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1.Jon King   

 2.Inca Prophecy 

   3.Cherokee Calendar

    4.Phobos Fly-by: 2012

   5.New Jerusalem  Descent: 2012

6. Hunab Ku, Tuns & Baktuns in the Crops 

 7. Crop Circle Code Predicts Return of Nibiru

8. Mayan Prediction: a Dark Cloud... 

  9. Rennes-Le-Chateau /2012 Connection   

10. Chaos Magick: Horus/Maat Aeons Fuse in 2012  

11. 23,000-Year Ice-Collapse Cycle Ends in 2012

12. Dutch Sunspot Theory Decoded From Egyptian & Mayan Texts

13. Another Contactee Says 2012 Will Herald a Dimensional Shift

14. Mayan-Aztec Shaman Quetza-Sha on 2012

15. More on Return of Nibiru

16. David Rohl Dates Flood at 3113 BC (Start of Mayan Great Cycle)

17. Milankovitch Cycles

18. Sunspot Cycle Maximum Now Officially Moved forward - 2011 to 2012

19. Crop Circles - 12-Fold Progression to 2012?

20. Domain- New 2012 Fiction Thriller

21. Monument to the End of Time

22. Realm Border Wave

23. Cataclysm: 3114 BC

24. More on the Re-birth of Osiris

25.Great conjunction & the age of Aquarius

26.Period of Justification

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1.  Jon King.  I spoke to Jon King (see item 15) on July 29th 2000, and he told me that, at the time he had his contact experiences, he had NEVER HEARD anything about The Mayan Calendar,  Terence McKenna, or 2012. That removes any possibility of subconscious interference, and makes this a third independent source on 2012. (I'm still trying to find out if Drosnin had any prior knowledge of 2012 before he got the relevant message in the Bible Code -see item 10).


2. Inca Prophecy. In her 1999 book, Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge - the Mystical World of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, Joan Parisi Wilcox, who has been trained to the highest level of Q'ero priesthood, reveals the Q'ero Prohecy of spiritual evolution and a Golden Age.   The prophecy is incorporated into a 16th century Catholic philosophy of 3 ages. These are the Age of The Father, the Age of The Son, and the Age of the Holy Spirit. The latter, which the Q'ero call Taripay Pacha, began in the period  between August 1 1990 and August 1 1993, when the world underwent a cosmic transmutation  called a pachakuti. The Taripay Pacha  is the   period extending approximately from 1990/1993 to 2012 during which  mankind will spiritually evolve - it is the "Age of Meeting ourselves Again", when time will end.

The book covers Andean shamanism including the "engaging of the energy body". 


3.  Cherokee Calendar. In her 2000 book, The Cherokee Sacred Calendar - A Handbook of the Ancient Native American Tradition, Raven Hail (a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) describes a calendar system which seems to be a cross between the Aztec and Mayan sacred calendars. It is a 260-day wheel, with 20 day signs, which have names very similar to the Aztec. However, they use a numerical notation identical to the Mayan notation. The ephemeris for finding your sacred calendar birthday is comparable to that given by Bruce Scofield in his book Day Signs, about the Aztec system, and both of these correlate to the True Count. Hail says that a World, or Sun was approximately 5,200 years (in the Long Count of the Maya, the Great cycle lasts 5,200 Tuns, or 360-day years, which is about 5,125 years; the Aztecs didn't have a Long Count, but only a concept of Suns, of which the current is the 5th, but with varying accounts of how long the Suns were). Hail says that previous Worlds/Suns have ended in cataclysm, and this one, which is the Sun of Heron (=Sun of Movement in the Aztec) will end in earthquake, but nobody knows when.

However, the ephemeris, like Scofield's, lists the day-signs for the first day of each 13-day period from Jan 11 1900, but where Scofield's ends on December 20, 2000, Hail's ephemeris goes on to December 18, 2012, and then lists the day 3 days later, as 4 Flower - December 21 2012, where the ephemeris ends.


4. Phobos Fly-by of Earth: 2012

news flash: In an article by James van der Worp about the fly-by of Mars by comet 76P, on June 5 2000, evidence was presented that the orbit of Phobos was affected, resulting in it being shunted towards Earth's orbit, on a collision course, with a projected impact time around September 12 2000! An internet discussion ensued between van der Worp and Glen Deen, involving complex astro-physics calculations, and Deen came to the following conclusion:

"My low-precision orbit model gave Earth impact of Phobos on September 18, 2012 with an escape velocity of 3.99731 km/s...."

UPDATE: September 2000 update  Updates (30th June 2002) 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6 (Glenn Deen  now says if Phobos is missing, it would have happened on July 2 2001, caused by comet 75P Kohoutek - he doesn't say how that effects his impact  prediction!)


5. New Jerusalem Cube Descends in 2012

Vincent Bridges, co-author of A Monument to the End of Time, (item 37), has continued his research, concluding that the Cross at Hendaye encodes information on the formation of a "cube of space" over the 20-year period between 1992 * and 2012. This is formed by the alignment of 3 axes; the ecliptic, the galactic, and the "planetary equinox axis". On each equinox, an Earth cube is formed, which rotates with precession, and aligns with the Heaven cube every 13,000 years. The mid-point in the alignment of these cubes, when they are perfectly aligned,  will be on the autumnal equinox of 2002. The 20-year period ending on Winter solstice 2012 is the "eschatological moment when the New Jerusalem descends to Earth", as described in the Revelation to St. John (which does describe it as a cube, but by my reckoning, a cube of side 1500 miles (12,000 stadia - Rev.21:16). The process must be aided by a ceremony every equinox, in which the kabbalistic tree of life is "projected onto the Celestial sphere", a technique developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, during the late 1800s. The method is combined with the Enochian magical system devised by Sir John Dee in Elizabethan times. Both of these have geometrical connections to these nesting cubes, described as the "Gnosis Gnomon", like the throne of Osiris. The results of a failure would be "dire". 

