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25 MARCH 2018


source: Indianclub


indian-anzani-4 indian-anzani-2 indian-anzani-3 indian-anzani-1

"Built by “Mr. Indian of Holland” (Tony Leenes) from modern aftermarket Indian parts, this hybrid is a one-off period custom and powered by a 1925 Anzani V-Twin, originating from a “Pacer” Motorcycle. It took Tony 2 1/2 years to complete this handcrafted project."

" The Anzani – Indian 1880cc 1925 Pace Bike, Tony “Indian” Leenes brought to the Bigtwin Show. Indian wheels and gas tank, the rest, such as the frame, front forks and exhaust are all handmade. Bikes like these were used to ‘set the pace’ for bicycle racers on the oval tracks. The Anzani engine comes from Italy, where Anzani used to produce aircraft engines. A piece of history (the bike, that is… let’s not talk about Tony…) and with such an incredible engine and so many special parts, the judges of the Bigtwin Bikeshow decided it to be a Runner-Up!"

rudge3 rudge2 rudge 1 rudge4 rudge45

Tony Leenes dragster with Chief crank case and modified Rudge heads. It was ready just a week before the rally. Unfortunately it did not run very well. Breizh Custom Show 2009






21 MARCH 2018

anzani27 anzani26 anzani25 anzani29 anzani30 anzani31 anzani18 anzani19 anzani22 anzani21 anzani20 anzani17 anzani16

anzani15 anzani12

anzani13 NettAnzMotRech anzani23 anzani24 anzani14 anzani28

NettAnzRechts anzani9 anzani10 O.E.C.-Anzani-96296

Heinz-Peter Nettekoven finished building this “Re-creation” in 2006, having worked on it for several years in Bornheim, Germany. Was put up for auction by Bonhams at Paris in 2012, but failed to reach the reserve (£75,000). It is loosely based, or more accurately, “inspired” by the 996cc Temple-Anzani racer of Claude Temple, that held the world  maximum speed record in 1923 (see v-Twin News p.2). The crankcases were machined from 100 kg of solid aluminium; the heads were milled from bronze; the cylinders from cast iron. It displaces 2003 cc (bore/stroke: 105.5 x 114.5mm). The overhead camshafts are bevel-driven with four valves per cylinder; “the claimed maximum power output is 80bhp at 5,000rpm, which is transmitted via a modified Harley-Davidson clutch and a modified Andrews four-speed transmission contained in Harley cases”.

"This mighty engine is housed in a home-built frame combining lugged/brazed, welded and bolted construction methods, with a wheelbase of 1,280mm. The wheels hubs likewise are to the creator's own design. The machine weighs 325kg (715lb) solo and around 440kg (968lb) as a motorcycle combination, complete with aluminium-bodied single-seat sidecar. In solo trim a top speed of approximately 165km/h (102mph) is claimed in 4th gear at 4,000rpm". The sidecar is designed to tilt on corners.

The original Claude Temple racer’s Anzani engine was different – only 2 valves per cylinder, bevel drive shafts not enclosed and at a different angle to the cylinders, as they were driven from separate shafts. The exhausts exited on the left hand side.


  anz1 copy copy

Compare the original Temple-Anzani (sometimes entered races at McEvoy Anzani or OEC Anzani)

More info and pics:


SUMP magazine

German article


brooklands2 brooklands


A 1700cc Yamaha Warrior Road Star engine in a one-off frame with old Honda CR250 front brake

More info~: Project Brooklands

23 FEBRUARY 2018

Yet another v-twin Royal Enfield... based on Aniket Vardhan's Musket, its called "Rifle":

" After 20 months, finally it fired up. This engine is based on the cast iron 500 CC Royal Enfield, it's a 60° V-Twin engine made in Indore (Madhya Pradesh)"

