Astrological Roots and Forecasting of Some Acute World Trends

for the Current Epoch  

Sergey Smelyakov



1. Preface. During preceding centuries, if not millennia, the retaining of relative stability in social relations and production abilities has led to a definite conservation of astrological concepts. But even they have not remained unchanged as a result of revolutionary changes that took place in society over the last century, and especially recent decades, due to the information explosion and the growth of  power potential being unprecedented in the history of this civilization. Moreover, these new trends are accompanied by a definite intensification of the energy emitting processes on the Earth and within the Solar system itself [1]. But if the qualitatively new trends have originated both on the Earth and within the Solar System, they must have their causes.


In a narrow sense, astrology considers static and kinematic parameters, viz. those ones that describe position and displacement of the Heavenly bodies. However, it is well known that there exist some other factors of influence which might be called the dynamic ones (by analogy with physics) as they are associated with energy (light, radio flux, etc.) and particle emission. The most powerful source of  dynamic influence is specified by the Solar Activity (SA) which, as it is well known [2], affects both  living things and social processes. Therefore, if we consider astrology as the system of knowledge that describes the influence that Space exerts onto the Earth’s life, there exist no grounds for excluding astrology in a wide sense; i.e. for not considering dynamic Space influence in addition to the conventional static and kinematic aspects. That is why in the below considerations, all these three aspects of Space influence are taken into consideration.


As it is suggested below, at least three global factors are synchronously exerting their influence in the current epoch, viz. by the end of the XXth century and at the beginning of the XXIst century, thus defining this Age as the point of bifurcation of the current civilization, or, more exactly, of that one that is known to us within the existing historical memory.


2. The Solar Zodiac (SZ). By having taken the Tropical Zodiac (TZ) for the basic instrument defining the structure of any astrological consideration (or model), with respect to the axiom “as below, so above, and vice versa,” we have no grounds to reject the existence and actuality of the similar (relative to its construction) structure for the Solar System (SS) that was called [3] the Solar Zodiac.


Thus, by analogy we imply that the SS’s “Ecliptic” is defined by the plane in which the SS revolves around the Center of the Galaxy, whereas the SS’s “Equator” is specified by an average plane in which the planets revolve around the Sun. In the same way, the Equinoxes are defined by the intersection of these two planes. Within the limited accuracy of the respective astronomical data, we obtain [3] that for the epoch of the year of 2000, the TZ’s longitude of 0° Aries of the SZ is 0° 7¢ ± 6¢ Capricorn, and vice versa, since the projection of the visible traffic direction of the Galactic Center around the Sun along the Galactic Ecliptic is clockwise, while the visible traffic direction of our Sun around any planet is anti clockwise (See Figure, below).  

Figure. Tropical (internal ring) and Solar (external ring) Zodiacs. The arrow at ^T (First Point of Aries) indicates the direction of actual precessional displacement of TZ along the SZ.


This means that the year of ingress of the SZ’s cardinal point  0° Aries in the TZ’s sign of Capricorn, and vice versa, took place in the year of 1992 ± 7 , or namely in the current epoch. Hence, on the boundary of the 3rd millennium, after leaving the Age of Sagittarius, the Earth comes to the Age of Capricorn with a specially significant Aquarius influence, since both the Tropical and Solar signs of Aquarius overlap. General verification of this conclusion is given in [3], where special attention is paid to the points of 0° Capricorn (and 0° Cancer), where the Galactic Equator, Ecliptic and Solstice Meridian cross each other on the background of  important stars and nebulae.


3. The Mayan Calendar (MC). It is well known that the MC covers the period of 3114 BC to 2012 AD. However, it is not so widely known that: its starting epoch is quite exactly synchronized with the beginning of the Age of Kali Yuga (3102 BC); the Esoteric Teaching of the Maya corresponds to that of the Vedas and Ancient Egypt; and the ancient Sacred Alphabet of the Maya and that of Egypt are almost identical [4]. But even less known, is that the entire structure of the MC is permeated with the numbers and relations based on the Golden Section number F=0.6180339… and, respectively associated with the Fibonacci numbers [5].


