which correlation,.... does it matter ? A personal experience in Mexico on 4 Ahau, and different textures of reality.


Part 5:    The Astrology of 2012       
A revolutionary new astrological map that reveals the true meaning of 22-12-2012, and that serves as a 21st century Book of the Dead, bringing together elements of the Mayan, Tibetan and Egyptian books of liberation.


46. Salvia Divinorum and 2012

I recently received an email from Charlie Sabatino, who lives in Mallorca, Spain, revealing a connection between Salvia divinorum, and 2012. Salvia divinorum, or Diviner's Mint, is widely thought to be the "divine plant" of pre-conquest Mexico, called in the Nahuatl language, "pipiltzintzintli". The Mazatecs still use it today. Here is an extract from Charlie's letter:

To make a long story short:
I took some strong drugs (salvia divinorum) and "heard" that I was to write a screenplay called 2012 (I'm a writer). I grabbed a pen and then started scribbling whatever came into my mind; it was like taking dictation. Below are the highlights, condensed from 6 pages. The parenthetical remarks represent my former knowledge on these subjects.
--Mayan calendar (my wife hosted a seminar once on this)
--calling of UFOs through Taliaots and monoliths (we have Taliaots where I live--Mallorca, Spain)
--The advance to a higher vibration (Ra material--I've researched this a little)
--importance of light and fire-Fire existing as another dimension (my wife had a dream that said this)
--the use of channeling to get messages from spirits (my wife is a channeler)
--the use of solar energy (no idea where this came from)
--Indigo, Finland (no idea)
--the importance of seeds, natural farming, plant vibrations (we grow a lot of stuff)
--the use of herbs to alter gene structure for telepathy (I had, after all, eaten these leaves)
--Telepathy, visions and dreams (we all know at least a little about these)
--Albuquerque, NM (I've been there before)
--Languages: The Babel Project (no idea what this is)
--Dream Theory in Malaya (music I randomly chose)
--the use of heat from the sea (no idea)
--Nietzsche's theory of a Great Health, Zarathustra (just a renewed interest)
--Love and extraordinary acts of charity (more Ra material)
Geoff, I was a really normal guy once. Italian butcher's son from the Bronx, NY. I didn't ask for any of this...I blame my wife.

I did an internet search, and found several Babel projects, such as a multi-language data-base, and software developments for multi-lingual conversion of computer games. I also discovered that Finland is a main producer of indigo pigment, used in many products, including printer ink. It comes from the leaves of the woad (or wode) plant, and was used as a body paint for battle, by (either/or) Picts and Celts. It is also hallucinogenic.

Charlie has started work on the screenplay and will let us know when it is completed. 

Salvia divinorum info.                                                      Salvia divinorum discussion group


47. Laurence Lucas Part 2: Information Overload

We now have part 2 of the 5-part series promised by Laurence Lucas (see Whats New item 45 above):

Part 2:     Information Overload 
Overviewing ,Terence Mckenna - his destiny, Martin Prechtel and the nature of language, Psilocybin, DMT, their relationship to 2012, and the observations of Rick Strassman MD. What is the meaning of information overload in 2012?


48. 2011 

I have discovered 3 books about the year 2011 in the last month, and these are called 2011 The Evacuation of Planet Earth; 2011 The New Millennium Begins, and The Year 2011 (see 2012 Books page). Does this mean that Carl Calleman's theory (see Jenkins/Calleman debate) that re-positions the end-date of the 13-baktun cycle to October 28th  2011, is catching on? I haven't had time to read the books yet, but have scanned the first 2, (written in 1998 & 1997 respectively, which means they pre-date Calleman's theory).

 In the first of these 3 books, 2011 The Evacuation of Planet Earth, a novel; the Doomsday asteroid struck approximately 5 years prior to August 4th 2011 when the narrator records the event in his diary; an axis shift  occurred sometime around mid-November 2011, & took less than a minute for the earth to tilt another 40 degrees. However, there was no spiritual evolutionary leap in the novel; the (approx. 144,000, of course) survivors were rescued by UFOs and taken to another planet, and Earth was re-colonized 700 years later.

