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20 Jan 2019


Royal-Enfield-KX-concept-51 concept-kx__1__0 Royal-Enfield-Bobber-838

HEW HEDTON PICS (from an old Scandinavian magazine)

001hedton 002hedton 003hedton

20 Jan 2019

OLDIES CORNER>>> Tornax and Bucker 1000

46516282_2832285526797192_7271262053103304704_n 49834034_1876438712484116_4244317021556178944_o


49696366_2290508681218638_7168697031483981824_n 49623518_2290508694551970_5870376826479575040_n

John Turner's project is slowly progressing in the workshop of Jake Robbins Vintage Engineering (Hastings)



Mats Olofsson has solved the mystery of who built it and what became of it... Built by Tim Ball:

Matchless SS80 engine; home made frame that contains the oil; single-sided Triumph 959 swingarm and rear wheel; Gilera Nordwest fork stanchions; home-made yokes, handlebars and internal controls. Front wheel = Gilera back wheel! Harley ghearbox; seat from an Indian; Promo starter and pimary drive; bus starter button; panniers carry batteries.

MAG engine for sale, HERE


48958886_10156625130036885_5844203467576442880_n 49286278_10156625130076885_5157584496417046528_n

HOT NEWS! I have just spoken on the phone to Colin Butler, the new proprietor of Blackburne Engines…

The idea was to design an engine for people building Morgan-type three-wheelers who could not afford the £27,000 price tag for a new JAP engine (e.g. from Cameron Engineering)
The objective was to make a v-twin that would be available for less than £10,000 complete with ignition, carburation and clutch. 
The top ends ARE Ironhead Sportster, since these parts are easily available new or second-hand. The bottom end needed to be angled to allow a carburettor room to fit behind the heads – hence they chose 55 degrees – which will also look right.
The bottom end will look quite like a JAP, but a bit “fatter at the front” (i.e. on the timing side) – in other words, sticking out about an inch more – since it will have 4 cams. 
The crankcases have been designed, and mocked-up. The first batch is currently being machined. They have decided to machine from billet since, with all the CNC machines set up, it will be more reliable (no duff porous cases) and so more economic.

The engines will come with non-adjustable electronic ignition (since Morgan racing specifies this) but this can be changed to adjustable – and will have a more reliable oil pump from later Sportsters such as the 883.

There will be three price options: 
1. Complete engine with carb, ignition and clutch: about £9,000
2. Crankcase kit for about £4,000 and buy new Ironhead Sportster components from USA for about £2,500: Total: £6,500
3. Crankcase kit for £4,000 plus buy second-hand Sportster engine for about £1,000 and transfer components. Total: £5,000-£5,500
4. Even cheaper for motorcyclists, since they will probably need neither the clutch (and can just put an engine sprocket on) nor the S.U carb.

The first examples should be ready to fire up in May; the first batch should be ready by August, ready for the Morgan show at Malvern in September.
He will keep me updated, and may send some pictures or put pics of the mock-up on the website. http://www.blackburneengines.com/ 

VINUELL: A Vincent with chopped-off gearbox inserted in a Buell, including Buell gearbox: More Info


TRICENT: Vincent in a Triumph Thunderbird:




Another picture of my EVANS-BSA:


SHACKLEFORD 2: More progress...

49948794_2195792304008256_8024746913372831744_n 49750936_346097262643427_1251811395725426688_n 49864535_1196742973809840_4873659438432518144_n 49948062_313098709315256_1337953579096342528_n 49895262_412720996135133_6023543164210511872_n 50015970_361694171319805_2441846305442496512_n

Brian Shackleford has been in touch with pictures of the progression of his special that uses Harley, BSA, home-designed and machined parts plus.... intriguing!

DOUBLE MAC - Allen Millyard's 698cc 50-degree Velocette v-twin special progresses:

48416945_10213096734596199_5618008143054241792_o 48387770_10213096735356218_4949319689693036544_n 48397655_10213096734956208_5077714889443639296_o

BUT... here's something odd: An Argentinian artist by the name of Patricia Couto of Buenos Aires has produced a drawing of an apparent Velocette prototype from 1948 that is almost identical. It is labelled "Punto alto Velocette 698cc v-twin-1948" meaning "Velocette's high point" a mystery ... did Allen reconstuct a prototype? No, the drawing was produced about 3 weeks after Allen posted his picture, and is obviously copied from it, with altered lighting. Mystery solved!: Patricia Couto's page

46091505_2146729005379204_2449403110112770779_n 45698907_10156510327641885_7730229211905916928_o


