The Wormhole of Daath



In the course of this study, we have come across various pieces of information which add together to indicate the possibility of a comet, asteroid or planetoid with Sirius connections passing uncomfortably close to the Earth around 2012, or 2013. Let me just run through these snippets again.


1. The Tarot; We found the tarot to be directly associated with the Apocalypse, or Revelation of St. John; and Atu 17, the Star, to be related to Sirius by Court De Gebelin and Grant).

2. The Book of Revelation; Trumpets 2, 3, and 5 announce phenomena that would accompany the close by-pass of a large satellite or planetoid; earthquakes, floods, meteorite showers, dust blocking sunlight and moonlight, large meteors, thunder and lightning, etc.

3. Mummies and the Rapture; We found Egyptian connections in the Tarot, along with the Christian ones, and connections between the two religions, especially as regards resurrection and judgement, which feature strongly in the Tarot and Revelation. Anubis, Isis and Nephthys all feature in Egyptian judgement scenes, and are all connected with Sirius.

4. Egyptian Mythology; Murry Hope concluded from her study of Egyptian mythology that Sirius was responsible for a change in the Earthís orbit, resulting in the 5 extra ("epagomenal") days and also, possibly, the axis tilt which causes the four seasons. She also concluded that Sirius would be somehow involved with an imminent "evolutionary quantum leap" for mankind.1

5. Babylonian Mythology; Zecharia Sitchinís study of Babylonian mythology indicates that there is a massive planet, (Nibiru), on an elliptical orbit, which returns to this solar system every, 3,600 years, causing exactly the kind of havoc described in Revelation.2

6. Mayan Mythology: Otto Muckís study concluded that an asteroid crashed into the Earth after being pulled of f course and by a conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Venus in 8498 BC - "the point at which the Mayan calendar started". (If this asteroid was a minor satellite of Sitchinís "12th planet" - Nibiru - and is connected with the end of the Mayan calendar as well as the beginning, then Sitchinís 3,600-year cycle would be less than 100 years out. 8498 BC to 2012 AD =10,509 years - allowing for the "missing year" 0 AD ; 3 x 3503 = 10,509 years. However. Muckís figures donít seem to tally with anyone elseís- he puts the start of the Mayan calendar at one Great Cycle (approx. 5125 years) before the usual date of 3114 BC, yet arrives at a date of 8498 BC, an error of around 260 years.3

7. Worldwide Mythology: Immanuel Velikovskyís studies indicate that in the cosmic collision, or near collision, a cometís path was altered so that it took up a near circular orbit, BECOMING the planet Venus, which the Toltecs and Aztecs called Quetzalcoatl (the plumed serpent). However, this was also the name of their god-king, who was white and bearded (in old French. a comet is called a "bearded star"), and would ONE DAY, RETURN. Velikovsky also pointed out that Venus is associated with the Egyptian Isis and the Babylonian Ishtar, both of whom have Sirius connections. The Star of David may also be involved. What s more, he dates the first arrival of the comet as 4-5000 years ago, which would put it at the start of the Mayan Great Cycle, when the Mayans said the "Birth of Venus" occurred, triggering a cycle which ends in 2012.4

8. Peruvian prophecy: Willaru Huayta, incredibly, provides the scenario linking these three pieces of research. He says that in 2013, at the end of the INCA calendar, a planet 3 times the size of Jupiter will pass the Earth, wiping out most of mankind as a result of floods, earthquakes, etc., but there will be a small core of survivors.5

9. The Dogon: Astronomical knowledge which the Dogon, of Mali in West Africa, have, concerning the binary star system of Sirius, they say was given to their ancestors by visitors FROM Sirius. Their "spaceship" looked "like a new star". The visitors -the Nommo - will RETURN one day, when "a certain star will reappear". The Dogon also state that Sirius A and B "were once where the Sun now is." 6

10. No More Firmament: Antonin Artaudís surrealist play seems utterly bizarre, until we have digested the points above. Scenes reminiscent of the Apocalypse culminate in the close proximity of Sirius to planet Earth.7

11. Transmissions from Isis: Kenneth Grant started the "New Isis Lodge" for communicating and receiving energy transmissions from a transplutonic planet called Isis. These transmissions are relayed from Sirius via Isis. The space-less, time-less Aeon of Maat (goddess of JUSTICE) is now accessible from the current Aeon - the Aeon of Horus, and Sirius is the key to that Aeon.8

12. Quantum Leap: Hunt-Williamson, Hope, Grant, and Andahadna all think Sirius will be involved in an imminent quantum leap of consciousness, and they all agree on the existence of a transplutonic planet.