In the second book, 2011 The New Millennium Begins, based on the authority of "the Source" - a group from the 5th dimension, we are warned to be discerning in acceptance of channelings and prophecies, since many are distortions originating from the "Dark Forces" of the 4th dimension. However,  it is claimed in the preface, that "the Mayan calendar ends in September 2012", when, it occurs in December 2012, as we know. Also in the preface, we are told, "The upswing began on August 31, 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence", when the Harmonic Convergence actually occurred on August 16th and 17th 1987, (see John Major Jenkins here and here for the facts behind Harmonic Convergence). We are also told that we entered the Photon Belt in 1987, and will be in it until 2013 (see this link and this one, for the story of the Photon belt myth). As for where the 2011 date came from, as used in the book title; it is only referred to vaguely: "The period 2001 - 2011 heralds a a major sorting-out", and "the old Piscean behavior patterns will not work after the year 2011" - and we are left to presume that it came from "the Source". Well, my discernment has detected faults in this transmission, and therefore, it is disqualified by its own rules, therefore, Source = Dark Force...hmmm very Gnostic...

The third book, The Year 2011, is a compilation of chanelings, including (and I''m not making this up), "St Germaine"; "John the Revelator"; "Dr Rayness of the Council of 48"; "Paulson from the Pleiades"; "Grand Commander Astor"; "Dr See-ven"; "Dr Norman Watson"; "Valiant Thor from Venus"; "Ashtar"; "Pharaoh Cheops"; and "Dr. Wah"(..."a right mottley crew", I hear you say, but be careful...they might not let you on their flying saucer...)

So, as there's no evidence of these authors being influenced by Carl Calleman, we can only presume that the influence comes from the Hopi prophecy (see item 7), apart from the channelings, which may themselves, be subliminally influenced by the Hopi prophecy.  I have proposed in the addendum, that the origin of the 2011 Hopi end-date is due to confusion over time-correlation due to the missing "year zero"in the Gregorian calendar. 

So, is Carl Calleman's system catching on? At Cancun.com, we find Calleman's theory explained, but without the 2011 end-date (but with a little confusion). Also at Lightworkers Tempel, we find more of Calleman's theory, but again, the 2011 end-date is not found to be essential to the basic ideas. In a recent email, Carl told me that he had discovered that the Hindu Avatar, Kalki (who says the Golden Age will begin in 2012 - see Whats New 40 above), was born on the Mayan Tzolkin day of 13 Ahau. He decided to go to visit Kalki in India, to see if  he could convince him that the current cycle ends on his birthday 13 Ahau, 28th October 2011.

On his return, Carl told me the following (about Kalki):

 He thinks that in the year 2012 it will be possible for people to become enlightened on a massive scale, but some time after that point it will no longer be possible to attain that state. Thus, it is urgent that people now set a course towards enlightenment. He does not base these ideas on physical cycles but on light radiations from the center of the universe that he refers to as Mu-Lam, meaning that I feel there is no contradiction between his and my own view although the terminology differs. He emphasizes the year 2012 rather than 2011, but I am also open to the possibility that changes will take place after Oct 28, 2011, but then more like if things are adapting to and settling down as an effect of the non-dualist consciousness of the Universal Cycle (Enlightenment) that is finally established at that date than as a continued wave movement of energies such as those that will rule until then.

Carl is now intending to  present Kalki's teachings on enlightenment to a European audience.


49. Self-Transforming Machine Elves

Terence McKenna has described the denizens of the DMT realm, as "self-transforming machine-creatures who are squealing and squeaking in a visible glossalalia that falls like rain on the interior landscape." They have the appearance of jewel-encrusted basketballs, and communicate by morphing objects out of themselves, that look like Faberge eggs!

 Is this what happens if you smoke too much DMT? 