269d1fc512f3ca9e85d6ef891807969a 19511297_1394519467283172_6837643953398665833_n

Crocker OHV (speedway?) top-ends on 1929 101 Indian Scout

DOHC "JAP" MORGAN now completed


Twin OHC Morgan now finished... original engine built by Paul Newsham in Cltheroe lancs, UK, the 3-wheeler is now ownws by Francois Tornare in France

GODDEN-BVR: BVR Weslake fitted with Godden heads... engine no 102

48427194_10213107597871815_3417888008689418240_n 48905073_10213107588391578_7825492140581978112_n

compare with standard Godden:

95_127381_2_max 95_127381_max



Sold by Bonhams in 2012 (for £9,200)

"This interesting 'special' consists of a 1927 James 500cc overhead-valve v-twin engine purchased, mostly complete and in very good order, around 18 years ago in Harrogate. The only part missing was the rocker box cover, which proved so difficult to find that a new one had to be cast in aluminium. The frame is from a James single but has been modified, the top tube being lengthened and a 'U' shaped bracket fitted at the front. Forks are from a heavyweight Levis; the front wheel from a Velocette; and the rear wheel from a heavyweight Triumph. The fuel tank and three-speed gearbox are James. Other noteworthy features include custom-made exhaust pipes; original 1930s James-type silencer; and an oil tank copied from that of a 1931 James v-twin. All other parts date from the 1930s. We are advised that the machine has not been run since rebuild was completed.

16 Dec 2018


...has just been "rebuilt after spending 15 years outside". Posted by Simon Harris of Attitude Cycles: https://www.imgrumweb.com/post/Bq0M5X9Ae-T

Pete Thompson who built this originally, along with the other four Thompson V-Twin B100s is the resident "genius engineer" at Attitude Cycles, Southampton, UK. https://www.attitudecycles.uk

To see the other B100s go to the B100 page: V-TWIN NEWS PAGE 11

bsavtwin  46382030_2204396036502078_2307136973131979376_n

Before resto...............................................................................................................After resto (Nov 30 2018)

AND - the two other missing Thompson v-twins:

29090782_792941734234718_2984832331748999168_n 29088211_420186008439724_3516006051235233792_n

Pete Thompson is the resident "genius engineer" at Attitude Cycles in Southampton, UK https://www.attitudecycles.uk I hope to ask him for more info on the apparently extra long stroke version above...

This one (below) has just been "rebuilt after spending 15 years outside". Posted by Simon Harris of Attitude Cycles: https://www.imgrumweb.com/post/Bq0M5X9Ae-T

15 Dec 2018


Very rare BVR-Weslake 10-valve twin. Weslake OHC bottom end with BVR 5-valve heads.

27 Nov 2018

EVANS-BSA (owned by your webmaster)

IMG-20181113-00753 IMG-20181113-00754

Now running and street-legal!


43018869_10156430873466885_5884888266842308608_o prize

The Jabsawock has had a rebore and new pistons and recently (September 2018) travelled 180 miles in a weekend. It won a prize for "The Most Desirable Panther (!) at the West Dorset Panther Rally. Since then it has had an auxilliary hand oil pump fitted.... pics soon.

27 Nov 2018


46754948_2182467605208028_3137297138111741952_o 46665757_2182467591874696_7108766118692519936_o

46681519_2182467461874709_5581726870677749760_o 46523564_2182467681874687_1990305127914799104_o 46753618_2182467775208011_8781092170321887232_o

In New Zealand: "...Homebuilt Ariel -Howard homebuilt 1400cc special. A combine harvester engine with International truck piston and Harley Sportster rods. Triumph slickshift gearbox, Ariel frame,forks and front wheel (1929). He made the tank and primary cover, all the necessary mounting brackets, C10 BSA distributor, Honda 90 gearbox gearsdriving it... A work of art! Starts 1st kick and sounds beautiful.He said it cruises all day at 60mph" Thanks to Graeme Duckett for pictures and info.

In Australia, Nick Hicks will be restoring Otto Lantenheimer's "Black Erna" 120 bhp Weslake v-twin speedway bike, hopefully by Christmas 2018:


Below: Indonesian v-twin using an industrial engine.



The build has gone incredibly quickly, as he posted daily updates on his Facebook Wall: https://www.facebook.com/allen.millyard In only a MONTH (Oct 18th to Nov 19th 2018) Allen built this complete one-off engine!. Staggering quality and beauty! Crankcases are welded rather than cast.

