A Convergence of Eschatological Information...


1. Mayan Calendar

2. Galactic Synchronisation

3. Sunspot Cycles

4. Crustal Displacement

5. Solstice/Galactic Centre Conjunction

6. Mayan Tribal Prophecy

7. Hopi Tribal Prophecy

8. Inca Prophecy

9. UFO Flaps

10. The Bible Code

11. Photon Belt

12. Channels

13. Clow

14. DMT

15. ET Contact

16. Crop Circles

17. Timewave Zero (TW1)

18. Critical Mass

19.Information Doubling

20. Pi In The Sky

21. The Tarot

22. Seers

23. Boustrophedon

24. Montauk

25. Crystal Skulls

26. The Hall of Records

27. The Return of Nibiru

28. The Return of the Phoenix

29. Peak of Monthly Earth Energy Cycle

30. Gordon Michael Scallion

31. Quincunx = Aztec Calendar

32. Magnetic Field Reversal

33. 2012 as Next Precessional Age

34. The Pyramid of Kukulcan

35. Birth & Death of Venus

36. Remote Viewing

37. Alchemists & Masons

38. The Dendera Zodiac

39. Star-Map-to-Ground Correlation at Giza in 2012

40. Blue Star Kachina

41. Other Astronomical Phenomena in 2012

42. Radio ham Discovers Sunspot-Linked Geomagnetic Reversal

43. The rattling of The Pleiades

44. The Eye in The Pyramid

45. Great Pyramid of Giza as 2012 Indicator

46.Re-birth of Osiris

47. Adrian Gilbert - Signs in the Sky

48. Sphinx Stargate



1. Mayan Calendar; the Great Cycle started in 3114 BC and ends in December 2012.  


                                     The 13x20 Tzolkin with day-signs; The Mayan Factor C.1987 Jose Arguelles

                                                                                       The Tzolkin, or Mayan Sacred Calendar

The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar based around the period of human gestation. It is composed of 20 day-signs, each of which has 13 variations, and was (and still is) used to determine character traits and time harmonics, in a similar way to Western astrology. The Maya also used a 365-day calendar called the Haab, and a Venus calendar, plus others. They measured long time periods by means of a Long Count, in which one 360-day year  (a "Tun"), consists of 18 x 20-day "months" ("Uinals"). Twenty of these Tuns is a Katun; 20 Katuns is a Baktun (nearly 400 years); and 13 Baktuns adds up to a "Great Cycle" of 1,872,000 days, ( 5200 Tuns, or about 5125 years).

Mayan scholars have been attempting to correlate the Long Count with our Western Gregorian calendar, since the beginning of this century. There has been massive variation in the suggested correlations, but as early as 1905, Goodman suggested a correlation only 3 days from the most popular one today. Known as the GMT correlation, or "correlation # 584283", this was finalized in 1950, and puts the start of the Great Cycle    ( day  on 11th August 3114 BC, and the end-date (known as as 21st December 2012


                                            The "harmonic module"; The Mayan Factor, C. 1987, Jose Arguelles  

 Jose Arguelles has pointed out that  the Tzolkin is a harmonic of the Great Cycle, and can be used to map history, as if it is measuring not individual gestation but species gestation, since 5 Great Cycles add to exactly 26,000 Tuns; the "Grand Year" or precession of the equinoxes - a higher harmonic of 260. (For an explanation of why this diagram says 3113 BC see ADDENDUM). 

2. Galactic Synchronization; Jose Arguelles says in his book The Mayan Factor, the 5125-year Great Cycle marks Earth’s passage through a “ resonant frequency synchronisation beam”, which will prepare Earth and humanity for an ascension, or evolutionary leap to the next dimension.

  The 13-baktun wave-harmonic of history; The Mayan Factor, C. 1987, Jose Arguelles

  The Tzolkin as Great Cycle , mapping history - from The Mayan Factor

3. Sunspot Cycles; Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, in their book the Mayan Prophecies, say that the end of the Great Cycle is the culmination of a series of long-term sunspot cycles which will flip the sun’s magnetic field, causing earthquakes and flooding on earth. Moreover, the changing magnetic field will alter the endocrine production of  the pineal gland. John Major Jenkins has pointed out that the detailed graphs of the cycles do not actually show significant termination points at the end of the Great Cycle; click here for Jenkins' full unabridged review of  The Mayan Prophecies. However, generally speaking, scientifically accepted records of sunspot activity do seem to be heading for a climax in the near future. (See also item 42)

                                            Mean sunspot numbers; The Mayan Prophecies, C. 1995. Adrian Gilbert & Maurice Cotterell  

                                        The yearly average (mean) of daily relative sunspot numbers from 1851 to 1980

                                                Max sunspot trajectory; C. 1995. Adrian Gilbert & Maurice Cotterell  

When the sunspot numbers are graphed, longer cycles are evident                                                                                                                                                                                                4. Crustal Displacement; Graham Hancock has suggested in his book Fingerprints of the Gods, that an unusual planetary alignment at the end of the Great Cycle will cause a gravitational effect on the crust of the Earth, which is top-heavy with polar ice. The crust will slip, wiping out most of the life on Earth as a result of colossal tidal waves. However, this planetary alignment is due on 24 December 2011, which is the date given by Frank Waters in Mexico Mystique as the end of the Great Cycle. Since the end-point has now been confirmed as 21 December 2012, if we are due for crustal displacement, this alignment will probably NOT be the trigger (see addendum).  