50. Maori Elders on 2012

I recently discovered the following on the AboveTopSecret.com discussion forum. It was posted in December 2001 by a New Zealand Maori, (whose web-name is "alien"), as a response to a request for any information on the Mayan "end-of-the-world prediction" for 2012.

Well...don't know about the Mayan Calendar...but I know that there are some old Maori (culture I belong to) legends that speak of the reunification of 'Rangi' (the Sky) and 'Papa' (the Earth).

This one basically flows on from a Maori Creation Legend. Anyway, in short, Rangi (the Sky) and Papa (the Earth) were partners and were closely clasped together...they had a number of children, who lived in between these two parents, squashed and without light. One day these children (who were all Gods by the way - God of the Wind, God of the Sea, God of War etc etc) decided to push their parents apart so they could have room to move...they all tried and failed, till one of the Gods, Tane, pushed them apart, separated them, and hello - there was light.

Basically the other more secretive legend that follows on from this says that there will come a time when the children of Tane (that's you and me) are so busy, so distracted with fighting, with greed, with lust etc, so separated from our original parents (Rangi and Papa - so that kinda means we have lost our links with the natural order of things) that Rangi and Papa will take that opportunity - while no one is looking - to quickly come back together...destroying everything in the process. There has been much meditation done on this event and yep...2012 seems to be the year the old people are coming up with.

A second post continued...

I also forgot to mention this other bit in my haste to get to work earlier:

I have asked a few of the 'kaumatua' (tribal elders) what they see happening in 2012. One said "Ka hinga te arai"...the rest nodded and agreed. Okay, I'll explain what that means...

hinga = to fall arai = curtain

those are the modern interpretations of those two words in what he said to me...so basically he said "The curtain will fall". Okay - I thought about that for a while, thinking about what he meant...and I originally deduced he meant like "Final curtain" end of the world sorta thing. That was until I did a bit more digging into the origins of those two words. Ya see...modern Maori is just like modern English...it changes over time, the means of words alter and get reinterpreted as time goes by.

This kaumatua (elder) is an 'old school' Maori...knowledgeable in the ancient ways, the old ways, the old original language...or 'tuturu Maori' as it is called, which basically means 'original Maori. So anyway, in original Maori, those two words (hinga and arai) mean slightly different things.

hinga = to dissolve/to be removed/ to fade
arai = veil / thin separation

'arai' is the main word there to look at. Okay, when people die, Maori say they have gone 'ki muri i te arai'...they have gone 'behind the veil'...passed over so to speak. So in that sense, 'arai' actually means like a 'separator' between the physical world/plane and the spiritual world/plane.

So - 'ka hinga te arai' in old Maori means (as closely at it can interpreted in English) The removal/dissolving of the planes separator...basically the MERGING of the physical and spiritual planes.

There - just a bit of an old Maori cultural lesson to get ya mind ticking over.


51. Aetherius Society & 2012

I recently received an email from Peter H. Daley, that included the following: 

My contribution is based on the occult knowledge received from George King and The Aetherius Society. Although the significance of the 2012 predictions is not denied, prophecies of cataclysmic earth changes have been changed as a result of metaphysical operations required to usher in New Age conditions, and the release of the Earth Logos from the self-imposed restrictions, which were necessary for our continued existence as a recidivist race of humanity. And so, as a result the speeding up of the vibrational character of the planet is increasing, and as the rate  increases a crescendo is expected in 2012, or thereabouts. One of the reasons for the Mayan calendar ceasing at this date, was the anticipated awakening of an entity dormant in the planet for a million years, to eliminate human life. This was only prevented by certain Cosmic Adepts, and who had to deal with a number of other threats which could have wiped us out. The latter part of last century was indeed a very tricky period. Some of this info. is to be found on my website, together with book refs.


