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Online (& Downloadable where marked) Maya/Aztec Calendar calculators (all 584283 correlated) unless otherwise stated

Diagnosis2012 Calendar Converter and Calculator

Connects to Julian date calculators and Islamic, Persian & Hebrew calendars further down this page - they all show today's date when the page loads, but if you calculate with one, they all change! (or go to 2012: Dire Gnosis' Calendar Converter/Calculation Page - can be downloaded for use off-line).

Gregorian Calendar                                                       Mayan Calendars

Mayan Long Count
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Time: ::

Adapted from Fourmilab's Calendar Converter


NEW!! GREAT NEW MAYA CALENDAR SOFTWARE FOR THE I-PHONE: twiddle the cogs on your phon screen to find equivalent Maya dates :




Carol Cloudhart's Galactic Alchemy guides us through the 13-day pulses of the Tzolkin. This is the Q'iche (true count) 

  Free Mayan Horoscope software (download)

This is a great program by bob Makransky that includes photographs, a collection of Maya glyphs, explanations, and a Maya character analysis based on your birth -day in the Chol Qij (Tzolkin in Yucatec Maya language). Bob says;

"The bits and pieces of information and Chol Qij interpretations in this program are drawn from a variety of anthropological sources, and also from my experience of 25 years of living among the K'ekchi Mayans of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala (note that the term 'Mayan' - like the term 'Indo-European' - refers to a group of related but mutually unintelligible languages. At present there are some 25 Mayan languages spoken in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. The Chol Qij - like the hieroglyphic alphabet - is pan-Mayan)."

There is also an facility to print out the "horoscope" and to see (and print) the stela of your birth date with the Long Count, Haab, Tzolkin and night-Lord glyphs (see zero day stela), but be warned, you will either be an absolute saint, or someone who is totally useless and liable to murder their relatives. For a more balanced analysis, see Bruce Scofield, below.


Find your Tzolkin birth sign and get a free Aztec/Maya character analysis:

  Bruce Scofield's Maya-Aztec Astro-Report


Best Freeware Downloadable Calculator:


This calculator is not only free and downloadable - it has all the following features;

It  converts Maya to Gregorian & Gregorian to Maya - Long Count, Tzolkin, & Haab, in a choice of the 3 GMT correlations (584283 -85), it gives the date in a stela format with a choice of 4 glyph styles; auguries, Moon and Venus information, Lord of the Night, and MORE...

Best Shareware downloadable calculator:


A great downloadable program that can be added to the start-up file and shows Long Count for today & any other date, including K'alabtuns and Pik'tuns, Night Lord, Gregorian, Julian day & date, plus calendar round (Tzolkin & Haab) AND a Stele with glyphs showing the  complex date (though a bit hard to see). A choice of 16 correlations. NEW 2.02 VERSION SHOWS MOON AGE, 819-day cycle, eclipse,  solar abnodal, Maya day number and Short Count, distance numbers

11 Most Versatile Online Calculators:  


1. MAYAN CALENDAR TOOLS  Online again, this is a massive calculator page, with 18 calculators; Mayan/Gregorian/Julian/Haab/Calendar Round/Tzolkin & more. Don't forget to set the JD correlation to 584283

2. AZTEC CALENDAR This converts Julian or Gregorian dates & gives the Aztec year, 13-day period, & Tonalpohualli (=Tzolkin) day, with colourful.Aztec glyphs. Pre-3114 - post-2012 NB Gives start-date as 6th September -3114 (see second group of Julian day calculators below) UPDATE: Advanced options: If you click on "Preferences", you can choose from 2 user modes; " Normal", and "Expert". In  Normal mode, you can choose from 2 correlations: Alfonso Caso (584283 or True Count); and Francisco Rodriguez Cortes (584280). In Expert  mode you can set any correlation, choose from "Terminal", or "Initial" year-bearer systems, and set "Year  constant" (the number  of the day in the year that occurred on the day with a zero long count). Changing the Year constant thus moves the Year-bearer; an  alternative to changing the Haab-day, since the Aztec equivalent to the Haab is not given). 


