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43. The Rattling of the Pleiades. In his recent book, Gateway To Atlantis, Andrew Collins has amassed a collection of evidence that the civilization of Atlantis was destroyed by a tidal wave following the collision of a comet (known to geologists as the Carolina Bays comet), with the Earth, and that Cuba is a remnant of the landmass. The proximity of Cuba to Mesoamerica would explain the Aztec and Maya fascination with cataclysm. The Chilam Balam of Chumayel, Collins tells us, “spoke of an almighty cataclysm during which the ‘Great Serpent’ was ‘ravished from the heavens together with the rattles of its tail’ so that its ‘skin and pieces’ of its bones ‘fell here upon the Earth’”. The Calina Carib tribe in Surinam, South America, still have myths of a fiery serpent that came from the Pleiades and ‘brought the world to an end’ with ‘a great fire and a deluge’.

                                                              Xiuhcoatl serpent on the Aztec Sunstone. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. C. 1998. J. M. Jenkins. Click for link to Jenkins' MC2012 site

There is also a Hebrew legend, says Collins, that “the Great Flood was caused after ‘the upper waters rushed through the space left when God removed two stars out of the constellation Pleiades’”. Incredibly enough, the Jews believed this had occurred on a date corresponding to November 17, while the Aztecs, on the other side of the world, held their New Fire Ceremony on November 14. Collins has pointed out that the Pleiades were seen as the rattle of a celestial snake, as Jenkins has also said, (see item 34), but Collins also adds that the Pleiades as the snake rattle “warns its potential victim of an imminent strike.” Collins thinks this may come from the direction of the Pleiades.

 Astronomers call earth-crossing asteroids “Apollo objects”. This brings to mind Philip K. Dick’s enigmatic statement in Valis that “the Head Apollo is about to return”.

Now, return to item 34 – The Pyramid of Kukulcan – a Precessional Alarm Clock ,  before reading the next item.

44. The Eye in The Pyramid. On Raymond Mardyks’ website, (now unavailable), he decodes the Great Seal of America, which appears on every dollar bill.  The Seal shows a 13-step pyramid with the date 1776 in Roman numerals, on it. Just as the pyramid of Kukulkcan has 91 steps on each of the 4 sides, making 364 in all, plus the top level giving the number 365, the Great Seal pyramid also has an encoded calendrical meaning. Like some Maya pyramids, it has a date on it, but in the Gregorian calendar.  4 sides of 13 levels gives 52, which is the number of weeks in our year. However, 13 and 52 are also the key numbers in the Mayan calendar systems. 

                                                      The reverse side of the Great seal of America, from the 1 Dollar bill. Click here to visit Mardycks' dollar bill page

 In the Great Cycle, there are 13 baktuns of 20 katuns each; each katun consists of 20 tuns, so there are 5200 tuns in the Great Cycle. There are also 52 haabs in a Calendar Round.  Some Mayan groups named cycles after end dates rather than beginning dates.  They would also have seen a series of 13 katuns as a significant cycle. 1776 was not only the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed (on the 4th of July), but was also a special year in the Mayan calendar. Just as the last katun in the Great Cycle is “katun 2012”, the first katun in the cycle of 13 was “katun 1776”. In fact, the katun ended 33 days before the signing.  So 1776 is the bottom level of the pyramid, where the date is actually inscribed – the top of the pyramid is therefore 2012. 

                                                                 The 13 last katuns of the 13th and last Baktun in the Great Cycle (picture by G.S. after Raymond Mardycks). Click for link to Raymond Mardycks' Galactic Astrology site

          East Field ,Alton Barnes, UK. 21.06.2001. C. 2001 Steve Alexander                       Beacon Hill, Nr. Highclere, Hampshire, UK. 21st July 2002. C. 2002 Steve Alexander

East Field ,Alton Barnes, UK. 21.06.2001. Photo: Steve Alexander            Beacon Hill, Nr. Highclere, Hampshire, UK. 21.07. 2002.                    .......................................................................................................................................(NB: 33 rays = 33 Masonic degrees)        Photo:  Steve Alexander

The top would also be 2012 if each level represented one of the 13 baktuns in the Great Cycle, with 3114 BC at the bottom. The top of the Great Seal pyramid shows an eye-in-triangle, which has been associated with Sirius, God, the pineal gland, and the Illuminati. Mardyks goes on to point out that not only was the Egyptian calendar based on the rising of Sirius, but that  “the Sun is astrologically conjunct Sirius every year on July 4, for the birthday of the United States of America”. Also, some Mayan groups froze their New Year to July 26, “when Sirius rises in that part of the world.” 

On January 1 at midnight, Sirius culminates, reaching its highest point in the sky, at the only time of year when it is visible all night long.  

