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28. The Return of the Phoenix. Appleby says that the Phoenix myth relates to the periodic reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field due to the long-term sunspot cycle which culminates in a solar magnetic reversal. This magnetic reversal is due in 2012. Appleby quotes Michael Mandeville’s self-published book The Return of the Phoenix, which predicts the fifth flight of the Phoenix on December 22 2012, when we are due for a crustal displacement  moving the lithosphere as much as 30 degrees of latitude. ( On his website, Mandeville says it will be in 2000 or 2001 See item 45) See letter from Zyzygyz of Time Wave Zero 2012 for why crustal displacement or axis shift is not due)

                                                          The Egyptian Phoenix. The Orion Mystery. C. 1994. Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert             

                                                                          The Phoenix, or Bennu bird

Swedish scientists have, says Appleby, determined that the date of the most recent magnetic reversal, or shift occurred  (but not a "full reversal") -  in 10,500 BC.* This happens to agree "with extraordinary exactness" with the date  that Edgar Cayce’s visions revealed as the time the Great Pyramid was built (actually 10,490 BC). It is also the date which alternative Egyptologists and geologists have determined as the  construction  date of the Sphinx. Thus the Sphinx and Pyramid were designed as clues to last 12,500 years and help warn us of the coming changes in 2012, and lead us to the Hall of Records. (For anyone who has read The Hall of the Gods, Appleby gets the dates right on p.362, but on p.363 & 364, says 12,500 BC, when he meant 12,500 BP - before present).

(*Source was probably Alan Alford's Gods of the New Millennium, p.225 & 625 - the Swedes reported in New Scientist 6/1/1972, p.7, that "a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field had occurred 12, 400 years ago" which gives 10,428 BC; This event is known as the Gothenburg Magnetic Flip, and occurred 12,700 years ago (10,700 BC)  according to Dr Paul LaViolette,  (item 48) other sources say 12,500 years ago and 12,600 years ago There seems to be disagreement as to whether this event was a magnetic reversal or just a local flutuation. LaViolette calls it a "substantial geomagnetic disturbance". Gregg Braden quotes a later Swedish paper, which indicates that it WAS a 180 degree shift, due to new evidence from the southern hemisphere, and that it occurred 13,200 years ago; see item 32. Alford thinks the Phoenix myth is about an exploded planet

                                                       Vernal equinox in 10,500 BC. Keeper of Genesis. C. 1996. Robert Bauval & Graham Hancock

At  vernal equinox, 10,500 BC; the Sun in Leo, lines up with the Sphinx, while Orion's belt culminates at the meridian - a pattern mimicked on the ground by the 3 pyramids

The Sphinx was designed as a Phoenix (man + bull + lion +eagle), and is aligned  to a point on the horizon  which gives us a clue as to the meaning of the Phoenix legend.  The Sphinx faces the point on the horizon where the vernal equinox (Appleby disputes this and says it was the cross quarter sunrise), was in Leo, and Orion was at its lowest point in the sky. This occurred in 10,500 BC, and is Zep Tepi – the First Time of Osiris (Orion).  Appleby says that the movement of Venus at that time was very specific and is a pattern that is only repeated every 12,500 years.  He says that the pattern will repeat in 2012. Zep Tepi, or the  “First Time” of Osiris was in 10,500 BC, when Orion was at its lowest point in the sky. The “Last Time” of Osiris, when Orion is at its highest point, is ALSO due in 2012, says   Appleby.

                                                            Pyramid aligns with the belt of Osiris. The Orion Mystery. C. 1994. Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert

However, Robert Bauval and his co-authors, who must be Appleby’s primary sources, give the date of the Last Time variously as 2450 AD and 2500 AD. Appleby may have made an error here, but has over-corrected it by saying that Bauval’s date for Zep Tepi should have been 11,500 BC, not 10,500 BC. The text under this diagram,  (below) may have lead to some confusion, since at first glance it seems to give the future highest altitude of the star Al Nitak (Zeta Orionis) but actually gives its altitude circa 2000 AD ( 58 degrees 6 minutes). At least Appleby got his chapter heading right; Dates in Turmoil !    


                                     First Time of Osiris to Last Time of Osiris. Keepers of Genesis. C. 1996. Robert Bauval & Graham Hancock

29. Peak of monthly earth energy cycle; in Tom Graves’s classic book, Needles of Stone, he reports the findings of dowsers, that standing  stones  have 7 narrow bands of double-strength  geomagnetic field running horizontally across the stone at various heights. These bands move up and down the stone a little, following the lunar cycle. Two bands are usually below ground, the third; just above or below the surface, and the top band at, or very close to, the top of the stone.