A second email provided more information:

 I can offer some new insights into this problem. There is no doubt that in the minds of all studying the weird and wonderful,  the problem presented by "2012" takes the cake, only the UFO and the Aliens can compete in this. I am steeped in the ancient lore of Theosophy, and am privileged in having access to New Age occult information as an extrapolation of that from Blavatsky and A. Bailey, through George King, who I knew personally. Regarding  the number Seven, this is the foundation of the Metaphysical Cosmos, of which this material universe is only as a thin veneer. Each numbered level of existence is in ready communication with the like in higher octaves, by virtue of their resonating vibrations. It is very complicated and marvellous, the Earth exists on 49 different levels, which means there are actually 49 planets occupying the same space. If some predictions are to be believed, 2012 will shift to a higher version of Earth, which leaves much to think about. There is more to it than that, because conditions have been so modified by Metaphysical Operations,  that things have been brought forward 52 years, in some respects. The old prophecies have been cancelled or severely altered, so that we can forget the end of civilisation being due. Nevertheless, the end of the Mayan calendar at 2012 foresaw something which which was about to happen, and we narrowly missed the extinction 52 years before the due date. Thereby lies a wonderful and strange saga vying with science fiction, and required "outside" help.

 The human race is very ancient, some elements were here 18 million years ago, but our particular strain came here around 4 million years ago,  having destroyed our previous planet and is now the asteroid belt. Unfortunately, the same lot brought its recidivist elements. These made history repeat itself in a series of conflicts, two of which were atomic and produced  mutations and lapses into barbarism for thousands of years. The result being a failure to evolve in co-ordination with The Earth Logos.

More information at Peter H. Daley's website, Metaphysics For The New Age.


52. Nostradamus & 2012?


Nostradamus only made one unambiguous prediction in which he clearly identified the year in question. It is the oft-quoted 10-72, which is usually translated something like this:

In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols. Before and after Mars (war) reigns happily (by good fortune).

If there is anything to Nostradamus' prophecies, then surely this quatrain must be a major key. However, when nothing happened in July 1999, some said the prophecies were of no use. Others said that "sept mois" meant the original seventh month - September. Nothing happened then either.

One Nostradamus site, now unavailable (previously at http://members.nbci.com/centuries/future.html) suggested that the prophet was predicting the timing of a war, and that fortunately, (since it would make it worse), Mars would reign before & after but not during the war: 

"when the Kingmaker Saturn leaves the sign of Mar's rulership on April 10, 1996, and returns to a sign of Mars' rulership in Scorpio, in the year 2012. This scenario would time this war as starting sometime after the year 1996, and ending sometime before the year 2012". However, this interpretation gets "war" and the planet "Mars" from the same word (Mars). 

Another point made here is;

 Sometimes in the numbering of the quatrains Nostradamus gives us a further clue. Very often he gives us at least two numbers of the date an event happens, and in some cases, he gives us three numbers of the date.  This quatrain is numbered 10-72. So here, he could be giving us three numbers, 1, 0, and 2. - this could very easily refer to the date 2001 or 2012. The 7 could be a clue as to the "7th month."


Prophecy scholar, John Hogue, in his book, Nostradamus - The Complete Prophecies, finds several quatrains to have a possible 2012-connection. Some of these connections are made as in the suggestion above, which links the number of the quatrain to the date of the prophecy. The quatrains in question are as follows:

1:52, which is linked to October 2012 ("the two evil influences in conjunction in Scorpio = conjunction of Mars & Saturn in Scorpio).

2.12, links to 2012 via the quatrain number.

5.78, mentions a 13-year period that Hogue connects to either the appearance of Halley's comet in 1986, or that of comet Hale-Bopp in 1997, which, when 13 years are added, render the years 1999 and 2010 - "closer to the end of time as we know it" (2012).

6.24, a conjunction of Mars and "the sceptre" (Jupiter) (in Cancer?) means April - May 2011, says Hogue, (near the end of the Mayan calendar).

9.12, links to 2012 via the quatrain number.

9.55, a conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter again refers to April - May 2011.

None of these are very convincing.


At Michael McClellan's New Prophecy Almanacs we find this: 

Every four years an asteroid named Toutatis passes uncomfortably close to the earth. This elongated rock -- which measures nearly a mile across -- also possesses another feature of interest: it rolls end over end in a tumbling motion. It is the only near-earth planetoid that behaves in this manner, eerily similar to the "mountain" that "rolls along" in Quatrain 1.69.