13. Nibiru; Sirius-Sol voyager: Barbara Hand Clowís information depicts Nibiru as a transmitter of messages from Sirius to Earth (like Isis), but her overview connects all these seemingly confusing strands into a neat thread. Nibiruís 3,600-year orbit takes it near Sirius, where information is received concerning Earth evolution, which is then transmitted to Earth, to be received by prophets and mediums. The information currently being transmitted to Earth, is to prepare us for 2012, when we will move out of the third dimension, as our minds fuse with the planetary mind - Gaia - who will "breathe" through Earthís geomantic temples, attuning us to the Pleiades and Andromeda.9

14. The Wormhole of Daath: Since I discovered that Nibiru would have to be traveling impossibly fast to cover the distance between Earth and Sirius (and back), in 3,600 years, I searched Grantís material for clues. I found that Uranus is connected with Daath - the eleventh, or secret sephira of the tree of life, which leads to "the paths beneath the tree" and is "the gate to the other universe". Yog-Sothoth (connected to Uranus) is "the gate through the Aeons to the star-source beyond Yuggoth" (Yuggoth = Pluto). Marduk, a Babylonian god associated by Sitchin with Nibiru, is implicated in the form of Megor- Marduk, "the last gate", who resides at the pylons of the abyss.

I suggested the possibility that the planet known as Nibiru, Marduk, Persephone, Patras, and Isis, may have originated in the Sirius system, and that it might travel from this system to Sirius and back through a space-time by-pass, or wormhole, which exists somewhere near Uranus, or between Uranus and Pluto.


NB. This diagram shows the Tree of Life accepted by Crowley-influenced groups such as the A.A. and O.T.O., since the positions of the Emperor and the Star have been reversed, as suggested in Crowley's Liber Al vel Legis. For standard interpretations, e.g. in Monument to the End of Time, (see Whats New item 21), the Star connects Yesod to Netzach, (& the Emperor: Tiphareth to Chokmah).

Hamletís Mill


Incredibly enough, I have found a stack of evidence that seems to support this bizarre idea. Most of it is taken from the epic work on mythology by De Santillana and Von Dechend, called "Hamletís Mill". The theme of the book10 is that myth is essentially cosmological; that the ancients passed on complex cosmological information in the form of stories about the gods and ancestors. One of the recurring themes is a knowledge of the Precession of the Equinoxes. Shakespeareís Hamlet was based on Scandinavian mythology about Amlodhi, (or Frodhi), who was the owner of a mill. When an enemy killed Hamlet and stole the mill, he put it on a ship, the mill broke, and the ship sank, causing a permanent whirlpool. After comparison with other mythology, the authors concluded that this is a remnant of the story of the cosmic collision that caused the tilt in the Earth s axis. (the obliquity of the ecliptic), which gives rise to our seasons and also the 26,000 year cycle of precession. The massive interweave of evidence is very convincing, even down to the names some cultures still use for the polar stars e.g. Mill-peg and The hole of the Mill peg). However, this may only be part of the story, as further mythological comparison reveals.


The Planets


We still retain the Roman god names for the five "sacred" planets that were known to the Romans. Mercury was the Roman version of the Greek messenger-god, Hermes, who the Egyptians knew as Thoth. Venus equates to the Greek Aphrodite- both were the goddess of Love. Mars, the Roman war-god equates to Ares, the Greek god of war. Jupiter was the chief of the Roman gods, and parallels Zeus in the Greek pantheon, just as the planet Jupiter is the largest in the solar system. Saturn, the outermost planet known to the Romans, was the Roman god of agriculture, and..............................................................



of Mankind, but stole fire and gave it to humans. Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him up to a mountain, so an eagle ate at his liver for several generations. This parallels the creation story from the bible, where Adam (which means "Man") was given fruit of the tree of knowledge by a snake representing Satan. God punished the snake by taking its legs away.


The Arrow Star


In the Indonesian Rama epic, when Rama is about to shoot his magic arrow into the sea, a lady arises from the sea to warn him that "right here was a hole in the ocean leading to the underworld, and who informs him that the water in that hole was called the Water of Life."24 This parallels the story from Northwest America, of the maiden who shoots her arrow into the "navel of the waters which was a vast whirlpool", thus winning fire.

An old Iranian story tells how the star Tishtriya soars like an arrow to Lake Vurukasha, causing the centre to surge up and flood. Tishtriya is the name for Sirius, which shares another name - Tira - with Mercury, who was Hermes, the messenger of the gods to the Greeks, and the father of Pan.