IMAGE_005 anand-bhalerao-2-1 carberry india2 norcroft-original-vtwin rifle

Variations on the Enfield Vee-Twin...1. screw-together crankcases... 2. Mumbai Enfield by Anand Bhalerao and Dean Fernandes... 3. Carberry by Drysdale, Australia (latest version above now made in India)... 4.Norcroft (originally UK-made - now being made in India)... 5. "Rifle", made in India

musket4 529546_orig musket-motorcycle-920-1

...and the most beautiful ones ...Musket 700; Musket 996 and Musket 1120 by Aniket Vardhan (USA)

norcroftindia musket-1120-magnum carberryindia

Here you can see the latest Norcroft made in India; the Musket 1120 (USA) and the Carberry made in India,

20 FEBRUARY 2018

rag-and-bone-customs-dream-machine-4_720x540 rag-and-bone-customs-dream-machine-2_720x540 rag-and-bone-customs-dream-machine-3_720x540

Rag-and-Bone Customs of Goa in India produced this Carberry-engined custom bike for India Bike Week show, 2017. Source and info: SOURCE AND INFO More great pics here: MORE GREAT PICS


Norvin with curvy pipes

26907275_2145668895663540_4807015041653838477_n 27164135_2039432432992932_2100624351533766204_o

This apparent "Wynn" boardtracker is actually a bitsa made from unidentified parts. (Thanks to Stephan Sud-Ouest and John Turner )


Another shot of the home-brewed Gilera 300cc vee ... see V-TWIN NEWS PAGE 3

12479635_257365797930651_33353996_n 12599386_1693907840886806_25050207_n

Lindsay Urquhart's "1923 Temple-Anzani"... actually a reconstruction of an 8-valve Anzani... see below for video...

22070085_361846387608782_3728056399184265216_n-1 AJS-1933-996cc-OHC-V-Twin-SCA-04 22158570_113487996069569_4714415228056502272_n

AJS supercharged 990cc v-twin first picture is before supercharger; second 2 with it. It reached 136 mph at Southport Sands in 1933 with supercharger fitted:

". . O M Baldwin on the special built 1930, 990cc AJS VTwin racer. Built on a common crankcase using cylinders set at a 50 Deg angle the engine had cylinders turned from a solid billet of steel, the heads were Aluminium with bronze valve seats and guides, the single OHC valve gear was chain driven, the two cam shafts having separate chains, the inlet ports were located at the rear of each cylinder head a major change to the usual V-Twin design of the time. Basically the engine was designed around a pair of 500cc OHC AJS Racing motors joined on a common crankcase. A full Duplex frame. Three Speed Sturmey Archer Gearbox with ratio's of 3.2, 4.3 and 7.8 : 1. Unsupercharged at this point , ignition by Magneto, self aligning ball bearings in the front forks. The top speed achieved was 130mph..... The same AJS racing twin now in 1933 fitted with Supercharger in the old magneto position along with a downdraught carburetter." SOURCE LINK

27752141_10155999473674326_2865303408474993189_n 27657494_10155999477029326_7042952014169597282_n

Husqvarna prototype v-twins: 700cc and 1000cc (thanks to Mats Olofsson)

kurogano-motorcycle-lead cw-kurogano-motorcycle-details kurogano-motorcycle-static cw-kurogano-motorcycle-covers

Japanese Kurogano - the Rikuo was improved under this name during World war II. SOURCE

17 FEBRUARY 2018


CHIEF-IN-BED: Indian Chief in a Featherbed: "This very unique custom Indian Norton was built in the late 60's in Australia. And now it's for sale." (May 2013)


27657149_161049494550934_5338388620242311778_n 27750446_161049497884267_7720216062213678705_n 28575714_10155926581536885_7455195661407177943_n 28377682_10155926583581885_4858165602237396235_n

BADGER SPECIAL... JAP MT 750 turbo. Thanks to Stephane Sud-Ouest

11 FEBRUARY 2018


At Tregrehan Hillclimb, 1986, one of the 26 Weslake pushrod v-twins can be seen in the background behind this Citroen-engined "Kermit" Source


Another Nor-Godden out there somewhere...

