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39. Star-Map-to-Ground Correlation at Giza in 2012: Howard Middleton Jones  showed a sky map for December 21st 2012 at his lecture at Glastonbury Crop Circle Symposium in 1999, saying that the satellite pyramids at Giza reflect the positions of the planets at the end of the Mayan Great Cycle. Howard's website is updated regularly,  so it is worth checking - (see  2012, Comet Lee and the Birth of Our new Neighbour;   (Update : unavailable but archived HERE);    Ambilac News and Ambilac's New Site; see also item 45). Here is an extract: 

"Are we going to have a new neighbour (Sun giving birth?) on  21st  December 2012....A satellite pyramid of Khufu will be the centre point for the complete Giza alignment on  21st  December 2012 at a precise time ( 22.00 hrs 18 mins 13 secs local Cairo time) sic. and Venus will be completely aligned  - connections will be made to  our previous  civilization on Mars, and our Sun which was born of Alcyone in the Pleiades, our nearest relatives."

I spoke to Howard on the phone, shortly after the 99 Symposium, and he said that the alignment in 2012 will involve a planet currently beyond Pluto, which has just been discovered.

I asked Paul Wright, an astrologer, and member of SCR, to do a chart  from Cairo on 21/12/2012. He did a chart for early afternoon, which coincides with dawn in Mexico, and although there are no obvious conjunctions, Mercury and Venus are both in Sagittarius, with the sun just approaching.

                                         Astrological chart for Cairo, in the early afternoon of 21/12/2012. Thanks to Paul Wright


                        Planisphere: view from Northern hemisphere, looking South, 13.30 pm on 21/12/2012

  The sky looking South, from UK, on 21/12/2012 at 13.30 pm.  Galactic Centre (GC between Scorpio & Sagittarius), will be above between  8.30 am and just after 3.00 pm, but only visible by radio astronomy, due to light. However, if it IS visible to the naked eye, then Paul LaViolette's prediction of a Glactic Superwave could be right,  (see item 48).

Since THE event which occurs on this date is the conjunction of the Solstice Sun with Galactic Centre, (see item 5), also in Sagittarius, I suddenly remembered that Zecharia Sitchin predicted that when Nibiru returns, it will reappear " in the regions of the constellation of Sagittarius". Could this be the new planet that Jones predicts will be "born of the Sun"? Comet Hale-Bopp was discovered in Sagittarius in 1995, having an orbital period  of 3-4000 years. Some people suggested that it WAS Nibiru, but it was too small. However, Appleby suggested that Nibiru has fragmented - could Hale-Bopp be a fore-runner of Nibiru, on the same orbit?

40. Blue Star Kachina. An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification, which Oh Shinnar (item 7), said would be in 2011 (=2012 - see addendum). The strange thing is, the Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina! Gordon Michael Scallion provides the explanation, which I mentioned already (item 30). In more detail:

" The solar system shall become a binary sun system, when the Blue Star returns...during the day it will appear as a silvery light, one hundred times brighter than the Morning Star...During the evening, it will appear as a moon...the Blue Star is a companion to Sirius B...the vibrations given off by the Blue Star will enable the soul to have an easier time in communication with its host...a new light body is being created." 

In item 30, I quoted Scallion as saying that the Blue Star "will appear from behind the Sun, traveling towards Arcturus." NOW this is connecting up Howard Middleton Jones (last item) and Paul Mevryl (item37).

                                                                          The star of the Nommo, in invisible mode (rays drawn within the circle). The Sirius Mystery. C. 1976. Robert Temple

Readers of Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery may recall that the Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, have known for centuries that Sirius (the Dog Star), is a binary star system, and that Sirius B is a white dwarf - facts they say were given to their ancestors by visitors from Sirius. What you may not have heard, if you haven't read the new edition, (1998), is that astronomers have recently discovered Sirius C! Temple told us in 1976, in the first edition, that the Dogon knew of a third star, and that he thought it would be a red dwarf, if and when it was discovered. It was twenty years later, in 1995, when French Astronomers, Daniel Benest and J.L. Duvent announced in the Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, their discovery of a small red dwarf star - Sirius C. This has now been confirmed, vindicating Temple's work.

                                                       The star of the Nommo as it "emerges". The Sirius Mystery. C. 1976. Robert Temple

The Dogon say that the "spaceship" of the visitors - the Nommo - looked "like a new star", and that they will RETURN one day, when "a certain star will reappear", and there will be a "resurrection of the Nommo". They also say that Sirius A and B "were once where the Sun now is". The star will be invisible before it "emerges", and is drawn with the rays inside the circle. It will only be "formed when the Nommo's ark descends, for it is also the resurrected Nommo's "eye" symbolically." Temple thinks this is Phoebe - Saturn's tenth moon.

                                                           The Eye of Ra/Horus emerging from the Square of Pegasus? C. 1961. Lucie Lamy

                                  The Eye of Ra/Horus can be seen in a circle/sphere on the zodiac at the Temple of Denderah. 

Could this be the Eye of Ra? Murry Hope has said, (in Ancient Egypt: The Sirius Connection) "The Eye of Ra, which was the exclusive weapon of Sekhmet, is described as bright and burning object (a planetessimal or comet perhaps?)...we are seeing Ra in terms of the Siriun System, and Sekhmet as his daughter..."  Typhon, the father of Orthrus (Sirius) is shown  in The Twelfth Planet, as a winged serpent (like Quetzalcoatl, who will return), and was "a kind of comet" which was invisible...  