"The New Jerusalem Cube is the switch box, and, to follow the analogy, if it is wired wrong or not at all, then it explodes when the juice is turned on. The current is already running, and the sparks are popping all over the planet".

Success would mean, "New Jerusalem then becomes the unitary model which allows the earth cube and the solar hyper-cube to nest within the higher dimensional flow coming from galactic central. It would mediate the centropic to entropic collapse of light into matter by stabilizing the oscillation between 3 and 4 D, in other words, a virtually eternal reality constructed from mind mirroring matter with its own light". It will connect celestial & terrestrial grids allowing 4 D existence. More here.

The "Enochian transformer cube" must be resonant by 2002, when it will start crystallising. If not, it will start to fragment over the 10 years to 2012.

*Jose Arguelles gives "1992" as the start of the final katun in the last Baktun of the Great Cycle, and this date is quoted by Weidner & Bridges in their book on page 173, (see  Whats New 21 below) - but they have confirmed to me that this page is flawed, since they agree that the last katun started in April 1993.


 6. Hunab Ku, Tuns &Baktuns in the Crops

                                          Click here for link


7.  Crop Circle Code Predicts Return of Nibiru

Robert Boerman, a Dutch Crop Circle researcher, has brought out a book called Crop Circles, Gods and Their Secrets, in which he analyses crop formations and discovers a kabbalistic code. The code gives hints about Nibiru, the planet on a huge elliptical orbit, which, according to Zecharia Sitchin's translations of cuneiform tablets from Sumeria, returns to our solar system every 3,600 years, and houses the "gods" who cross-bred our ancestors by genetic engineering. Boerman was constantly finding precessional numbers in his analysis of crop formations, and has taken up some clues left by Alan Alford, in Gods of the New Millennium ( such as the amazing fact that 2160 - the length of a zodiacal age - is 3-6-0-0 when written in the sexagesimal Sumerian system), to conclude that Nibiru is due to return in 2012. I have written a more detailed review (updated) in SC issue 93 (Nov/Dec 2000), or see Boerman's  book page (updated). There are 4 other sites apart from Boerman's, which support the return of Nibiru in 2012, accessible from Beyond 2012 page 3. See also What's New No.15 below.


8. Mayan Prediction: a Dark Cloud...

 At the Latinola site, there is a report of the announcement (circa 2000 AD) by the Mayan elder, Don Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj, which includes the following:

"...on Dec. 20, 2012, Mother Earth will pass inside the center of a magnetic axis and that it may be darkened with a great cloud for 60 to 70 hours and that because of environmental degradation, she may not be strong enough to survive the effects. "It will enter another age, but when it does, there will be great and serious events. Earthquakes, maremotos (tsunamis), floods, volcanic eruptions and great illness on the planet Earth. Few survivors will be left."

Don Alejandro has been sent as a messenger from a council of elders to warn the world that we must change the way we live and take care of Earth. We hope his message resonates with people of all faiths and beliefs."

9.  Rennes-Le -Chateau/2012 Connection?

On the Rennes-Le-Chateau website, there are a series of cryptic posts connecting Rennes-Le-Chateau with the 2012/end of Mayan Long Count scenario. These have been of some irritation to the regulars, which is surprising, since the Rennes mystery revolves around unsolved cryptic messages. The roi-perdu (lost king) is looking for the nautonnier (helmsman)... 



10/09/00 - Message de DOMINIC

dear all,
the axis mundi shift around 2012 will create great deal of solar disorder and deaths and change the electromagnetic field to the positive. Rennes is linked to the crystal skulls and the 4 major temples worldwide. The skulls can only be activated by the bloodline. the ring to authoroty which has pillar plus a snake around it also 2 more pillars and the cross of templars this is linked to 64/63 inverse ,the ring of authority is with me and the bloodline can link up to me at : harmonics82@hotmail.com the time for the Truth is now here
Dominic( THE EYE OF hORUS)

10/12/00 - Message de Dominic

dear pomponet,
As soon as the truth is spoken people start to ridicule the truth through ignorance , darkness,The Precession of the Equinoxes due 2012, will create massive solar disorder and many deaths, the rennes le chateau is linked to Gnosis , and gnosis is obtained through the archetypal sound , less64 /63 inverse. and was created for this particular time linked to the 4 major pyramids. The crystal skulls are part of the pyramidion. the job of the person of authority is to activate them.People of intelligence will understand 64/63 inverse.Ineed to link up to the family. Raissa I Dominic would like to discuss your theories on Rennnes.on Harmonics82@hotmail.com Hope to hear from someone who understands what Iam saying ,The Great  mystery is only known by the few for the good of the whole..the clandestine mysteries.of 64/63.inverse and the Eye of Horus..has now been activated.