If Toutatis is the asteroid predicted by Nostradamus, it will smash into the Aegean or Ionian sea part-way through the reign of Hieron (anagram of Chiren).

 Evidence in the Epistle to Henry II and the quatrains place Chiren's rule as king and later as emperor in the 2002 - 2012 period. 

Although Toutatis will be very close to earth in 2004, it does pass Earth in 2012. McClellan also finds evidence in Nostradamus' quatrains, that China will abandon communism in December 2012, and Prince Edward will be made second emperor of Europe.


Another site, Prophecies of Nostradamus: World war III states its objective:

  Here is the sequence of the events supposed to occur between the period 1999 and 2012, based on the quatrains of Nostradamus and similar prophecies of other people.

On a page called Nostradamus 1999-2012 AD  on the escape666.com site, a Fundamentalist Christian  - Pastor Harry of the Church of Philadelphia, says Nostradamus was "Satan's Prophet", who "seems to show us a Window of Time SEPT 1999 -- 2012 AD when The RAPTURE will happen so He can bring forth Antichrist onto the world scene". 

A third site, King Of Terror quotes the 10:72 quatrain (see above), then says, 

So warns Nostradamus in quatrain X.72, and thus heralds in the commencement of a window of prophecy originating from many cultures, religions and traditions which runs 1999 - 2012". 

There is a book out in German, by Manfred Dimde, whose title translates as Nostradamus. The Apocalyptic Decade. The Crucial Years Until 2012. I haven't read it, so I don't know if he's actually found anything convincing. Is everyone desperately trying to find a way of decoding a 2012-prediction from Nostradamus' quatrains, or are we still missing something?  So far, I'm totally unconvinced.


After the seventh month of 1999 came & went, some realized that, although the prophecy mentioned the seventh month, the calendar has since been adjusted by 11 days (when it was converted from Julian to Gregorian), which brings the date forward from 31 July 1999 to August 11 1999, the date of the solar eclipse over Cornwall, UK. In fact, Nostradamus is said to have explained in a letter to Henri II of France that he was talking about an eclipse. Some said (see Beyond 2012 item 30) that since "Phobos means Terror", that one of the moons of Mars  - Phobos - would be released from its orbit by the gravitational effects of the eclipse and the "Grand Cross" conjunction a week later on 18th August 1999 (see diagram at Beyond 2012 item 21). The Millennium Group reported "shadows are also seen crossing the face of the earth at a nearly right angle to the moon's shadow".

Nothing more was heard on the matter of Phobos until July 2000 when James van der Worp and Glen Deen suggested that the fly-by of comet 76P on June 5 2000 shunted Phobos out of orbit and onto a collision course with Earth. Deen calculated September 18th 2012 as the projected time of impact (see Whats New item 4).

I have just discovered an article that claims there is a connection between the 2 failed Mars missions and the fly-by of comet 76P. Solar flares and dust-storms on Mars were triggered. The last public pictures of Phobos and Deimos (the Greek names of 2 moons of Mars, sometimes translated as Panic and Fear) are from August 1998, and, to cut a long story short, there is evidence that they are already orbiting Earth! They are only 10 miles and 5 miles in diameter, respectively, and are said to have been asteroids captured into a Martian orbit. Is there a covert operation being mounted to blast the Martians out of the sky?


You may recall the Bible code prediction (see Beyond 2012 item 10) that there will be a collision between a "comet" and Earth in 2012, and that the comet will be "crumbled". At the Chapel Perilous site, they have found that the code also conceals a previously undiscovered element, which they call "The Mars Code". Until now, it sounded fairly nonsensical, because the author concludes that the "comet" is actually the planet Mars! Thus, it will be "Mars" that is destroyed in 2012 when it passes near the Earth. 

However, in light of the information above, "Mars" could just as easily refer to one of the small Martian satellites, Phobos, or Deimos.