3. ENRIQUE'S WEBPAGES a) Maya to Gregorian Long Count, Tzolkin & Haab 3114 BC-post 2012 NOT WORKING

                                                   b) Gregorian to Maya Long Count, Tzolkin & Haab Now with Lord of the Night 3114 BC-post 2012 (BC dates are all in Gregorian Astronomical - i.e. a year off the standard Gregorian historical.)

4. ORTELIUS CALENDRICAL CALCULATOR Gregorian, Julian date, Jewish, French Revolutionary, Julian day number, OF calendar, Mayan Long Count, (including Pictuns), Tzolkin & Haab: all convert into each other, plus ancient Egyptian calendar and Gregorian day of week. 3114 BC to over 152,000 years in the future (around 150,463 AD).

5. CALENDARHOME CONVERTER  Gregorian, Julian day, Julian date, Persian, Indian, Hebrew, Baha'i, Islamic, French republic, ISO, Unix, Excel and Mayan Long Count, Tzolkin & Haab - all convert into each other.

6. FOURMILAB CALENDAR CONVERTER Gregorian, Julian day, Julian date, Persian, Indian, Hebrew, Baha'i, Islamic, French republic, ISO, Unix, Excel and Mayan Long Count, Tzolkin & Haab - all convert into each other. The page can also be downloaded to work offline.

7. CALENDRICAL CALCULATIONS Massive Applet that shows 29 calendars including Maya Long Count,  Calendar Round (=Tzolkin & Haab); Gregorian, Julian day; Julian date; Persian; Islamic; Hebrew, Bahai; Egyptian; Coptic; Armenian; Balinese; Chinese. Accuracy extends beyond year -3113!

8. NEW!! Pictographic Maya Calendar Converter : Tzolkin, Haab, Long Count, Night Lord, Maya Day No. and Stela for today or will calculate any day. N.B. Date must be entered in Julian format for dates on or before 15th October 1582 (date of    calendar reform) and dates before 1/1/1/ AD must be entered in Julian Astronomical (with hypothetical year zero, so 3114 BC = -3113). Only works back to 1/1/-3000 which is equivalent to 7th December 3002 BC in Gregorian historical.

9. NEW!!  Der Maya-Kalendar at Art3w (original German) or... translated but animation won't work unless you go via the German link. An amazing shockwave animation that shows Long count, Tzolkin and Haab calendars plus Gregorian (Gregorian historical for BC dates  - i.e. 3114 BC start date) and Maya day number also shown as stelae. Click on Gregorian dates to change the date.    NB 584285 correlation (puts end-date on 23rd December 2012).

10.  NEW!! Din Timelines Calendar Converter Similar to the fourmilab converter above, but more compact.

11.  NEW!! Kurdish Calendar Converter Similar to the fourmilab converter above but includes Kurdish


These are OK for AD dates but not BC:

(some are OK for BC if you make allowances where stated)


1. SOME OTHER DATE  UPDATED Long Count, Tzolkin + Haab 1AD - 4772+ (baktuns keep going past 19), plus Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic & others!!

2. Mesoamerican CALENDARS This converter gives dates in Maya, Aztec. It gives Long.Count & Tzolkin dates & Tzolkin glyphs. 1AD-post 2012. BEWARE: Some dates in the  past are being calculated at 584286 correlation, (eg Feb 1582), so they are 3 days off     the True this space...UPDATE 31/7/02leap day inserted at Feb 1900 in error, and others the further back you's being  corrected soon...

3. THE MAYA ASTRONOMY PAGE   Long Count and Calendar round (Tzolkin and Haab) calculator for AD dates - BC dates are all 364 days out (i.e. AD dates: = 11/08/3114 BC ; for BC dates, = 10/Aug/-3113   NB Use this format: day/month/year; BC years  are negative, or they would be if they were correct.

4. WORLD MYSTERIES or Archived page without Applet ...(applet is the same as at 4. above ). Long Count and Calendar round (Tzolkin and Haab) calculator for AD dates - BC dates are all 364 days out (i.e. AD dates: = 11/08/3114 BC ; for BC dates, = 10/Aug/-3113  NB Use this format: day/month/year; BC years are negative, or they would be if they were correct.


