Sirius, Comets, Aliens & Omega  


Just to recap, briefly; we found clues linking the Tarot to Egypt: we found clues linking the Tarot to the Book of Revelation: we found links between Revelation and the Old Testament prophets; we found links between the Old Testament prophets and Egyptian beliefs: we also found links between Christianity and Egyptian beliefs. In studying the Tarot’s relation to time, we considered possible calendrical connections, which led us up a strange path, indicating that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius will occur around the year 2012, when a massive “planetoid”. or even the star Sirius, will appear in our vicinity, triggering natural disasters and perhaps even a change in our perception of spacetime.   

Transplutonic Isis   

“I’ve started, so I’ll finish”, as Magnus would say, and so I shall continue along this path, to see where it leads.

So, can we find any connection between the star Sirius and a comet, asteroid or planetoid that might appear in this solar system?

Yes! In 1953, Kenneth Grant, (O.H.O.. or Outer Head of the Order, of the O.T.O., or Ordo Templi Orientis), founded an esoteric order called “New Isis Lodge”. This was a branch of the O.T.O., which means Order of the Eastern Templars, and claims descent from the Knights Templar — the famous Crusader Order, whose leader, Jaques de Molay was burned at the stake by the Inquisition. (Historians say that the heresy charges were invented by the king of France and the Pope, who were jealous of the wealth and power of the Order). Anyway, the Templars supposedly learned esoteric secrets from the Sufis, who may, in turn,  have inherited knowledge from Egyptian sources.

This New Isis Lodge was operated for seven years, until 1962. The purpose of this Lodge concerned “the influx of cosmic energy from a transplutonic power-zone known to Initiates as Nu­-Isis.” 1 This purpose was elsewhere described as, “receiving transmissions from the transplutonic planet, Isis”, 2 and also for “transmitting the Magical Knowledge of Nu-Isis”.3

This transplutonic, or “beyond Pluto” planet is also described as “Seat or Focus of the Forces radiating from the A..A..”,4 or Argenteum Astrum, which was the name of the Inner Order of  the famous Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but, as Grant reveals in his first book, actually refers to Sirius.  

                The Aeon of Maat  

He also tells us, “Isis, transplutonic, is not of the solar system but of its outer rim; it is the pylon of another system, vaster than ours”.6 Also; “ the Star or Soul of Nu-Isis is the Dog Star (Sirius) which radiates its mysterious energies from transaeonic gulfs of inner space…” 7...............





..........................................................................................the emotional body, giving us access to the Sirian lessons.

Also, King Aethelbert carried "sacred blood", so his son, Arthur carried "the divine line of kings". But Arthur’s half brother was Wotan, whose mother, Mordreth carried the "Gene of Isis", brought by FEMALE ETs to Earth. Wotan, then, had a double dose of divinity, and went with Mordreth and Merlin to the Mayans of South America, to become "Pacal Votan" of Palenque.77                            WOW!


Nibiruan Wormhole


If this transplutonian planet was on a concentric orbit, with its orbital radius and distance from the nearest planet being in a similar ratio to that of the other planets; its aphelion would be between 7 and 11 billion kilometers from the sun. Its orbital distance would then be between 42—69 bi1lion kms. With an orbital period of 3,600 years, that would mean it was traveling at between 1300—2200 kilometers per hour. This does not seem unreasonable, since it lies between the slowest speed of a comet - 1000 k.p.h., — and the orbital speed of Pluto — about 18,000 k.p.h..

However, if the planet was on an elliptical orbit taking it to Sirius, and taking 3,600 years for the round trip, how fast would it have to be traveling then? Sirius is 8.8 light years away from us, which is 51.6 trillion miles. There and back would be 103.2 trillion miles, (163.2 trillion kilometers), which would mean that the planet would have to be traveling at 5.2 million k.p.h.. As the maximum speed of comets when they are near the sun is 2 million k.p.h., then it seems highly unlikely that anything could travel over twice that speed through interstellar space.

It is interesting, however, that the satellites placed the planet at 50 trillion miles, which is exactly where it would be if it had just been to Sirius, and was on its return trip. (The calculation above was to and fro, with u-turns at each end; but with an elliptical orbit, there would be more distance to cover). If the planet is not traveling in excess of 5 million k.p.h., there must be some kind of "wormhole", . by-passing normal space-time, which probably feeds into this solar system somewhere between Uranus and Pluto. The idea is reminiscent of the "stargate" aligned to the shafts of the Great Pyramid, of which, more later.

