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Laurence Lucas presents the fourth part  of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history

Part 4


Why Galactic?






The Mayan calendar has been adopted by a small but increasing number of people in the 'sub-sub-culture'. A fairly exclusive band of enthusiasts follow the sacred 260 day calendar, and who can communicate with each other in Tzolkin terms. As with all human endeavours there has been the drama of polarity, specifically a division in regard to which correlation to follow.
In Mexico/Guatamela I was following 3 different correlations (Dreamtime, Aztec and the Guatemelan highland count), I found they all can be applied to the day, and each one tunes you into a slightly different texture of reality. My favourite being the indigenous Guatamelan Highland Maya calendar, which I labelled The Blood count some years ago, this correlation is anchored in ancestral blood centred in the heart of the Maya and reaching down to the Earths core.
 I feel the 2012 Xibalba alignment suggested by John Major Jenkins is truly resonant with this indigenous consciousness ( ref.1 ; ref.2 ). My interpretation of John's work is that it is confirming the mythic and shamanic paradigm nature of 2012, as the alignment of Earth with Galaxy is based on what could be argued as a symbolic, rather than hard-nosed material science.
 The Dreamspell correlation suggested by Jose Arguelles is a much lighter, futuristic, global potential consciousness reaching up into the sky and the stratosphere.
Jose has deliberately made a cross cultural accessible calendar (praise be, a glorious work)
and it does not correlate to 2012, but resonates for me with 2025-2035 + , and the earth process at that time. (for a deeper exploration of this see my upcoming book The 21st Century Book of the Dead.......Laurence Lucas)
The 2 calendars come together in 200 years, suggesting to me a synchronisation of two textures of reality -  one centred in indigenous blood the other the more futuristic sky statospheric potentiality.


You have probably looked at the debate on this site between Carl Johan Calleman and John Major Jenkins which is based on Carl's understanding of the end date to be October 28th 2011, a date that I find fascinating in association with the Liquid Lightbody Template              (introduced in the book) which is an Astrological map of the  incremental and evolutionary process I see we are in for at least 200 years. My perspective on Carl's work is that he has tuned in to an even more subtle truth and texture through his inspired analogy of 9 levels of the underworld (reflecting 9 stepped Mayan pyramids) correlating with 9 scales of time.
All three of these Mayanists I believe to be creative, intuitive, rational and inspired. The many Mayanist Nutters I have spoken to and heard of all inspire and excite with unique perspectives.


The calendar is creating a new intuitive, fluid science where absolutes do not apply. I genuinely  ENJOY the work of all of the above especially JMJ, but feel the need to state, that the obsession with the need for scholarly recognition weakens all of their cases as the reasoning required is more creative Mayan and lyrical, not Western.The true nature of the Calendar requires acceptance of the probability factor and fluid nature of reality which is apparent to science itself on sub atomic level but not yet embraced by academia.
I have found (as has my lover Suzie) that when following more than one correlation there are portal days that link or create a leap effect from one to the other.  Briefly, one example is that the supposed last day of my Mayan trip (6 months in 1997) was AHAU 4 according to Dreamspell. As you know this is the last day in the Indigenous correlation for winter solstice  2012; well it was not my last day as there were no aeroplanes. Originally the ticket was booked for 6 months, but at the last moment  we changed it to 5 months (because of the budget), in the chaos of moving out from our home  we did not check the dates on the tickets!!! . Arriving at Mexico City Airport in the mindset of going home, with no money and then finding British Airways empty - there were no flights that day - then looking again at the month on the ticket ......... was a shock.


What followed was a surreal month including an abduction in a mini felt like we really had moved into a different reality that at the end of the trip gave me the gift of a vision experience , on a mountain at Real De Catorce (spring equinox 1997) of a city in 2013.
Following more than one correlation we found there was a bleed-through of consciousness from one to the other. For example the quality of the serpent wavespell in Dreamspell would flood into the blood count on a concurrent Chicchan (serpent) day. Ultimately I feel you could start the calendar on an arbitary day after 2 or 3 of the 260 day rounds and you would be establishing that consciousness in your reality. The Tzolkin is the terrestial pulse of the Galaxy rooted at the 'edge of our timespace reality'. The 20 glyphs are the Solar filters for Galactic consciousness on Earth; the 13 frequency numbers are the Lunar.
As we follow the calendar, we synchronise with the Galactic Shamanic Paradigm, the 260- day pulse holds the consciousness of potentiality and the pre-manifest.

Laurence Lucas        Liquid Lightbody Attuner


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