                                                              Planetary positions 24/12/2011; Mexico Mystique. C. 1975. Frank Waters

5. Solstice - Galactic Centre Conjunction; John Major Jenkins has finally decoded the meaning behind the Mayan Great Cycle. In his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, he shows that the Great Cycle is a fifth and final cycle in the 26,000-year  Precession of the Equinoxes, except that the Mayans measured it from the Winter Solstice instead of the Spring Equinox. On 21/12/2012, the Solstice sun will align with the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, which the Maya called the Mouth of the Crocodile, (or jaguar-toad); the Crocodile Tree being the Milky Way itself.  

         Crocodile Tree as dark rift; Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. C. 1998. J. M. Jenkins                      The coming of Galactic Solstice; Maya cosmogenesis 2012. C. 1998. J. M. Jenkins

     Milky Way as Cosmic Tree compared with caiman-tree.                          The movement of  of the Milky Way towards                                                                                                                                         the December solstice sun between 6000BC and 2012            

This is the widest part of the Milky Way, and corresponds to the direction of the centre of the galaxy. As the alignment occurs, the Earth will align with the plane of the galaxy and pass onto the other side,** causing a “ field – effect energy reversal”, allowing us to resonate with the source of the field. This will be the completion of the human spiritual embryogenesis which is measured by the Mayan Long Count calendar, culminating in a “pole shift” in the collective psyche, and the birth of our Higher Selves. This last day of the Great Cycle, the Maya called Creation Day. **The alignment is discussed, (including the idea that the solar system is "north" of the galactic plane) at Time wave Zero 2012 posts 1126 - 1176 (see esp. posts 1147 & 1169 ) Jenkins' essay "The True Alignment Zone " also clairfies the alignment issue.



       The emergence of First Father; Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. C. 1998. J. M. Jenkins             The convergence of solstice sun and Galactic Centre; Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. C. 1998. J. M. Jenkins 

First Father (December solstice sun) emerges                          The convergence of the December solstice sun with Galactic Center:...... ......... from the mouth of the jaguar-toad (dark rift)                                   A: 8000 years ago.  B: 4000 years ago C: 2012                                           

6. Mayan Tribal Prophecy; Hunbatz Men, a modern Mayan Daykeeper, says we should visit sacred sites to correct the outcome of a flaw in human DNA. This will strengthen our energy bodies for  the coming transition at the end of the Great Cycle.

Meditating Mayan; Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion. C. 1990. Hunbatz Men

7.Hopi Tribal Prophecy; Oh Shinnah says the "Great Purification" will be over by  2011 (ref: Profiles in Wisdom on 2012 Books page); (see also, addendum), and says "it will be marked by the appearance of a new star".

  In Court de Gebelin's Tarot deck, the Star was called "The Dog Star"Kenneth Grant says the Star in the Thoth deck represents Sirius (the Dog Star).

The Star in the Thoth Tarot

8. Inca Prophecy; Wi1laru Huayta, a Peruvian "spiritual messenger" says that 2013 is the end of the Inca calendar  (see addendum), and in that year- a "huge asteroid" 3 times larger than Jupiter will pass close to earth, causing cataclysms that will kill off most of humankind. See News Flash


                                                         Nibiru as huge asteroid; The Twelfth Planet. C. 1976. Zecharia Sitchin

                                                      Sounds like Nibiru - Sitchin's 12th Planet see item 27 & 35

9. UFO Flaps; the world s biggest ever UFO flap started in Mexico in 1991 and continues to this day. This has helped focus world attention on the Mayan calendar and prophecies. A recent UFO flap over Arizona may also point to the Hopi prophecies, just as an Israel flap brings in the biblical prophecies. (For Harley Swiftdeer's prophecy, click here).

                                UFO over Palenque, 21/3/91. C. 1996. UFO Reality

                                                              UFO over Palenque, Mexico; 21st March 1991

10. The Bible Code; Michael Drosnin's book, The Bible Code, tells the story of a code apparently discovered in the torah, which has now been verified by mathematicians and code-breakers, predicts all major news items from the holocaust to Hiroshima. More recent events have been decoded before they happened, including the collision of the Shoemaker-Levy comet with Jupiter. The date of the collision was found to be encoded months before it happened. As for the future, the last encoded date is 2126 -seventh month - when comet Swift-Tuttle is predicted to return to the solar system, just as astronomers have already predicted. However, in 2012, a comet is predicted which will crumble into pieces and/or ‘annihilate’ the earth.  

