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FRI 29 Aug 2014

Lucky Keizer sold his 5,000cc v-twin bike made from 2 cylinders cut off a Rolls Royce Merlin engine (see page 5 of this site - v-twin specials) but a picture has emerged of an early version of the bike:



Here is a video of the new owner firing up the engine after restoration:


Sun 24 Aug 2014



sid1 sid2 sid3


howard3 howard2

New Howard build blog: http://www.jockeyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=128514&showall=1

Sun 3 Aug 2014


021 011


Cees Fick's "HARMLESS" (Harley-Matchless)

fick1 fick2

More pics in this Dutch article: http://www.motorracehistorie.nl/Namen-Coureurs/cees-flck.html



Another engine made by Dutchman Cees Fick in a special:

chinees en rogues choppershow 069 DSCF0226 SNC00823

19 June 2014

As seen below, in here is the "WSA" v-twin, but finished and just after winning a prize for the Best in Show at the Custom Bike Show, Norrtällje, Sweden

"Builder: Veikko Sikiö, Juupajoki, Finland
Engine: 800 cc, 60 degree v-twin, BSA B31 cams, upper end, (heads, barrels), home/ shed-cast cases by owner, Harley Sportster flywheels.

All work has been done by Veikko himself, all machining, numerous castings and patterns to create a complete bike." Thanks to Antero (Chopper Man) for the info.

source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152215648362428.1073741844.358750847427&type=1

More pictures: https://www.facebook.com/301499243275059/photos/a.689639824460997.1073741829.301499243275059/689648761126770/?type=1

10380184_10152215650272428_2144009340399599467_o 10265359_10152215651712428_5611666279640460103_o 10264098_10152215650977428_4690354578877501534_o 1622366_10152215650917428_3330385865914682391_o

A beautiful racing JAP posted on the Facebook JAP group:



Another find from Antero:

a 3000cc Tatra-engined chop. Tatra is a Czech car company and the third oldest in the world after Daimler and Peugeot. Source: http://www.tatra-club.com/forum-tema/moto-trike-v8-6334


tatra2 tatra1

dsc00001 dsc00004

Below: Denco engine from New Zealand (precursor of John Britten's engine). Denco made speedway singles and this was developed from the speedway engine.

 Picture129_Forum_zpsd09550bc-1 twoblockswith Phone009-2

Below: Greg-Summerton -built JAP engine in a Norton Featherbed frame: Greg says: "Another friend, Dave Basham, made the wheel hubs (although I machined the backing plates), I made the engine and fork sliders, the frame is a Norton Domi item, the gearbox is a 5 speed Extra Heavy Duty TT Industries unit manufactured by Bruce Verdon in New Zealand...I made the oval section swingarm so the wider Avon race tyre could be fitted."

1888667_10152217663247489_1321162696_n 10272540_10152362468607489_6770465725517827487_o 1232966_10152362468687489_2762131918446576755_o 10305053_10152362468437489_2976421557357719097_n

Below: Godden v-twin in a Norton featherbed frame:


Modified Harleys:

harleyjd harleyjd2 harleyjd3

Above: Harley J1000 bottom end circa 1928 - with JAP top ends - here is an example of a 1928 J1000: RM-HARLEY-3 and this is a 1945 45" Harley in a 1950s Triumph Speedtwin frame: paulduncan_singletary


1797477_856822654343499_1078949231_n 10001556_856823117676786_2008022439_n

Above: 1938 Harley VL1200 bottom end with Knucklehead FL1200 top ends.

STEVES750 4699067

Above: Steve's Harley WLA 750 engine in a BSA (A7) framewith a BSA C15 tank... and "42 WLA using a BSA A10 frame (1960) A10 gearbox, A65 forks & rear end, sprung clutch... advert says its a C15 tank, but I think this may not be the case. More pics: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C497470#

SputheXR001 SputheXR009_zpsbef94f39

Above: Ironhead Harley Sportster engine with 93" Sputhe top ends in a Norton Featherbed frame build blog here: http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?t=833279&page=19 (this is the last page of 19 pages).


Sid Leitch's AJS OHV conversion - a better quality picture of the beautiful bike.


1923 Stanger B:


Gilera V-twin made from 2 Gilera 150 engines, with unknown top-ends:

Gilera V twin 307891_536285883054735_82740725_n 255495_536285979721392_557127557_n

"AFF B66" Made from a BSA B33 engine, another B33 top end and an Ariel frame.


The Wilkinson is actually a v-4 engine. Thanks to Antero for the images.