Anyway, Grant says Crowley revived the Sirius connection in 1904; and the nuclear bomb of Hiroshima in 1945, and/or a magical working by O.T.O. initiates called the Babalon Workinq in 1945/46, and/or Crowley’s death in 1947, led to the U.F.O. wave of 1947. That leads us on to our next piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


Don't Talk Crop!


In Andy Collins’ book, The Circlemakers, he says that a certain book, 78 which he thought he had lost, dislodged itself from his bookshelf at just the ideal moment to help him form the structure of his theory about the creation of crop circles. The book was........................................................................................................................................


Plasmatic UFOs

Having been interestedin Reich's work for some time, I was intrigued by Andy Collins' reference to Constable - someone who had taken the trouble (and risk of being branded a crank), to experiment with Reich's oddball ideas. I ordered all Constable's books from the library, but they couldn't locate any of them. Finally, on a bookstall at Any Cllins' annual Psychic Questing confernce, I found a newly published copy of Cosmic Pulse of Life, published by Borderland Sciences of USA. Even though there were 16 pages missing, (I later got a free replacement at the next lecture meeting), I was stunned by the correlations between Conmstable's experiences and those of Philip K. Dick. I prepared a short manuscript describing these correlations, to give to Andy at the next lecture meeting, which was the "City Circles Symposium" of September 1993, if memory serves (it rarely does!). Fortunately, I decided it was a bit too untidyand illegible, so, while travelling up to London on the train, I duplicated it - fortunate beca`use the original copy has survived for me to "lay it on you" now:




a) In 1974, Philip K. Dick - science-fiction author - underwent a mystical experience, in which a pink beam of light temporarily blinded himand he experienced an invasion of his mind by a higher mind; "It invaded my mind and assumed control of my motor centers and did my acting and thinking for me. I was a spectator to it...This mind...was equipped with tremendous technical spoke Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, there wasn't anything that it didn't seem to know". (GNOSIS MAGAZINE No.1; p.7 )

b) COSMIC PULSE, p.47: "...I set the stage for an irruption of the unseen worlds into consciousness - MINE - not prepared for such an impact....A constant strugglesoon ensued for control of my psychic vehicle - myself against unseen interlopers. I was fighting continually against avrius forms of automatism."



a) COSMIC PULSE p.83: "The existence of these organisms seems to essentially PLASMATIC, i.e., having their form expressed in heat substance...They are spheroidal, and therefore often look like dics."

COSMIC PULSE p.99: "These plasmatic forms..."

COSMIC PULSE p.436-438: Italian author and UFO investigator Lucciano Beccone and his group, had independently decided to call them "plasmoids".

b) RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH, by Philip K. Dick, p.48: They seem to be able to come together to form a single body or mind, like a plasmatic life form. I think they exist in the atmosphere....maybe they recently entered our atmosphere from another planet or plane."

c) GNOSIS MAGAZINE, No. 16, Summer 19990, p.40: "In rites such as the Old Latin baptism, the individual grows and changes in the course of the rite. At first the priest refers to the catechuman (the one to be baptised) as "creatura", or creature, of God. Then, after he renounces the Devil and says the Creed, HE IS CALLED "PLASMATA", or emanation. At last, after the pouring of water, he is called "child of God."



a) THE CIRCLEMAKERS, p.265, (The Avis Abduction case)..."the Watchers need hosts,...and they are us."

CIRCLEMAKERS p.266: "Both adults continued to feel they were in touch with the Watchers, either by telepathy or night-time astral projection experiences, where they would join with te collective consciousness of the Watchers and link as one with their minds."

b) VALIS by P.K.Dick, p.217-227: "I term the immortal one a PLASMATE, because it is a form of energy...the plasmate can crossbond with a human, creating what I call a HOMOPLASMATE...the plasmate (is) seeking out new human hosts to crossbond with...underneath all the names there is only one Immortal Man; AND WE ARE THAT MAN."



a) COSMIC PULSE, P.102: "The shapes and vehicles and the entity operating them form one being, just as a human being is a psychophysical mind-body unity."

b) RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH, by P>K. DICK, p.48 (again): "They sem to be able to come together to form a single body or mind..."