Online Long Count Calculators


1.  2 Near the edge This is a Long Count calculator that can be quickly downloaded to use off-line. Pre-3114 BC-post-2012

2. IWALUT (updated) !!SET ANY CORRELATION!! Insert Long Count date to calculate Tzolkin, Haab, Gregorian date & JD number. 3114 BC-4772 AD  This calculator is only available online, since the downloadable version had an incurable glitch!

3. SIPP.ORG (Updated - no longer at Days left to end of count; today's date & Gregorian to Long Count

4. LONG COUNT GENERATOR Gregorian or Julian dates converted to long count, Julian & Haab, plus night lord, "819-day cycle position", & relevant direction & colour. Ok for 3114 BC to 2012 AD.



SIPP.ORG (Updated - no longer at : calcultes tzolkin day sign, DNA & SIPP (structures of interactive psycho philosophy)

SIPP  9.0; Structure of Interactive Psycho Philosophy; 9th & latest edition...."The SIPP in turn is the effort to combine DNA, the I Ching, the Tarot, the Kabalah and the Eight paths to Enlightment into one translating interface. Each system adds information  revealing the     present day energy emissions and levels". 

Wasak’lom K’in calculates night lords, (9-day cycle) 819-day cycle (=91 night lords cycles); Venus age; moon age; adjust for historian or astronomers year; adjust correlation; read instructions –


Today's Date


DIRE GNOSIS TODAY'S DATE Today's date in Gregorian, Long Count, Tzolkin, Haab and number of days left until

DOUGZ DATE : UPDATED Today's date in Long Count, Tzolkin, Haab, French Revolutionary, Islamic, Hebrew, Julian date, Julian day, ISO, Persian, Ethiopic, Coptic, Chinese, Discordian, and Gregorian day number of year.

 Free Downloadable Calculators

1. Dire Gnosis Date Converter - featuring the pink boxes shown on this page, all in a concentrated format that can be downloaded to work offline (file;save as) - Mayan Long Count, Tzolkin, & Haab; Gregorian; Julian day; modified Julian day; Julian date; Islamic; Persian and Hebrew calendars. The whole thing can  be rigged to open when you switch on your computer so that you know the Mayan date each day. Make a shortcut by right- clicking on the downloaded webpage and drag & drop the shortcut into your start-up file. If you want the Hebrew  month glyphs to work offline, make a folder called "figures", keep it with the webpage and its files, and download (file;save as) the following 14 month glyphs into it:             10 11 12 13 14NB: Gregorian Calendar calculator uses astronomer  method ie uses a "Year Zero"; the Julian Calendar date calculator doesn't,  so "Year zero" on  the Gregorian = "Year -1" on the Julian, and likewise, = 11th August  -3113 on the Gregorian and 6th  September -3114 on the Julian.

2. MAYA CALENDAR PROGRAM a great downloadable program that can be added to the start-up file and shows Long Count for today & any other date, including K'alabtuns and Pik'tuns, Gregorian, Julian day & date, plus calendar round (Tzolkin & Haab) AND a Stele with glyphs showing the complex date (though a bit hard to see). A choice of 16 correlations. NEW 2.02 VERSION SHOWS MOON AGE, 819-day cycle, eclipse, solar abnodal, Maya day number and Short Count, distance numbers

3. Burden of Time - see above

4. 2 near the edge - see above

5. Pohualli - Spanish  Aztec calculator

6. Calendar Magic Covers 1582 - 9999 AD "Date facts" for any date in the Gregorian, Afghan, Chinese, French Revolutionary, Hebrew, Hindu lunisolar, Islamic civil, Julian, Persian and Vietnamese calendars including day-of-the-week, day-of-the-year and equivalent dates in the other calendar systems, plus conversions to Armenian, Baha'i, Balinese Pawukon, Thai Buddhist, Coptic, Egyptian, Ethiopic, old Hindu solar, old Hindu lunisolar, Hindu solar and Mayan date formats. Masses of other features.

7. Mayatron   (updated) 740 Kb Maya date calculator Long Count, Tzolkin & Haab in English. NB 584285 correlation - i.e. correlated to 13 August 3114 BC & correlates to 23 December 2012. (Update Feb 2004: Temporarily offline)

8. MayaDate v0.95 Updated: It runs on PalmOS 2.0 and higher. Shows Long Count, Tzolkin, Haab, Gregorian & Julian, for any day, with glyphs for Tzolkin & Haab. It is only 68 KB.

