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Laurence Lucas presents the fifth and final part  of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history

Part 5

The Astrology of 2012


In The 21st Century Book of the Dead I present the Liquid Lightbody Template, which is an aspect of consciousness located in the Astral body, that is now awakening in the human species. This template comprises of 20 chambers, that have a resonance with the 20 solar glyphs of the sacred Mayan calendar. As well as existing within the aura, it is also mappable in the astrological sense, the 20 chambers are located on a more subtle level than the 12 Zodiac signs.


The consciousness of this template is found to be in resonance with the 2012 transformation and helps define what is occurring at the end date. My proposition is that the changes taking place, centred around 2012 are occurring on a Galactic shamanic level that underpins the normal awareness of a human being alive today, rather than at the same frequency as adult consciousness.


The accepted normality of consensus reality is a 4th dimensional reality constructed of emotion, that the average person exists within. It is only as we challenge the idea that this reality is fundamental,  that we expand our awareness sufficiently to be able to move within it and outside of it. Consensus reality is a theatre constructed of collective emotion, that at least 80% of the population, (maybe as high as  99%) accepts as reality most of the time. This human construction is a useful meeting place; it is a great place to hang out as long as we are able to navigate back and forth from within it to outside of it.  The Liquid Lightbody Template is a navigation consciousness that allows us to feel the nature of the development of consensus reality which is becoming more tangible as an existing, yet surreal, place or state, the closer we get to 2012.


The hallucinogenic experience (magic mushrooms, Ayhuasca, DMT etc) is an instant way to gain recognition of how all of our realities are temporary constructs, that appear increasingly funny or strange, and really makes you wonder how anyone can be so earnest about reality having a fundamental stasis or absolute objectivity. The Galactic shamanic paradigm recognises the almost infinite variety of frequencies of reality, and the Liquid Lightbody Template acts as a bridging consciousness between this and consensus reality. By working with the template we are able to expand awareness to the level where we see and feel the consensus world being constructed, as the old reality of karmic imprisonment dissolves.

This awareness used to be reserved for initiates at death, it is now becoming increasingly possible for an increasing number of pioneers to wake up and recognise this world as a playground for the spirit.


The 20-fold nature of the Liquid Lightbody Template is activated by the new planetary bodies known as Centaur-like objects; the Centaurs of Chiron, Pholus, Nessus etc. It is these bodies that allow us to connect to the 2012 consciousness as they create pathways in and out of normal reality to the realities of the spirit.


The astrology of The Liquid Light body Template is a new kind of futuristic-shamanic navigation tool, that is experiental rather than just an observational map, that reveals the texture of reality that the Mayan end date is asking us to become conscious of.


"The 21st Century book of the Dead", is expected to be launched on October 26th 2002,

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