 See Galactic Astrology for more.

Robert Bauval has a book coming out soon on the Masonic secrets about Sirius, which were encoded into the design of Paris and Washington (Masons were behind the gaining of American Independence, and the French Revolution). 


For the astrologically minded, check out this site which links 1776 to 2012 by the positions of Uranus & Pluto

45. Great Pyramid of Giza as 2012 Indicator. An essay by Paul White, on the San Graal website, includes the following: “According to the “calendar in stone” of the Great Pyramid, which describes the so-called “Phoenix Cycle” of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD. The Greek word PHOENIX, derived from the Egyptian word PA-HANOK, actually means “The House of Enoch.” No references are given for this statement.

                               The Giza alignments which correlate to the astronomical  situation on Winter Sostice 2012. Click here for link

I have checked Michael Mandeville’s site Return of the Phoenix,  but can find no reference to 2012, (Nigel Appleby claimed that in his self-published book, Mandeville says the 5th flight of the Phoenix will be in December 2012 – see item 28). On Mandeville’s site, he says the 5th flight will be in 2000 or 2001. The information could have come from the Jones/Wilkie/Ambilac sites, but the 2012 prediction here comes from an analysis of the whole Giza plateau, not just the Great Pyramid – and it gets more obscure with each new article (see item 39). New Ambilac article, posted 3/5/00 Interdimensional Physics – The Giza Plateau Finally decoded 2012 - 

See also  2012, Comet Lee & the Birth of Our New Neighbour  

and: Ambilac News  ;       On The Eighth Day

46. Re-birth of Osiris: In an e-mail debate between Rush Allen and James Wilkie,  in which Allen challenges Wilkie to explain himself, and Wilkie fails, Allen claims that although he sees the Ambilac articles as disinformation, they are right in their conclusion, that the Hall of Records will be opened on December 21, 2012 at 10:18:13 local Cairo time (22:18:13 Pacific Standard Time). However, he says the opening of the Hall of Records is a kind of mass illumination of mankind. He concludes that Wilkie & Jones must have got the actual time by intuitional methods, since their reasoning is impossible to follow, while he found the time by astronomy and astrology, following a study of Jenkins’ work. 

                                    Rebirth of Osiris on 21/12/2012. Click here for link to Rush Allen's SiLoam. Net site            


Since he has found that “the zenith meridian at Giza runs through Jupiter at the Hyades in Taurus”, this means “the kingdom (Jupiter) will be restored to Egypt (Taurus) at that precise moment. Thus, Osiris, the Bull of Egypt, will return from the dead at 22:18:13 on December 21, 2012.” 

                                        The sky on 21/12/2012. Click here to visit Rush Allen's site & see the original article.

From Allen’s site, SiLoam.Net – Adventures in Archaeoastronomy, you can access 7 essays in which he explores the astronomy behind Mayan mythology and cosmology.


47. Adrian Gilbert – Signs in the Sky. Adrian Gilbert’s New Book Signs in The Sky explores biblical prophecy and traces Christian origins to Egypt, to try and find an answer to the question of what exactly the prophesied “signs in the sky” preceding the end of the age, will be. Gilbert has been influenced by De Santillana & Von Dechend’s epic work on mythology, Hamlet’s Mill, which finds most mythology to be cosmologically or astronomically based. In support of Paul White’s statement (item 45 above), Gilbert does conclude that Giza is a “map of time”, and that “this position of Orion’s Belt could therefore symbolize the idea of the returning phoenix at the end of one age and the beginning of another”.

Building on his discoveries in The Orion Mystery, Gilbert has discovered that the Orion cult  has spread into Turkestan, with the Sabian “star-worshipers”, and the Sarmoung brotherhood, of which the Gurdjieff was a member. Many biblical stories contain coded astrological messages revealing connections to Egyptian beliefs, which came out of Egypt with Moses.

We know about the alignment of the Winter solstice sun with Galactic Centre, between Sagittarius and Scorpio, which Jenkins has identified as the end-point of the Mayan Long Count in 2012. This is caused by the approx. 26,000-year “precession of the equinoxes”, except that the Mayans were measuring “precession of the solstices”, which is the same cycle, but measured from a different point – the precession of the winter solstice, as opposed to the vernal equinox. What Gilbert seems to have discovered is an Egyptian knowledge of the precession of the summer solstice, and the consequent encoding of this knowledge in the bible. The vernal equinox, as we know, is precessing from Pisces to Aquarius, at the same time as the winter solstice precesses from Sagittarius to Scorpio, and the summer solstice precesses from Gemini to Taurus.

