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53. Something Is Wrong With Our Sun

54. 1998 West Kennett "Mayan" Crop Glyph Explained

55. Laurence Lucas Part 3 : The Mayan Message of 2012?

56. More on Nostradamus  & 2012

57. 2012 on the X-Files

58. Rotational Speed of Earth's Core May be Related to Baktun Length?

59. End-Date Confusion Explained

60. Laurence Lucas Part 4: Why Galactic?

61. Christianity/The Rapture and 2012

62. Judaism and 2012

63. More on Tzoltze ek' (Nibiru) from Hunbatz Men

64. The Sylvia Brown 2003 Error

65. Convergence 3 & Divine Cosmos

66. The Auric Time Scale

67. Laurence Lucas Part 5: The Astrology of 2012

68. Franklin Timewave = Zyzygyz' Brainwave

69. Sacred Geometry, the Earth, & the Mayan Calendar 'End-Date' of 2012

70. Damaeus, Salvia and 2012

71. Reminder: Judgement Day September 22 2002?

72. 2012 and Crop Formations

73. Galactic Alignment: The book is available!

74. Islam and 2012

75 The Masonic Calendar

76. The Ethiopian Calendar

77. The Seneca Indians

78. Cherokee Calendar Wheels

79. More on Galactic Alignment

80. Zulu Prophecy: The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no

81. Pueblo Indians: Fifth World in 2012

82. Purification Period & World Ages


83. The Dresden Codex: Did it Predict the 1991 Eclipse?


84. Electo-Magnetic Pulse Wave (EMP Wave)


85. Guatemalan Priest Says That 1987 Was the End of the 9 Hells


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53. Something is Wrong With Our Sun

Kev Peacock has just produced an eBook that summarises all his research findings, some of which were previously on the "Geomagnetic" page of his website (see Beyond 2012 item 42). The book is called Something is Wrong With Our Sun

Kev is an Australian amateur radio operator, or "ham", who set out to study how earth's atmospheric and weather conditions affected his radio signal. He became immersed in a detailed investigation of  the solar cycle, sunspots, solar flares, interplanetary magnetic flux, solar wind, and more. One of the first things he noticed is that the graphs of solar activity show a clear incline over the last few hundred years since the records began (see also diagrams at Beyond 2012 item 3). This means that solar activity has been steadily increasing for a long time. When he noticed that the Earth's geomagnetic activity was also increasing, along with earthquake activity, he contacted government agencies, who denied any increases and said that any apparent increases were due to more advanced instrumentation over the years. Kev re-checked and found that the official explanation did not explain the data. For example, in the case of earthquakes, he only counted major quakes, and the tally of these would not be affected by new equipment.

Next, Kev started corresponding with a Malaysian UFOlogist called Ahmad Jamaludin, who had discovered a pattern to UFO sightings that fitted in with the solar cycle. Jamaludin, (who has a "source x" theory to explain it), provided maps of UFO sightings that followed Earth's tectonic plate junctions. Kev went on to examine reports of alien abductions and cattle mutilation. He came to the conclusion that the details show that, in the case of humans, the glandular examinations by the abductors, plus sampling of skin, blood, sperm, ova, and hair, is exactly the kind of tissue sampling that would be needed to show effects of increased radiation. In the case of animal mutilation, there is even more evidence of an interest by the perpetrators, in checking on an increase in carbon 14 from solar radiation. A rise in carbon 14  may, says Kev, be connected to the rise in cancer over the past century.

Kev concludes that, in July-August 2011, there is a possible coincidence of 4 factors that could, if they occur at the same time, endanger the Earth.  These are the 4 factors:

1. The height of summer in the Northern hemisphere in June 2011 (summer solstice is June 21st), when the Earth's magnetic North pole is closest to the Sun.

2. There will be three eclipses that occur in June 2011, causing geomagnetic effects (NB earthquake in Turkey following the eclipse in August 1999).

3. The solar maximum is due at this time, when the sun's magnetic field reverses (every 11 years on average).

4.  The possible peak of a solar mega-cycle, or long-term sunspot cycle indicated by the incline in graphs of solar activity ( see here for more on solar mega-cycle, and here ).

Kev says the result of these 4 factors coinciding will cause the Earth's magnetic field to collapse and reverse, and the "resulting earthquake and volcano activity bringing about the end of our civilisation by the end of 2012". A new ice-age would probably follow, due to a global temperature drop as volcanic ash cuts out sunlight.

However, the last solar polar reversal cycle (11-year sunspot cycle) was a year later than expected, lasting 11 years, 10 months, and reversing in February 2001 (see Whats New item 18). That brings the next expected peak to February 2012, but it is variable - between 8 & 14 year periods have been recorded in the past. So, if the current cycle is a little less than 11 years, we could be in big trouble, according to Kev's theory.

This, says Kev, explains why the goverments have been hushing up the alien presence - because they're here to study the effects of a solar mega-max; an event (possibly in combination with the other factors), that only occurs, says Kev, every 65 million years, & wiped out the dinosaurs last time.

Kev brings up some very interesting points in the book, and it is well illustrated with graphs showing correlations between solar, geomagnetic, and earthquake increases, UFO & tectonic plate coincidences, plus bovine excision pics. Click here to go to Kev's eBook:

Something is Wrong With Our Sun


54. '98 West Kennett "Mayan" Crop Glyph Explained

 In May 1998, a crop formation appeared near West Kennett Long Barrow, opposite Silbury Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. It became known as the Beltane Wheel. Photographer Steve Alexander dates its discovery as 5th May 1998 (Lucy Pringle dates it at 4th May). There was soon a rumour circulating that the crop glyph was the same as the Mayan Sun glyph. Since the Mayan Sun glyph is called Ahau, and doesn't look like the crop formation, I wondered where the information came from. Now I have found out - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, a new-age speaker and author, who works with the Mayan calendar (the Arguelles version). Aluna, (whose website is called Center of the Sun), discovered the formation on May 4th 1998 while at the 1998 Mayan Dreamtime Festival in Glastonbury. She predicted finding a "sun" crop circle shortly before seeing it, and it connects to the Mayan calendar since there are "33 solar petals" on the formation, and the Mayan Tzolk'in uses a combination of 13 numbers and 20 day signs, which she calls "sun glyphs". Read the whole story at Crop Circles and Mayan Time .


55. Laurence Lucas Part 3: The Mayan Message of 2012?

Laurence Lucas presents the third part  of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history.

Part 3:       The Mayan Message of 2012?                     Upload April/May
Looking at the Popul Vuh, the Mayans today, the shamanic atmosphere, Laurence's trip to Mexico/Guatemela and Mayan consciousness and the interconnectedness of the tribe.