10. For Apple MAC computers: Mac Maya 167 KB:  Updated shows the current date in the Ancient Mayan pictogram format" NOW AVAILABLE IN RE-WRITTEN, IMPROVED FORM - SEE19. - CHAC I.I.I and 2.09 BELOW

11. Mesoamerican Calendar and Calendar Builder : A Java Applet from Yari at Resonateview  that will use a choice of English or Spanish base language, and will show Tzolkin glyphs and Yucatec or Quiche Maya equivalents, or the Aztec/Toltec glyphs, Long Count, Day Order out of 260...PLUS a great Calendar Builder option that allows you to print out wall calendars with Tzolkin glyphs. OK for AD; BC dates are 1 day out ( is 10th August -3113 instead of 11th); "Prior" and "Next Day" buttons OK for AD only. Calendar Builder works fine for post Gregorian years (1582 onwards). Works with a special browser from Mozilla - just follow the instructions.

  12. "Mayan" more free Maya calendar software  - in MS-dos, choose any correlation; gives characteristics of the daysign

NB : converts Julian day number to Julian date, therefore start date = 6th September 3114 BC

  13.  For Apple MAC computers:Time Surfer for MAC OS X: Richard, aka Blue Magnetic Hand, claims to have designed "the best Mayan Long Count and Dreamspell program around". It is designed for MAC computers, so I can't road-test it, since I have a PC. As MAC users are limited in their choice of programs, here it is (it's free). It includes some special 2012 features: Built in dates for many signposts on the way to 2012 and Built in bookmarks for Mayan and 2012 related web sites.

NEW!! 14. Calendar conversions: Only seems to work for today's date and one day increments from it. "Modern" (Gregorian), Julian, PHC (perpetual Hebrew Calendar), Mayan, Planets, Mercury, Venus and Astronomical. "Last" button gives previous   day; "Next"  button gives following day. GMT correlation = 584283; Pratt correlation = 584285

NEW!! 15. Mesoamerican Resources: For PCs Unix and Apple Macs: Maya calendar software for PCs Unix and Apple Macs - halfway down the page

NEW!! 16. For Apple MAC computers:  Mayacal: MayaCal 1.2 is a calendar app for exploring the Maya, Julian and Gregorian calendars. Mac OS X only

NEW!! 17. For Windows and Linux: CDAY: date calculator in Mayan and other calendars (Ms-dos program that shows today's date in Gregorian, Julian, Discordian, French Republican, Goddess, Lunar, Great Underground Empire, Illuminati, Jewish, Juasanotor, ON, and Mayan Long Count, Tzolkin & Haab calendars, plus historical events, notorious birthdays & current lunar phase. )

NEW!! 18. "Maya Date is a calculator which is intended for serious students of Mayan Calendrics. It is fully configurable for those wishing to investigate alternative hypotheses. The user can set the Long Count to modern calendar and Long Count to Calendar Round correlations to any desired value. The basic program function is to calculate the Base Date plus Distance Number and the Base Date minus Distance Number. It displays the results in both Long Count and Calendar Round. It also calculates and displays the modern calendar date (Julian, Gregorian or Julian Day Number), and all major sub-cycles such as the Direction / Color, the God of the Night, and the day within the Calendar Round, the Tzolkin, the Haab, and the 819-day cycle for each of the three dates."

NEW!! 19. CHAC 1.1.1 For Apple MAC computers: Freeware that was originally called Mac Maya - see 10. above now completely re-written into a more powerful, effective piece of software:

" But this is a more powerful program, especially since it contains all of the features a serious researcher could want, plus a better user interface and better graphics.In other words, it's a much more powerful - and much more impressive - program. Note: This is a fat binary and runs on 68k and PPC Macs. You need System 7. It needs 348k of RAM but 1mg is recommend."

UPDATE: CHAC 2.09 For Apple MAC computers: Improved version of the above

NEW!! 20. Tzolkin 1.1 It runs on PalmOS "Learn about Mayan and Mesoamerican culture with this Mayan Calendar calculator. Of interest for anthropology, art, astrology, and fun. Includes: three sets of glyphs (Tzolkin, Haab, and Sun Stone / Tonalamatli); notes on mayan history and language; 6 languages (English, Spanish/Español, Yukatek, K'iche, Tzotzil, Nahuatl); 3 interpretations of day signs; long count and countdown to new era in 2012. This calendar is ethnographically accurate and the information is of scientific and political interest. The tzolkin calendar is also the equivalent, in Mayan terms, of a combined horoscope and divination system (such as Tarot)."

