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16 Aug 2018


UPDATE on the MATCHLESS G50 v-twin emails from Arthur Lewthwaite...

"I have widened crankcases by 30mm and obtained a Moto Guzzi crankshaft and rods and bearing housing with main bearings. This is a one-piece crank with the same stroke as the G50 Matchless. The extra width allows more room for the front cylinder carb and the rear cylinder exhaust. The main bearings are ball - not roller bearings. A new half -timing pinion gear has been made to fit the crank and the crank has been modified to do the job. This allows for a belt drive pulley to be fitted where the Guzzi clutch flywheel bolted on. I am slowly getting there."


"I have a Moto Guzzi crank now, with main bearings and con-rods. I have had a timing pinion and an idler gear made, making a dummy plate to check the timing and the crank... all the work is okay! I altered the crankcase patterns to allow for a wider Guzzi crank... things should go reasonably quickly now! I am going to use belt drive to the clutch... I'm also looking to possibly using 5 speed Guzzi gearbox turned side ways? I'm also looking to possibly using a modern Egli Vincent frame made to fit. The cost of the frame is around nine hundred pounds, (with oil in the frame)."

18 July 2018


images images-1 images-2

Photographed at the Redditch revisited event, 2003, by "Nettshubby". "...the V twin is a pre-war Model K (998 v-twin) in a 50s Bullet chassis, very nicely done and it was at our Home Counties Rally a couple of years ago. The Owner told me the later KX motor (1140cc) is too tall to go in the Bullet chassis. There is at least one other, owned by a well known REOC member in the northeast..." "...the V Twin in the Bullet frame was owned then by Pete & Jan Jacket from around Ashburton in Devon and is now owned by Paul Brand." "When I last saw it the bike was suffering from an odd seizure after a run, apparently Paul has identified the problem (the magneto armature winding sealing compound was melting and sticking the mag, a condition known as Shellacitis apparently,) and sorted it." Source: Hitchcocks Forum



SEELEY-VINCENT... PDFs on build: Seeley-Vincent PDF1 ; Seeley-Vincent PDF2

1977-seeley-vincent-858x570 seeleyvincent seeleyvincent2



NORCATI 900SS - the other side...... and here's the build story: NORCATI 900 SS BUILD STORY


YAMCATI ONE ......................................................................................................YAMCATI TWO

matthias_wiessler jochen_trappmann


yamton4 yamton3


yamton2 yamton IMG_7299 IMG_7294

2. TR1-TON (TR-one-ton)


YAMTON TR1 Webpage (in German): YAMTON TR1

9-yamaha-vincent-virago-1 yamaha-xv-1100-103930-320

TR1 goes Classic twinshock

Matchless-1931-X3-1000cc-AT-7 6987436438_e6efd79220_b

Matchless for sale (Andy Tiernan Classics)....................... and Hesketh Cafe Racer

25158228_729947163865919_2145172354296952573_n 25158081_729947387199230_6077615450305609956_n

HANDCHANGE JAPTON: Dog-eared JAP in a Norton Featherbed with hand gear-change!

5 July 2018

14517472_1843777269190932_6046125111210580538_n 14440862_1843777265857599_6414204747158274733_n 14462894_1843777339190925_6378994393470211810_n


10300428_10152619363827213_7829313107618375928_n FEATURE+Norlake+1500 getimage-5

Both+covers+jpg getimage getimage-1

The NORLAKE features in this month's Classic Bike magazine (July 2018) ... big article with pictures!

10386891_863835106984649_7554407381911480637_o lantenhammer2 lantenhammer

BLACK ERNA made by Otto Lantenhammer. This time we have colour pictures.

1779302_932137953515188_4777463373125521521_n 11082616_932138240181826_3817980007147110705_n 11013345_932132256849091_7706518434460481510_n

Black Erna with the heads off....


Latest iteration of Black Erna circa 2014. Bought by Paul Pinfold who still had it in 2014 (in Australia) . who was thinking of selling it at that time. He still had it in 2015, when he posted these pictures of the heads, while preparing it for his kneeler sidecar (see picture above). " At this moment have standard Norton diapham clutch with triple row chain, need ign system to run of 2 sets of points, and carbs." has since died (Jan 2016).

s-l1600-1 s-l1600-2 s-l1600

Weslake Wasp outfit recently (2 June 2018) for sale on ebay. Bidding went to £6,150... reserve not met. Here is the link: Weslake Wasp


Variations on the 5-valve single, that came first:

922941_591059610928868_1418539473_n 183114_591059607595535_1849873657_n 579379_601710326530463_186327289_n 558102_313941145399822_956476001_n 69035_313941122066491_743408757_n 547599_564970886869618_669081052_n

560233_10151414360218865_2139065605_n 426608_601710329863796_77023132_n 564240_564971323536241_554532810_n 48010_564971940202846_942388600_n

13151637_1208656255835864_8539985733712474510_n 13178903_1208656259169197_4203004084327265160_n 13091908_1205945282773628_5584556659175624970_n 13151958_1205945279440295_3560802676174933642_n

weslake5valve bvrvee

On the left above, we have the Weslake 5-valve design using a normal Weslake Mk2 bottom end with BVR 5-valve heads. On the right we have the 10-valve BVR engine, which appears to have a much bigger vee angle - about 85 degrees as opposed to the 50-degree Weslake version, and is now unit construction.