The Bible code continues to be challenged; some think the codes are imaginary; some think they are real, but cannot predict the future; some just object for religious reasons; for a selection of views, click here


         2012: earth annihilated by a comet? The Bible Code. C. 1997. Michael Drosnin

        The comet will break up...The Bible Code. C. 1997. Michael Drosnin

11. Photon Belt; in 1961, according to several by new age sources, Paul Otto Hesse discovered a "photon belt" circling the central sun of the Pleiades, and, we are told, our solar system passes through it every 12,500 years, and will next be fully immersed in it in "2011-2012". UPDATE:  However, it now transpires that the original article was probably a hoax, and that there are at least 3 major errors involved in the story:

1) No photon belt or other such region of increased energy has been discovered. Photons in any case are merely particles of electromagnetic energy, which we commonly experience as light. Upon exposure to excess photons the most common transformation of your being is sunburn.

(2) There's no "anomaly" near the Pleiades star cluster. The Pleiades are surrounded by a nebula, or gas cloud. This cloud is composed not of photons but of dust and hydrogen gas.

(3) The earth isn't heading toward the Pleiades but away from them. In the 1850s it was conjectured that the earth orbited the Pleiades, but this has long since been discredited.

(4) Paul Otto Hesse is a German author of a book on Judgement Day and is unknown to astronomers.

See this site for more information on the truth behind the photon belt myth. See also HERE, for more detail on the origin of the story, and an archived article by astro-physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette, Galactic Center Disinformation, which suggests that although it is wrong in many ways, the photon belt myth can be seen as an analogy for a galactic superwave (see item 48). It is also an analogy for precession, (diagram at item 31) but the 25,000-26,000 - year movement is the movement of the equinoxes and solstices around the zodiac, not the solar system around the Pleiades. HOWEVER, it just so happens that the Maya used the Pleiades to measure precession, and our proximity to the 2012 end-point (see item 34). 

Other scientists such as Alexey Dmitriev have also developed theories that relate to this issue. Dmitriev has analysed solar system changes and concluded that the solar system is entering an "area of magnetised plasma" see HERE for more.


         The Sun's supposed orbit around the central sun. God I Am. C. 1991. Triad Pulishers Pty. Ltd/ Turm-Verlag/Peter O. Erbe                                The Photon Band & Alcyone Spiral. The Pleiadian Agenda. C. 1995. Barbara Hand Clow

12. Channels; Peter O. Erbe, chanelling the great white brotherhood, says we will enter the photon belt in 2011, which will trigger an ascension to "fourth-level density". The greys are in league with governments trying to abort the process. St. Germain  (via Azena), says we will enter the belt in December 2012, attaining a "parallel universe". The Sirians (via Sheldon Nidle) say we should have entered the belt in 1996.    In 2012/13 our whole solar system will travel down a wormhole in the direction of the Sirius system.    The photon belt will alter DNA and chakras allowing us to use our  inter-dimensional soul body for existence in a timeless higher dimension.

UPDATE: See item 11 above - the Photon belt story is seriously faulted!


            The Photon Belt. You Are Becoming A Galactic Human. C. 1994. Virginia Essene & Sheldon Nidle                   Solar System meets Sirius in 2012. You are Becoming a Galactic Human. C. 1994. Virginia Essene & Sheldon Nidle

13. Clow; Barbara Hand Clow’s version (in her book, The Pleiadian Agenda), unifies all the others. In 1987, the galactic synchronization beam reacted with the photon band as we entered it. At Winter Solstice 2012, Earth’s  entire orbital path will be engulfed in the band; this will be the ascension. We must prepare by meditating at sacred sites, to modify our DNA and emotional bodies. In 2013 “the 3rd dimension will dissipate on Earth”. (Contactee Alex Collier agrees about the latter, but calls it a "third density implosion"and says it will occur on December 3 2013.)  Nibiru (see  item 27, item 35) and Sirius (see item 40) are also involved

UPDATE: See item 11 above - the Photon belt story is seriously faulted!


       5 Mayan great Cycles & the Photon Band.The Pleiadian Agenda. C. 1995 Barbara Hand Clow                 Earth immersed in 1987. The Pleidian Agenda. C. 1995. Barbara Hand Clow

See: a) The Photon Belt : Dr.Noel Huntley gives the case FOR the Photon Belt.
  b) The Straight Dope: Is The Earth About to Enter the Photon Belt Causing the End to All Life As We     Know It? : "Cecil"gives the case AGAINST the Photon Belt 
c) Galactic Center Disinformation: (ARCHIVE UPDATE) Astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette sorts out the truth behind the Photon Belt (see also item 48)

          d) Exploding the myth of the Photon Belt

          e) The Original Photon Belt Story in Nexus Magazine Feb/Mar 1991 is halfway down this page, repeated from a 1981 article NEW!!