                                                             Zeus versus Typhon, another feathered serpent. The 12th Planet. C. 1976. Zecharia Sitchin

                                                                    Zeus and Typhon (from The Twelfth Planet)

In the enlargement of part of the zodiac of Denderah, above, it looks as if the eye of Ra has just come out of        the Square of Pegasus, between the fish of Pisces. In Hamlet's Mill, (p.430-437), there is a collection of  myths which together imply that Nibiru/Marduk (="Jupiter"= "a comet"= "the ark"), entered the Pegasus square, which is the entrance to the abyss! In  Extracts from Omega Point - Chapter 4  - The Wormhole of Daath,  I have come to this conclusion for other reasons, and to cap it off, I have just come across a PHOTO apparently taken of, "an alien probe",  "near the vicinity of EQ/Pegasi in the Pegasus star system" . However, even though the object is RECTANGULAR, the author says it is Nibiru. This sounds crazy, but in George Hunt Williamson's 1965 book, Other Tongues Other Flesh,  he said quotes from "The Saucers Speak", that the "Intruders" - evil beings from Orion - "are coming soon to Saros (Earth) in a square star body".

To top it all off, Barbara Hand Clow says that Nibiru's 3,600-year orbit takes it near Sirius!

For more on Sirius, click  here and here.

41. Other Astronomical Phenomena in 2012.  Raymond Mardycks (unavailable but archived here) has pointed out 5 unusual astronomical phenomena (unavailable but archived here) which are due to occur in 2012. These are;

1.       A Transit of Venus, in which Venus will pass directly in front of the Sun – something he says only happens every 120 years.


2.      A solar eclipse in which the Sun and Moon conjunct the Pleiades, on May 20 2012.


3.      A second solar eclipse, in which the Sun and Moon align with the head of the constellation Serpens, the serpent.

4.      He has included,of course, the alignment of the solstice Sun with the galactic equator, which he says started in 1987 and will finish in 2012.

5.      In addition, Venus returns to the same area of the sky  every 8 years, and each time, is getting nearer and nearer to the Pleiades. In 1972, Venus was 1 degree from Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades, but in 2012, Venus  will be right next to Alcyone.                                                        


               The Venus Transit/Passage in 2012 should look like this (through a filter). From the High Moon site. Click for link.                                           The moon is exactly positioned so that it appears the same size as the Sun. Some people think that is so unlikely that it means it was intentionally positioned there. At eclipse times we can compare them.

The 2012 Venus transit should look like this; (from the High Moon site)        "Perfect ring" eclipse, from the High Moon site


The May eclipse which conjuncts the Pleiades is also a rare conjunction of the Pleiades with the zenith passage of the sun, (May 20 2012), the event which John Major Jenkins says is being pointed out by the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, (see item 34).

 (The second of these solar eclipses is on November 13, 1 day before the day of the Aztec New Fire ceremony, which took place every 52 years; though I don’t know of any Calendar Round correlation in which it would fall in 2012.) UPDATE: I have now found that, in the Tikal Calendar Round series, the Calendar Round falls on April 2nd 2012, & it is 9 Hell-cycles after the Hispanic invasion.

 Mardycks says that after 2012, the Pleiades will no longer act as a galactic transmission centre for Earth – we will “receive energy and frequencies direct from Galactic Center”.

 Carl Johan Calleman also talks about the relevance of these Venus phenomena, but explains them differently. The synodic revolution of Venus occurs 5 times in 8 years (minus 2 days). After these 8 years, it returns to the same part of the sky, as seen from Earth. Calleman calls these “Venus conjunctions”, and says that when Venus transits (passes directly in front of) the Sun, it is a “Venus Passage”. Once per century, Venus Passages occur, but in a PAIR, 8 years apart. In other words, they occur twice per century, (but not necessarily every century, since there were none in the 20th century). They occurred in 1761,1769,1874,1882, and will occur in 2004 and 2012. Here are the approx. 120-year intervals, but between PAIRS of transits. They will occur on June 8 2004, and Jun 5-6 2012.

 Calleman says there is a Mayan prophecy that “the new world of consciousness will be born” during the Jun 5-6 Venus Passage. There will also be 2 lunar eclipses in 2012 – see NASA website.


42.  Radio Ham Discovers Sunspot-linked Geomagnetic Reversal. Kev Peacock, an Australian ham radio enthusiast claims to have discovered, by accident, as a result of investigating radio interference,  a forthcoming flip of Earth’s magnetic poles.  In 2011, there will be 3 eclipses between the 2nd of June and the 1st of July. (2 solar & 1 lunar). 

                                 Geomagnetism , earthquakes & sunspots. Kev Peacock's graph shows us heading for a crescendo. The red lines represent earthquake activity. For more info., click here & visit Kev's Geomagnetic page.                                                         The 3 eclipses of 2011 occur at a very dodgy time...

        Geomagnetism mapped against earthquakes and the 11-year sunspot cycle.                          Eclipses: the final straw

       This is a more elaborate version of the upward trend picture in item 3                      Sunspots & geomagnetics. Click here for the whole story.

                   Sunspots, geomagnetic activity, (and earthquakes) are all on an upward trend; click on pics for the whole spiel.

These coincide with the height of the summer in the Northern  hemisphere, when the magnetic North pole of the Earth is closest to the Sun.. The combination of aligned Sun, Earth & Moon, with the 11-year sunspot cycle maximum, and the Earth’s North magnetic pole pointing to the Sun hasn’t happened for 65 million years, according to Peacock. (Peacock says that the sun’s polarity reverses every 11 years; the polarity of the sunspots  reverses – they appear on alternate solar hemispheres every 11 years. This is not the same as a "full reversal", or "super reversal", as predicted by the Maurice Cotterell theory).  By observing trends in geomagnetic activity and seismic activity, he claims to have predicted the forthcoming polar flip, which may take a year until 2012, to take full effect, judging by previous correlations of earthquakes to solar changes. The webpage, (now transformed into an eBook):  Something Is Wrong With Our Sun  (updated 28/5/06)