In January 2005, a Palm OS watch finally became available, so with this software and the MayaDate 0.95 above, it is now possible to have a Maya Calendar wristwatch !  (if you get one, send Dire Gnosis your review!)



HERMETIC SYSTEMS - MAYA CALENDAR SOFTWARE  UPDATED(or alternative USA sitePC software for Maya Calendar conversion which allows a variety of different kinds of conversion, and accommodates user settings for the correlation number, the yearbearer system and the haab month base number.

Wundermoosen Mayan calendar software Calendar 2000 and calendar x (an update) calculator for Mac OS X $25 coming soon...FREEE

Calendrica 2.0 Maya Calendar software, includes long Count, Calendar Round, plus calendars from other cultures. 

2 Very Dodgy Calculators

New!! DOWNLOADABLE DREAMSPELL CALCULATOR: Gary Cooke's Dreamspell calculator can be downloaded to work offline. New Age count of Jose Arguelles) (UPDATED) (NOT 584283 correlated although Arguelles supports the end-date, 21/Dec/2012, his count shows 12 Manik on that day, not 4 Ahau, as calculated by the Maya)

This is good for those who want to compare Dreamspell to True Count: you could follow them both for a month to see which resonates best (you can also download one of the True Count calculators above for that side of the experiment). Let us know at Dire Gnosis if you do this experiment and what the results were. There is also a "Photon belt calculator" that is part of the Dreamspell calculator.

CALLEMAN CALCULATOR This is a new Long Count calculator for Carl Calleman's Long Count  correlation, that puts the end-point on October 28th 2011 (584283 correlated, but using Calleman's own Long Count Correlation, concocted to bolster his theory; implies that the Maya got it wrong!)

Countdown Clocks

This free script provided by
JavaScript Kit (or go here)

I am getting fed up with all the disinformation about the end-date which is out there...that is why we have a guide to online date calculators and Julian Day Number calculators (see below) on this page. Most countdown clocks are wrong! See Whats new item 59. These can all be checked with the excellent FREE Geditcom  calculator - see below (just before Maya links). UPDATE: DEOXY.ORG is now correct! It was previously 6 MONTHS out!

SOULWISE CORRECT!!! MOST ACCURATE! terminates 21st December 2012 = end of Kali Yuga! "Years" = multiples of 365 days; "days" changes at midday & is most accurate at midnight

  ATL-TLACHINOLLI 2012 CORRECT!! MOST ACCURATE!     terminates 21st December 2012

Spanish:ATL-TLACHINOLLI 2012 CORRECT!! MOST ACCURATE! terminates 21st December 2012

HTMLBOB  CORRECT AT MIDNIGHT (day number changes at midday but hours, mins & secs run out at midnight  20th/21st December 2012) terminates 21st December 2012 

UPDATED! DEOXY.ORG/OMEGA   CORRECT AT MIDNIGHT ("Years" = multiples of 365 days; day number changes at midday but hours, mins & secs run out at  midnight 20th/21st December 2012) terminates 21st December 2012 


GAIANXAOS CORRECT AT MIDNIGHT ("Years" = multiples of 365 days; day number changes at midday but hours, mins & secs run out at  midnight 20th/21st December 2012) terminates 21st December 2012 

CYBERBUDDHA ALMOST CORRECT! terminates 22nd December 2012

NEW!! YASH'S MYSTERIES PAGE ALMOST CORRECT! terminates 22nd December 2012


 GANGA.CO.UK WRONG! terminates 13th December 2012 error: 8 days

CYBERBUDDHA INDEX PAGE WRONG! terminate 1st January 2013 error: 11 days

Julian Day Calculators (online)

According to the "True Count" correlation, in the Long Count = 11th August 3114 BC = Julian Day (JD) 584283. However, we must remember that this means 11th August 3114 BC as a Gregorian date, calculated backwards. Remember, the Julian Day number starts at noon, so could refer to the afternoon of one day,  or the morning of the following day. Hence, some calculators give fractions of the JD number. JD 584283 started at midday on August 11th 3114 BC. Remember also that 3114 BC = year -3113. All the following JD calculators agree that JD 584283 = 11th Aug -3113 (3114BC); the first 2 calculators (after the pink boxes) are accurate to minutes and seconds, so if they are set to  00:00:00 UT (midnight), on 11th Aug -3113, they will show  JD 584282.5. When set to 12.00.00 (midday) they show JD 584283.