The Babylonian name for Sirius was KAK. SI. Dl., which means "arrow", and the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and Chinese all had a constellation built from stars of Argo and Canis Major, which resembled a bow and arrow, in which Sirius was variously either the tip of the arrow or the target.

In a Babylonian astronomical text is the statement that "the Bow-star is the Ishtar of Elam, daughter of Enlil", and elsewhere that Ishtar is she who stirs up the apsu (water before Ea (Lard of the Underworld). In fact, Ishtar was a goddess who descended to the underworld and rose again, just as Persephone did, and Inanna, the Sumerian goddess did, before her. As well as being a name for Sirius, Ishtar is also a name of the planet Venus, who was the Roman goddess of love just as Jesus, who preached love, descended to hell and rose again. The symbol of the early Christians, the fish, is explained by the Greek ICTHYS - Iesous Chreistos Theou Yias Soter. which means Jesus Christ Godís Son Saviour. However, the fish, as we shall see, defines the celestial position of the gate to the underworld. We have already found a connection between Jesusí mother Mary and Isis, in chapter 2, where the cult of Sara the Egyptian and the Black Madonnas were remnants of a European Isis cult connected with Sirius. As Stella Maris, St. Mary Star of the Sea, she is described by one commentator as "a celestial passageway".25


Where Is It?


In Teutonic mythology, Agni, the "child of the waters", comes "from the confluence of the rivers like Gibil, but is also born in the "highest sky"". Agni is connected with both Sirius and Neptune.26

Nibiru, which Sitchin called "the Planet of the Crossing", means "ferry, ferryman, ford", according to Santillana and Von Dechend. This connects it with the later Greek concept of the dead paying the ferryman to get across the river Styx to meet Cerberus,27 the three-headed dog. It has been correlated to Jupiter, like Marduk, by various "experts", also to Canopus, the North pole, the summer solstice, but perhaps most significantly, a comet!28

Sitchin has equated the Babylonian god Anu with the planet Uranus. It is interesting, then, that Marduk is said to have entered the "Way of Anu", and that the god Marduk claimed the "Anu-ship" for himself. If the Way of Anu is the orbital plane of Uranus, rather than "a band, accompanying the equator" as claimed by some experts, maybe the "stargate" is located in that plane. Alternatively, the Way of Anu could be a name for the celestial passageway itself, situated in the vicinity of Uranus.

The Sumerian name for the constellation marking the gateway to "Paradise" was l-Iku. which is the Pegasus-square. It lies between the two fish of the Pisces constellation. This word. Iku, was a fundamental field measure, and was taken by Unqnad (1923) 29 to represent Paradise as the primordial field. This is reminiscent of the Elysian fields of the Greeks, which were near the Underworld, though not part of Hadesí dominion (near Pluto, but not in its orbital plane?) Moreover, an iku is about 3,600 square metres, and 3,600 is the orbital period claimed by Sitchin for Nibiru. 1-Iku was also the name of the Temple of MARDUK in Babylon.

The ark of Utnapishtim was a cube of floor-space one iku, and "since the ark disappeared there was a stone in its place... which was called foundation stone". This foundation stone covered the abyss, or Apsu; (remember that Daath lies "in the midst of the abyss"). Could this "stone" be Uranus? We are told that "l-Iku, the Pegasus-square is called the "habitation of the deity Ea, the leader of the stars of Anu"", and that "Marduk lies with his feet within Ea". Since Sitchin says that Ea represents Neptune,30 if Mardukís feet are in Neptune, is his head in Uranus? (ugh!) If the meaning of all this is, that when a line is projected from Earth to Pegasus, at a point between the orbital planes of Neptune and Uranus, will be found the whirlpool, then it doesnít quite work, as the ecliptic, or path which the planets take across the sky passes between the two fish of Pisces, but BELOW Pegasus. So, either the whirlpool is not actually IN Pegasus, but near it, between the fish, at a point between the orbital planes of Uranus and Neptune; OR the whirlpool IS at a point along the projected line to Pegasus, but at a distance from the Earth between the distances of Uranus and Neptune.


The Milky Gates


Adrian Gilbert claims that the original version of the Styx, was the Milky Way, since the Egyptians believed that Paradise was located in Orion, and that the ritual bringing of a dead body across the Nile for a ceremony in the pyramid, represented the soulís journey across the Milky Way to Orion.31 However, Sirius is also implicated here, since the shaft in the Kingís Chamber pointed to Orion, but the shaft in the Queens Chamber pointed to Sirius, and it is this shaft that leads to the Secret Chamber. What is more, the funeral procession started from On (Heliopolis, which is the terrestrial counterpart of the Sun), then it crossed the Nile (Milky Way), and collected the "Horus"..........................................




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