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13 September 2015


icarus-outside-2 phoca_thumb_l_eastern-fabrications-high-flying-icarus-5 phoca_thumb_l_eastern-fabrications-high-flying-icarus-2

Lock Baker of Eastern Fabrications in Conneticut USA built this engine around the cylinders from Coninental 0200 flat four light aicraft engine. He designed the crankcases

with a Harley-like 45-degree vee and extra cylinder studs, and had them cast by a foundry, then machined them himself and made his own camshafts.



article: http://www.barnettharley.com/barnettsmagazine/feature-bikes/bobbers/eastern-fabrications-high-flying-icarus.html#.VfVAIs6kdJN

Lock Baker's blog: https://lockthewelderdotcom.wordpress.com/2010/12/ and https://lockthewelderdotcom.wordpress.com/tag/icarus/page/3/

Eastern Fabrications website: http://www.easternfabrications.com/ ...Incredible steam-punk/gothic detailing on some of the other Eastern Fab. bikes.


13 July 2015

Pavel Malanik's giant JAP NLG replca starts up:



The NLG replica appeared at Monlhery Vintage Revival meeting, where it was started up... see this video: (The initial engine sound is the starter, not the NLG... wait a bit for that to start).


However, when he took it on the track, and opened it up, shed the tyre and tube and ruined the rim. See story (Part XI of the series, at The Old Motor.com: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=144063

and see lors of pics of the NLG at the event here: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=144569



7 July 2015

Anikhet and both his wonderful Enfield Musket v-twins star on this episode of Jay Leno's Garage: Enjoy!


Here is the Musket V-Twin website: http://www.musketvtwin.com/

Find Aniket on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aniket.vardhan.5



A V-four "Twindian" made from two Indian Power-Plus engines linked together, built in the 1920s. See story on Kneeslider: http://thekneeslider.com/twindian-twin-engine-indian-motorcycle/

or in more detail at The Vintagent: http://thevintagent.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/twindian.html

twindian3 011415-2015-mecum-auction-1915-twindian-indian-cannonball-baker-TWndin


29 Apr 2015

Pavel Malanik's NLG replica is completed with plating, paint and logos. he will be testing it at the Vintage Revival meeting at Montlhéry banked racetrack near Paris on May 9th and 10th 2015.


Here is the article


6 Apr 2015

Jo Marchand (who apparently lives near Nantes in France) created this BSA C11G v-twin... which means it is really a 500cc C22. The video soundtrack has now been restored.... the BitSA recipe shown in French during the video is translated below.... I am hoping that we can get a version with sub-titles soon... am asking permission from Marie Marchand who edited the video and from Jo Marchand... they are currently checking my sub-titles.



  1. BitSA Rebuild

The connecting rods are mounted on the same original crankpin bronze bush

The timing gears are split to half the thickness, running off the same crankshaft pinion

The second set of contact breakers is mounted on the same contact breaker plate

The cylinders are offset by 70 degrees

Ignition occurs for each cylinder at every revolution of the engine

The engine is inclined rearwards

Intake pipe as required

The frame is cut and extended by 15 cm and reinforced to support the engine at the same time

Warm up gently

Drive with caution.

The creator, Jo Marchand states during the film that the vee-angle is 72 degrees, but the magazine article in the film states it as 70 degrees... Here is the dicussion: http://www.bsac10c11c12.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=4113.0




""Lyclone" is presumably a skewed reference to a Cyclone. The bike was built by Roger Lye of Lyco Engineering (now retired) and was intended to emulate the board track racers of the early part of the last century.

The engine is a 1934 750cc JAP MTS/D V-twin which is housed in a 1947 Norton frame lengthened to accommodate the extra cylinder. The gearbox is a Norton Doll's Head unit. Forks are Webb. The combination fuel/oil tank is hand made. Various parts came from Raleigh and Royal Enfield." From Sump Magazine: http://sumpmagazine.com/classicbikenews/news-february-2015.htm



23 Feb 2015

"Black Erna", the petrol-burning Weslake v-twin speedway bike built by Otto Lantenhammer is now in the posession of speedway star Paul Pinfold in Australia: Here are some engine pics:


and here is a Weslake with ohc bottom end with Godden top ends...


and here is Alan White's overhead cam Weslake v-twin:


see Classic Bike November 1988 for the article. Of the six DOHC v-twins made by Weslake, we have seen 1.The Tony Foale version (now in Australia) and 2. Briz's Landspeed racer (both these can be seen on this page;

3. The engine recently sold on ebay (on this page ); 4. The grasstrack racer above with Godden SOHC top ends (in Australia); 5. Alan White's cafe race DOHC Weslake v-twin above (still in his posession today).


22 Feb 2015

Another home - brewed Manx Norton style v-twin using JAP crankcases.


24 Dec 2014

Here is the LONG version of Sid Leitch's 750 Matchless project story:




19 Dec 2014

VINCATI: a Vincent engine in a Ducati rolling chassis... check out these beautiful Vincatis:



>>>BUT... what happens to all the old Vincent rolling chassis and Ducati engines? They are made into...DUNCENTS!


more info: http://www.accessnorton.com/vincati-t17780.html

Now feast your eyes on this beautiful Egli Vincent by the Motorcycle Restoration Company:


More info: http://www.motorcyclerestorationcompany.com

An Indian Chief- engined special:


NEWSFLASH: The" Indomitable Jackson" engine is from a 1929 AJS:

contrasted with... a Ducati special:

17 Dec 2014

The chopped Enfield shown on V-Twin News p.2 has now been "restored" to a period bitsa:


article: http://www.britbike.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=371204


15 Dec 2014

Italian-American Cruiser. 1916cc S&S engine in rolling chassis by CR&S Motorcycles of Milan. Unfortunately, better than the new Hesketh and Matchless S & S -engined bikes perhaps...? BUT it weighs 245 kg, which is 540 lbs!


Alan Cathcart test:



More Road-test videos:


More info and pics: http://www.bikesfair.com/2014_09_01_archive.html

CRS website: http://www.crs-motorcycles.com/en/

More comprehensive page with ride pics: http://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-reviews/cr-s/2013-cr-s-duu-ar150173.html#main


Swiss-built Condor:


source: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=554763

`BJS `special: Built circa 1938 by Bill Jackson, featuring Jap 8hp engine in a BSA Sloper frame:


more info and pics: http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/19766/lot/309/


3 Dec 2014

Imitation Vincents:


The Mugen...A prototype Vincent-lookalike designed by Hirotoshi Honda...more info: http://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/2011/09/honda-mugen-mrv1000.html


Vincent RTV ...another Australian cration... only four were made: http://egli-vincent.net/5-the-australian-connection/



26 Nov 2014


This is the original Folan engine that was later developed into the Highland engine


21 Nov 2014

Howard V-Twin Project Bke for sale (posted 5th Nov 2014):


"Aus built V- twin 1200cc+ motor in rigid early harley frame and a triumph 4speed box has had neck bearing turned down to take jap front end was on the road in the sixties motor still runs. great project will consider cash offers or will swap for a good 300cc up 4 wheel motorbike phone or text only cant do emails " http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/blackwood-creek/motorcycles/rare-howard-v-twin-project-bike/1061218859

13 Nov 2014



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