                 Julian Day                                                  Julian Calendar (NB: calls 3114 BC "-3114")

Julian day:

Modified Julian day:

Adapted from Fourmilab's Calendar Converter



AAVSO    Updated  JD to Gregorian date. Also gives time (midday)

IWALUT    UPDATED JD to Gregorian date. Also gives Long Count, Haab & Tzolkin, (remember to put JD in "correlation number" box)

PAHAUTUN_a    JD to Gregorian date. Also gives day of the week.

PAHAUTUN_b    Gregorian date  to JD

There is a second group of Julian date calculators (see "Julian Calendar" pink box above) that convert the JD number to the Julian date NOT the Gregorian date. For example, if you enter August 11th 3114 BC (-3113) into these calculators, they will give  JD 584257. This has led to a lot of confusion. You must either enter the Julian date, or the JD number. For example, if you enter the JD 584283, they will give September 6th 3114 BC (-3113), which is the Julian date equivalent to the Gregorian date August 11th 3114 BC (-3113). This is why some sources have said the Long Count starts on September 6th 3114 BC, 26 days after the official start date, and so must end on JD 2456283, (584283 + 1,872,000 = 2456283) which is 8th December 2012 as a Julian date  - in other words, if Pope Gregory XIII had not instituted the calendar reform, on Feb 24th 1582, the Winter Solstice in 2012 (21st December in the Gregorian) would occur on Julian date 8th December  2012.



NR.COM         Julian dates (pre 1582) and Gregorian dates (post 1582) to JD and vice versa. So, according to this calculator, the Long Count started (584283) on 6th Sept 3114 BC (Julian) and ends on 21st Dec 2012 (Gregorian). Gives day of week.

BDL.FR   English site down til end of Jan 2005 - find French version here. JD to Julian date pre 1582 and vice versa; JD to Gregorian date and vice versa post 1582. As above

CSGNETWORK_a  Julian dates (pre 1582) and Gregorian dates (post 1582) to JD and vice versa. As above

NFRA.NL   JD to Julian date and Julian date to JD pre 1582. JD to Gregorian & vice versa after 1582. Accurate to hours, mins & secs (remember midday rule); As above, but also gives day of week

CSGNETWORK_b   JD to Gregorian and vice versa post 1582; JD to Julian and vice versa post 1582; JD to Julian ONLY, pre 1582. Gives day of week. (So you could get 8th Dec 2012 as an end-date here, but it would be the Julian date.)

ENRIQUE  Updated. Can be set to Gregorian or Julian - converts Long Count date at 584283 correlation. This is the only calculator which can be set to give both start dates (Julian & Gregorian) of August 11th -3113 and 6th September -3113; plus both end-dates: 8th December 2012 and 21st December 2012


and finally...

GEDITCOM  Downloadable, free calculator. Converts Julian dates to Gregorian dates & vice versa; counts number of days between 2 dates, (Gregorian and/or Julian) or months & days; or years, months & days. Also calculates the day of the week - very handy.

 Maya Links


NEW!! Mayan Ruins detailed information about the history of Mayan ruins throughout Central America.


Maya Augury and Prophecy in the Books of Chilam Balam

A new page on Mike Finley's Real Maya Prophecies site (see below). Mike says,
I think it is the ONLY page on he Web that gives a reasonably full account of AUTHENTIC Maya divination, based on Maya sources. It is certainly the only page that includes a complete 260 day cycle of tzolk'in auguries from Maya sources (the Books of Chilam Balam written by Maya priest-shamans shortly after the Conquest), and a list of katun prophecies, including the prediction of the coming of Christianity, and the return of Kulkucan (Quetzlcoatl), which may in fact refer to the end of the long-count cycle in 2012 AD. (See also 

Online Maya Glyph Dictionary : The Mayan pronunciation is given audibly for each glyph - just hold your cursor over the glyph.