56. More on Nostradamus  & 2012                                                               31/5/2002

Continuing on from last month's piece on Nostradamus (see Whats New item 52), there is a site called                 AN ANCIENT PROPHECY REVEALED FOR 1999 - 2012 (or its duplicate site, called                                       THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND ANTICHRIST: THE YEARS 2002-2012 ) which makes the outrageous claim that Prince William is the "Once-and-Future King", or King Arthur, who is also the Great Beast of Revelation, (who "was and is not and is to come") and the Third Antichrist of Nostradamus' prophecies. However preposterous this sounds, if you spend some time here, you could end up feeling more than a little paranoid. The best thing is to wait until Summer solstice 2002 - that's only 3 weeks away from when this was posted, because there's a definite prediction that Prince William will be crowned king of England on that day (oh yes, and the royal family will be wiped out by a meteor strike just beforehand). Just in case, here's the basic predictions:

Year 2002 = Comet strike/ US destroyed/ Russia,Arabs Invade Israel (Usama Bin Laden found dead (= Mabus)
June 21 2002 = British Royal Family killed/ William-Arthur becomes the King of England
2002-06 = Occultic New World Order realized/ Establishment of a False Utopia
2006 = British King accepted as Messiah over Israel-and the 7 yr Tribulation begins
2009 = Antichrist conquers Jerusalem and Temple/ Satan enters him
Dec 21 2012 = The Antichrist is destroyed at Armageddon

UPDATE: new schedule, following failed predictions:

2000-2012 = Ongoing defection from Christianity leading to 'New Age' global belief system
2003-2013 = World War III/ Comet strike/ US devastated/ Israel attacked/ Dark Age begins
2006-2016 = "Ancient Gods" return to teach man Atlantean ideals/ New Utopia established
2012-2016 = British King accepted as Messiah of peace over Israel; 7 year Tribulation begins
2016-2020 = Antichrist conquers Jerusalem/ Great Tribulation begins/ 6th Seal, Vials-Trumps
11/19-9/2021 = The Antichrist is destroyed at Armageddon; Millennium of Jesus Christ begins

Apparently, Led Zeppelin were in on the whole plan & its encoded in their excellent song, Battle of Evermore,  which you can listen to, as you read the annotated lyrics. The whole excursion was worth it for this musical interlude.

If you want more of this, see The Return of Jesus Christ - End Time Mystery Revealed which also concurs on the Tribulation lasting the 7 years from 2006 to 2012, based on the Bible & Nostradamus.


57. 2012 on the X-Files                                          31/5/2002

The final show  in the current series of  The X-Files was shown in USA last week.  Agent Stardog contacted me to inform me of  "a heinous use of 2012 as alien threat propaganda" in the series finale. A summary of the plot can be found by clicking HERE. At the bottom of the page, you will find the episode called The Truth. I have quoted the most relevant parts below:

The Truth  At the Mount Weather Complex at Bluemont, Virginia, a helicopter lands. Several men in suits exit the helicopter, including Fox Mulder. The men board a bus that takes them through a doorway into an underground complex. Inside, US Marine Corps officers meet them, but Mulder slips away. Using an electronic key card, he penetrates deeper and deeper into secure areas. In one room he activates a computer console and enters a password. The screen shows the text "December 22, 2012...Date for the mobilization of alien....." ...

Mulder ends up in jail, and following a trial, is sentenced to death by lethal injection... it seems he discovered the ultimate secret. There is a jail-break, and Scully & Mulder eventually arrive at an ancient Anasazi pueblo, to see the person who had sent him the keys to the Marine Base, "The Keeper of Truth", who turns out to be the Cigarette-Smoking Man...

...He says that Mulder now knows the truth, which he found in the Marine base, but Mulder refuses to speak it, even though it could save his life. Indian wise men hid in this pueblo as their own culture was destroyed by the aliens. The pueblo contains magnetite, which makes it safe against the aliens. Those wise men were the first “shadow government.” The Cigarette Smoking Man wants to tell Scully his story - a story that has terrified every President since Truman. The Mayans were so afraid that their calendar stops on the date of the final alien invasion, December 22, 2012. Mulder saw the date at Mount Weather where our own secret government will be hiding when the invasion happens... 

...If this is the truth he has been looking for, what else is to believe, she asks. He replies that he wants to believe that the dead are not lost to us, and if we listen to them they can give us the power to save ourselves. Scully says, “we believe the same thing.” Mulder moves to the bed and they hold each other. “Maybe there’s hope,” he says as the episode and the TV series ends.

On the following page of the website, (click HERE), there are a few more comments on 2012, (eg Aztec "lizard gods" were reptilian larval forms of Greys).  Future X-Files timelines are given on this page, and feature time-travel, involving someone called Nichols (Preston Nichols is the author of several books on the Montauk Time Travel Project - see item 24


  58. Rotational Speed of Earth's Core May be Related to Baktun Length?                                                  31/5/2002

On  a web-page about plate tectonics, we are told the following: 

The speed of the core's independent spin is between 0.4 and 1.8 degrees a year which works out to a full lap relative to a fixed point on the surface about every 400 years. The leading suggestion for the cause of the independent motion is an interaction between magnetic fields generated by fluids moving in the Earth's outer core which is molten iron and the inner, solid crystal. The implications of differential rotation between the core and the surface are hot topics at professional meetings and in various physical and geophysical journals. The iron crystal in the core is longer from north to south, but it does not exactly match Earth's poles. As a result of the core's orientation and rotation, "magnetic north" moves over time. The physical pole of the planet also wobbles over time, a process called the "precession of the equinoxes."

For more information on this 1996 discovery, see this site; (the core actually revolves faster than the crust).

The length of a baktun, (of which 13 make up the cycle that terminates in 2012), is 144,000 days, which is 400 tuns (360-day "years") - about 394 tropical years. Could there be a connection? Several sites have suggested that the Mayan end-point may be connected with an imminent magnetic pole shift (see item 32); the site quoted above says that the 400-year differential rotation of the core causes the magnetic poles to wander (polar wander is now known to be accelerating). Other sites have connected it to geomagnetic reversal, and now some scientists are saying we are due for geomagnetic reversal soon! 


59. End-Date Confusion Explained                      31/5/2002

I have recently encountered several variations on the end-date of the 13-Baktun Cycle, and decided to investigate. Below is my analysis; probable reasons for this confusion are numbered & the numbering system explained further below.

0.    23rd Feb 1753           (correlation constant 489384) SPINDEN       Confusion Factor: 1  NEW!!

1.   14th August 1955     (correlation constant 563334 )                          Confusion Factor: 1     URL UPDATED

2.   13th August 1999 * John Mini's Day of Destiny                              Confusion Factor: 6 

3.   8th November 2003                                                                            Confusion Factor: 10

4.   25th December 2009    (correlation constant 583297 )                     Confusion Factor: 1

5.   23rd December 2010                                                                           Confusion Factor: 8

6.   28th October  2011  link 2 ** Carl Calleman                                    Confusion Factor: 6

7.   12th December  2011                                                                          Confusion Factors: 1; 7

8.   21st December 2011                                                                            Confusion Factor: 3  

9.   24th December 2011  link 2 *** Frank Waters                                  Confusion Factor: 3 


10.  31st December 2011         link on web archive                                    Confusion Factor: 8

11.  12th August 2012                                                                                 Confusion Factor: 9

12.  22nd November 2012                                                                          Confusion Factor: 8

13.  14th September 2012                                                                           Confusion Factor: 8

14. 8th December 2012                                                                                Confusion Factor: 2

15.  12th December 2012                                                                            Confusion Factor: 7

16.  20th December 2012                                                                             Confusion Factor: 5

17.  21st December 2012   (correlation constant 584283) GMTa/True Count      NO CONFUSION !!

18.  22nd December 2012   (correlation constant 584284) GMTb              Confusion factors: 1; 5; 10

19.  23rd December 2012    (correlation constant 584285) GMTc/Lounsbury  Confusion Factor: 1

20.  24th December 2012                                                                              Confusion Factor: 9

2125th December 2012                                                                              Confusion Factor: 6, 7, or 8

2227th December 2012                                                                               Confusion Factor: 8

23. 26th July 2013 ****Arguelles' Galactic Synchronisation                      Confusion Factor: 6

24. 13th November 2013 *****Sergey Smelyakov's  Auric Time Scale    Confusion Factor: 1; 2; 3; 4

25. 3rd December 2013 Alex Collier's Third Density Implosion                 Confusion Factor: 10

26. 28th October 2040   ******Wilcock/Chatelain                                        Confusion Factor: 6

27. 14th December 2116  (correlation constant 622261 )     BOHM              Confusion Factor: 1  NEW!!