c) COMMUNION by Whitley Streiber, p.? : "If I was seeing real beings, then what was most striking about them was that they seemed to be moving to a sort of choreography...As if every action on the part of each independent being were decided elsewhere and then transmitted to the individual...I returnm to the thought that they may be a sort of hive."

d) EARTHMIND by Paul Devereux p.? (quoting the "nature mystic", George Russell's description of "Nymphs & Dryads"): "Sometimes I wondered if they had any individualized life at all, for they moved as if in some orchestration of their being. If one looked up, all looked up. If one moved..many bent in rhythm. I wondered were their thoughts all anothers, one who lived within them, guardian or oversoul to their tribe?"

e) DEVAS, FAIRIES AND ANGELS, by William Bloom, p.7: "...a deva does not lose contact with its cosmic has no sense of separation from source."



a) EARTHMIND by Paul Devereux, p.? : Russell called the Nymphs and Dryads, "Shining Folk."

b) ANCIENT EGYPT: THE SIRIUS CONNECTION, by Murry Hope, p.59 : Sekmet Montu, a High Priestess of Sekhmet practising the ancient religion secretly in Egypt, calls the Neters (Egyptian gods), "Shing Ones", and "Ones of the Shining Faces" who came from "The Star of Auset" (Isis), which is Sirius.

c) THE SEVENTH SWORD, by Andrew Collins, p.264: According to the information picked up psychically by Graham Phillips, the ancestors of the Shetland race were "shining white figures and whose abode was the sea."

d) CAIRNS AND CROP CIRCLES by Michael Poynder, Kindred Spirit, Vol. 2, No. 1: "In Irish mythology, we have legends of "The Shining Ones", the Priests of Light who disappeared at the end of the late neolithic period about 3000 BC by entering the Cairns, never to be seen again..."

e) HEART OF THE CHRISTOS, by Barbara Hand Clow, p.89: The Nefilim on the planet Nibiru are "eight feet tall - and they are shining."

f) FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS by Graham Hancock, p.49: One of the many legends about Kon Tiki Viracocha, the white-skinned, bearded pre-inca culture-bearer from the West, states atht he was "accompanied by "messengers" of two kinds, "faithful soldiers" (huaminca), and "shining ones" (hayhuaypanti). Their role was to carry their lord's message "to every part of the world.""

g) DEVAS FAIRIES AND ANGELS, by William Bloom, p.1: "There are many names for their different types - sylphs, undines, salamanders, gnomes, elves, fairies, goblins, cherubim, seraphim, angels...and so on. In Sanskrit there is one word which covers all these beings. This word is DEVA which means SHINING ONE or BEING OF LUMINOUS LIGHT."



a) COSMIC PULSE, p.53: "Lehrs also dealt in detail with the visual ray or eye beam - a ray of biological energy by which consciousness is carried outside the body to objects in space."

b) VALIS, p.218: "As living information, the plasmate travels up the optic nerve of a human to the pineal body."



a) COSMIC PULSE p.49: "Awar is in progress for control of the mind of man, a veritable battle of the earth that will determine the future course of evolution...there are negative forces from beneath man seeking to drag him down and positive forces assisting himto fulfill his destiny in freedom."

b) GNOSIS Vol.1, p.8-9: About Dick's experience: "It came to him that there was a great "I and You contest" going on, a struggle for supremacy on the part of certain groups, though in relation to this struggle, it was not clear where he stood...Like Albert W., Dick sensed that he was in the middle of a titanic battle, in this case, one between the Lord of Light and the Master of the Lie."



a) THE CIRCLEMAKERS, p.266 (Avis Abduction): Through visionary experiences and further dreams he also came to believe that the Watchers had interacted with the human race in prehistoric times and that some people on this earth were their descendents..."

N.B. The Egyptian word NTR, (neter, or god), meant "one who watches", and according to Sitchin, the name Shumer or Sumer - the land in which the Nefilim genetically engimneered the first humans - means the lamd of "the ones who watch".

b) See evidence alreadty quoted, from SEVENTH SWORD; LA RACE FABULEUSE; VALIS; OTHER TONGUES OTHER FLESH; BEYOND THE CIRCLES OF TIME (Andahadna); twlfth planet; plus this choice piece from Sekmet Montu in ANCIENT EGYPT - THE SIRIUS CONNECTION, p.59: (Speaking of the relationship between the Dogon and her own people, the Ammonites): "And although our skins vary greatly we are one race, for we married and lived with these Shining Ones in our ancestral lands..."