4 July 2018


"This is a mk1 short stroke Weslake (only one in existence), runs Cosworth pistons and high torque cams runs on twin 38mm smooth bore amal concentric carbs with 780 main jets it has a flow rate on full power of 3 pints of methanol a minute and has won 2 x British champs titles and 1 x center champs it has also won numerous other national titles." Dave Penfold

"... This...was my fathers built Wasp. It is an lefthander... one of three ... commissioned by the Penfolds to Wasp to construct with dimension input from Jimmy Penfold to create the ultimate lefthander (its a shame the class has demised as it used to be a strong class). This chassis was built in 1988. It won the 1989 British champs and various other national champs, was first raced by me in 1990 winning various club and national meetings incl s/eastern center champs etc. It was raced again in by me in 1991 winning the s/eastern center again and other national meetings but no success in the British as we had engine problems and were out of the points for the second round (that's when it was two rounds for the champs). It was then packed away for 17yrs then taken out again for 2008 and won its first meeting back, from then on it has won every title in the left hand class up to the s/eastern champs in 2012 (my last ride). It is now dormant waiting to come out again..." Dave Penfold

...and Dave Penfold provided more info on the GOD-LAKE (Mk2 bottom end with Godden heads):

weslakegodden 1493544_793943430640484_3223667819497482331_o

GOD-LAKE ...............................................................and a standard Godden engine in an mx outfit

"A mk2 Weslake bottom end with Godden 1000 barrels and heads, as the Weslake mk2 heads were too large and the mk2 enginewas not competitive. This one was owned by Richard Brown and purchased off Ron Valentine of Weslake as a complete mk2 Weslake but he could not get it to run right etc, so he did a roofing job (as he was a flat roofer by trade) for Don Godden and got him to mate a set of barrels and heads to the bottom end to make it run more efficiently. It never had any national success and was only good at club level." Dave Penfold


62170473ed307e7ccd74e2e2c6414da0 15216243940_7760e560de_b 14150709882_e0007f3f2f_b

Godden Yamaha 750

Meirson-Harley-Powered-Speedway-Build-Engine  Meirson-Harley-Powered-Speedway-Build-Left-Side Meirson-Harley-Powered-Speedway-Build-Right-Side


Meisron page Harry Meirs and his son Clarry built this 160 bhp motor with a top end developed from JAP and Coventry parts.... for sale on ebay here: Meisron for sale

"...built as a prototype for possible V-twin production. It started as a 74 cubic inch Harley-Davidson 46U flathead motor – the Meirs kept the bottom end and then “created their own heads, cylinders, and internals making a 1000cc v-twin with a 15:1 compression ratio producing 160HP. The engine’s valve train was adapted from a Coventry Climax motor (early 1960’s Formula 1) along with early JAP rocker arms.” The story gets better – this motor supposedly won all 15 races it competed in..."

From the ebay auction: "The bike itself was built by myself (Patrick Tilbury, Owner of Royal-T Racing) using all top of the line materials and parts. - Engine rebuilt by B&B Racing in Metairie, LA-- Frame built by Royal-T Racing and is made from 304L Stainless Steel Stainless Exhaust by Royal-T Racing- Dual Lectron 36mm Carburetors- Fairbanks Morse Magneto" More info at Silodrome



20785733_1538089072916038_8097360715785552343_o 20728103_1538090442915901_5096148672600947935_n 170415albin1-1 ViscountVincent-8Layout 1 36556355_1578656262262364_8171894150791168000_o 36579017_10155765895235885_4050600312740773888_n 36555229_10155765895220885_6781273943249518592_n

Louis Clement; Moto...? ...Albin; ....AJS; ...Detlev Louis Mottorad's Indian Chief Special: "Engina";... Mark Walker's Drag Bike


sachs_beast1 Sachs_Beast

SACHS BEAST featuring 1000cc Folan v-twin engine from Sweden

Folan variations: wide angle or narrow:

IMG_0957 7209084438_27f353ca1f

highland_2 DSC_0725-716292

Wanderer-1927-Type-H-AWo-KNa-01 Wanderer-1927-V-Twin-54-MANT-15 ultima-motorccle-motart-3

p1000213   p1000214 scan47_thumb

Crocker special with BSA gearbox



Blackburne-2801-1 17121949279_32b33a3821_b $_103 Mabeco-V-Twin-Treffen-Museum-BMT Simplex-bicylindre 2363772343_b252c6589b_o 14620285872_060313bb74_b9anzani Alcyon-Buchet 27858604_10214182533010997_8841795258363387688_n 29542194_10216205235554065_4487010749295728156_n

29790646_372608916573852_4738863330659708867_n 29793377_372608913240519_403523941964599034_n 18301993_1995788927306081_7751379349894181676_n 34365434_1828010693923873_8491654405848825856_o

egli images


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