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V-Twin- Specials...Rotavator and Railway Engines

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The rotavators above: First image shows what is claimed to be " powered by a V-Twin J.A.P. 1100cc engine model LTZ/G/S.... Each cylinder is 550cc's and was made in 1959" made by the Australian Rotavator company, Howard Auto Cultivators, under their UK branch, Rotary Hoes ltd, in East Hornden, Essex. The second image shows the data tag on the rotavator in image 1. Images 3 and 4 above show a Howard rotavator with one of their own v-twin engines, which had cast iron crankcases. The capacity was either 810 cc -the "Eight" model - or 1300 - the "Twelve" model (80 cubic inches).

On another page about Howard rotavators, someone else also insists that some of these were fitted with JAP v-twins:

"In mid 1950's the series IV became avaliable at number G38761 most had the 180degree crank version of the Howard 810cc Twin Cylinder engine, allthough i do have an example from 1959 that has a factory fitted J.A.P engine..."


These videos show a Howard engine used as a generator



The Wickham Trolley, powered by a JAP v-twin, was used at firing ranges like Lydd, in Kent, for carrying targets for firing practice, but also for trolleys used by repair crews on railway lines ("railway engineering personnel carrier" or "type No. 17 Gang and Inspection trolley". Type 17 Wickhams were fitted with the JAP 1100cc (LTZ) and Type 17a and Target Trolleys were fitted with JAP 1323cc (DTZ) engines.


The engine above has been sprayed with silver paint...see the Highley Station Wickham Trolley restoration pics:



Above: DTZ 1323 engine with new casting from MFC Patterns and Castings; and a DTZ 1323 converted to ovehead valve using MFC Patterns and Castings barrells and heads

Below: Two Morgans with DTZ engines and MFC conversion No. 1 and conversion No.2


Howard Engines:


These are both the same engine - note broken fins and patina on valve covers, but one pic shows the magneto attached. The source pages list this engine as a JAP or "JAP-Howard" 1300 engine.


Here is a Howard from Australian ebay:



Below: Here is aHoward v-twin for sale at

these two below are also the same engine





howardpagea ....howardpagebb

howardpagec ....howardpaged



There is also a water-cooled version...this one has been incorporated into a bike with Harley cycle parts:





2 Unfinished projects:



Here is a Norton fitted with a JAP 1323cc DTZ 60 degree v-twin from a Wickham trolley:

japdtz japdtz2

Another Norton-JAP special, using a "1340cc towing trolley engine" - probably the 1323cc can see where the drive shaft came out - now blanked off. Note mag-dyno fitted from some other engine.



older pages:

Allan started his trike with a CX500 motor but replaced it with a Howard Eight, which is an 810cc side-valve v-twin from a "rotary hoe" (rotavator), made in Australia. 

For full-size pics and the whole story, see Al's wonder bra blog, above....


howardengine002 ...and witth copper plated timing cover and (S.U?) carb and filter....exhaust015

howardpaint with red crankcases and blacked top end...howardpaint2HowardMeetsHarley1howardMeetsHarley2HowardMeetsHarley3HarleyMeetsHarley4



"As Howard motor parts are rare and expensive Allan decided to upgrade the old motor with new Harley barrels and pistons.
The Howard con rods are longer and the Harley barrel fixing bolts/holes didn't match the Howard crank case so aluminium adapting spacers were cast and machined.
New rocker gear castings were also made to more closely match those on a Matchless, exterior valve springs will be added later."


And here is the engine I have just bought:




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