44296940_10212690513000913_4632215115993710592_n 44480971_10212700973342415_8899137795969253376_n 44376106_10212700973622422_3811921124606869504_o

44820598_10212725480315074_4280057583319908352_n 45122127_10212760462469606_9034962382903836672_n 45698907_10156510327641885_7730229211905916928_o 45558825_10156510327401885_7897671088920854528_o


46453060_10212891375782357_1464559976507768832_n 46503156_10212891375142341_8722253523548372992_n 46482181_10212891375662354_8153987324032581632_o 46477081_10212897408333167_9199152248121196544_n


44819219_2105577139525407_5682525045830713344_o 45001858_10156490789781885_939598819841015808_o


s-l500 s-l500-3 s-l500-4 s-l500-10

Siannu in Rusutjarvi, Finland created this machine. Clck on piuctures above and browse Flickr archive for more pictures.

Adbertised on ebay in August 2018, for £9,500 it was unsold with NO BIDS. Let us know here, if you buy at and I will cover any future modifications.

Here is the accompanying info:

If you are searching original or museum piece this is not for you. I do not have any papers or documents for the bike but engine has run about 3000km  within last 5 years. 
Frame is Norton plunger modified to take big V-twin engine.Gearbox,wheels,tanks,toolbox,and clutch is from Norton as is oilpump which is Norton inter/Manx type.Front end is unknown but may  be from Horex S8.
Cylinderhead castings(iron) are MFC made as is aluminium cylinder barrels and timing cover.Rockerboxes and oilpump housing  are home made.Magnetos are from BTH and with manual advance.
Engine is one off made by me with Harley sportster evo crank,british type drive side bearings ie. ball and roller bearing,timing side is HD needle bearing.
Pistons are 85mm HD ones.Compression ratio is modest but still "adult" is needed to kickstart the bike.I have added photo of the longer conrods(with omega pistons) which with you can increase compresson ratio over 9:1.Last foto shows similar timing gears and roller followers as this engine has.There is many homemade parts on the bike so expect to have some work time to time but main construction should be ok .Paint work is not good.
Reason why i am selling this as a project is that there is several oil leaks and rear plug needs cleaning more often than front one,reason is maybe piston rings.Carbs are Dellorto 32mm and best settings still to look.All gears are selectable and clutch is working,engine runs.
Will sell worldwide but buyer to arrange freight.More fotos on request.
Thanks for looking!



Brian Shackleford is building another very similar engined bike using a Harley/BSA combination of parts. Brianb sdays he has now ridden the original SHACKLEFORD 1200 miles with no problem - not even needing adjustments!

shackleford2b shackleford2

"DON'T PANIC 13" by OLDCRACK CYCLES, Jakarta, Indonesia


Dont_panic13_Oldcrackcycles_indonesian_attack-5 Oldcrack-03Oldcrack-02 22280787_870928656390270_2051761011794378752_n 07-old-crack-cycles-custom-indonesian-bike Oldcrack-04

"Don't Panic13" by Oldcrack Cycles, Indonesia.... Source: http://naikmotor.com/77914/ini-motor-kustomfest-indonesian-attack (press translation button)

Motorcycle Name: Don't Panic 13 
Name Builder: Rudi Siswoko 
Concept: Old Tracker

(HD WL750 1948)

The motorbike to be brought to Japan was inspired by the motorbike era in 1920. Besides its old-fashioned appearance, this motorbike was intentionally built to show engine performance. Taking the base of the 45ci HD engine, Oldcrack modified the engine using Japanese car parts combined with Triumph gearboxes.

"The manufacturing process takes a little time and energy. The engine base that we use is only a side valve and the rest is overhead valve, we have to make our own using components in the Indonesian market, "Rudi opened.

Some of the engine parts made by Oldcrack include burring (barrel?), cylinder head, rocker arm and intake. The rest use motor parts or cars such as pistons from Mitsubishi cars, valves from Japanese cars and Mikuni 28 carburetors.

Data modification 
Basic 45ci 
Burring (Barrel) by oldcrack 
Head by oldcrack 
Cam stock 
Flywheel stock 
Oil pump stock 
Mitsubishi Piston 
Valve japan car 
Tappet stock 
Rocker by oldcrack 
Intake by oldcrack 
Carb mikuni 28 
Basic Triumph GEARBOX 
Kick start only 
Clutch can muro 
## rolling frame 
Swivel Wheel by Old Crack Swallow 
Front end Yamaha 125 SR400 Gas tank by oldcrack 
Brake disc 
Oil tank