28. 6th November 2220     (correlation constant 660208 )    WELLS-FULS     Confusion Factor: 1  NEW!!

29. 13th August 2532        (correlation constant 774079 )  VOLEMAERE        Confusion Factor: 1  NEW!!


*John Mini's Day of Destiny 16/8/87 = Arguelles Year 1 Reed. + 12 years = year 13 reed, minus 3 leap days. By True count, start of year 13 reed = Jan, not Aug. & anyway, this is a presumption based on the Aztec Calendar Stone. Mini altered one of his diagrams of the Sunstone to support his theory.

**Carl Calleman discovered an interesting pyramidal structure to Long Count cycles, that seems to explain all evolutionary eras, but the end-date didn't quite fit the theory, so the conclusion is that the Maya must have got it wrong. Calleman then altered the Long Count-to-Tzolkin correlation, which nobody else has ever disputed. The second link shows how this is now being distorted into, "information now being released by the Maya indicates that 2012 may not be quite right".

***"Waters got his December 24, 2011 end-date from an early edition of Michael Coe’s Mexico (1962) that was in error, and subsequently corrected" JMJ. It now seems that waters actually got it from Coe's The Maya (1966).The second link is a fascinating twist.

****Although Jose Arguelles is said to support the True Count end-date, several sites say that  26 July (the Dreamspell New Year) 2013 will be the date of Galactic Synchronisation. Some indicate that this is actually 26th July 2012, but henceforward called 2013 by Arguelles, since it is his "new year".

*****Sergey Smelyakov originally based his work on Arguelles' dates, which were faulted. I wrote to him, and he has now modified the Auric Time Scale to align with the True Count...more on this soon!

******David Wilcock has now re-written the theory in support of the True Count end-date, but some people are still quoting the 2039-2040 scenario.



1.  Correlation Constants                   

For decades, archaeologists and archaeo-astronomers have known that the Mayan Long Count started 4.5 - 5.5 thousand years ago, and lasts for 1,872,000 days. In order to find out which day in the Gregorian calendar, (that we use today), relates to the start-date of the 13-Baktun Cycle, the specialists have had to find a date that fits all known criteria, such as astronomical phenomena described in surviving codices, and dates of reign of kings. As the years have passed, more discoveries have been made, (and astronomical software has advanced), and enabled the specialists to whittle down the possible correlations to just a few out of the many correlations suggested over the years. The two most popular correlations are the "True Count", an unbroken count that is still followed today by the Maya people of the Highlands of Guatemala, (known as the GMT, True Count or 584283 correlation to researchers), and its main rival, the 584285, or Lounsbury correlation.

Since the Gregorian calendar has only been in existence since Feb 24th 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII  instituted the calendar reform, archaeologists use a "Julian Day Number" system (based on the Julian Calendar, named after Julius Caesar who started it around 46 BC), to date the past. The "zero-day", on which the Julian Day (JD) count started was January the 1st in the year 4713 BC, although the JD number system was only established in the 16th century AD. Thus, in the GMT correlation, the Julian Day (JD) 584283, as the Long Count zero-day correlates to August 11th 3114 BC, if the Gregorian calendar is worked backwards (before it actually existed). The next most popular correlation - the Lounsbury correlation, puts the start-date only 2 days away from that of the GMT, at August 13th 3114 BC. The 2 termination dates are thus also 2 days apart; the GMT/Thompson (True Count) ends on 21st December 2012, and the Lounsbury ends on 23rd December 2012.

 At  Peter Meyer's site you can find a list of 15 of these correlation constants, each named after their discoverer, and all lying between the Bowditch correlation  that starts in 3209 BC  and the Vaillant correlation that starts in 2594 BC. The end-points were 1493 AD and 2532 AD, and the GMT and Lounsbury correlations are roughly in the centre of this window. 

 2. Julian Date

Before the Gregorian calendar, there was the Julian calendar, and for every Julian Day Number, there is a corresponding Julian date, as well as a Gregorian date. The Gregorian date 11th August 3114 BC (JD 584283) was also the Julian date 6th September 3114 BC. The Gregorian date 21st December 2012 (JD 2456283) can also be expressed as the Julian day 8th December 2012.

3. Year Zero

The Gregorian calendar refers back to a zero-point at the theoretical point that Christ was born, 25th December, (which was the winter solstice back then), just before the year 1AD. The previous year was the year 1 BC, so there was no "year zero". This makes calculations from BC to AD and AD to BC awkward, as calculations involve positive-to-negative transitions & vice versa, and usually involve a zero. Consequently, the year 3114 BC is 5125 years before the year 2012, even though 3114 + 2012 = 5126, because the missing year zero has been counted in the calculation, so it has to be taken off. For this reason - to make calculations easier, astronomers started using a different notation; the year 3114 BC = the year -3113. An archaeologist specializing in the Maya, Micheal Coe, published a book in 1966 - The Maya -  that used the 3113 BC start-date and miscalculated a 2011 end-date. This was corrected to 3114 BC and 2012 in later editions._see *** above.

4. Julian day = Mid-day to Mid-day

The 4th complicating factor is the fact that Julian days start at mid-day and end at mid-day on the following day. Thus, each JD number can refer to 2 different days. Most online calculators give the date of the afternoon corresponding to a given JD number, unless they supply increased accuracy with hours, minutes & seconds.  - see Maya links page for a comparison of online JD calculators

5. Zero-day/first Day & Zero-day/last Day Confusion

Mid-day on the long Count zero-date was day 584283 (True Count). The following day is often called "the first day", since it is; and in a similar way, the last day, is actually another zero day, the day after the last day, which is , but then, since the Julian day numbers go from mid-day to mid-day, JD 2456283, (584283 + 1,872,000) does not expire until mid-day on 

If the Mayans started the zero-day at sunrise, then the 1,872,000 days expire at sunrise (in Mexico) on , (True Count = 21st December 2012), but if you're counting from then the expiry is on the sunrise of 22nd December 2012.

6. Changing facts to fit theory

7. Typos

8. Chinese whispers

9. So many dates, they all get mixed

10. Solstice date: The date of winter solstice varies between 21st December and 22nd December; in 2012 it will occur on 21st  December, so some people who have heard the end-date is on winter solstice 2012 have mistakenly  presumed it would be on 22 December.

This includes beginning dates getting mixed with end-dates.

10. Psychic messages & channeling


60. Laurence Lucas Part 4: Why Galactic?          31/5/2002   

Laurence Lucas presents the fourth part  of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history.

Part 4:      Why Galactic ?                        
John Major Jenkins and the alignment, the sacred calendar, Jose Arguelles, Carl Johan Calleman.
Which correlation,.... does it matter ? A personal experience in Mexico on 4 Ahau, and different textures of reality. A short  essay  written exclusively to those 'Mayanists' familiar with the work of those above.


61. Christianity/The Rapture and 2012               30/6/2002

Well, I had to get round to this sooner or later...

