Extracts from                Omega Point.

A project which was started in 1996, this essay progressed into 6 chapters. As it developed, new information became available at an increasing rate, which necessitated constant revising and updating of what had already been  written. In December 97, I  managed to get 2 short articles printed (here and here). These developed into a more detailed summary called "Omega Pointers", which evolved into the first batch of Beyond 2012. It soon became obvious that the only way to share this information effectively, was to put it on the internet, where it can be updated as often as necessary.

However, I  would like to share some of my favourite insights from Omega Point, which is stored on an antique word processor, and will therefore take some time to transfer. Check back every so often for another slice.


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Chapter 1:     The Tarot As An Apocalyptic Cryptogram


Calendrical Connections

Solar v Lunar

Epagomenal Neters and Axis Tilt

 Sitchin's Planet

Venus in plumes, or Peruvian Shroom-Fume Doom?

Muck on Asteroids

Star of the Tenth Moon

No More Firmament

 Fanfare at the End of Time

22 Steps to Heaven

 The Beastly Tarot

Remnants of Egyptian Symbology

 Egyptian Symbolism in the Thoth Deck

 Moses the Egyptian

 Mummy Revival

 More Egyptian Influences

The Gnosis

 Chapter2:   Sirius, Comets, Aliens & Omega


Transplutonic Isis

The Aeon of Maat

Alien Ancestry

Flying Snake & Hawk Eye

Sirius C

Here Come the Men In White Coats!

The Psychic Gene

Moses & Heliopolis

Egyptian Firebird

Original Tarot Powered by Meteoritic Transducer

The European Isis Cult

Sufis & Gnostics

Cryptic Art

Blood of the Shining Ones

The Aleph

P.K.D.'s Amazing Science Fact-ion

The Source of Religion

Plasmatic Symbionts

Mind Parasites

Kenneth Grant & the Lovecraft Mythos

The Repulsive Ones

The Clow Version

Nibiruan Wormhole

Don't Talk Crop!

Plasmatic UFOs

The Techno-Shaman

Information Doubling

Dick & McKenna: The Translinguistic Connection

McKenna & Grant: Psychedelic Buzz & the Enochians

Self-Transforming Elves & the Flower of Daath

The Magical Phlegm

Third Eye Juice

Biochemistry of Telepathy

Electron Spin Resonance


The Approaching Mutation

Brainwaves & Timewaves

Chapter 2.5 - The Secret Chapter

The Secret

Medicinal/Folk Uses (****** *** ****)

Talking ****

Modern Medecines ********* **** *****

Other Hormones ** ***** * ******


**** *** Tea

**** *** Dinner

******** ****** Lunch




Chapter 3:    Kundalini, Orgone, UFOs & Leylines


Astral light

Hip Gnosis

Od, Odic force, or Odyle & the Human Aura

The Etheric Double

Life Field

Russians Photograph the Life field!

Ch'i - Chinese Lifeforce

Kundalini & Prana

Blasphemous Interlude

Water Lines, Track Lines, Aquastats & Blind Springs


Orgone - The Energy of the Orgasm

Needles of Stone

Alternating Current

Standing Stones

Stone Circles


The Pranic National grid



Intergalactic Leylines

The Eye in the Triangle

Kundalini Yoga

Chapter 4: The Wormhole of Daath


Hamlet's Mill

The Planets

Alchemical Interlude



Spacial Water


The Devil

The Arrow Star

Where Is It?

The Milky Gates

The Southern Gate

The Northern Gate

NASA Knows Where It Is

The Hopi

Nibiru & Crop Circles

Chapter 5:   Convergence of Eschatological Info.

This chapter became the ever-morphing Beyond 2012.

Chapter 6: Building The Resurrection Body.

UPDATE:  Parts of this chapter have

 been re-written into an essay: Soulcraft


The Bible



The Fifth way


Other Schools of Theosophy

The Inner Call

Spiritual Exercises

Gurdjieff v. Blavatsky



The Merkaba


Christ Consciousness Spherical breathing

Dr. Muses

The Phase-Resonant Meditation

The Lion Path

The Earth Cycle

The Timing of the Sessions

Lion Path Session Dates

Finding The Links

Rising Out of Chaos

Awakening to Zero Point


Taoist yoga

The Keys of Enoch

The Five Bodies

Overself Body

Christ Body of Light/Christ Overself

The Enochian Merkabah