  The Golden Gate           The Silver Gate


The Golden Gate is at the point where the ecliptic (dotted line) crosses the Milky Way, just near Galactic Centre (GC); the part of the sky which was of great interest to the Mayan people. At the other end of the Milky Way, the Silver Gate is above Orion, at the centre of the Duat; the Egyptian Netherworld which was represented on the ground in the Giza area.

The ancient Greeks, who received much of their knowledge from Egypt, believed that souls reside in the Milky Way between incarnations, and that there are 2 “gates” on the Milky Way. These are the Silver Gate of Gemini, through which souls descend to earth, and the Golden Gate of Sagittarius, through which souls ascend. Other versions say the souls of men can ascend by either gate, but that the Silver Gate leads to reincarnation and the ancestors, and the Golden Gate leads beyond reincarnation. The Golden Gate is also that through which the Gods descend.

The Silver Gate is just above the “hand” of Orion, who the Egyptians associated with Osiris, and they depicted him holding a star in his hand. In the Orion Mystery, Bauval & Gilbert presumed this to be the star Aldebaran.  Now, Gilbert has found that the Egyptian word for star, s’ba, also means “door”, so Osiris is holding a Star-Gate. In some depictions, Osiris is holding an ankh towards the gate, so this must be the key which unlocks the star-gate.

      The astral form of Osiris, as shown on the Benben of Ahmenemhet III. C. 1994. Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert.          Sahu-Orion (astral Osiris) in his barque, traveling across the heavens. C. 1994. Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert            Sahu-Orion with Orion's belt shown above him. From the Tomb of Senmut, Deir el-Bahari. C. 1994. Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert

      Orion/Osiris holds the star/door in his hand; holds the ankh/key (Sun) to the door/Gate; and holds the ankh in the right hand 

After studying bible prophecies, visiting Israel, and computing star and planet positions on his SKYGLOBE software, Gilbert has discerned that the astronomy of summer solstice 2000, June 21-22, and also on June 29, this is the beginning of the Apocalypse, when the Silver Star Gate opens. This is the “Omega position” of Orion, rather than 2380 AD, when Orion reaches its most Northerly point, as presumed in The Orion  Mystery. It is the end of a 13,000 year cycle that Gilbert calls the Age of Adam, or the Age of Orion. 

   The "Alpha/Omega" position of Orion on 29/6/2000. Picture by GS after Adrian Gilbert. Click for link to Gilbert's site             Summer Solstice 2000. Picture by GS after Adrian Gilbert. Click for link to Gilbert's site

On June 29 2000, Orion is in the alpha/omega position, with the 7             On 21 June 2000, the solstice Sun (ankh/key) is in the star-gate sacred planets representing the 7 lampstands of the Book of Revelation......and casts no shadow on the Khafre pyramid.

In August 2012, says Gilbert, Venus (symbolizing Isis & Mary as “Bride of Heaven”), will be “stationary in the hand of Orion”. Orion, as he has explained convincingly in the book, symbolizes Christ, and this is his mystic marriage (and there is a hint that we should be prepared with our “wedding garment”, which, to the Egyptians was a “stellar, Sahu body” that needed to be “crystallized”). This could also be the return of Quetzalcoatl, since he was connected with Venus, and thereby the sign preceding a “second coming”.

 At any rate, Gilbert’s interpretation of Biblical prophecy, using the fig tree parable, and the return of the Jews to Israel in 1948, indicates that all prophecies would be accomplished by 2018. This also happens to be, according to John Major Jenkins,  the last year that the winter solstice sun conjuncts Galactic Centre, in the other star-gate. Gilbert calls the Silver Gate the Gate of Hades, so there may be 12 years of hell coming up, before the opening of….Heaven’s Gate! (sounds familiar…) See here for an independent corroboration of some of Gilbert's discoveries. 


48. Sphinx Stargate. While we’re on the subject… this is the name of astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette’s website, in which he gives some information about the content of his books; Talk of The Galaxy is about ET communication, SETI, Pulsars, Astronomy, Supernovae & Crop circles. Beyond the Big Bang, supports an alternative cosmology in which there was no Big Bang, looking for evidence in ancient mythology and Egyptian mysteries. Subquantum Kinetics is about revolutionary physics theory. Electrogravitic Systems is about anti-gravity and free energy.

 However, most interesting to us at the moment, is Earth Under Fire, - Humanity’s Survival of the Apocalypse. LaViolette combines recent scientific data with myth & legend to rediscover  the reason that ancient civilizations tried to warn us of impending disaster. This is a scientist with an impressive list of achievements. He lists 12 ground-breaking discoveries that he made, which were later vindicated by other researchers. These concern galactic core explosion cycles; Galactic super-waves of cosmic rays; cosmic ray levels fluctuation; tin isotopes; global warming; solar flare activity; geomagnetic reversals; radiocarbon date anomalies; gamma ray bursts; archaeo-astronomy ( knowledge of Galactic Centre in tribal myth). 