I have made a few additions, which seem relevant here. In fact, I have noticed more correlations on revewing the material, but I think these will suffice, except to point out that some p[opel who have rtead Tractates Cryptica Scriptura - the appendix at the back of VALIS, from which I have quoted, will appreciate Constable's observation: "The "intelligences" into whose realm I had broken poured confusing rubbish into me. there did not seem to be anyone to whom I could talk about my difficulties without already seeming to be "around the bend.""





The Magical Phlegm

The primary reason for the McKennas’ trip to the Amazon was to investigate the tryptamine buzz referred to above, though it was not until they arrived in the jungle that they realized it could be manipulated with the vocal chords, and was connected to the other enigma they were interested in. This second matter they wanted to probe was brought to their attention by an anthropological report in the July 1969 edition of Natural History. Michael Harner had reported that the Jivaro Indian shamans of the Amazon area exhibited a strange phenomenon in connection with the plant Banisteriopsis caapi, also known as Ayahuasca or Yage

“the shamans, under the influence of potent monoamine oxidase-inhibiting, harmine- and tryptamine-containing Banisteriopsis  infusions, are said to produce a fluorescent substance by means of which they accomplish all their magic. Though invisible to ordinary perception, this fluid is said to be visible to anyone who has ingested the infusion. Ayahuasca is frequently associated with violet auras and deep blue hallucinations; this suggests that Ayahuasca may enable one to see at ultraviolet wavelengths, and that this substance may be visible only in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.”110

The “violet psychofluid” forms on the surface of the skin, like sweat, and is also vomited out of the mouth after ingesting ayahuasca. “Informants insist that the shamans spread the stuff out on the ground in front of them and that one can look at this material and see other times and other places”.111

Dennis describes the connection between the tryptamine buzz and the violet psychofluid, as discovered by Terence:

The D.M.T.-initiated state, which allows prolonged bursts of this vocal energy, he describes as being one of seeing the levels of sound become more dense as they finally materialize into small, gnome-like, machine-like creatures made of material like obsidian froth, which pours from the body, mouth, and sex organs as long as the sound continues. It is effervescent, phosphorescent and indescribable. Here is where the linguistic metaphors become useless, for what the material actually is, is a supralinguistic matter; it is a language, but not made of words- a language which becomes and which is the things it describes. It is a more perfect archetypal Logos. We are convinced that through experimentation with these vocal phenomena, with and without the aid of drugs, it will be possible to understand and use translinguistic matter to accomplish any reality, for to say anything in this voice is to cause that thing to happen!112

The “transdimensional goo”. or “magical phlegm” is also used for curing the sick, somewhat reminiscent of the early Christians, who were “filled with the Spirit”, curing people while speaking the odd “language” of glossolalia.

The fairly complex speculations of the McKennas on molecular neuro-chemistry are now begging some mention; but first, some background on brain chemistry:

  Third Eye Juice


The pineal gland is a gland in the centre of the brain, once thought to have been a vestigial eye. The Hindus call it the third eye, associating it with paranormal powers when ‘opened” by techniques such as meditation. This opening of the Third Eye leads to “Illumination” and “Enlightenment”.

The pineal converts the amino-acid tryptophan, which is obtained from our food, into a substance called 5-hydroxytryptophan. (Buddha was sitting under a Bo tree when he achieved enlightenment, and the Bo tree provides figs called “Ficus Religiosus”, which are unusually rich in tryptophan). It performs the conversion by an enzyme called tryptophan hydroxylase. Then the pineal converts 5-hydroxytryptophan into 5-hydroxytryptamine, (serotonin) by the enzyme dopa decarboxylase. Finally, the pineal converts serotonin into melatonin by 2 stages: an acetylating enzyme converts the serotonin to N-acetylserotonin, then another enzyme called HIOMT (hydroxy-indole-o-methyltransferase) converts the N-acetylserotonin to melatonin (5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine). The melatonin is circulated in the blood, and causes the skin cells to modify their production of the skin-pigment melanin; it also suppresses the hormone production of several glands, including the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, pituitary and hypothalamus. These last two, in turn inhibiting gonadal hormone production.

