Laurence Lucas presents the second of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history...

Part 2

Information Overload

The age of information might at first appear to be an opposing anathema to shamanic consciousness, but the Galactic shamanic paradigm (see Part 1)  encompasses both the modern and the ancient world
The undigested information that is awash in the Earth's field is the conductor for the psychic reservoir that the planetary mind is being born from. In resonance with the awakening planetary being, human beings are learning to process information through tuning-in and scanning.
The exponential increase in information, language and words on planet Earth now, is bewildering to the ego/personality- focused mental body; the intellect cannot process information fast enough. Already there is more information being created by humanity than its mental capacity to digest it, whether it be NASA, the intelligence services or internet. The information speed-up is in resonance with the time implosion being felt by a lot of people, creating a sense of there being not enough time, as we are finding linear processes too slow, and that includes linear analysis when isolated from the heart.


The sheer volume of spiritual, religious and philosophic truths and perspectives that are flooding in, (particularly relevant to the Mayan end-date) and their sophisticated plausibility, will create a fecund ocean of potentiality around 2012 in the collective psyche. The astrology chart of winter solstice 2012 reveals the nature of communication at this time, to be wild, intoxicating, all-encompassing, (spiritual-scientific) and utterly bewildering, as huge concepts are bombarding and bouncing around the collective human mind. To understand this, you just need to digest the contents of this web site (2012: Dire Gnosis). 2012 is a node; a strange attractor  where information seeks convergence, especially information of a visionary nature, which means quite simply, that there is not one truth, but many. Truth is multi-dimensional.
In 2012 the diversity of truths and perspectives that we shall be able to buy into, will blow the fuse of any mind stuck in a purely linear rationale.


Fundamentalists of all persuasions will be screaming at people not to be distracted by the information clamour-glamour, but we cannot regress; we can find clarity and simplicity and inner calm, only on a higher turn of the spiral.


The resolution to this crazy freneticicm is becoming apparent, as people are now  learning to scan and tune-in, rather than analyse (anal-lies?). Scanning and tuning-in, are feelings-based perceptive modes; non-linear and paradox-encompassing.


I feel I have experienced, in my shamanic practice, the nature of information-processing, circa 2012. 

I suggest I have developed a practice that allows for tuning-in to the planetary mind. I call the consciousness Liquid Lightbody. The practice is one of tuning-in. As a specific frequency is located in the heart-centred astral body, it creates a laser connection between the template level of reality, the physical body and the source, cutting through the swathe of external stimuli.

The frequencies are found by using sound and movement - a basic shamanic technique - combined with a structural awareness, a fluid geometry I call the Liquid Lightbody Template, which assists in navigating the collective consciousness.


With these natural abilities we can firstly find the truth in resonance with our life force, choosing our perspective whilst aware how reality is therefore just that, a perspective, a choice, the sum total of the collective perception.


Reality is the sum total of collective perception; it is a co-creation.
This brings us to drugs. Drugs filter up from the deepest recesses of the human collective 'underworld' and exclusive experience, to the relative availability of the counter-culture just below the surface of society. The effects then gradually are assimilated through entertainment and new creative invention, which integrates with everyday life.


LSD in the 60s was partially responsible for a breakthrough in internal exploration which fuelled the birth of the counter- culture, the sexual revolution and even the technological revolution. The new relative freedoms afforded to us today, if we choose them, that a previous generation did not have, find their seeding in the mid 60s, and LSD  played a role in that. LSD helped to create rock and pop music, which conveys so very much more than the written lyrics. The 60's music created the background vibe that was to radically transform the world, effectively turning it to colour, as if prior to that, life was monochrome.


What LSD was to the 60s, so DMT will be to the 2012 threshold. DMT is waiting in the wings as the next major recreational drug. The publication of Dr Rick Strassmans book 'DMT The Spirit Molecule' is a sure sign of the eventual emergence of DMT into the counter culture. The book is based on testing the effects of the chemical on willing subjects, and the DMT experience consistently brought the tripper into contact with entities.   

Read review of DMT The Spirit Molecule on this site


DMT will be the tool that assists in shifting humanity's PERCEPTION.


DMT will eventually filter through into everyday life as a genetic revolution (as LSD assisted the techno breakthrough, but a full exploration of this subject is beyond the scope of this essay).
The information-saturation is forcing a switch of processing systems. This will be neurological, but I understand it more as a switch from solar plexus-lower mind,  to a heart-feeling, body-processing of information and communication. Simply put: poetic, visual, musical and virtual communication and learning are to become more effective.


The poetic belongs to the Maya; the liquid sound of the Maya is a multi-dimensional spirit language. Martin Pretchel, in his beautiful books 'Spirit of the Talking Jaguar' and 'Long Life, Honey in the Heart', tells his story as someone who has lived as a Mayan shaman. Clearly, his purpose is to convey the pure Mayan consciousness, and  the essential understanding relevant to this essay is that of Mayan language and I quote from 'Long Life': 'an archaic language that belonged to the spirits themselves. This oral literacy was considered what magically kept the Universe glued together, running on a mysterious plasma of sound, song, and delicious speech.'
Again I remind you that if we are to understand the Mayan end date of 2012, then we need to understand something of the Maya.
Apart from the reservoir of indigenous wisdom, we have been left a legacy from Terence McKenna a psychonaut, shamanic navigator, word alchemist, scientist of consciousness and messenger from the threshold of 2012, who left us with a considerable piece of the puzzle to our challenge, circa-2012. His journeys left him with a conviction that the world is made of words; he had seen the "wiring under the board", and that "the world is not only stranger than we suppose, but stranger than we can suppose". He was shown, in the psychedelic experience, how to use sound to manifest; and  the sound was a childlike fluid speech that has resonance with the Mayan tongue.


Terence's life-purpose* was to challenge the established framework of reality; to be a messenger and help mobilise a revolution of spirit to overthrow the mind-set of fundamentalism. As he might have said ' reality is up for grabs, folks' and as he did say, "the world can be made anew".


Terence's quest, fuelled by passion and an insatiable appetite to rationalise and express the truth of the psychedelic experience, I believe, led to his brain-tumour and death, which looks like destiny's hand enabling him to release this legacy into the collective, effectively immortalising his words. Terence's birth chart, when compared to the chart of 2012 winter solstice, suggests to me, that Terence personifies the challenge for humanity at the winter solstice of 2012. Its not that humanity is fully born by 2013 into a future 'suggested' by his experiences; more that we collectively are moving towards, striving to recognise the Galactic Shamanic paradigm that he and others have experienced.


As many of you who visit this web site know, Terence's brother and co-author of the Invisible Landscape, Dennis McKenna, is a chemist, and in that role, acceptable to the orthodoxy which underpins the modern idea of an inanimate universe. The psychedelic experience, and especially that of DMT, reveal that just on the other side of our perception, we find a universe populated with all manner of entities instructing us, inciting us to wake up; entities who perhaps are intrinsic to our chemical fabric. The message is that the universe is alive, and we are not alone (what a surprise?)


I suggest this is an awareness of the Galactic Shamanic paradigm.


 I see 2012 as the start of a journey of interaction with a living universe. The overloading of our lower mind circuitry is forcing open the door to our intelligent, feeling circuitry, where we attune to life and in so doing can interact, communicate and learn from diverse levels of existence, far in excess of the potentials of the linear mind.



* Life purpose ascertained through reading of the Astrology chart.  


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