If you want more, they're on 



These sites may throw some light on the matter:   http://www.earthpulse.com/halebopp/peacemaker.html http://www.aquarius-atlanta.com/julyarticles/prophecy.html 




10. Chaos Magick: Horus/Maat Aeons Fuse in 2012

On the Mutation Parlour website, Orryelle Bascule connects Chaos Magick and Maat Magick of Grant, Achad, Nema, Aion & Carroll  to the work of Jenkins, McKenna, & Arguelles, plus the Hopi Indian prophecy of the "13th Tribe", or Rainbow Warriors, to conclude that the Return of Quetzalcoatl will be the activation and rising of the Kundalini, and awakening of collective consciousness for humanity, and also activation of Gaia's kundalini - the sepentine energy lines which connect earth's sacred sites - the chakras of Gaia. This is explained in his Zuvuya essay. Orryelle has formed a microcosmic "13th tribe" of Rainbow Warriors, from a variety of nationalities, to perform a series of rites -"the 13th Tribe Weaving", involving "chakra-piercing", and is explained in his Liber XIII.

" Activating group kundalini at each of Gaia's chakras via these weavings, progressively towards 2012, will help to resonate humanity's awakening Groupmind with the intense awakening of these Great Serpents, the Ida and Pingala of Gaia's kundalini".

11.  23,000-Year Ice-Collapse Cycle Ends in 2012

A book by Dr. William A. Gaspar, called The Celestial Clock, claims that 5,125-year Great Cycle of the Mayan Long Count represents a quarter of a "warming cycle", which is part of a 23,000-year "dominant ice volume collapse cycle", and that every 11,500 and 23,000 years, there is a major polar axis shift, with severe earthquakes and flooding. The earth goes through warming and cooling cycles, which are a result of increased heat and carbon dioxide, but independent from Man. The "Black Hole" at  the centre of the galaxy exerts a cyclic gravitational pull, resulting in friction between magma and Earth's crust, producing the heat & gas. Religious symbology from Egypt and the Bible are used in support of the theory. 

It is interesting that in Allan & Delair's book When The Earth Nearly Died,  which is a scholarly attempt to date Noah's flood, and find a plausible agent which may have caused it, the massive amount of geological evidence which they supplied leads to the conclusion that the flood occurred 11,500 years ago!! (American edition: Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9,500 BC). This differs by about 1,200 years from the estimate of  astro-physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette, at 12,700 years ago,  with his Galactic Superwave theory in Earth Under Fire, - see item 48; and by 1,700 years from geologist Gregg Braden's Magnetic Reversal theory in Awakening to Zero Point -see item 32.  However, Allan & Delair concluded that the flood was caused by the close fly-by of a large planetoid. Unlike Sitchin, (item 27) however, they don't suppose it to be on its way round an elliptical orbit, but to have continued onwards to collide with the Sun.  Uriel's Machine, by Knight & Lomas, concludes that the earth was hit 9,640 years ago (=7,640 BC), by 7 comet fragments, causing massive tidal waves, and that this was the date of Noah's flood. Andrew Collins has criticized Knight & Lomas, (claiming that they failed to reference him as one of their sources), but Collins' own conclusion in his book  Gateway to Atlantis, is that the comet impact occurred 10,600-10,500 years ago (8,600 - 8,500 BC) (item 43). Hapgood's model, according to Graham Hancock puts the flood (caused by crustal displacement) at 14,500 BC to 12, 500 BC, whereas Hancock himself goes for 10,500 BC (though, since ice cores have now shown Antarctica to have been fully glaciated for much longer, Hancock no longer suggests Antarctica as the former Atlantis, and in The Mars Mystery, suggests that crustal displacement / the flood was triggered by comet or asteroid impact).


Flood Theorist                                  Years Ago                             Years BC

Hapgood                                                         16,500-14,400                                 14,500-12,500           

Braden                                                                 13,200                                             11,200

Sitchin                                                                  13,000                                             11,000

Alford                                                                   12,983                                             10,983

LaViolette                                                            12,700                                             10,700         

Hancock                                                               12,500                                             10,500

Geryl & Ratinckx                                                11, 972                                              9,792

Allan & Delair                                                     11,500                                               9,500  

Gaspar                                                                 11,500                                               9,500

Collins                                                              10,600-10,500                                  8,600-8,500

Knight & Lomas                                                   9,640                                                7,640


12.  Dutch Sunspot Theory Decoded From Egyptian & Mayan Texts

Orion Prophecy : A new book is due out in 2001 by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx, called  "The Orion Prophecy - Prophecies From an Ancient Mayan & Egyptian Civilization for the Year 2012". These are the archaeoastronomers who discovered the Labyrinth in Egypt, following on from Bauval's discoveries. See Count down for the new Sun for a review by Jacques Groenen, who has read the Dutch edition. Using the Orion/Giza correlation idea of Bauval, the authors searched further up the Nile valley, and found the long lost Labyrinth, which, from the blurb, sounds like their location for the Hall of Records. Using maths & astronomy, they have "broken ancient codes in the Egypt & Maya legacy", to discover a sunspot cycle (a la Cotterell - let's hope it is more convincing than his theory). The 2012 event sounds bad - earthquakes, tidal waves, pole shift/crustal displacement, but, since Atlantis "is buried under the South Pole", maybe they've been influenced by Hancock (and Cotterell?). I'll let you know when the book's out. (Here's another page on the forthcoming book).

THE BOOK IS DUE OUT IN OCTOBER 2001, to be published by David Hatcher Childress - see 2012 Books page


13.  Another Contactee Says 2012 Will Herald a Dimensional Shift.

I have just found an article in the first edition of UFO Reality in which a UFO contactee called John Craig  describes the appearance of a UFO following his cry for help on May 16 1992. The show lasted half an hour and was also witnessed by his family. He started writing a book with his wife (who is Japanese), called Merging Point, which "detailed the acceleration of evolving consciousness to a point in 2012 AD, when we would transmute our 3D consciousness to become truly multidimensional, galactic beings", but the book seems only to be available in Japanese. On May 16 1993 - the anniversary of the  contact event, Craig received a telepathic message leading him to a deserted beach where he witnessed another UFO, and he began to chant in an unknown language. The phrase "Echan Deravy" kept recurring, and he eventually realized that this was to be his new name. Deravy is a Scotsman living in Canada, who speaks fluent Japanese, and now lectures on a wide range of subjects, including remote viewing.