It has been found that serotonin levels vary on a 24-hour cycle, which “can be synchronized to an extent by changes in day/night length or indeed light/dark cycles.”113 Melatonin production is even more influenced by light. Some nerve impulses from the retina are directed, via the spinal column, hypothalamus and pituitary gland, to the pineal gland, where the light, now converted to nerve impulses, causes the nerve originating in the retina to release noradrenaline into the pineal, inhibiting the enzyme HIOMT, thereby STOPPING production of melatonin.

Melatonin causes REM sleep (rapid eyeball movement), which is dream sleep, and correlates to a predominance of theta waves in the brain. Melatonin also causes the pineal to release another substance, called vasotocin, which causes deep sleep - a predominance of delta waves; this is why we have short periods of REM sleep, followed by deep sleep.

So, the pineal gland produces serotonin and melatonin, which are both tryptamines. It has been suggested by Colin Wilson, that serotonin “has a great deal to do with the evolution of species”114, because the primates have far more serotonin than any other class of animal. He says it inhibits sexual development and increases intelligence. As we have seen, it is after it has been converted to melatonin that it inhibits sexual development. (Eskimo women cease to menstruate during the 4 months of long Arctic winter nights, when lack of light causes uninterrupted melatonin production.) In fact, serotonin increases sexual development, as was evidenced by an experiment in which baboons were injected with serotonin, and lost their “mating season”, becoming able to mate at any time of the year, like humans.

Serotonin allows us to concentrate, by suppressing dream states and input from a wide spectrum of stimuli (melatonin territory), and narrowing our attention span to a narrow undistracted beam; it has been called. “The policeman of the thoughts.”115

Hallucinogens like L.S.D. and psilocybin (which is a tryptamine), achieve their affect by blocking the serotonin receptors on the synapses of the neurons. This is because of the similarity in the shape of the molecules.

Normally, serotonin only exists for a fraction of a second, before being destroyed by an enzyme called mono-amino-oxidase; M.A.O.). Anti-depressants like Prozac work by inhibiting M.A.O., causing a rise in levels of serotonin in the brain, and therefore a heightened level of concentration and perception of reality. They bind irreversibly to the M.A.O. molecules.


Biochemistry of Telepathy


Like tryptamines, beta-carbolines are another group of compounds, some of which are found in the brains and pineal glands of mammals, and others of which are found in hallucinogenic plants such as Banisteriopsis caapi. (or Yage, pronounced “ya-hee”). which is the main constituent of the shamanic brew, Ayahuasca, (the names for the plant and the brew are interchangeable): the other psychotropic ingredient is Psychotria viridis, which contains D.M.T.. Beta-carbolines are powerful M.A.O.-inhibitors, and as long as M.A.O. production is inhibited, serotonin continues to be produced and accumulates in the brain, along with any exogenously introduced tryptamines (from outside the body).

Tetrahydro-beta-carboline and 6-methoxy-tetrahydro-beta-carboline are two of the beta-carbolines that occur in the brains and pineal glands of mammals116. A third possible pineal beta-carboline is 6-methoxy-harmalan, a hallucinogen which derives from melatonin (in vitro). Yet another alkaloid, which occurs in the hallucinogenic plant Virola theiodora; 6-methoxy-tetrahydro-harman, (identical to the pineal hormone adrenoglomerulotropine), is thus also, a hallucinogen which is found in the pineal gland117.

In discussion of the Amazon vine Banisteriopsis caapi, and its harmala alkaloids, harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydro-harmine, we are informed of their association with TELEPATHY, and that “a related substance -methoxytetrahydroharman -is produced in the pineal gland, the third eye of Eastern mysticism. Production of this substance is said to increase with spiritual development.”118 (See fig.9).

Harmine was actually called TELEPATHINE when first studied, being extracted from Banisteriopsis caapi. Then it was found that it had already been extracted from Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala), and named “harmine”.

Actually, the Mckennas suggest that Virola theiodora, which grows in the same Amazon area which they visited, contains in its resin both tryptamines AND beta-carbolines. However, their own experience was provoked by the smoking of the bark of Banisteriopsis caapi, after ingesting Stropharia cubensis mushrooms (which also grow in the area). This gave "the closest approximation to smoking synthetic tryptamine (DMT) that we have found in nature"119. The Stropharia cubensis mushrooms contain the tryptamines Psilocin (4-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine) and Psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-dimethyltryptamine). Terence Mckenna also claims that D.M.T. itself can be found naturally in the human brain.120 Update: see Strassman's book, DMT the Spirit Molecule


Electron Spin Resonance


For anyone interested in neuro-chemistry, I would recommend reading pages 57-93 of the Invisible Landscape. I will attempt to summarise the most cogent points here. By the way... I would NOT recommend experimentation with any plants or chemicals except under laboratory conditions, supervised by  trained psychopharmacologists.)