482489_586187444783972_1392356875_n-1 WilkinsonV4 wilkinson2

Compare with the AJS v4 (1936 500cc aircooled racer; aircoolrd supercharged version ; and 500cc watercoole, supercharged versions)The first picture shows Dan Smith's handmade engine, re-created from a cut-away drawing and a photo: article: http://thekneeslider.com/motorcycle-builders-air-cooled-ajs-v4-engine/

More pics here: http://www.theworldofmotorcycles.com/zoom_ajs_v4-500_1936.html

ajsv4 861142_622243637792292_1877072278_o AJS_V4

"WSA" v-twin Thanks to Antero for supplying pics, video and info... Here is Antero's summary:

Builder: Veikko Sikiö, Juupajoki, Finland
Engine: 800 cc, 60 degree v-twin, BSA B31 cams, upper end, (heads, barrels), home/ shed-cast cases by owner, Harley Sportster flywheels.

All work has been done by Veikko himself, all machining, numerous castings and patterns to create a complete bike.

WSA 8 WSA 6 WSA 9 WSA 7;


2 May 2014

Here is a video of the first start of the OHC conversion 4-valve heads, K-model Royal Enfield... Made in Finland it is 1140cc.




500cc v-twin from two 250 singles: http://custom-modifications.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/modifikasi-binter-2-silinder-v-twin-500.html


180cc v-twin made from two Honda CT90 singles: http://hondatrailcts.yuku.com/reply/45205#.U0G6WSgrylc

21 March 2014

Click on this to see the Rare Wilkinson engine in detail:


Ducati special:


Howard rotorvator v-twin - engined motorcycle project for sale:


6 March 2014

German MABECO v-twin inspired by Indian:

article: http://www.motohistory.net/news2010/news-feb10.html



Found bricked up behind a wall during a demolition in Chacago in 1968, was this this circa-1917 unique v-twin. It is said to be a "Classic American Motorcycle", but investigation shows that it is very likely German... the investigation continues... general article on the Traub: http://www.motorcycleclassics.com/classic-american-motorcycles/mystery-of-1916-traub-motorcycle.aspx

Investigation article: http://www.motohistory.net/news2010/news-feb10.html (scroll down)


Recent v-twin specials for sale on ebay:

JAP v-twin crankcases, Matchless heads - unfinished project.

$_12-5 $_12-4 $_12 $_12-7 $_12-6 $_12-3 $_12-2 $_12-1



"Royal Enfield KX 1140 converted to overhead valve complete with all transmission see pictures built by my father as a spare now not needed." It has Evolution Harley Davidson top ends:

1 6 5 4 3 2 8 7

original ebay page: http://r.ebay.com/1m0JUv

The engine waas advertised for £1000 with no bidders, so was unsold. If you want to try and buy it, this is the seller's ID:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/jarvie1980 Let me know if you are successful! gstray@btopenworld.com




1 March 2014

Progress on Pavel Malanik's 1909 replica of the NLG (North London garage) 2714cc record holder. Forks fabricated, plus fuel tank and wheels; carb manifold and electrics:


Part 9 of the build series: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=114010

23 February 2014

Highland have a v-twin design - originally designed by Folan in Sweden. The engineers were originally with Husaberg. They are now up and running again after their managing directors were all killed in a plane crash in 2010. They are now offering their compact and very light v-twin engine to motorcycle manufacturers and to individual custom builders. The engine only weighs 45 kg and is available in 950cc capacity.

7209093490_cb205d9ed8_k 7209090376_19c48c44db_k 

US Highland: http://www.ushighland.com

Article: http://www.motorcyclepowersportsnews.com/Item/108753/us_highland_back_on_track.aspx


Here's what Sachs did with the engine:

sachs-beast-1000-L-uxa0yV  sachs-beast-1000-L-cCKTPW Article: Sachs Beast



New 1200cc 75-degree V-Twin from Lotus! With a Rotax 200 bhp tuned KTM RC8 engine. the bike has very raked steering geometry and will catch side-winds, so it is more of an art piece.

Article: http://www.gizmag.com/new-lotus-c-01-motorcycle-to-use-ktm-1195-v-twin/30914/

lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-30 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-26lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-29


Feb 2014: The Norcroft Enfield 750 v-twin has been revived and is now going into production. - see links below...but the Australian Carrberry Enfield has STOPPED production.Meanwhile Anikhet in USAhas enough castings to make 7 Muskets and is converting his first customer's machine - a 1000cc v-twin! http://www.musketvtwin.com/index.html


Original Website: http://www.norcroft.co.uk New Website (2013): http://norcroft.jimdo.com/

Norcroft on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Norcroft/537892286302547

New Kneeslider article (Feb 2014): http://thekneeslider.com/norcroft-royal-enfield-v-twin-project-lives-again/



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