Without getting into theological doctrines of premillennialism, amillennialism & postmillennialism, or pre-tribulational, mid-tribulational or post-tribulational positions, (for definitions, click here), let's just see if we can find any reason why concepts such as the Rapture, Second Coming, and Judgement are being connected with 2012. It will suffice to say that there are biblical reasons for expecting a 7-year period of Tribulation (troubled times), and that either before, after, or halfway through this period, the Rapture will occur; (when the 144,000 chosen ones will be taken up to heaven). Judgement Day  (usually taken to be the Second Coming, though some call the Rapture the Second Coming), will then occur either at the end of the 7-year period, or after a further thousand year period.

One New Age position is that in 2012, a dimensional split will occur, that corresponds to the Rapture. Jack Van Impe says that the second coming of Christ will occur between 2001 and 2012 and gives some interesting clues as to the reasoning in the summary of his video, Left Behind.

However, the first part of the answer can be found at The Book of Revelation website. It is explained on the pre-sign page that the re-capturing of Jerusalem by the Israelis in the six-day war of 1967,  is a key date encoded in the words of Jesus, that starts off a 45-year period ending in 2012. The Second Coming of Christ will occur during this 45-year period, and it was the prophet Daniel who revealed itNB I do not subscribe to any of the judgemental or right- wing attitudes expressed on these Literalist biblical sites!

Examination of the Book of Daniel provides the second part of the answer. The key verses are the last 3 verses in the last chapter. However, we must first take note of the biblical code where "a day" represents a year. Earlier in his Book, (Dan.9: 24), Daniel speaks of "seventy weeks of years", representing a 490-year period, (70 x 7 days = 490 days) and giving us a clue about a day-year code.

In the last 3 verses of the book of Daniel, it says there is a period of 1290 days from the taking away of the continual burnt offering until the abomination of desolation is set up...but "blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days...the end of days". The difference between these periods is 45 days, and using the "day = year" rule, this gives the 45 years between 1967 & 2012.

Part 3 of the answer lies in Rabbinical lore, and so comes under the next heading:


62. Judaism and 2012                                              30/6/2002  

At the beginning of the Book of Genesis, which is part of the Jewish Torah, we are told that God created the world in 6 days, and on the 7th day he rested. At Rosh Ha'Shanna - Is It The Rapture? we are told the following:

The Rabbi's taught that there were 7,000 years of time. They divided time into a 6000-year segment followed by the 1,000-year Messianic kingdom. They based this on Psalm 90:4, which says that to God a thousand years, is as a day. What the Rabbis taught was that as the week of creation was 7 days, that is seven 24- hour days, and each day stood for a thousand years with the seventh day as a day of rest -- the day of the messianic kingdom.

The Jewish Calendar starts with the birth of Adam, and by Bishop Usher's famous analysis, in which he consulted all the male genealogies in the old testament (adding given ages of  fathers at the birth of their first son, working back from the zero-point of Christ's birth, on which our Gregorian calendar is based), he found 4004 BC as Adam's birth date. Thus,  we arrive at autumn 1997 as 6000 years after the birth of Adam (the Jewish New Year - Rosh Ha'Shanna usually falls between autumn and winter). It seems that Usher made a 3-year discrepancy, since the Byzantium site  says that the birth of Adam was 4000 years before the birth of Christ, so Gregorian year 2000 should be the Jewish year 6000. However, Jewish year 5760 started on September 30th 1999, so this means there is a 240-year discrepancy between the Jewish and Gregorian calendars. NB If we presume that the difference has something to do with the 360-day year (see Dan. 7: 25; 12: 7  - time, times & half a time = 3.5 x 360 = 42 months = 1260 days), then the difference between 360-day year and Julian year of 365.25 days = 5.25 days per year. 240 years x 5.25 days = 1260 days. What does this mean?

In the 4-part article Rosh Ha'Shanna - Is It The Rapture? (part 4 is hard to find), the author explains how the year 5760 is kabbalistically encoded into the phrase "six days" (of creation), thereby implying that 2000 is the end of the 6000-year period. The article concludes that "some Rosh Ha'shanna between 1999 and 2012 or shortly thereafter might be the completion of the 6,000 years of man and the start of the Millennium". The 7 years between Adam & Eve's creation and the picking of the apple from the Tree of Knowledge must be taken into account, bringing the start of the Day of the Lord to 2007 AD, and various other calendrical interpretations bring it to 2012.

The 7 Days of Creation are related to the Jewish Menorah, or 7-branched candlestick, which actually appeared as a crop  formation at  Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, UK in 1999!

Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, UK 31/5/99. C. 1999 Steve Alexander

Barbury castle, Wiltshire, UK 31/5/1999. Photo: Steve Alexander

Rosh Ha'Shanna is the Jewish New Year, and lasts 2 days, but it is also the start of a 10-day festival called Teshuvah, "which means "returning." In the spiritual sense, teshuvah means returning to the Creator of the universe, who we call HaShem. It means turning away from the secular, from the worldly way of life and turning back to His way of life." 

This return (as described here), sounds very Gnostic: The concept of teshuvah as "return" emphasizes the fundamental spiritual potential of every person. Chassidic thought teaches that within each of us resides a Divine soul, a spark of G-d.[4] This infinite G-dly potential represents the core of our souls, our genuine "I". 

In Judaism, there are 3 days  that are heralded by a trumpet. These are Shavuot, (first trump), proclaiming God's betrothal to Israel; Rosh Ha'Shanna (last trump), New Year and start of the 10-day Teshuvah or "return"; and Yom Kippur (Great trump), heralding the return of the Messiah back to earth. 

Rosh Ha'Shanna takes on even more significance when we see a full list of its titles:

1.      Teshuvah (return / repentance)

2.      Rosh Ha'Shanah (Head of the year, birthday of the world)

3.      Yom Teruah (the day of the awakening blast/Feast of Trumpets)

4.      Yom HaDin (the Day of Judgement)

5.      HaMelch (the Coronation of Messiah)

6.      Yom HaZikkaron (the Day of Remembrance or memorial)

7.      The time of Jacob's trouble (the birthpangs of the Messiah)

8.      The opening of the gates

9.      Kiddushin/Nesu'in (the wedding ceremony)

10. The resurrection of the dead (rapture)

11. The last trump (shofar)

12. Yom Hakeseh (the hidden day)

In the year 2012, Shavuot falls on 27th May; Rosh Ha'Shanna falls on September 17th/18th; and Yom Kippur falls on 26th September. The conclusion is that the last trump is synonymous with Rosh Ha'Shanah when the Gates of Heaven will open and the righteous will enter in rapture, on 17th/18th September 2012. However, Yom Kippur also has another title: "Closing of Gates"; the Gates of Heaven will therefore close on 26th September 2012.

As a chilling post-script, if we look back to Whats New item 4, we find that Glen Deen's low-precision orbit model gave Earth impact of Mars' moon Phobos on SEPTEMBER 18TH 2012! This is reminiscent of the Bible code prediction (see item 10), although some Bible Code scholars interpret it as Mars being crumbled by the Earth. However, there are new developments in the Phobos story: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6 (Glenn Deen  now says if Phobos is missing, it would have happened on July 2 2001, caused by comet 75P Kohoutek - he doesn't say how that effects his impact  prediction!)


63. More on Tzoltze ek' (Nibiru) from Hunbatz Men 30/6/2002

Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men, who revealed that the Mayans have known about Tzoltze ek' (Nibiru) - a massive planet on an elliptical orbit, for many years (see Whats New item 41), has another page online, revealing more details. He says that the seventh moon of Nibiru will activate Kundalini - the serpentine energy that activates the 7 chakras or power-zones along the spine (if you thought this was an exclusively Indian/Tibetan teaching, see his book Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion). Tzoltze ek' will also activate our genetic memories, and all the pyramids on Earth AND under water, so we are advised to visit them when it appears in the skies. The planet has a period of 6,500 years, not 3,600, he says, and visits us 4 times every 26,000 year cycle ("the Great Calendar of the Pleiades" that ends on 21st December 2012) The planet is inhabited by beings who operate on a higher "mental frequency".