Serotonin and its analogs, and beta-carbolines like Harmine work by bonding to DNA and RNA (the single-strand messenger molecule). This process is called intercalation, as the molecules of the compound bind "by interaction between the base pairs of the double helix, resulting in a partial unwinding of the helix in the region of the intercalated molecule".121

The bonding and de-bonding with rapid twisting and un-twisting of the RNA causes an oscillation within the electrical fields of the synapses, and gives off a signal - electron spin resonance - in tens of millions of synapses at once, resulting in a holographic effect, detected as thought or consciousness. The untwisting of the helixes acts as a shutter mechanism, allowing entry across the membrane and into the cell, of small molecules. At this point the harmine or one of its analogs, if it is in the system, would enter and bond with the neural DNA, amplifying the electron spin resonance. (ESR), making information from decoded portions of DNA available to consciousness. “Thus, a population using harmine or similar compounds in shamanic and religious practices, or an organism capable of synthesizing such highly reactive compounds internally,  might well be afforded a tremendous evolutionary advantage , as it would possess an enhanced access to the informational gestalten of its own holographic genetic storage system.”122

It is suggested that "the pineal may be receptive to the ESR signals of other organisms as well as those of its owner". Such signals would be at radar or short-wave radio frequencies! These ideas are an intriguing explanation for telepathy and they need investigating.

The tryptamine buzz, it is theorized, could be caused by the ESR of the tryptamines metabolizing in the nervous system, somehow amplified to audible levels. 

We discovered that it was possible to closely imitate these tones with the voice by sounding harmonic vocal tones that quickly adjusted to the interior sounds as they moved from the audible into the ultrasonic range. Using this knowledge, it was possible to produce a vocal sound that seemed to amplify the harmonic tones perceivable inside the cranium. The vocal production of the sounds seems to rest on specific effects of the tryptamines on the motor nerves, particularly those governing the facial and vocal muscles. As with Ayahuasca, an interior sound is commonly heard, which quite often triggers a spontaneous burst of imitative vocalizing, MARKEDLY UNLIKE ANY CONVENTIONAL HUMAN SPEECH OR FACIAL CONTORTIONS. The tryptamines can apparently trigger a kind of rippling of facial muscles, which results in the production of a vocally modulated pressure wave.”123




Here we have an emerging explanation for the glossolalia, or speaking in tongues achieved by the apostles, after being “filled with the Spirit”. If they had ingested some form of hallucinogen, as suggested by John Allegro in his book, “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross”124 (he suggested it was fly agaric, which contains muscarine and ibotenic acid), or they had become capable of “synthesizing such highly reactive compounds internally” (such as methoxytetrahydroharman. which, as I have mentioned, is “said to increase with spiritual development”; then perhaps they were producing this strange speech, while decoding information from their neural DNA, and transmitting it telepathically by electron spin resonance. There WERE visual and audible effects - the house was filled with a sound “like the rush of a mighty wind”, (Mckenna describes the buzzing as like ‘whistling wind and running water”)125, and they saw something that looked like “tongues of fire”; (Grant describes the effects of the third eye, stimulated by ‘kundalini energy”, as “the whole world looks illumined, aflame”).126

Some witnesses thought the apostles were intoxicated, but others understood them in their own languages. There were only 11 disciples (Acts 1,12), yet between 15 and 17 languages are mentioned (Acts 2, 7-11). Telepathy would explain that.

Philip K. Dick’s friend, bishop Jim Pike died of dehydration in the hostile desert environment near Qumran, on the Dead Sea, while searching the area for evidence that the “pre-Christian Cnristians” - Zadokites and Essenes - had  access  to hallucinogenic fungus. Dicks last book published in his lifetime - The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, was based on Jim Pike, and Dick’s feeling that his “invading intelligence” was at one point connected with Jim Pikes ghost.


The Approaching Mutation 


Anyway, getting back to the vocally-modulated tryptamine buzz; it acts on the harmine like harmonics, by canceling the “charge transfer’, causing it to act like a superconductor. 