14. Mayan-Aztec Shaman Quetza-Sha on 2012.

The  Mayan-Aztec shaman, Quetza-Sha explains in an interview, that on 11/7/91, during the total eclipse over Mexico, a "sacred dimensional doorway of the equilibrium opened", and this was the Return of Quetzalcoatl. This was the start of an information-download process, which Quetza-Sha describes using Philip K. Dick's enigmatic terminology - "it will leave us plasmated with the Milliennary knowledge of the new time".

In Valis, P.K. Dick defined plasmate  as follows: "I term the immortal one a plasmate, because it is a form of energy; it is living information. It replicates itself - not through information or in information - but as information." 

This information is to prepare "for the dimensional birth of a new race that comes from the Pleiades."

PKD continued with: "The plasmate can crossbond with a human, creating what I call a homoplasmate. This annexes the mortal human permanently to the plasmate. We know this as "birth from above" or "birth from the Spirit"."

The creation of new race is due to occur in 2012. "The year 2012 is not the destruction of the planet but is the transformation of the spirit, sexual energy, the energy of your heart and your mind in all the dimensions that of our existence in the solar system." The process continues through 2024, with a fifth dimensional transformation, to 2029 when humans transform to 5d.


15. More on Return of Nibiru in 2012

Robert Boerman has just added a new essay to his site, called THE 12th PLANET - a return in 2012? (updated). This goes into more detail than I did in my review (updated) (also just added to Boerman's site) See What's New No. 7 above.


16. David Rohl dates flood at 3113 BC (= start of Mayan Great Cycle)

On a site called THE NEXUS - Historical Chronology, (currently unavailable) was posted the following:

"3113: Noah (the Babylonian's called him Utnapishtim) builds an Ark and overcomes the 'Great Flood' - described by Bible: the Sumerian King list (made in 2125) records the following (according to David Rohl's New Chronology)....."

A search of David Rohl's site, Nunki.net, produced this:

...The succeeding historical era, known as the Early Dynastic Period, may also have been shorter than is conventionally believed because, again, there are no clear archaeological dating criteria. As a result, it is possible to argue for a terminus date for the Ubaid Period as low as 3100 BC - a date which I have put forward (in my book, Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation) as being consistent with most of the textual sources and the limited archaeological dating evidence...

 In the same way that we can shorten the archaeological ages, bringing them down towards the present, scholars have argued that the biblical date of the Flood can be set back to an earlier period than suggested by a cursory reading of the Genesis narrative. The Greek and Aramaic versions of the Old Testament (both of which are older than the earliest surviving Hebrew copy of the Bible) suggest that the Flood took place up to eight hundred years prior to the date calculable from the Massoretic (Hebrew) text (c. 2300 BC) from which the Latin and English translations of the Old Testament derive. A date of around 3100 BC is therefore quite possible if we take into consideration these earlier sources. It is also reassuring to note that the Mayan tradition places the Great Flood in Mesoamerica at precisely 3113 BC according to their recently deciphered calendar.

(from here)

This provides an event which coincides with the start of the Mayan Great Cycle (& yet another flood date to add to those at No.11 above).


17. Milankovitch Cycle

I have just read Gaspar's "The Celestial Clock" (see 11 above), and found it enjoyable, though it's written in Hungarian English. There are several websites which give a clear summary of the Milankovitch theory, which lies at the base of Gaspar's book, and on them you will find described a minimum of 3 long-term cycles which affect  the climate. There is a good but simple explanation called Milankovitch Cycles and Glaciation, which describes a 100,000-year "Eccentricity" cycle", a 41,000-year "Axis Tilt" cycle, and a 23,000-year PRECESSION cycle. (You thought precession was 25-26,000 years didn't you?) Because most of Earth's landmasses are in the Northern hemisphere, the combined effects of the 3 varying cycles can trigger glaciation: "At times when Northern Hemisphere summers are coolest (farthest from the Sun due to precession and   greatest orbital eccentricity) and winters are warmest (minimum tilt), snow can accumulate on and cover broad areas of northern America and Europe."  However, "At present, only precession is in the glacial mode, with tilt and eccentricity not favorable to glaciation".

 On the NOAA Palaeoclimatology Program site, is a similar explanation, except that precession is given as 22,000 years. A more thorough explanation is given on the U.S. Naval Observatory site, and mentions the 3 cycles above, plus a 1-year cycle and a 21,000 year cycle. The basic climate cycle is, of course, the yearly cycle of the seasons. This is caused by the 23.4 degree tilt of the Earth's axis, and on one day each year, the Northern hemisphere is at its coldest, when tilted away from the sun. This is on the Winter Solstice.  The Earth's orbit varies in eccentricity every 21,000 years, and it just so happens that perihelion (closest orbital point to the Sun) is currently very close to Winter Solstice. " It turns out that the proximity of the 2 dates is a coincidence of the particular century we live in".  (The 100,000 year cycle modifies the 21,000 year one.)