64. The Sylvia Brown 2003 Error                          30/6/2002

This was a headline in Nexus Magazine (Oct-Nov 2001);

Noted psychic Sylvia Brown has said that 2003, rather than 2012 is the final year of the Mayan calendar.

The article containing this statement can be found online at astrosite.com , but the source that the article is based on, is a letter, found on the Zetatalk website (that promotes a re-appearance of Nibiru in 2003), and simply says the following:

Last summer I watched a Montel Williams show rerun with a noted California psychic Sylvia Brown as the guest. It was taped last January. In the midst of giving predictions for 1997, she mentioned that 2000 AD actually took place six years ago (1991?). Therefore:

























2006 (now)


















2012 AD


In sum, 2003 AD (Gregorian calendar) translates into the Mayan calendar's 2012 AD. Remember that the Mayan calendar ends Dec 21(?), 2012, completing a cycle ( or supposedly signalizing a catastrophic end of the world as we know it).

Offered by Di.

So, the information originated in a 1996-97 radio interview  with Sylvia Brown, who mentioned in passing, that 2000 AD took place 6 years previously. Sylvia didn't receive psychic information that the Mayan calendar was wrong, or even mention 2012 - the rest of the Zetatalk letter is supposition of a Zetatalk correspondent. What Sylvia probably meant, is that, since theologians and historians all argue about the actual year of Christ's birth, this means that our calendar's base-date is off by anything up to 10 years, and therefore, if any Christians were expecting the Second Coming to occur two thousand years after Christ's birth, their estimate would be off by a similar amount. One of the most popular current years for the birth-date is 6 BC, but some authorities say 9 BC or even 10 BC. If Jesus had been born in 9 BC, then the 2000-year anniversary would have been in 1991.  If this turned out to be true, and the year we now call 2012 should really be called 2003, that just would just mean that the Gregorian year that correlates to in the Long Count should also be called 2003, though it would still be the same year! Likewise, the year favoured by Zetatalk for Nibiru's return, would no longer be called 2003, but 1994.     (More refs:  9 BC; 10 BC; 10 BC)



65. Convergence 3 & Divine Cosmos                     30/6/2002

David Wilcock, author of Shift of the Ages (see Whats New item 27)  has started to upload a brand new online book called Divine Cosmos, of which the first 8 chapters are now available. The book is a bold attempt to re-write the current scientific paradigms, using cutting-edge international scientific research findings. However, it would be best to first read Convergence III as an introduction. As I said in Whats new item 27, Wilcock's website, Ascension 2000  states its objective, to scientifically prove that "a dimensional shift is to occur on Earth on or before 2012", and these writings are an essential contribution. They cover aether theory, Zero Point energy, the amazing work of several Russian scientists, earth changes, solar changes and changes on other planets in the solar system; tornados and vortexes; plasmatic phenomena and much more. He is running a seminar series that moves around USA, and the speakers include John Major Jenkins - see 2012 Events for info., or Wilcock's Time of Global Shift website.

As a general introduction  Wilcock's Time of Global Shift website provides A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension and Cosmic Evolution of Humanity, recommended summary essays, but for me, the most intriguing essay is The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar - an imploding cycle of energy increase, culminating in 2012-2013 AD. This is a "supplemental" added on after the first 8 chapters of Divine Cosmos, thus showing the trajectory of the book...see next item...


66. The Auric Time Scale                                      30/6/2002

David Wilcock's The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar is a summary of a paper written by Sergey Smelyakov and Yuri Karpenko  called THE AURIC TIME SCALE AND THE MAYAN FACTOR: Demography, Seismicity and History of Great Revelations in the Light of the Solar-Planetary Synchronism.  Sergey Smelyakov is a professor of mathematics at Kharkov University, (Ukraine, Russia), with an interest in astrology, and he has found that the Golden Section, or Phi (1.6180339...) governs the movements of the asteroid belt, and cycles of solar activity, as well as all the planetary orbits in the solar system, including comets. He has also found that Phi governs the stock market and population growth, and by applying the same Phi harmonics to the 13-baktun cycle, he has found a Phi spiral that seems to spiral in on itself on December 21st 2012 - a kind of time implosion, or "point of bifurcation", reminiscent of Peter Russell's White Hole in Time (now called Waking Up In Time - see item 18).

I read through the 64-page, equation-drenched pdf file, and found that the authors had based their theory on a start-date of August 6 3113 BC, as given by Jose Arguelles in The Mayan Factor, when it was actually August 11 3114 BC, as we now know. I contacted Sergey Smelyakov, wondering whether or not the theory would survive the news, and was relieved when he replied telling me that "several numerical conclusions might be slightly changed", but that the theory was not seriously damaged by the modification. Following further correspondence, he agreed to write a short summary of the latest version of his theory, exclusively for 2012: Dire Gnosis, while we wait for the modified version of the full paper. 

Sergey Smelyakov's summary is available here: 

Astrological Roots and Forecasting of Some Acute World Trends for the Current Epoch 


67. Laurence Lucas Part 5 : The Astrology of 2012  31/7/2002

Part 5 The Astrology of 2012 

In the 5th and final part in his series, Laurence talks about "a revolutionary new astrological map that reveals the true meaning of 22-12-2012, and that serves as a 21st century Book of the Dead, bringing together elements of the Mayan, Tibetan and Egyptian books of liberation".


68. Franklin Timewave = Zyzygyz' Brainwave        31/7/2002

Magic squares are grids of numbers which are arranged in rows and columns in a square in such a way that all columns and rows add to the same number. Traditionally, there is  a magic square associated with each planet  - a 3 x 3 square is associated with Saturn; a 4 x 4 square with  Jupiter; 5 x 5 with Mars; 6 x 6 with the Sun; 7 x 7 with Venus; 8 x 8 with Mercury; and 9 x 9 with the Moon (ref. The View Over Atlantis by John Michell, 1969).

Ben Franklin*, one of the Founding Fathers of the American constitution, devised  a different arrangement of the Mercurial magic square (an 8 x 8 square, consisting of the numbers from 1 to 64). However, the numbers in the Franklin square add to the same number in so many ways that the square has become a mathematical legend! (See an animation here)**. When you take into account the fact that the numbers in the 8 x 8 Mercurial square add to 260 - the number of days in the Mayan sacred calendar, or Tzolkin, and also, the number of Katuns in the "macroscopic Tzolkin" of the 13-Baktun Long Count cycle (that terminates in 2012) - then we have the suggestion of a link between the Franklin 8 x 8 square, the I Ching (an 8 x 8 square of 64 hexagrams), and the Mayan calendars.

This connection  was discovered and published by Jose Arguelles in his "Earth Ascending" in 1984, before he knew that Terence McKenna had used the I Ching to arrive at  2012 as the year in which the "concrescence" (evolutionary omega point) of the universe would be achieved (McKenna arrived at his conclusion before knowing about the 2012-termination point of the 13-Baktun cycle - see item 17 ).