In particular, consideration of the partitioning of the MC period onto 12 sub-periods, the duration of which are decreased with the factor of F (viz. in the Golden Section) as the time approaches the current epoch, shows that the separation epochs of these sub-periods are closely synchronized with the greater part of the known largest cataclysms (Earthquakes, geomagnetic inversions, etc.) and Space phenomena (flashes of Supernovas), as well as with the epochs of coming of Great Teachers of humanity, origination of calendars (as Time/Space systems), demographic trends and other actual events.


Moreover, continuing these sub-periods into the past in the same proportion – up to the XI – XII millennia BC – also shows close synchronism between the newly obtained separation epochs and the scientific estimates for the largest known Earth and Space cataclysms, including the epoch of submerging of the remains of Atlantis.


This Auric (from “Golden” Section) Time Scale, that defines through the Golden Section F, the sequence of decreasing time intervals converging on the year of 2012 AD, might be considered to present the Evolutional Time being unequal in Earthly years, but “equally filled” with the events pertaining to each sub-period. It is important that a similar partitioning of the MC into 2 or 3 sub-periods, leads to the obtaining of equally significant results which might be associated with the Esoteric meaning of these numbers.


On the other hand, if the time unit taken is either the Earth’s year, or an average 11-year Solar Activity Cycle Duration (SACD), or Mercury, Saturn or some other planetary revolution period [6], the obtained geometric progression of the Golden Section number powers (or Auric Time scale, being infinite at both ends) defines the Scale of Periods for the basic phenomena in Nature (including the Solar Activity (SA) resonant periods), economics, biology and many other spheres [6].


4. Comets and Solar Activity. If the former two factors, the SZ and the MC, provide, first of all, a “theoretical” description of the current epoch to be a point of bifurcation for the historical process, the Time and Geographical Focuses of influence of the comet Hale-Bopp (HB) might be considered to be the indicators of the planetary-comet and, which is much more significant, of the dynamic Solar influence that was frequently aimed exactly towards the Earth.


These Focuses and their factors of influence were obtained [7] in compliance with the conventional astrological analysis of the Sun/HB conjunctions and relevant planetary configurations and Eclipses. As far as these Focuses are specified by the dates with an orb of 5 days corresponding to 5° orb for a conjunction with the Sun, they may remain effective in the subsequent years (after the comet’s culmination in 1997), though in that year the author did not suppose such a prolonged influence. However, a statistical Summary [8] of these Focuses and Factors of influence, that includes events of a record-breaking or extreme nature, shows that this influence is effective up to now, and for the whole spectrum of predicted factors: natural calamities, technological catastrophes (air, car, and railway crashes, etc.), fires, epidemics, military actions, social, political and economic crises. The events of each class form a logical sequence (or trend) – formerly within the USA, but afterwards – on an international level [9], as if the sequence of events is developed at these Focuses as at markers.


But the most intriguing thing in this synchronism is that, that from the very beginning of the development of the current 11-year SA cycle, viz. from the Summer of 1997, the local SA surges had started to take place, in general, in the vicinities of the comet HB’s Focuses. This miraculous conformity could not be explained except Esoterically, as even for the period of July 1997 – April 1998, the probability of accidental coincidence between the HB’s Focuses and the SA local maxima might be estimated as 10-12. For comparison, this value is about several dozen times less than the ratio of the diameter of a poppy-seed to that of the Earth. In the subsequent years this synchronism not only remained, but had increased [8, 9]. And even integrally, we see that the first 11-year SA maximum, being more pronounced in sunspot numbers, comes to the orb of the Focus T6, July 2000, whereas the second maximum being more pronounced in radio flux (at the end of December 2001), fits the orb of the Focuses T1, T2.