                                                           Megalithic energy bands. A New View of the Rollright Ring. Dennis Wheatley. C. Braden Press

"all seven bands, according to several researchers I’ve talked to, are tapping points into a spiral release of some kind of energy that moves up and down the stone, following that (sic) lunar cycle. The cycle appears to control the release of this energy in a sine-wave form, the zero-points of the cycle occurring on the 6th day after new and full moon."


The pioneering dowser Guy Underwood had also noticed the lunar connection, and remarked that the months in the Celtic calendar had started on the 6th day after the new moon, and were divided into two fortnights. These cycles have now been monitored and found to repeat to an accuracy of within seven minutes per fortnight. The Celtic calendar was obviously based on this energy cycle, in which the spiral feeds energy from the ground to the sky during one half of the cycle, and feeds from the sky to the ground during the other half.    (It may be that the bands act like chakras). I have just realised that the 21st December 2012 will not only be the winter solstice, but is also 6 days after the new moon*. This is a coincidence which would have been of significance to the Celts.  

*I got this information from Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods (p.499), where he quotes Michael Coe. However, an astronomy website gives 13th December 2012 as the date of the new moon, so that somewhat negates this item.


30. Gordon-Michael Scallion; one of the most prominent modern prophets, or "futurists", Scallion - who has been compared to Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus - publishes his earth changes report nine times per year. It is an eight-page newsletter focusing on his most recent visions. In his recent book, Notes From The Cosmos, (1997), he records an impressive list of uncannily accurate predictions that he made for the years 1991-1997, and published in ECR, plus the facts of what actually occurred. He is most famous for his prediction of the epi-centre of the 1994 Northridge earthquake in California, which he made in 1993.  

  Solar flares and sunspots will precede a reversal of the sun’s magnetic field, ready for a new age. This is the time of the tribulation, and like the native Americans, Scallion says that human consciousness is triggering the earth changes. The "Blue Star Kachina" of the Hopi Indians will appear from behind the sun, traveling towards Arcturus. This blue star is a "companion to Sirius B", and will cause Earth s frequency to double to over fifteen cycles per second. Our "subtle bodies" will change, and we may experience palpitations, electrical sensations in the limbs and spinal column, migraines, flu-symptoms, and intense dreams, as we adjust.

  Between 1998 and 2002, the Earths magnetic field will begin to shift two or three times, by six or seven degrees each time. This will be the result of the interaction of a 11,600-year "critical-axis-tilt-point" cycle and a 3,750-year solar-magnetic reversal cycle. This sounds uncannily like the radio-ham discovery in item 42! The magnetic polar shift cycle is caused by "the interaction between earth, the sun and other planets", possibly implicating the 99 eclipse and the May 2000 alignment. Is this why I got a 7 degree discrepancy for North in the "Magnetic Field" crop formation this summer?

       Precession over 26,000 years. Notes From The Cosmos. C. 1987, 1997. Gordon Michael Scallion             Earth's tilt angle. Notes From The cosmos. C. 1987, 1997. Gordon Michael Scallion

                                                   Precession of the equinoxes is caused by the 23. 5 degree tilt of the earth's axis.

Scallion says that in a vision, he saw the planet Mars wobble on its axis, which causes its smallest moon,      Phobos, to move in a "snake-like motion", pushed out of its orbit by the approach of the Blue Star, now like a second sun. Phobos spirals towards the Earth’s orbit, and ricochets off our atmosphere, causing hurricanes and tidal waves, then earthquakes and volcanoes, then a melting of the ice-caps and global flooding. He seems to have covered it all here!  See News Flash

                                                        Phobos - literally, fear; the Great King of Terror predicted by Nostradamus in 1999? But nothing happened. Click on News Flash above.

                                                                                                          Mars' moon, Phobos

The culmination point of these earth changes was to be 2012, but the cycle has been affected by humanity:


"Solar-magnetic cycles -pole shifts - occur at the eleven thousand six hundred year interval, with lesser cycles  occurring at harmonic sub-junctures in the greater cycle. A full magnetic reversal would regularly occur on the sun in the year 2012. However, due to the expansion of thought forms and nuclear activity in your-world, the cycle has been modified, and now occurs earlier, before preparations are completed. But knowing these cycles can enable shifts to occur in your world, so that the cycle can be corrected. In doing so, preparation will be facilitated in our combined worlds. The effects of such a solar reversal brings great changes to our combined worlds, making for new seasons, and indeed, new species."