Enter Zyzygyz, who runs the the Time Wave Zero 2012 discussion group, founded to discuss the implications of Time Wave Zero. Zyzygyz had been corresponding with Peter Meyer, the man who produced the software for McKenna's Time Wave Zero, and they had both been intrigued by the dip into Novelty produced by the Timewave at the time of the September 11th Twin Towers tragedy in 2001. However, this dip appeared on the "Huang Ti" version of the wave that Peter Meyer developed as an alternative to the original King Wen sequence-based wave, following a rumour that the Huang Ti sequence was earlier than the King Wen. Zyzygyz realized that the earliest sequence of all was called the Fu Hsi, in which the hexagram sequence develops in a very logical way, and he persevered until he (and Peter Meyer) had converted the sequence into a wave, but unfortunately, it turned out not to be a true Timewave. ***

Then Zyzygyz had his Brainwave! If the numbers in the Franklin 8 x 8 square were each replaced with the  hexagram of that number, (in the King Wen sequence) then the Franklin 8 x 8 square could be converted into a Timewave! When Peter had generated the 384 number-set from Zyzygyz' 64 Franklin-hexagram numbers, they found that a true Timewave had resulted. The largest level of the wave could then be mapped against time, and Zyzygyz noted the following correlations to events in the solar system, with peaks and troughs on the Franklin wave:

1. The biggest major 'hump' or radical descent into novelty corresponds to ~3.6 billion years ago, which is the generally
agreed-upon date when life first appeared on earth (the Archean Period).

2. The second major drop corresponds to ~1.6 billion years ago, when the major forms of multicellular life diverged into animals, plants, and fungi (the beginning of the Mesoproterozoic).

3. The third major peak occurs at ~550 million years ago, which corresponds nicely with the 'Cambrian Explosion' which gave rise to most of the major animal groups living on earth today.

Another peak is seen in this Timewave about 5.5 billion years ago, which arguably could correspond to the beginnings of the formation of the solar system (estimates vary), since it troughs out around 4.5 bya.

If Peter Meyer adds the Franklin wave number set to his computer programme, then the wave's  fractal novelty-mapping properties could be seen in more detail (**** see below). Until then, you can follow the thread of the discussion from message 1722, seeing particularly message 1763 and message 1793 (from which I have quoted Zyzygyz above). In the FILES section of Time Wave Zero 2012, you will find illustrations of many of the sequences and timewaves discussed here (you must be a member to access the Files page, but membership is free, so... no problem!)

To sum up, "8x8 magic Square = Mercury = Hermes = Thoth = calendrical change = game of draughts = 8x8 square = 260 = Tzolkin = Harmonic module  = 20 x 13 = 260 - katun cycle = termination point 2012!!"

**** Update: All five Timewaves - Kelley, Watkins, Sheliak, Huang Ti and Franklin, can be compared their timewave graphs generated for any historic period on this ingenious free online Timewave calculator: http://www.timewave2012.com/tools/calculator/

More info here:


* As a Founding Father, Ben Franklin was almost certainly a Mason and so may have been privy to Mayan calendrical information - see item 44                                                                                                                                                                                         ** Thanks to Zyzygyz for this great link
*** It does not achieve "closure", ie approach the zero point, since the last 2 of the 384 numbers (that form the generated number-set that is the basis of the wave), are not zeros.


69. "Sacred Geometry, the Earth, & the Mayan Calendar 'End-Date' of 2012"                                  31/7/2002

Keith Hunter has recently added another essay to the one already posted  online, ( Earth Pole Shift 2012 UNAVAILABLE (author's theory changed) ... - which is already listed on the 2012 Links page). The new article is called  Sacred Geometry, the Earth, & the Mayan Calendar 'End-Date' of 2012  (now re-written). In the former article, Keith Hunter theorised that a pole shift is coming that will restore the earth's 360-day rotation period, and eventually restore it to its original spherical state, raising the consciousness of mankind. Keith wrote to ask for my opinion on his new article, which he summed up as follows,

The End-date of the Mayan Calendar will coincide with the earth possessing an Obliquity of the Ecliptic of 1406.25 minutes of Arc (23.4375 degrees), and that this will occur in 2012, upon the Winter Solstice of 21st December. At present the earth's axis is 1406.333345 minutes of arc (2003AD), but it is decreasing by approximately 0.4704'' seconds of arc each year, and in 2012 it will be 1406.25.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? Well, I read the new article, and wrote back to Keith, agreeing with some of the points he had made. However, I also found a couple of faults that effectively demolish the whole theory! ( You probably think I'm getting pretty good at theory demolition, what with Giza-Genesis and The Orion Prophecy and then Auric Time Scale Mach 1, but...oh well...) Anyway, my reply failed to prompt any further correspondence, (UPDATE: he has just contacted me, 14 months later; see below) so here are the relevant excerpts from it, so you can tell me if you disagree. 

...you say that when the the earth was a perfect sphere, with a circular orbit & a 360-day year, it must have CEASED ALL ROTATION ON ITS AXIS. If it had ceased all rotation on its axis, then how could it have had a 360-day year, since it is the very rotation of the planet that governs days and nights? There would have been NO days or nights - half the Earth would have remained facing the sun, while the other half remained in darkness, so how could 360 days have been calculated?
The second point is that if the earth's equatorial diameter, when divided by the polar diameter will equal 1.0040625; and if in 2012 the obliquity of the ecliptic will be 1406.25 minutes of arc, that still doesn't mean there is a relationship between these numbers because moving the decimal place does not turn one of these numbers into the other - i.e. they are not harmonics of each other. 1.0040625 and 100406.25 have a harmonic relationship, as do 1406.25 and 0.00140625, but inserting 2 zeros between whole numbers destroys that harmonic.

Click on the links above to read Keith's essays, but feel free to tell me if you disagree with me...

UPDATE: Keith has now re-written the essay, including changes to the first paragraph I mentioned. He admits that the numbers do not have a harmonic relationship, but says, "it is not important that they are not harmonics. They are obviously related." However, he is currently re-working the theory, "... the reason I wish to thank you is that, due to your letter, I have just this very night made a critical breakthrough in my work..." to be continued...


70. Damaeus, Salvia & 2012                                    31/7/2002

Following on from Charlie Sabatino's letter concerning Salvia divinorum, (see Whats New 46), a person by the web-name of Damaeus replied, with Salvia-inspired precognitive insights about 2012, posting his reply at the 2012-Theories discussion group. Here is Damaeus' reply (posted 12 May 2002):

Concerning salvia divinorum and 2012, I gather from my experiences with salvia that none of us will ever see the destruction of the earth.  We will hear the calling before it ever happens and our consciousness/spirit/soul will simply float away, leaving our physical bodies to be destroyed with the worldwide earthquakes or whatever other disasters nature has in store.

This awakening process will indeed feel like a "waking up process".  One might wonder why we can't do it now, permanently, even with the use of psychoactive or psychedelic herbs.  I think it's because these alignments aren't right yet. We can't ascend because it just isn't time yet.  I think when the time comes, we will awaken and all will seem so easy and natural that we won't even care that we were unable to do it before.

All we can really do now is know these things intellectually, and somewhat in practice through the use of salvia divinorum.  Luckily I have enough to last me through the next ten years, should it ever become illegal.  Salvia is not an herb I'm driven to use on a daily basis.  In fact, I haven't used any of it in at least a couple of months.  But I still have 110 grams of it.

Anyway, I get the impression that all the preparation we're going through is all for naught.  I think the beer drinking, womanizing party animals are going to awaken just like everyone else, though I do suppose that if one has some background study in these issues, when the event happens it might make a little more sense, or the transition might be a little smoother.  I figure the calling might intensify between now and 2012, so that by the time 2012 arrives, the world will be at peace and people will be expecting it.  My roommate has always been fond of saying that when we finally have world peace, it will be the end of the world.  Plus, I think I've seen Biblical references to the idea that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will be able to sense the "coming of the Lord".  The only wrench in the gears is the part that says nobody knows the hour or the day, but then who says the Bible is in fallible?  I certainly don't.