   Galactic Centre pointed out by the arrow of sagittarius, the sting of Scorpio, & the foot of the Snake Handler. Picture by GS after P. LaViolette & Raymond Mardycks           Galactic anti-centre, between Orion's club & the horns of Taurus. Click for link to LaViolette's site

 The arrow of Sagittarius and the sting of Scorpio  define the position of Galactic centre, with accompanying mythology. The  foot of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler is also right over Galactic Centre, as Raymond Mardyks points out. This happens to be at the Golden Gate which Gilbert brings attention to, (see item 47) while at the Silver Gate, lies the Galactic anticentre - the direction in which the Galactic Superwave departed, which is defined by Orion's club & the horns of Taurus, or the ankh in the hand of Osiris (see item 47). The nearby Pleiades constellation is associated with catastrophe, not just in Mexico,  (see item 43 & 34),  but also ancient  Persia and many other cultures, LaViolette tells us.  


                           Icecore sample shows that 12,700 years ago, there was high solar flare activity, from cosmic dust. Copyrighted 1997. P. LaViolette. Click for link to Sphinx Stargate

One of a collection of many graphs and diagrams in LaViolette's book, showing information from various ice core samples, radio astronomy maps,  & geological studies of species extinction.  For reader interest, he also includes evidence from mythology,  the tarot, astrology, prophecy and hypnotic progression !  The book is a tour-de force, but not a little frightening. Here we can see where a mass extinction coincides with the start of a period lasting over a thousand years, of high solar flare activity due to cosmic dust  from a Galactic superwave. This happened 12,700 years ago, which is half a precessional period. If this reminds you of item 32, where geologist Greg Braden predicted a geomagnetic reversal, linked to a 13,000 year cycle, LaViolette confirms that at that time "...the intensity and declination of the earth's magnetic field underwent major variations in step with the  eleven-year sunspot cycle. The amplitude of these cycles was hundreds of times larger than modern geomagnetic solar cycles, suggesting that solar flare activity at that time was also hundreds of times more intense, approaching levels normally observed in T Tauri stars." 

 Here’s a  more detailed review by a reader:

If true, one of the most important books ever.

If the central thesis of EARTH UNDER FIRE is correct, this is one of the most important books ever written. Although it would take a team of very independent-minded scientists from at least a dozen different disciplines to make a solid assessment of the various novel claims & interpretations made here, LaViolette's theory does what all good new theories do: it takes a variety of disparate, previously neglected or unaccounted for facts and weaves them into a new perspective in which they fit together seamlessly like pieces of a puzzle.
LaViolette proposes a new version of quantum mechanics which applies nonlinear dynamical ideas from Prigogine to the long-neglected, but never disproven, notion of the ether. LaViolette says this model predicts that the galactic core is not a
blackhole, but a supermassive energy object which explodes (or beats like a heart?) periodically.

 This pulsation sends out a wave of cosmic rays which then fill the solar system with interstellar gas, occluding sunlight, and increasing solar flare activity. LaViolette builds on recent work by Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, et al., and argues that the sphinx/pyramid complex, the zodiac and the tarot were all time capsule messages to future generations about the last time this event hit earth, with catastrophic consequences (about 13,000 years ago). If the indications from the Mayan calendar are correct, another such wave may be incoming around 2012 AD. That gives us fourteen years to prepare, if these numbers handed down from ancient astronomers, and polar ice core samples, are anything to go by.
While the central hypothesis, and the various interpretations that follow from it, are highly unorthodox, there is next to nothing of the flaky fringe science/UFOlogy/New Age vibe in this book. And LaViolette's astronomically based deciphering of the sphinx/zodiac "cryptogram" provides further evidence that there was indeed a technically advanced civilization on earth ("Atlantis") which appears to have been largely extinguished by the proposed 'superwave' catastrophe, which also brought the last ice age to an end. We can only hope LaViolette is wrong, or if he is right, that we are in the 26,000 year lull between superwaves, rather than the 13,000 year half cycle. If the latter, the information contained in this book should be broadcast globally, with international interdisciplinary conferences convened immediately. Let's hope LaViolette is completely wrong, but just in case


Scary  eh? What’s more, like Gilbert, (item 47), he has found a 13,000 year cycle, which would also fit the Great Seal pyramid on the dollar bill, with each level as 1,000 years, and still have 2012 on the top.  

LaViolette says that the supernova which led to the Crab Nebula was triggered by the  Galactic Superwave. He also points out that both the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus were sent to punish mankind.  Check out this website to compare the Crab Nebula with the Eye of Horus.