This information comes from the "Etherians", who go on to explain the meaning of crop circles in relation to the earth changes.  Some investigators, however, have checked up on Scallion's claims, and have been less than satisfied, saying he's "cooked the books".


31. Quincunx =Aztec Calendar. A quincunx is "an arrangement of five things at the corners and centre of a square". (Chambers’s 20th Century Dictionary).

In Mexico Mystique, Frank Waters says archaeologist Laurette Sejourne has demonstrated (in her book Burning Water), "that the quincunx is the most frequently occurring symbol throughout Mesoamerica". Teotihuacan is actually laid out in the shape of a quincunx.

    Mesoamerican quincunxes. Mexico Mystique. C. 1975. Frank Waters              

                                                                                                   These forms  are hieroglyphs for Venus, due to its 5-fold cycle

"It symbolises the four  previous worlds or suns and the present fifth sun as their unifying center. But reconciliation of the bi-polar opposites during this era must take place within the human heart. So the quincunx also symbolises Quetzalcoatl who by penitence and self-sacrifice made a final ascent out of matter into spirit, and was transformed into Venus." The quincunx can be seen at the centre of the Aztec Sunstone, where the four previous Suns surround the fifth Sun, in which we are living now; usually interpreted as the Sun of Movement, indicating that the cycle's end will be marked by an earthquake.  Some researchers think the 5 Suns represent a series of 5 Great Cycles, of 5,200 Tuns each, adding to 26,000 Tuns - one Precession of the Equinoxes, meaning that 2012 will be the end of the last of the series, and the end of a full cycle of 26,000 years. The Aztecs had forgotten the Long Count and Great Cycle, but this possibility implies there may be some forgotten knowledge hidden in the Sunstone. More on this soon...

  The Aztec Sunstone, sometimes referred to as the Aztec Calendar. (12 feet across). Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City. The Great Treasures of the Aztecs. C. 1994. Edouardo Matos Moctezuma                 Morestead, Hampshire, 1997. C. 1997. Lucy Pringle

    The Aztec Sunstone in the Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City               Morestead, Hampshire, 1997; compare to figures above above.                                                                                                                                                                     (Photo: Lucy Pringle)

Apart from a simple circle, the quincunx is the most enduring crop formation, some versions of which, (e.g. The Maltese cross, Morestead, Hampshire, 1997), are almost identical to Mexican forms shown in Mexico Mystique. In a newly published book (The secret History of Crop Circles, 1998), Terry Wilson reveals that the first known appearance of the quincunx was in the 1950s in Heytesbury, Wiltshire, about the time of the first recorded crop circle in Mexico (in sweetcorn!). Mexico also had its own quincunx in Milbaheta in 1977.

 Beckhampton quintuplet (quincunx) 3/8/88. C. Debbie Pardoe & Nigel Tomsett              The central circle is a round barrow, or Bronze age burial mound. Everleigh Ashes, Wilts. UK. 19/07/2000. C. 2000. Steve Alexander

        Beckhampton, Wiltshire, 3/8/88 (Photo: Terence Meaden)                             Arguably the most impressive quincunx ever! 19/7/2000

...................................................................................................................................................................Photo: Steve Alexander

32. Magnetic field reversal; geologist Gregg Braden has pointed out that Earth’s magnetic field has dropped 58% in the last 2000 years, and that the rate has risen to a further 6% in the last 100 years.    In other words, the global magnetic field is dropping at an accelerating rate towards a "zero point" at which the polarity of Earth will reverse. Geological surveys of the mid-Atlantic ridge shows that this has happened many times before in the history of the Earth. Braden says that the declining magnetic field  is causing the Schumann resonance of the ionosphere to increase, and that it is currently resonating at between 8.6 - 9 hz, And will level out at 13 hz -the next number in the Fibbonacci series. The whole process is connected to the Mayan calendar, the largest increase being recorded in 1987, which is when the Harmonic Convergence occurred. (He says the last polar reversal was 13,200 years ago - close to half a precession cycle see item 28).