I haven't yet found the explanation on the internet for the shorter precession cycle, but Gaspar says it is truncated due to sudden axis shifts, related to the changing magnetic field of the sun.  Gaspar's graph of global warming, taken from ice core studies, shows  a peak 115,000 years ago, which is made up of 5 x 23,000-year cycles. The 41,000-year variation of obliquity (tilt) cycle is also clearly visible, and is comprised of a 23,000-year cycle plus an 18,000-year cycle. At the peak of warming, the ice caps melt, causing flooding and constant rain, which washes the CO out of the atmosphere into the sea, leading to SUDDEN cooling and glaciation. We are currently at a warming peak of the same magnitude as that 115,000 years ago, preceding the onset of the last ice age! The 41,000 year cycle, which is clearly visible in ice core studies, is exactly divisible by the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle which ends in 2012!

I have just found a paper by E.C.Njau of the University of Tanzania, which studies global warming and Milankovitch cycles, to predict an imminent climate change between 1997 and 2012!!  It is on Adobe Acrobat software, and every time I try & download it, I get half, then my computer crashes, so beware, but it is at http://allusions.wcp.muohio.edu/ClimateChangePrediction/ImminentClimateChg2000.pdf


18. Sunspot Cycle Maximum: Now officially moved forward - 2000 to 2001 and 2011 to 2012!!

Kev Peacock's Geomagnetic Reversal theory (item 42) was not like Cotterell's prediction of a long-term sunspot cycle (item 3) (- a shift of the solar warped neutral sheet), but a coincidence of other cycles (eclipses plus the North Pole being close to the Sun), and the 11-year sunspot maximum - all due in summer 2011, says Peacock. The peak of the sunspot cycle which was active through the nineties, according to most authorities, would occur in 2000 (Mar-April), and therefore, the next peak would be in 2011. There are several sites which state this, such as Space.com, Graphing Sunspot Cycles, or George C. Marshall Institute.

However, a recent post on the NASA website (15/2/2001) says that the sun's pole had just flipped, and "The Sun's magnetic poles will remain as they are now, with the north magnetic pole pointing through the Sun's southern hemisphere, until the year 2012 when they will reverse again. This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle -- like clockwork." This had actually been predicted in 1998 by Peter Jakubowski, and Earth Changes TV webmaster, Mitch Battros, has concluded in Feb 2000, that, since the cycle was "running almost three times higher then NASA's own prediction", the change in the cycle indicates the existence of a "Mega-cycle" terminating in 2012, and connected to the end of the Mayan Great Cycle. 

For more information, Timo Niroma has produced a massive essay on Sunspot Cycles and Supercycles and Their Tentative Causes.


19. Crop Circles - 12 fold progression to 2012?

John Haddington has noticed a pattern in the crop circle phenomenon.

 "The crop circles are running through a numerical sequence on an annual basis. This sequence started in 1989. The sequence is a twelvefold geometrical progression. Thus year twelve is in the year 2000. This is a run up the scale therefore after the year 2000 it will have to run down the scale to one to create a greater symmetry. This therefore points to the year 2012. If you accept that these circles are not all man made, then something is trying to tell us about the year 2012". It sounds good, but I don't agree - for example, 1998 was the first year of 7-fold geometry, but by this theory, 98 corresponds to 10. But then he did post this theory in 1996.

In any case, I have predicted 13-fold geometry for 2001, (see No.6 above) & if it happens, that will confirm a 2012 connection (- for me anyway!) Mer-mer-m-mer-mer! UPDATE: 13 did appear in the fields at the end of the 2001 season see Sixth Sun Crop Formation


20. Domain - New 2012 Fiction Thriller

Steve Alten has just released a  novel called DOMAIN (January 2001), which presents a scenario for Winter Solstice 2012, which differs from the other suggested happenings so far discussed on this site, yet has obviously resulted from reading Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods; John Major Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012; and Erich Von Daniken's Arrival of the Gods. 

The Giza pyramid, The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, Stonehenge, and Angkor Temple in Cambodia are all located at "integral points along the Earth's natural power grid", and all not only give clues about 2012, but are designed to link up at that time, to stop a portal from opening. On Autumn equinox 2012, as the shadow snake ascends the Pyramid of Kukulcan, a signal is beamed from Orion to Earth, activating something buried in Chixculub crater, where geologists say a huge asteroid impacted the Earth 65 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs. Then the Mayan mythology of the Popol Vuh comes to life, as a modern One Hunahpu tries to thwart the evil plan of the Lord of Xibalba, racing to save humanity from destruction on Winter Solstice, when the portal will open - for the first time in 26,000 years.

This is a great read, which I would recommend, and which I read in a day and a half. There are, however, a few errors, particularly in "Professor Gabriel's journal". For instance, the Dark Rift of the Milky Way, (Xibalba Be), is at the other end of the Milky Way from Orion, NOT next to it (Orion is at the Silver Gate of Gemini; the Dark Rift and Galactic Centre are at the Golden Gate of Sagittarius - see item 47). Also, the 584285 and 584283 correlations are confused.  The True Count (584283) started on 11th August 3114 BC (= "-3113"), and ends on 21st December 2012; the other popular correlation - 584285 - started on 13th August 3114 BC and ends on 23rd December 2012. The confusion is due to using the start date from Hancock - 13th Aug 3114 BC - and the end-point from  Jenkins - 21st December 2012. For info on the correlation problem, see Jenkins' article. See Steve's website for more details on DOMAIN.