Note, that the second largest monthly maximum took place in September 2001, when the SA growth in time, up to September 9, had almost exactly repeated the similar 2-week growth of the SA up to one of the largest values of the preceding 11-year cycle that took place before August 19, 1991. In a close correspondence with the Tchijevsky [2] theory, the after-effects of the destruction of the USSR were seen in the world trends at least until the end of that 11-year cycle. In the same way, the after-effects of the September 11 attack (that took place within the orb of the comet HB’s Focus T7 of September 16) would hardly disappear until the next 11-year SA cycle maximum that might be expected in 2011-2013 (as the bringing of Soviet troops to Afghanistan at the epoch of the 11-year SA maximum in 1979 had led to the delay in resolving of that military action until the next 11-year maximum).


Since 1999 (or, more exactly – with the Focus T5 of March 24 when the bombardments of Yugoslavia had started), the events around the Focuses of the comet HB were more and more marked by an international involvement [8, 9]. It is shown in [9] why the USA, Israel, Afghanistan and some other countries are involved in the military actions, and why the forecasted intensification of military actions in March and, especially in April 2002, took place and would possibly worsen with respect to other factors of influence at Eclipses in June and around July 4, 2002. These forecasts were based on the national charts, Astro*Carto*Graphy for the respective countries regarding the Focuses of the comet Hale-Bopp and their synastry with the comets Hyakutake, Linear, and Ikeya-Zhang.

But it is not a close synastry that is most astonishing (e.g. the comet HB’s last conjunction with the Sun defines the Focus of July 4, which, in its turn, coincides with the Sun of the USA). For the sequence of 12 charts composed for the comet HB’s Time Focuses, America’s Solar return for 2001 and the September 11 attack, – for Washington, a striking correlation takes place [9] that might be called, the algebraic analogue of the Trutina Hermetis, which is well known in astrology; within an average orb of 2°-3°, the Asc or Mc of the subsequent event(s) coincides with the midpoint Asc/Mc or Sun/Moon of the preceding event that lies in the same cross, or vice versa. By taking account of the origin of the Trutina Hermetis, this means that each event in this sequence presents the “conception” for the “birth” of the subsequent event. The same situation takes place for Kabul, and almost the same situation takes place with the resonant points for the comet Ikeya-Zhang [9]. Isn’t this a play of Destiny?!

5. Conclusion. As Tchijevsky [2] has established, the lengthy historical events that culminate at an epoch of the 11-year SA cycle maximum have a trend for settling till the beginning of the next 11-year cycle. After then, with the rise of the SA, new, or unsettled, centers of tension are starting to develop and, generally, culminate at the maximum of that subsequent 11-year SA cycle. Therefore, the growth of terrorism that started to develop since 1996-1997 and culminated in 2001-2002 on the level of the world-wide war against terrorism would have a chance to define one of the most acute world trends (apart from financial and other ones) for the forthcoming 5 years. After then, on the phase of the growth of the SA the new (or old, but unsettled) world wide problems would start to develop until their culmination (though not necessarily a resolution), at the next epoch of the 11-year SA cycle maximum, presumably in 2011 –2013.

However, as long as the SA level is still high, and the comet HB’s Focuses are still effective, we cannot exclude that even this year, 2002 (and even around July 4), will manifest itself with no-less significant events than those that took place in 2001 – 2002. In fact, the Russian revolution of 1917 took place at a similar astrological situation – at the phase of the 11-year SA maximum when Uranus was leaving Aquarius.

Besides, we must remember that the extremely tense synchronicity between the SA surges and the comet Hale-Bopp Time Focuses cannot be explained in any other way than that the Sun itself is targeting the Earth, as the Sun’s influence is very important, both Esoterically, and physically.

Thus, the Solar Activity, Solar Zodiac orientation and Mayan Calendar termination term, in common, support the hypothesis that our Earth approaches the point of bifurcation that might be reached in 2012.



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