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Laurence Lucas presents the third part  of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history

Part 3

The Mayan Message of 2012?


Spring equinox 1997, towards the end of a 6-month adventure in the Mayan lands, I find myself at sunrise on top of a mountain overlooking Real De Catorce. It is here that I get a personal vision of reality after the winter solstice 2012. I am shown a capital city of uncertain culture (perhaps symbolic of all urban realities) where the environment is saturated with information on all levels, from holographic advertising in the sky, to street monitors displaying branded propaganda symbiotically existing with a plethora of on-street authorities proclaiming the truth, be it religious or philosophic. The narrative to my vision was emphasising the importance of staying centred within a gradually adapting personal truth whilst accepting outer dissolution of absolutes, and learning to interact with the world in a new way - a way I call "navigation", (this is explored in my upcoming book).

The main relevance of my vision to this essay, is the need to look to the people and land of the Maya, if we are to understand the Mayan end date of 2012; I felt my insight was gained from the consciousness of the land itself, in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. I felt I was being prepared to understand the end of time, in a grounded, integrated manner, devoid of wishful glamour and end-date escapism. The atmosphere on the trip was one where the instincts were heightened, as there are often real or intimated dangers, and a more conductive occult reality than we live with here, in Europe.

The Mayans live with a very real threat of death from the authorities - for example; whilst staying in San Cristobal, we hear of a bloody massacre and the quashing of a protest of Mayan farmers by the military. The Mayan people have learnt to adapt their culture, hide and transmute their truths to keep them alive, for at least 500 years. This veiling is no more apparent than in the assimilation of Catholicism, which, in turn, I believe is affecting that consciousness through reverse osmosis.

Catholic myth has been reworked to a new Mayan version, such as Judas (in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala), re-emerging as Maximon, the patron saint of bad habits. The Mayans see the duality within reality, and the mirror-meaning within words, and in 2012, I expect duality and paradox to increase. The Mayans retained their consciousness and spirituality through their natural abilities of word-play, mirror-meanings and poetry.

The Popul Vuh (the Mayan creation story), is not just a linear history; it contains a parallel, other-dimensional story that occurs in another timeframe. These are the episodes of the Xibalbans - the beings of the Underworld - the Lords of Death and Suffering, who are eventually defeated by the Hero Twins. The Twins survive all the efforts of the Lords of Death, that had defeated their own ancestors, and they actually transform the Underworld by creating new laws that affect this reality (i.e. instead of human sacrifice, incense will appease the gods). The Twins use guile and awareness, utilising rebirth and humour to create an environment that is safer for humanity in this dimension.

My visit to Monte Alban (a sacred site outside Oaxaca, Mexico, which sits on a leveled-off mountain-top), started at 7-00 am with a little extra cash allowing my partner Suzie, and me to have one precious hour to ourselves before the official opening of the site, the highlight of which was the ball-court, which is an acoustically sensitive structure, in which we walked up and down, clapping rhythmically (I intuitively knew what to do). As we did this, the sound ricocheted off the walls, and created an increasing wave that made our bodies tingle with awe; it felt as if we could walk through the wall into another dimension.

It is written in the Popul Vuh, that the playing of the game awakens the Lords of the Underworld, and it was after playing  the ball game that the Twins were summoned into that realm (access is gained, to the other dimensions).

The winter solstice 2012 (and either side?), is a time when access to the Underworld is easier, and therefore, the laws of our reality are up for grabs, for those with a game-player consciousness. This is a perennial story. To access the Underworld, and change the rules of life put down by the gods, we need the qualities of the Mayan Heroes; humour and elasticity, or what I call "game-player consciousness". The opportunity of 2012 is that we can gain access to the template level of reality, and thereby, create more  freedom on the surface in future lives. The Popul Vuh reveals itself as a "book of the dead", and reminds us to take a longer-term approach to the 2012 end-date, and to consider our future lives, and the future of our tribe.

I found the Mayan temple sites, with their jungle settings, to be alive and accessible now, not just mere monuments to some distant, past glory. At Tikal in Guatemala, where we spent 2 nights dodging guards and walking in the moonlit jungle, I saw overlays; computer-generated matrices of virtual game-boards. Whilst in Palenque in Mexico, (enhanced by the local mushrooms), the living spirit of nature permeated my being and instructed me. Copan in Honduras - favourite of archaeologists - was a more cerebral affair, and for me, a realisation of a higher-dimensional cosmic command post. Quirigua in Guatemala, was a personal past-life connection, where I also dreamt of Stormsky, an important king, presently reincarnated as a fun-loving, extrovert, tech-head motorcycle cop in California.

I see that the Mayans teach us that life is a tough game, but a game nonetheless, where we can change the rules to make it easier for ourselves, if we access the circuitry; the wiring under the floorboards; the template; the Underworld. 2012 is that opportunity. It will require awareness that it is an opportunity, and it will require something from us. In fact, it will require a lot from us; subtlety, strength, humour and the acceptance of the infinite duality. It will require courage to open the self to paradox, as this dissolves fundamentalism and ego attatchments to the old fixtures. A heart-centred humanity lives with, and thrives within the paradoxical cosmic theatre and game, whereas the solar-plexus-centred ego, led by the mind, requires fundamental truths and judgements.


Laurence Lucas

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