I would have posted this sooner, but Damaeus closed with a comment; "I wonder if a rapture or Jesus fits into the Mayan 2012 timeline", which inspired the research for Whats New  61 and 62

Thanks to Damaeus


71.  Reminder: Judgment Day September 22 2002 ? 31/8/02

In Whats New item 21, Weidner and Bridges found, in their book, A Monument to the End of Time, that Autumn (Fall) Equinox 2002 would be the Day of Judgment, according to the Cyclic Cross at Hendaye in France. The Cross is is covered in alchemically coded inscriptions that indicate that September 22 2002 may bring the first half of  a "double catastrophe". The authors noted the similarity to Paul La Violette's Galactic Superwave theory (item 48), which also predicted a double-catastrophe, the first of whose effects would be "electromagnetic shifts...crustal torque, pole shifts, tidal waves and high winds". The inference of both theories is that the second catastrophe would be in 2012.

On page 172, the authors say, 

The Cross at Hendaye, a true monument to the end of time, demonstrates how to calculate the traditional date of the Day of Judgment. It points to a very specific date, September 22, 2002 and a specific place, the paws of the Sphinx on the Giza plateau. Interestingly enough, the Great Pyramid, another mysterious monument at Giza, is thought to contain a prophetic design in its passages and Grand Gallery that ends on September 17 2001. This is exactly one year and 5 days before the Hendaye date, the time period required to prepare for the transition from Pharaoh to a living star in Orion according to the Pyramid texts".

By amazing "coincidence", Paul Wright has today brought my attention to a post on Robert Bauval's website - posted today (August 27th 2002), that brings attention to the fact that the National Geographic Channel are planning a LIVE worldwide broadcast on September 17th 2002 from inside the Great Pyramid, with Zahi Hawass, called "Secret Chambers Revealed", exploring the shaft that leads to the sealed room on the "Sirius shaft". This is exactly 1 year after the pyramid prophecy ends, and 5 days before the Hendaye prophecy.

Rush Allen has prepared a special essay on the subject for 2012: Dire Gnosis, which finds astrological and mythological confirmation: Click here to read it.


Fulcanelli’s Final Revelation: Raising the Djed at the End of Time

For more info, see this article at cyberspaceorbit


72. 2012 and Crop Formations                                  31/8/02

This is a new page using crop formations to illustrate various aspects of the 2012 phenomenon (if you think crop circles are all man-made, check out BLT Research's website which is now online at last!) It links to all previous articles on 2012: Dire Gnosis that connect 2012 with crop formations.

CLICK HERE to go to 2012 and Crop Formations



73. Galactic Alignment: The book is available!      31/8/02

Galactic Alignment: John Major Jenkins' follow-up book to his Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 has just been published. The book is called Galactic Alignment - The Transformation of consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian & Vedic Traditions, and I'm halfway through it & very much recommend it. More next month...meanwhile, why not read Willard Van de Bogart's review.

74. Islam and 2012                                                  31/8/02

NB: I do not subscribe to any Islamic beliefs or sympathise with any fanatical or tyrannical attitudes.

Like Judaism and Christianity, Islam also expects "the last days" and a Day of Judgment. They have mala'ika  (angels) including Mikail (Michael) and Jibril (Gabriel). There is also an evil jiin called Shaytan. At death, the ruh, or spirit, leaves the body and waits in barzakh (purgatory), and returns to the body on Yawm al- Ba'th, the day of Rising from the grave. The destination is then Jinnah (the Garden) - for Muslims only -  or Nar - (the Fire). They also expect an "antichrist" figure, called Dajjal, which means deceiver, and before the Last Day, Jesus (who is seen as a prophet), will re-appear and kill the Dajjal.  Most Muslim sources regard prediction and prophecy as a bad idea, (like the Bible, the Qur'an gives signs, but says only God (Allah) knows sa' "the Hour").  However,  some have stuck their necks out. According to John Whalen, who is quoted all over the net;

...several Sufi sects have already declared 2076 as the Year of the Haj (end day) because it will coincide with the year 1500 in the Islamic Calendar. An article by Abdal Hakim Murad, "Islam and the New Millennium," confirmed this, quoting Imam al-Suyuti, the greatest scholar of medieval Egypt. At first, al-Suyuti believed the end of the world would occur in the year 1000 of the Islamic Calendar. He later changed his prediction to 1500 of the Islamic Calendar. 

 However, at islaam.com, author of The Day of Wrath, Safar Ibn `Abd Al-Rahman Al-Hawali says that he agrees with the Christian date interpretation, that I have already quoted above, at Whats New item 61 - Christianity/The Rapture and 2012. Speaking of Jerusalem, he says;

When Daniel specified the period between its distress and relief, between the era of anguish and the era of blessing, he put it as forty-five years! We have already seen that he specified the time of the establishment of the abomination of desolation as the year 1967, which is what in fact occurred. Therefore, the end –or the beginning of the end- will be 1967 + 45 = 2012, or in lunar years 1387 + 45 = 1433.


Click here for the rest of the article



75. The Masonic Calendar                                    30/9/02


I recently bought some Masonic documents at a boot sale, and discovered that they were dated in a Masonic calendar of "Anno Lucis", or "Year of Light". Anno Lucis 5950, the year in which one of the documents was produced, is also given as the Gregorian date, AD 1950. Thus, the Gregorian year AD 2000 would equate to AL 6000 in the Masonic calendar. So, the Masonic calendar equates to the "corrected" version of the Hebrew calendar, (see Whats New item 62). The capping of the Great Pyramid, that was planned for New Years Eve 1999, (but was cancelled by the Egyptian authorities), can now be seen as a symbol of the completion of Man the microcosm, or as the descent of the New Jerusalem; the expected end of the Sixth Day of Creation, and the start of the Seventh Day, or Golden Age (see The Eye in The Pyramid).


Further investigation showed that not all Masonic Brotherhoods use the Anno Lucis system. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, for example, use "Anno Mundi", or the "Year of the World", which equates to the current Hebrew calendar, and is 240 years behind ours. The Jewish Encyclopedia agrees on that this discrepancy is due to an error, and their year 6000 should coincide with our year 2000 (2000 AD + 4000 BC = 6000) (see torahvoice). This still leaves the 12-year discrepancy between the Transition of Ages marked by the Judaeo-Christian calendar and that marked by the Mayan Long Count calendar.


For calculation of Masonic dates of various brotherhoods, click here.



76. The Ethiopian Calendar                               30/9/02


The Ethiopian calendar, which originated from the Coptic Egyptian calendar, puts the Creation date at 5500 BC. However, they put the birth of Christ in the Gregorian year 7 AD. Since the Ethiopian calendar (like the Gregorian), uses the birth of Christ as a base line, this means that the Ethiopian year 2000 will start on the Gregorian date, September 12th 2007 AD (this is the start of Coptic year 1724). Thus, although the Creation date is linked to Egyptian ideas, the Age-Transition point signified by the 2000th year after the birth of Christ, is over 7 years closer to the Mayan "end-point" than that of the Gregorian calendar. Exodus 2006 has a new page with more information.


The Ethiopian year starts on September 11th, except during leap years, (which occur when the Ethiopian year number is the same as any Gregorian leap-year number), when it starts on September 12th. So, September 11th 2012 will be the start of Ethiopian year 2005. The first month in the Coptic year, which also starts on September 11th, is called Tout - the Egyptian god Thoth, god of calendrical cycles, whose sacred number was 52.



