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31 May 2016


norcati2 acr15-Norton-Ducati

Crocker C4 concept:




Norton V8 Featherbed.

norton_V8_1 reliantv8 NortonV8a

"The V8 Norton It's two Reliant Robin (Alloy) blocks welded together, with 1/2 " offset for the rods. Thecrank and rods and other internals are standard at the moment. It's 1700cc (2 x 850) and standard tune, John Crudgington, the guy who built it, is currently ironing out wrinkles, the main one being vapourisation of fuel in the fuel pump which is located between the blocks. Because it's running a 180 deg crank, it sounds like a 1963/64 Coventry Climax F1 engine."



22 May 2016

Chris Knibbs, who now lives in New Zealandcreated this 3,000cc v-twin in the UK and just got it running before taking it out to NZ to finish it. It’s made from 2 cylinders of a 9-cylinder 16-litre radial aircraft engine and with original crankcases that have been “cut down”.

390520_271407796257163_1657580453_n 336824_221690831247390_832602991_o 388352_221689451247528_2034360938_n 10697316_706767106073091_6936023753823864803_o

Here is Chris's Vincent with handmade monoshock frame:


17 May 2016

Ducati 900ss from http://benjiescaferacer.blogspot.co.uk



A rare Flescher Fyler from USA.


Rickman Metisse with 1000 cc Godden grasstrack engine:

british-racing-motorcycle-v-twin-988cc-godden-rickman-metisse-sprint-hill-climb-1 british-racing-motorcycle-v-twin-988cc-godden-rickman-metisse-sprint-hill-climb-2

Specials featuring the Voxan French v-twin:

rzcyba9g1rruyqekigu7 voxan-2-700x425

27 Feb 2016

A very rare OHV Indian.From 1926 - an 8-Valve Altoona Special. Indian only made 2 of these alloy-head 8-valves engine according to some sources.

indianspecial Lindsay-Urqharts-Indian-eight-valve-a

This must be the other one (there are many differences from the model above, incuding forks, front hub, gearbox, levers, paint finish, contact breakers, etc). This one belongs to Lindsay Urqhart, displaces 61 inches (999.6 cc) and was seen racing at Philip Island in Australia.

attachment-3 attachment-4

and yet here, apparently , is a third example:

attachment-2 attachment-1

and here is an Indian with an Anzani 8-valve engine:

0251+%283%29 attachment indian-anzani-2

and here is a hillclimb 8-valve Indian - they made 25 of these... Article: http://yerbabuenaamca.webplus.net/1926_indian_ohv.html


or here are modern customised Scouts:

indian-black-bullet-scout indian-scout-custom

23 Feb 2016

Allen Millyard followed his Honda SS100 (made from two Honda fifty singles) with this SS180 made from two Honda C90 singles:


...and final pics from the Howard build thread :

C93C874B-01BB-4017-A1C2-76EFDD024502-16956-00000BBE5A220897_zpsd5370baf 4D1B9129-C045-4ED2-BD07-3FD50A99C540-16956-00000BBE801F9C80_zpsb132f6bb


20 Feb 2016

AJS-JAP Special... for Sale at Andy Tiernan Classics:

"Priced at £12,650. Frame first registered on the the 20th of March 1959, this is a most interesting V twin special, fitted with a 1934 AJS 990cc V twin side valve engine & tall gearing, making for effortless cruising. Handsomely presented, this is very a pleasant special at a good competitive price - where else would you get an AJS V twin for under £13,000.00! Comes with the latest DVLA V5C registration document, is registered under the 'Historic Vehicle' class for free road tax & is MOT exempt."


10 01 14


Some v-twin creations by Engine guru Al Melling, an engineer who Norton employed to design "Nemesis" - a 1500cc V8


10672203_847618831945391_7595714023244319865_n 540116_526437117396899_219311290_n 426112_529502593757018_98771008_n 17005_534136959960248_1879536094_n 325132_521562677884343_806352759_o

18 Feb 2016

This 700cc Velocette v-twin was made from two early ninteen fifties Velocette MAC 350 singles. The original donor bike would have looked like the fourth picture below. Photos by Gary Britton

WP_20151217_001  WP_20151217_002 WP_20151217_003 1952-velocette-mac-760x570


1909 Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson V-Twin Engine.

Info part 1: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=150441

Info part 2: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=150734



A "GN 200-Mile Race cyclecar" - very similar to the Temple-Anzani engine.




 McEvoy_JAP-980cc21 12509185_10208018125514096_3835645177847679902_n 12469610_1671771326431165_3147497578226873265_o

12246893_1011555408865196_4623220899730962862_n 12244307_911819712230007_4775257248982048938_o 12291806_10208031514645320_4352059178220121495_o


Buell-Metisse by Joe Banks:



10177387_513970615375375_6572449101315164599_n 10313988_513970042042099_2908466685859271643_n


Norton Big Four with JAP 750:

12359937_1079630252061478_1712072357026683811_n   12347885_1079630275394809_64766476585689159_n-1

993859_1079630298728140_8359446573867138059_n 1916919_1079630342061469_2671195219422026517_n



JAP in a pre-war BSA M20 frame: .........................................................................and JAP in Ariel frame:

12113466_420495434811095_2139783390308847914_o 12095142_10205540100603061_8333545605616193288_o

23 October 2015

v-twin vintage engine build:


more pics: http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/Toms1909engine/media/IMG_2844_zpsxkagzafp.jpg.html






23 September 2015


The video story of Jo Marchand's Unique 500cc v-twin made from two C11 G BSA engines can now be viewed with English sub-titles.

Your webmaster has translated the dialogue with the help of Marie Marchand, the film-maker and daughter of Jo. Here it is:


20 September 2015


V12 Honda CBX 2000 by Andreas Georgeades




Between building the Honda SS100 v-twin and the "Flying Millyard" 5-litre v-twin we have already covered, he made a Honda SS180 v-twin, a Kawasaki Z1600 and a Kawasaki Z2300:

VeeTwinSS100-01  1150246_10200451406950911_391969773_n full barber-museum-chapter-3_020 v12kaw2 122_Kawv12_Engllg+Kawasaki_2300cc_V12+Full_Engine_View

However, his experimentation started with converting Kawasaki two-stroke triples to 4, 5 and 7-cylinder engines:

millyard-4-cylinder-engine millyard-5-cylinder-engine Kwaka606

...and he has also built an 8.4 litre Dodge Viper V10 engine into a bike!:




: This is the beginning of the project. More pics at Sumo's Super Vee album on his facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/vintagechop/media_set?set=a.766958253395396.1073741833.100002436851443&type=3

The engine was made in the eighties (1988) by Nostalgia Cycles in California, by chopping two top-ends off a small-block Chevrolet. It displaces 1573cc. Few owners could get them running right. Check back here every few months to see if there is any more news.


THESE ARE THE CLAIMED DESIGN FAULTS THAT MUST BE TACKLED :( according to the 4th post on this pag:( http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/20214-ripped-off/&page=2)

Bad oil pump (no pressure at idle)

Flat lobe on the cam

Timing gears out of alignment

Valve seats all loose

Valve springs all loose and missing shims

Used connecting rods

Piston tops had been ground down to lower compression

Oil leaks in valve covers, oil pan and timing cover

Heads and block not milled

Engine was advertised at 94 cubes and was actually only 82

No steel inserts in aluminum heads and block ( sparkplug holes and head bolt holes stripped out after trying to torque heads)


17 September 2015

A colour picture of Alan White's overhead cam v-twin 1000 Weslake (or BVR as in Brian Valentine Racing)... see V-Twin News p.5 )


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