Various scientific websites confirm these claims - of a declining magnetic field - in general, though they differ in details - eg: Brittanica says the average time between reversals is 300,000 to a million years, and takes 5,000 years to reverse, but it does shrink to zero during reversal, allowing entrance to cosmic rays, that would cause mutations. The Answer Man says the average is every 500,000 years, and the last one was 700,000 years ago, and that the field strength has dropped 8% in the last 150 years Ask the Space Scientist says it reverses every 250,000 years; is decreasing at 0.07% per year and will be at zero in 4,000 years; the reversal can take less than 100 years, and the last one was 250,000 years ago; American Scientist says it was 780,000 years ago; Science Frontiers says the Steens mountain volcanic record indicates that a 180 degree reversal took 4,500 years, but included 3 periods of very rapid change; An update on Steens mountain in Science Frontiers says the field moved at 6 degrees per day; Dr Paul LaViolette says in Earth Under Fire (see item 48) the Steens mountain info shows that a reversal would take only 2 months (based on the earlier 3 degrees per day figure); Andrew p. Roberts suggests that confusion arises because people fail to differentiate between "polarity transitions and excusions of the geomagnetic field"; The Los Alamos National Laboratory has done an interesting computer simulation to help understand this cycle. 

The situation regarding Schumann resonance is harder to answer. Scientists in USA & Western Europe are mostly saying it hasn't changed (Braden got his information from Russia and Norway) , yet the Climatology department of Arizona State University is using changing Schumann resonance values as an accurate measure of global temperatures, so the jury is still out on this one.

  Braden says the earth's rotation will slow down to a stop, when the magnetic field will drop to zero point, before rotation starts in the opposite direction, with reversed magnetic field. Awakening to Zero Point. C. 1997. Gregg Braden                Reversals of Earth's magnetic field over the last 4.5 million years. Awakening to Zero Point. C. 1997. Gregg Braden

       Geomagnetic Zero Point coincides with zero rotation, says Braden...............................................Previous geomagnetic reversals

In order to adapt, we must allow our bodies to alter their resonant frequency to match that of the earth. The process of adaptation is blocked by negative emotion, so we must become compassionate, and generate unconditional love. Shortly before Earth Shift, some people may achieve resonance in advance of the mass of humanity, and their "mer-ka-ba fields" - counter-posed tetrahedronal fields - will counter-rotate and merge to form a saucer-shaped light body, carrying those people into the fourth dimension. This is the Rapture. Sacred sites are places of a low magnetic field, allowing an easier- alteration of frequency; (for confirmation of this, see Places of Power by Paul Devereux).    

  The Mer-Ka-Ba in relation to the physical body. (After Drunvalo 1994). Awakening to Zero Point. C. 1997 Gregg Braden            Counter-rotating tetrahedrons of the Mer-Ka-Ba form a UFO. Awakening to Zero Point. C. 1997. Gregg Braden

I have found an interesting piece of information that may corroborate the above theory. Bob Monroe, a pioneer- of techniques to induce out-of-body experiences, states that when an OBE is occurring, the body’s polarity or electromagnetic field reverses itself. This has been witnessed by Michael Hutchison, observing experiments at the Monroe Institute. If the Earth’s magnetic field reverses, would this trigger the mass of humanity to have an out-of body experience? 

  In Muldoon & Carrington's The Projection of the Astral Body, this is described as "The astral body, or Ka, visiting the mummy"; yet Mark Lehner says it is the ba, not the ka. The Complete Pyramids by Mark Lehner. C. 1997. Thames & Hudson           The Projection of the Astral Body. C. 1968. Executors of the late Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington.

More on Ba and Ka here.

33. 2012 as next precessional age. Alan Alford, in his book Gods of the New Millennium, has studied ancient Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, and concluded that the gods of Babylon each ruled for one precessional age, which is a twelfth of an entire precession of the equinoxes. Combining "the latest scientific estimates" of the length of a precessional age (2,148 years, as quoted by archaeo-astronomer, Jane Sellers), with biblical and Babylonian information, Alford concludes that the precessional age of Marduk began in 2284 BC. The next one began 2,148 years later, in 135 BC, and, counting forward another 2,148 years, says Alford, brings us to the next one in 2012.

                                              Precession again. Gods of The New Millennium. C. 1996. Alan F. Alford

Alford does not think the planet Nibiru will return in 2012, as some have speculated, (see item 27) but predicts it in AD 3400. He does, however, see the start of the next precessional age as a likely time for the return of the gods. This implies that they are lurking somewhere in the vicinity of the solar system, as predicted by Robert Temple in the latest edition of the Sirius Mystery. He also thinks that Stonehenge was designed to measure precession, and since John Major Jenkins has now discovered that the real purpose of the long-count Mayan Calendar was to track the 26,000-year cycle of precession which ends in 2012, maybe Stonehenge is a 2012 predictor, like the pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza (see next item).