77. The Seneca Indians                                     30/9/02


Grandmother Twylah Nitsch is a Seneca Elder of the Wolf Clan, and is author of the book Creature Teachers, and Entering Into The Silence, The Seneca Way

Many decades ago, Grandmother was designated to preserve the Wolf Clan teachings by her maternal grandfather, Moses Shongo, the last of the traditional Seneca medicine men. Seneca society's Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge teaches the wisdom, prophecy, and philosophy of earth history, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch is also the co-author of Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours: A Native American Creation Story as Retold by a Seneca Elder and Her Granddaughter.


Concerning Grandfather Moses:

The Seneca Grandfather Moses Shongo (died ca. 1925) foresaw a 25-year period of purification, lasting until the year 2012 or so, during which the Earth will purge itself. 

So, here we have a native prophecy concerning not only 2012, but a 25-year period of purification preceding 2012, and that means that the year 1987 was flagged long before the late Tony Shearer, (in 1969 / 1970) told Jose Arguelles that August 16-17 1987 would be the end of the Ninth Hell cycle (in the "prophecy of Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells"). This is the time that Arguelles called "Harmonic Convergence". This also has a bearing on the Kalachakra prophecy (see Whats New item 28). 

I hope to have more on this next month...


78. Cherokee Calendar Wheels                              30/9/02

Dan Troxell, who is of Chickamauga Cherokee blood, has a new website called Mysteries of Trox. On the site, he tells of the Cherokee Calendar, and how it was inspired by the 52 scales around the mouth of the rattlesnake, and measures "TIME UNTIME".

He describes a system of interlocking wheels, and says sometimes the wheels were made from stone, and sometimes the wheels were formed on the ground, using pebbles. These are often mistaken for Medicine Wheels. They represent the movement of "the stars, the heavens and the universe". On the rings are "glyphs and colors", the alignments of which give various meanings. 

There are 6 rings - 3 visible (representing heavens) and 3 invisible (representing universe). There  is a page still to come, in the series, so we cannot reconstruct the device yet, (UPDATE: it will may look a bit like this animation) but one of the 3 visible wheels has 22 sections, each representing 52 years. The 22 sections are divided into 2 parts; the first 13 are years of Light and the following 9 are years of Darkness. The whole cycle is thus 1144 years, and is called a "World", consisting of 676 years of Light (13 x 52) and 468 years of Darkness (9 x 52). There is a transitional period from Light to Darkness and vice versa, called a "Crossing". These Crossing points vary from 0 to 25 years, and are a collective struggle comparable to the birth and death transitions of the individual.

Here again, we have confirmation of a 25-year transitional period starting in 1987, since Dan says that "the Cherokee calendar ends in 2012".

Incredibly, Dan says the Cherokee name for the Great Spirit Creator is Yahowah! This seems to back up the claim of the Mormons, that one of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel once lived in America. In fact, Tony Shearer (mentioned in the item above) thought that the 22 golden plates found by Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, had come from Palenque, and that Mormon was Lord Pacal of Palenque! According to Shearer, (Lord of the Dawn 1971), Quetzalcoatl left the prophecy of the 13 Heavens & 9 Hells when he departed. He would return at the end of the 13 Heavens, then the 9 hells would start. The Aztecs welcomed Cortez as Quetzalcoatl (also bearded & white-skinned), when he arrived in ships bearing the sign of Quetzalcoatl - the Cross of 4 directions. That was 1519, and 9 Hells of 52 years later, gave 16/17 August 1987, according to Shearer, but Jenkins points out that this was an error of over 100 days.  See special page on Shearer's calculation.


This item also supports my contention that the original Aztec Sunstone was a massive chronometer with moving parts ( read the full story here ). To see an instrument that connects the cross, pyramids, Aztecs, calendars, see Crichton Miller's Celtic Cross (and here). It even measures the precession of the equinoxes! Now see this picture of the Ancient Greek Antikythera clockwork computer from 87 BC and spot the similarity. See an amazing reconstruction of the Antikythera computer!!... and an animation of part of the device (keep finger on mouse to animate).


79. More on Galactic Alignment                            30/9/02

I have finished reading John Major Jenkins' latest book, Galactic Alignment, and found it very thought-provoking, to say the least.

Anyone who has read Hamlet's Mill, knows that knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes goes back into the mists of time, and has been encoded into mythology worldwide. Jenkins shows that, more than this, the ancients knew that there are certain times during the cycle of precession, when the earth-sun-galaxy relationship allows the influx of some kind of energy that triggers a transformational leap in mankind. There are 2 crossing points of the Galactic meridian, (centre-line of the Milky Way), and the ecliptic (path of sun and planets across the sky), or equally, the zodiac which lies behind the ecliptic. These crossing-points were known as "Gates" by the ancients. These celestial gates were described by Macrobius as the gates of Capricorn and Cancer, and were seen as doorways through which the soul descends to be reborn on earth and ascends following physical death.

In Joscelyn Godwin's book, Mystery Religions, the gate of reincarnation is called the Silver Gate, while the gate of ascension is called the Golden Gate, but he says that the Silver Gate is the way of reincarnation, while the Golden Gate is the Way of the Gods and leads "beyond the circle of Necessity, ie to release from the round of birth and death. These are the two routes from which the soul can exit from the world at death, and the Capricorn gate is the one through which the gods descend to earth."

It is clear from both Hamlet's Mill and from Jenkins' Galactic Alignment, that these gates don't actually lie in Cancer and Capricorn, but the neighbouring constellations of Gemini and Sagittarius. The Golden Gate lies at Galactic Center in Sagittarius, and the Silver Gate lies at Galactic Anti-Center in Gemini (see items 47 and 48). Following the work of Oliver Reiser, Jenkins makes a convincing case that the alignment of the Solstice Sun with the Galactic meridian, (close to Galactic center) which is flagged by the end of the 13-Baktun Cycle in 2012, marks the time-window when the divine influences descend;

"Precession changes our angular orientation to the larger magnetic field of the galaxy in which we are embedded. during regularly occurring eras in the precessional cycle, as indicated by the solstice-galaxy alignments (probably the equinox-galaxy alignments, too), the earth's protective magnetic shield becomes unstable and oscillates. Without a complete field reversal being required, this oscillation allows greater amounts of mutational rays  to strike the surface of the earth. While this may result in mutations and a greater chance for "evolution", of greater significance is the possible transformative effect on human consciousness during alignment eras, when human beings are exposed to higher doses of high-frequency radiation."

Jenkins refers to Swami Sri Yukteswar's study of the Vedic Yuga system, (that may have originated as long ago as 7000 BC), and shows how that system is also flagging the galactic alignment. He concludes that there is a Galactic Chakra system, with the base chakra at Galactic Center, and the crown chakra in the direction of the Galactic Anti-center. Earth is at the level of the fifth (throat) chakra, evolving towards the sixth (ajna or third eye):

"The as yet unspoken message in this survey is that the galactic alignment opens a channel for the kundalini shakti to flow through the earth, cleanse (it) us, and excite it (us) into a higher level of being."

Like Hamlet's Mill, Galactic Alignment will probably inspire other researchers to dig further into the shadows illuminated by the book. This book has started connecting up many of the threads mentioned on this site, and has brought into sharp focus, the "underground stream" of knowledge encoded into virtually every religion you can think of...

They were all preparing us for the opening of the Golden Gate!


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