21. Monument to the End of Time

At last, I have managed to get hold of a copy of Weidner & Bridges' book, A Monument to the End of Time, so am now able to include the summary promised back at item 37

In 1926, an enigmatic alchemist called Fulcanelli published a book called "Le Mystere des Cathedrales", or  Mystery of the Cathedrals, which explains how Gothic cathedrals have hermetic and alchemical secrets encoded into  their architecture and sculptures. In 1957, a second edition appeared, and included an extra chapter on the significance of a monument in the town of Hendaye in the Pyrenees. The monument - an engraved pedestal with a pillar and engraved cross - was built around 1680, and you can find pictures of it at item 37.  Monument to the End of Time, is a thorough exposition of the hidden meaning encoded into this Hendaye Cross.

The authors have traced the alchemical thread back to Egypt; to the first Gnostic groups, and re-exposed the fact that behind alchemy lies a triple transmutation - inner, outer and time. The inner transmutation is the refining of the psycho-sexual energies and fluids; the outer is using the inner change to transmute physical states; the third is the same transmutation applied to the whole Earth, changing the Age of Iron to the Age of Gold.  The 4 ages - Gold, Silver,  Bronze and Iron relate to the 26,000-year cycle of precession, with the Fall occurring when the Tree (the celestial axis, or earth's rotational axis), points away from the centre of the galaxy. "Resurrection"or "redemption", occurs when the Tree points towards the centre of the galaxy. This is the point when the "sparks of light"  - our souls as fragments of God - return to the source.

The thread is traced from ancient Egypt to the Coptic Church, the Gnostics, the Hebrews, Islaam (the Sufis), the Order of Sion, and the Knights Templar, the grail romances, the tarot, and, with increasing persecution of heretics, the engraving of cathedrals, and finally, the Rosicrucian movement.

The 4 engravings on the pedestal are found to refer to the 4 tarot trumps; The Star; The Moon; The Sun, and Judgement.  The pillar is the Djed, or Earth's rotational axis ( Moira Timms has already pointed this out see Raising the Djed). The two "x" engravings refer to the winding of the ecliptic and the equinoctial points, plus trump 20, judgement. The "ocruxaves pesunica" engraving means "the secret concerns a cross and a snake which somehow measures the 12th part". When combined, these clues (along with clues from the kabbalistic Tree of Life, whose 22 paths correlate to the 22 tarot trumps), the authors conclude that half a precessional cycle ago, the spring equinox fell on the cusp of Leo/Virgo; 12,960 years later, in 2002, the autumn (fall) equinox will be in the same position. The planetary attributions of the tarot trumps, combined with the orientation of the faces of the monument confirms that 22 September 2002 is the date in question. Trump 14, temperance (Alchemy), correlates to the direction of Galactic centre, while trump 21, the World, correlates to the opposing Galactic edge.

Fulcanelli implies that the cross at Hendaye signifies a "fatal period" of  a "double catastrophe". If autumn equinox 2002 is the mid-point of a 20-year period (the XX engraving implies this), this may imply the last katun of the Mayan "Great Cycle"(13-Baktun cycle), since this is the nearest autumn equinox to the katun mid-point (12 Feb 2003, Long Count date*. The authors were stunned to discover that Paul LaViolette has been warning the world of just such a double catastrophe, in the form of a galactic core explosion, which he already tentatively linked to the 2012 end-point (see item 48). The first effects would be "electromagnetic shifts...crustal torque, pole shifts, tidal waves and high winds", the second catastrophe would be "an explosion of the sun's corona caused by the influx of cosmic dust pushed by the galactic superwave".

Fulcanelli also said that the inscription "ocruxaves pesunica" revealed a place of refuge. By clues from Fulcanelli, the authors arrived at 2 anagrams: Inca cave, Cusco, Peru, and Hail to the Cross at Urcos. The authors were again amazed to find not only caves at Cusco, but a nearby town called Urcos with a cross. Sadly, the original cross had been destroyed, but they concluded that the place of refuge may be either the caves at Cusco, or the legendary tunnels under the Andes, if someone finds an entrance.

The authors suggest that we should learn to "weave" our "Bardo or transitional body into nicely fractal flows of self-awareness" simply by meditating on compassion, as suggested by the work of Itzhak Bentov (Bentov explains in Stalking the wild Pendulum p.33-36 & 54-56 that in meditative states, the breathing is so gentle that it no longer interferes with the feedback of the aorta, allowing the system to become resonant, allowing the whole body to resonate at the same frequency as the earth - 7.8 Hz. How this is affected by the increasing rate of Schumann resonance (item 32)  remains to be researched). We shall thus be ready to be "harvested", to become a soul inhabiting a star, like the pharaohs of Egypt (see Star Birth Bardo in the Body of Orion). The Paris Papyrus gives some clues that the transformational process may be triggered by the light from the glow of the exploding galactic centre, triggering a cerebro-chemical outpouring which fuels an internal light that externalizes as "the shining light or star body of imperishable quality". The authors suggest that we need to prepare by performing a ceremony every equinox, in which the kabbalistic tree of life is "projected onto the Celestial sphere", a technique developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (see Whats New 5 above and related essay.

More info. at Ray Flowers' site - Sangraal School of Sacred Geometry; Vincent Bridges' site Vincent Bridges.com, and Jay Weidner's site Sacred Mysteries   - Jay Weidner's articles can now be found here, and those of his partner, Sharon Rose, here.

*Jose Arguelles gives "1992" as the start of the final katun in the last Baktun of the Great Cycle, and this date is quoted by Weidner & Bridges in their book on page 173, (see Whats New 5 above) - but they have confirmed to me that this page is flawed, since they agree that the last katun started in April 1993.

22. Realm Border Wave

 The channelled information on the Cassiopaea website UPDATED is  impressive and jaw slackening - yes, you may find your mouth has dropped open. 

