Laurence Lucas presents the first of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history...

Part 1

2012: Introduction to the Galactic Shamanic Paragdigm


To truly understand the 2012 Mayan end date, I believe we have to move our consciousness to the shamanic realm. To me, everything I feel about Mayan mysticism is anchored in a "Galactic shamanic paradigm". This, I suggest, describes the nature of the experience of 2012. I emphasise; to fully understand the experience we will have at the Mayan end date, we need to submerge ourselves into the Mayan consciousness. "Galactic shamanic paradigm" means experiencing Earth and our body as existing within, and connected to, the galaxy; it does not mean disconnecting from Earth and floating off to the stars. It is an expansion of consciousness that allows us to feel and live in a greater reality (galactic) where we KNOW the truth of impermanence. This expanded reality permeates and interpenetrates "normality" and encompasses the realm where matter is in a state of potential (sub-atomic). The galactic shamanic paradigm is the consciousness of where energy is coming into being, or decaying from "form" back to energy; the realm where we can experience the constant transformation of consciousness, the impermanence of any form; fluidity.


The Mayans are people learning, working with and achieving the mastery of illusion; the illusion being the belief in permanence and absolutes. What is the essential feeling of the Mayans to reality ? What does the Mayan culture evoke in us ? To both questions the answer is AWE, the awesome nature of creation. A creation that is alive, filled with personifications of cosmic forces, terrifying gods that need us to acknowledge them, revere them;  primal underworld energies that are shaping our every day experience, which our modern worldview seeks to deny or tame. To be in awe of creation is to make friends with the face of death, which makes LIFE more dramatic.


The Mayan "bible", the Popul Vuh, is a book of creation, from the perspective of the galactic level and how that affects everyday life. The story epitomises creation's cyclical nature and its need for endings - death. Yet also, it shows the defeat of death. The heroes of the Popul Vuh, the twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque defeat the Lords of Death, basically with humour, and re-incarnate with shape-shifting powers. The Mayans teach us to face the truth of creation and destruction on a cosmic and personal level, to embrace it, to celebrate its splendour. Death and destruction is just the game of creation. It presents itself as terrifying, but when we realise the illusion - that it is a cosmic joke - then we defeat it. From a galactic consciousness perspective, time can be seen as an expanding spiral, and the Mayans know time. The end of time is just one turn of the spiral.


When we KNOW impermanence, we understand the cyclical nature of realities, all things have their day and all things come to pass. This gives us an awareness of the ever-present gestating potentials. This all means reality has a completely different atmosphere. This is important; this is not conceptual. Reality is more fluid, more surreal, more evocative and more dramatic in the Galactic shamanic paradigm. The 260-day sacred calendar embodies that consciousness. It can be used as a tool to directly access it, and if you become submerged within it for long enough, and intensely enough, you come up into this expanded reality.


If you have experienced hallucinogens you will understand what I mean. The hallucinogenic experience is often confined to a compartment in the tripper's worldview as a temporary chemical holiday, which they put behind them so that they can function in the normal linear world, in all seriousness. I have seen this, people often put their acid days behind them, in a safe corner of their minds. If the "tripper" however, is of sufficient consciousness, they integrate it into their worldview, and literally feel the normal reality for the theatrical experience that it is. The separation, or barrier between normality and the Galactic shamanic paradigm  - which is the undercurrent reality -  is dissolving; the normal experience is becoming increasingly strange; surreal; like a film; weird; disturbing; confusing; unreliable. It is common now for people to comment on how strange everything feels, to experience disorientation.


Increasingly up to 2012, the galactic shamanic paradigm is invading the normal world; it is bleeding through. The Earth is expanding its arena by dissolving the limiting structures of the old paradigm. This is a process that is accelerating; this is a reality shift we are in the midst of and can be described as mutation, meltdown or, to a certain extent, alchemical reconstitution to the potentiality from which all things emerge. Our reality is transforming, dying and being reborn simultaneously. As Terence Mckenna reminded us "life is stranger than we can suppose".
So what is required from humanity at "the end of time" as we know it - Winter solstice 2012?
The challenge is to shift perception; to gain liberation from over-identifying with matter, but not to try to escape. 2012 is not the point of instant salvation, but the point in time where it is easier to start realising the galactic shamanic paradigm. Reality is a cosmic game, and we can really start retaining more of our consciousness into the next life by accessing the ever-present expanded reality that lies just beyond the veil of material illusion. It is time now, to learn from the Mayans, and absorb the essence of the Mayan consciousness. For a lot of people it (2012) will just seem to be a confusing time, even dark spiritually. For some; exciting potentials of a sci-fi future are presented to them.  To many, I suspect truth or evolution will be un-discernable, and they will experience information overload, as a plethora of mixed messages saturate the world. The meltdown creates an ocean of paradox; more information and opposing truths than the mind can process on the surface level. The resolution is to develop the ability to navigate reality, utilising your shamanic instincts. Around 2012 this atmosphere-change makes the texture of reality  conducive for the individual to awaken as a game-player in creation, defeat the illusion of death, and embody the memory of his or her immortality. To navigate the end of history: become a galactic shaman now.
In the 21st Century Book of the Dead, I present the map of the process of awakening to the Galactic shamanic paradigm for each individual

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