This superconductively-sustained and amplified resonation of the harmine-DNA macromolecule would excite the tryptamine-RNA complex into a sympathetic resonance frequency, causing it to act as a radio transmitter which would broadcast the coded information of the harmine-DNA superconducting sustainer circuit”127

 This would manifest as standing waveform “of the entire resonating macromolecule”.128

The interference pattern would be set up by the tryptamine- RNA complexes triggered by thought, and when in phase with the harmine-DNA resonation, would create a holographic 3- dimensional image - an excerpt from the DNA memory bank. The tryptamine-RNA complex could also “function as an omnidirectional receiver for externally-modulated   ESR frequencies” 129 - i.e. telepathy.

Finally, these bizarre strands of electro-chemico-neuro-information blend into the following startling conclusions:

 What we are suggesting on one level is that how conscious an organism is of the world that surrounds it may be fundamentally related to charge-transfer capacity of the endogenous DNA and RNA intercalators that the organism has evolved. Serotonin may be one of many possible resonant transmitters of the informational hologram that is stored in DNA. HARMINE, WE SUGGEST, MAY BE ANOTHEE, AND PERHAPS MORE EFFICIENT TRANSMITTER. Harmine may be more efficient precisely because it bonds more readily to DNA than to RNA. THE RISE IN LEVELS OF BETA-CARDOLINES SEEN IN PINEAL GLANDS AS ONE ASCENDS PRIMATE PHYLOGENY - WITH THE HIGHEST LEVELS OCCURING IN HOMO SAPIENS - lends credence to the idea that the adaptation called consciousness may involve mutation of the metabolic pathways associated with serotonin, other trypamines, and harmine. THE SHIFT OF EMPHASIS FROM SEROTONIN PATHWAYS TO BETA-CARBOLINE AND METHYLATED TRYPTAMINE PATHWAYS IS, WE SPECULATE, THE MOLECULAR EVOLUTIONARY EVENT THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INTIMAT IONS OF TRANSFIGURATION THAT HAVE RECENTLY CHARACTERISED MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.”130


                                                           Brainwaves & Timewaves   

So, in summary; there is a connection between evolutionary ­advancement, spiritual advancement, and the chemistry of the pineal gland. Spiritually advanced people are those who, by their own actions- often some form of meditation- have made an evolutionary leap. Zen meditators who have been meditating for at least 20 years are able at will, to quickly enter a theta state while awake, which corresponds to pineal melatonin production. As one’s ability progresses, the pineal produces more harmala alkaloids, which allow consciousness access to the genetic code; the “dissociative state”,131 “when non-physical phenomena constitute the whole field of perception.131 It has now been found that, in addition to theta activity, there is high amplitude delta and high amplitude theta, centred at the top of the head, and synchronous in both hemispheres.  The step beyond this has been called “the transcendant state”,  when “individuals move beyond their own ego, beyond the unconscious mind, into a peak state of universal awareness”132. The delta and theta activity of the dissociative state continues, but is accompanied by very high beta activity in the temporal regions of the brain.

Thanks to technology, it is no longer necessary to meditate in excess of 20 years to achieve these results. There is a whole range of “brain machines” designed to bring about these changes.

The simplest versions are L.S. (light and sound), and C.E.S. (cranial electro—stimulation). The L.S. machines, by synchronising pulsed sound and light, can entrain the brainwaves to any desired frequency, stimulating production of neuro-chemicals, including serotonin. The C.E.S. machines can produce similar results by pulsed micro-electric currents, administered directly through the cranium. C.E.S. machines have produced out-of-body experiences, as have pulsing electro-magnets placed on the temples. The latter has also stimulated U.F.O. abduction experiences and “communication with God”. For a thorough review of these machines, see “Mega Brain Power”, by Michael Hutchison.133  

Mckenna’s “Timewave Zero”, indicates that in the year 2012, there will be a mass mutation of man; abnormal amine levels, or tryptophan metabolism in the brain, giving mass access to the genetic code, the collective unconscious and telepathic abilities. This will presumably be triggered by some change in the environment; it seems likely that this change will be electro-magnetic in nature, possibly being connected with the electro-magnetic field of the earth, or the sun. It could, perhaps, be triggered by unusual planetary alignments, or THE CLOSE PROXIMITY OF A PASSING PLANETARY BODY. Maybe even pollution, radiation, or gravitation anomalies could trigger it...or...:

I shall explore these possibilities in chapter five (Update: Chapter 5 became Beyond 2012)



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