-1 -2 -3

2400cc Pacer engine was for sale at 10,000 Euros, Brighton, UK. LINK


Cliff Carr with the OHC Weslake twin.-Story here

10 FEBRUARY 2018

Magma+1 Magma+3 Magma+2

A Tarkus trike powered by a one-off 90-degree Weslake v-twin. Built circa 1993(? )by Jake Challenger.

"That spectacular engine is a one-off consisting of the barrels and heads from two Weslake 500 speedway engines on a special one-off crankcase. The barrels and heads were supplied by Coventry Competition Motorcycles, who specialised in speedway bikes and parts, and the crankcase was cast in Wolverhampton and Gordon Griffiths ( a leading light in the Vincent Owners Club) did the machining and assembly."

"In my brief chat with him at Stafford, Jake said that you really needed a lathe to keep Magma going. He sold it in the end and subsequently heard that the new owner swapped it for a Harley!" It still exists in a garage somewhere.

SOURCE: Vintage Thing No. 106


My Panther vee-twin has just been on display at the Bristol Classic Bike Show. It has been progressing steadily over the last three years...


At the Bristol Show in Feb 2016, the engine was on display but the crankshaft and other internal parts were not fitted. This made it much lighter to transport.


IMG_4714 IMG_4716


At the Bristol Show in Feb 2017, the engine was sitting in a specially-made Dresda Manx frame ... here it is with my M100 Panther on the Panther Owners Club stand.


IMG-20180203-00474 26870737_564852833863573_924519224024498176_n-1 27540159_10155859409591885_8637857507420459023_n

At the Bristol Show in Feb 2018, the engine has progressed - crank balanced, oil pump drive working, Rover pistons; Jaguar Gudgeon pins. Can you recognise the oil pump? (No, its not a"Spagforth Lightning" one!) The rest will be revealed in due course. Watch this site.


8-Valve Anzani-engined McEvoy: First start.



Article in December 2017 issue of Old Bike Mart:

OBM3 obm5

John Newson of Oxney Motorcycles built this Norlake over 6 and a half years and finished it in 2017. Links:


OLD BIKE MART 2 (page 4 of December 2017 Old Bike Mart)

26733369_910621859116189_9122148928121290036_n 04

Another Rikuo (Japan) custom..................................................................................engine detail of the other one (V-Twin News p.13)


27459360_1823384177734233_2274017817891398370_n 27072913_1823381894401128_713723521864404803_n

Harley WLA 750 in a Norton Commando!?... ar anglicise your American iron like this:


Harley bottom end with 4-valve Rudge top-ends.



"A BSA V twin engine in a Benelli frame with BMW forks. Known as 'Mrs Frequently'." source


Vintage-V-twin Montgomery-Anzani-ad 27067041_1815556365183681_4508730885128118093_n 26992285_1816571288415522_5218924808740631921_n

Montgomery with Anzani engine.......................................Ad for Montgomery-Anzani......................Invincible JAP........................................................The utterly beautiful engine of the Croft-Cameron 8-valve Anzani


Croft-Anzani-1922 Anzani-1907-TMC-0331 Anzani-1907-TMC-0354

Advert for the Croft-Cameron Super-8.................................................................... Monster Anzanis


Planet-1916-Motorcycle-Museum-Victoria 14245709160_918573ca72_b-1


"Planet" 1497cc V-twin. 1915. Made in Australia.... Source and more info .......................................................Montgomery 8-valve Anzani advert


27355709_2048198995468358_8779944752164675139_o 27368757_2048198992135025_6599951099671540228_o

Omega was a British motorcycle company based in Wolverhampton from 1909 to 1927



Minerva 1908 41/2 hp 577cc

s-l1600 s-l1600-1 s-l1600-2

JAP 750 in Ariel Red Hunter frame...............................BSA 986cc from 1931, in 1939 BSA M20 frame (just sitting unattatched)



Alan Millyard's 1600cc V8



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