The Cassiopaeans are 6th density beings, and in the section of the site called The Wave, it is explained how there are a cluster of comets on a 3,600-year orbit, which appears as a single body. Every time the comets come, the Annunaki arrive just beforehand, to feed on the soul energy created by fear. The Annunaki are from Zeta Reticuli. Right behind the comet cluster is a "Realm Border Wave" which returns every  309,000 years, (12 precessional cycles) and will merge this "3rd density" with the next one up - the 4th density. This is a Realm Border Crossing.  Riding on this wave is a colossal fleet of spaceships. 3 immense ships are also coming from the direction of Orion, each carrying 12 million Nephilim! The Cassiopaeans and Pleiadians are helping us to prepare for this shift. Those who successfully make the transition will merge with all other densities of their being for a short moment, which may seem to last forever. This sounds very similar to Ken Carey's scenario - see Beyond 2012 item 22. Those who fail to make the transition will have to repeat the whole 309,000-year 3d Earth cycle. There will be physical side-effects of the wave, such as a shift of the "magnetic axis", and the ozone depletion which is already occurring. The wave will arrive between now and 2012, (although in some places it says it could be as late as 2018); timing depends on whether it is speeded up by scientific projects currently underway, (these "scientific projects"  sound similar to the Philadelphia experiment).

                                     Cassiopaea  UPDATED                                                The Wave index  UPDATED


23. Cataclysm: 3114 BC

David Furlong, author of Keys to The Temple, has pointed out that around 3100 BC, not only did Stonehenge phase 1 appear, but also the great stone circles of Castlerigg in Cumbria, Stennes Stones in the Orkneys, and Newgrange in Ireland, while the building of long barrows ceased at this time. Dynastic Egypt was also founded at this time, while the Maya, in a third area of the world, dated the beginning of their Long Count Calendar from 3114 BC. Geo-climatologists  have found a climatic change around this time, called the Piora oscillation, which resulted in a "sulphate deposit" in the Greenland ice cores. This implies volcanic eruption or comet impact, and there is evidence of flooding in Mesopotamia, the Navajo Country of America and a rise in sea level on the coast of Brittany, and the Dead Sea in Israel, plus the sudden drying up of the Sahara area. (He then goes on to connect these events to the sinking of Atlantis, bringing the proposed date forward 6,400 years from Plato's 9,500 BC to 3,100 BC, for the sole reason that there is no evidence of emerging cultures from Atlantean survivors in the interim.) Click here for the whole article, or above for a different version. 

Timo Niroma, of Helsinki, Finland on his website Evidence for Astronomical Aspects of Mankind's Past and Recent Climate, has independently observed that around 3,100 BC, there was a methane peak (fires); a cold time according to bristlecone pines; the appearance of the coastal menhirs in Brittany; plus several of the events spotted by David Furlong above. Niroma suggests that a "huge meteorite swarm", possibly from the "break-up of a great comet in the inner parts of the solar system", caused tsunamis and an atmospheric dust blanket.  2 small craters have been discovered from this period. Niroma points out that Stonehenge phase 1 was purely astronomical - the later phases included ritual uses (some of the 56 Aubrey holes were re-dug, later, though, to receive human cremations) - the wave of stone circle building was to study the celestial phenomena and try to predict repetitions.  He  goes on to make the "outrageous suggestion" that the meteorites  responsible were the Taurids; in paricular, Comet Encke, which is associated with the Taurids. The path of Encke has been tracked back to an earth intersection about 5000 years ago. Comet Oljato's trajectory was virtually the same as that of Encke about 9,500 years ago, and in fact, it seems a more likely candidate than Encke for the 3100 BC episode. The final suggestion is that a comet/asteroid 100 km across disintegrated in 9,500 BC, into 3 main fragments - Oljato, Swift-Tuttle and another. The third fragment is what rained on earth in 3114 BC.

Support for this connection between Long Count and Comets comes from a book I read recently - Exodus to Arthur - Catastrophic Encounters With Comets, by Mike Baillie. Baillie is a dendro-chronologist (tree-ring/climate studies), and establishes correlations between tree-ring anomalies and comets, taking into account history and mythology. Comets are repeatedly referred to as flaming serpents and dragons throughout history. Gods and demi-gods such as Lug, Merlin, Phaethon, Typhon, Quetzalcoatl, Michael, Gabriel, and even Jesus, have comet connections. When Baillie asked atmospheric physicist Gerry McCormac what would happen if a comet approached very close to Earth, he replied, "If it came within the Earth's magnetosphere it would probably be spectacular...the sky would go purple or green, particles from the comet would spiral down the lines of force, and it is likely that you would have amazing auroral dispalys and coloured streamers..."

Baillie replied," Oh...you mean like Quetzalcoatl the Central American sky serpent with his feather arrangement represented as flames of fire?" There is also accumulated evidence that a comet this close would produce an AUDIBLE HISSING SOUND!!   

Remember, that like Jesus, at the time he left, Quetzalcoatl promised to return one day.....


24. More on the Re-birth of Osiris.

Rush Allen has supplied a much improved image, which has replaced the previous one, at item 46. He has also written an exclusive summary, especially for 2012: Dire Gnosis.