Ekbalam  Maya calendar pages with very clear images of day, month & Lord of Night signs.  

The Real Maya Prophecies: Astronomy in the Inscriptions and Codices: This site is an exciting find! The  author, Mike Finley, comes from a fairly orthodox angle, but also has a lot of respect for Jenkins' work. He has provided some myth-busting pages on people with faulted Maya-based theories. There is also information on the Codices and more...PLUS the most impressive all-round free, downloadable calculator - see calculator section, above.

 The Katun Prophecies Bruce Scofield's astrological analysis of the Short Count gives predictions for this katun & the next katun, starting in 2012.

20 Mayan Calendars: Aluna Joy claims there are 20 Mayan calendars, one of which is called "OX LAJUJ BAKTUN", (NB not to be confused with OX LAHU BAKTUN - the 13 baktun cycle) and lasts 100 calendar rounds (100 x 52 years = 5200 years), terminating in 2012...if true, this could vindicate Gordon Brotherston's work on the Aztec Sunstone. (Gordon Brotherston found evidence of the 26,000-year cycle of precession encoded on the Aztec Sunstone, in the form of 5 eras, of 5200 years each (see Brotherston's Book of the Fourth World p.115-116) However, Brotherston calculated forward from a "3113 BC" start point to a 2088 end-point Aluna Joy says it terminates in 2012, which infers that the cycle must have started in 3189 BC if calculated as 5200 tropical years, or 3185 BC if calculated as civil (365-day) years, of which there are 52 per Calendar Round. Alternative link updated .

Maya Calendar and Cosmology  The essential site for understanding the whole 2012 question. John Major Jenkins, author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, explains what the Long Count was measuring, the correlation controversy; interviews Adrian Gilbert about The Mayan prophecies, plus loads more. 

Mesoamerican Calendars (Resonate) Another great site, with an introduction by Jenkins, loads on the correlation issue, with a reply from Arguelles over his  Dreamspell count, which misses a day every leap year, unlike the Tzolkin count still used in Guatemala, which is unbroken.

Mesoamerican Calendars (meX-Files) Also titled Pre-Columbian Calendars, though not visibly, this site also has an Aztec Sunstone page and a calculator (True Count) for Maya, Mexica & Zapotec calendars.

The Maya Calendar (Maya World Studies Center)    This is a good site, but remember the date calculator is not on the "True Count", but the earlier 584285 correlation (terminates 2 days later on 23/12/2012) see Jenkins for discussion.


Maya Astronomy (UPDATED)

Maya Calendrics & Writing

The Mystery of the Mayan Calendar

Rabbit in the Moon  This one has a calculator  on the 584285 correlation (2 days off True Count)

Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy  A comprehensive essay on the calendrical achievements of the Maya, including some of Gordon Brotherston's work.

Countdown to ARCHIVED HERE Updated daily, this site gives the glyphs of the day and a countdown to the end of the 13-baktun cycle. Also mentioned is the rarely-discussed Short Count - not as in another name for the Calendar Round, but a shorthand version of the Long Count.             

Hermetic Systems -  The Maya Calendar  UPDATED (or Alternative USA site) UPDATED An explanation of the long count, tzolkin dates, haab dates, the yearbearer systems and the correlation problem.


                                                          Aztec Links

NEW! Mexico.udg - Aztec calendar Aztec calendar site with names of the 19 haab months

 Aztec Civilization

  How Are the Prehispanic Calendars Interpreted? 

Aztec and Mayan Calendars  Includes long count calculator (NB end-date now updated to "2012")

Aztec Calendar

Angelfire: Aztec Calendar

Time and the Aztec mind

Earth Matrix

The Aztecs/Mexicas  

Calendar Wheels                      


Artcamp (rural womens' artisans cooperative in Guerrero Mexico, with a compilation of Aztec Calendar articles)        

                                                        Want More? Here's a huge Maya-site database:

                                                      MYSTERIES MEGASITE



Islamic Calendar                      Persian Calendar                        Hebrew Calendar

Hebrew month:

Adapted from Fourmilab's Calendar Converter