The sky at Giza, 21/12/2012. Click here to visit Rush Allen's site

"To understand the Horizon of the King of Kings, it is necessary to expand
one's view to include all the visible universe. From the earthbound
perspective, that horizon has been a "visible cosmos" perspective. In other
words, the Kingdom of Heaven is all that which is before the face. The
largest "visible object" is the outline of the stars we call the Milky Way.
That is the Horus of Two Horizons. Giza shows Orion's belt as a specific
location in the heavens. This location is where the man overcomes the bull
and rises above the galactic horizon as the "Great Shepherd." This is the
Gateway of Men. Opposite Orion is Scorpio-Aquila-Sagittarius-Ophiuchus. This
location shows a man pulling a "reborn man-child" from below to above the
galactic plane. This is the "Gateway of Gods." To cross Gateway of Men, we
have to take responsibility for the past (Taurus-Perseus-Auriga-Orion). To
cross the "Gateway of Gods" we must be born again of the Cosmic Mother,
because the center of the galaxy is between
Scorpio-Sagittarius-Aquila-Ophiuchus. The Gateway of Gods is at the vessel of
the Holy Grail, and thus, it is also the "Gateway of Women." Since women are
defined by intuition and darkness, it is difficult to teach the process of
rebirth, and the goal of getting sons to become fathers (boys to men) is
defined by the separation from mother, the Gateway of Women is called the
Gateway of Gods. If it were called the Gateway of Women, the sons would
expect a "handout" to achieve the dominion of First Father. Clearly, the
dominions of kings are achieved by accomplishment, not be accepting handouts.
The Egyptian ideas regarding the rebirth (reincarnation) of Osiris are well
known. But, the truth about Rostau has been forgotten. In 2012, the Bull
(Taurus) of the underworld (Egypt, Xibalba) will be overcome and the
Man-Child (Perseus-Mithras) will take personal responsibility. This will
occur when the sun is at it highest above the belt of Orion, and the sun is
at its lowest above the Cosmic Womb. The dire consequences of 2012 are that
we will become responsible for ourselves, again."

Rush Allen's website: SiLoaM.net


25. Great Conjunction and Age of Aquarius

On a site called Audrey's Ancient Egypt, Audrey Fletcher explains how she used the Narmer Palette from the First Dynasty, plus Skyglobe software, to work out that the Age of Aquarius starts on December 21 2012 AD.

She first ascertained that the transition between the Age of Gemini and the Age of Taurus was in 4,468 BC, then, by working forward in 2,160-year jumps, (since in a Platonic Great Year of 25, 920 years, each Zodiacal Age lasts 2,160 years), she found that the age of Aquarius will start in 2012. Since the Great Year is made up of 4 Great Seasons, and the Gemini-Taurus junction was exactly a quarter of a Great Year ago, and represented a great Autumn Equinox, it followed that the Great Winter Solstice would be on Winter Solstice 2012.

Audrey calls Winter Solstice 2012 the Great Conjunction, since Skyglobe revealed that Earth and Jupiter will be the only planets on their side of the Sun. This is quite significant, since the May 2000 conjunction was a situation where just Earth and Pluto were on their side of the Sun. This was not obvious on the chart displayed at item 39, since there are other nodal points shown, which confuse the issue (for a non-astrologer).

I asked Audrey, "...you don't mention the Maya - is it the Mayan Long Count end-date that led you to 2012 as the dawning of Aquarius, or did you deduce it independently?"

She replied, "Yes the dating for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius is the same as the Mayan forecast, but I did arrive at that date independently using Sky Globe computer software. It just goes to show how clever those Mayans were ... and they didn't have computers like ours!"

I have just found that Barbara Hand Clow, in her new book, Catastrophobia, has also used the Narmer Palette to deduce the date of the Gemini-Taurus transition, but she dates it at 4,480 BC, which is 12 years before Audrey's date. This results in a Dawning of Aquarius in the year 2000, but on the Spring Equinox. Weidner & Bridges used the Spring Equinox on the cusp of Leo/Virgo in 10,958 BC to work forward to the Fall (Autumn) Equinox on the same cusp, half a precessional cycle later in 2002 (see Whats New 21 above). 

All the above calculations forget about the lack of a Year Zero in our calendar, so they are all a year out.


26. Period of Justification

Robert Gilson has described an experience in January 1992, in which, after attending a week-long intensive course for spiritual growth, in Phoenix, Arizona, he was "zapped by the Michael energy" in a similar manner to the 2012: Dire Gnosis image on the index page of this site. In a state of heightened awareness, Robert was informed intuitively, that there was to be a period of justification lasting 20 years, before the advent of a new consciousness occurred for humanity. During this time, people should start to sort out all their personal issues and emotional problems, (or"get our hearts in order"), to prepare to receive the new energy, "in order to make the shift gently, rather than in a mad panic". Twenty years from 1992 is, of course, 2012, but Robert knew nothing of the significance of 2012 at the time.

The 5th April 1993 was in the Mayan Long Count, and therefore the last katun in the 5,125-year cycle. Weidner & Bridges found this marked on the Cross at Hendaye - see Whats New 21 above. 

STOP PRESS! (Septemer 23 2001).  Jose Arguelles gives "1992" as the start of the final katun in the last Baktun of the Great Cycle, and this date is quoted by Weidner & Bridges in their book on page 173, (see Whats New 5 & Whats New 21 above) - but they have confirmed to me that this page is flawed, since they agree that the last katun started in April 1993. However, in the Long Count correlation used by Carl Calleman, the final katun begins on February 10th, 1992. In Calleman's sytem, the Long Count ends on October 28th 2011, not December 21st 2012.

Although there is no direct connection, this happened at the same time as the 11:11 events, during which worldwide meditations were performed to open a Doorway. The Doorway stays open for 20 years from 11 Jan 1992 to November 2011. The Doorway consists of 11 gates, & the first is the healing of the Heart, after which it seems to expand...


Click here for an extract of Robert Gilson's experience.