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131. 2012: a Space Odyssey

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133. The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space

134. 2012 Search at Amazon

135. 2012 and Meditation

136. Nordic Alien Transmits 2012 Telepathically

137. Psychic Children - First Fruits of the Galactic Alignment?

138. Earth Quarantined Ready for 2012.

139. HAARP and Ancient Prophecies

140. "Dreaming Our Way to 2012" Project

141. Past-Life Recall and Doomsday 2012

142. Hypnotic Progression (Future Life Recall)

143. Venus Transit 2004 & 2012

144. 2012 Tattoo

145. August Noble Goes for the Jugular

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131. 2012: A Space Odyssey                                1/Feb/2004

Jay Weidner's updated version of his essay, Alchemical Kubrick 2001: the Great Work on Film, shows that his own interpretation of the message of alchemy, encoded in cathedrals and writings and paintings, is the same meaning that is encoded into Kubrick's enigmatic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Weidner suggests that this is the only film that has succeeded in encoding the Great Work, with the monolith representing the Philosopher's stone and Bowman suggesting the constellation Sagittarius, that points towards Galactic Centre, (close to the Galactic equator, where the Galactic Alignment event is happening through 2012).

Check out this amazing streamed audio & video explanation of 2001: A Space Odyssey


Here is something else I noticed myself, when the film was shown on TV (in the UK) a few weeks ago, that might connect the film with 2012:

1. At the climax of the film, the space ship goes down some kind of wormhole near Jupiter and the surviving crew-member becomes the first of a new species.

2. When Terence & Dennis McKenna were in The Amazon rainforest, where they received the raw information for the Timewave that terminates in 2012, one of them had a " Manichaean  perception" of the "solar system as a huge light pump, wherein the light of souls is pumped from planet to planet until it finally leaves the solar system altogether and is transmitted to the galactic center", and "...late twentieth-century history was experienced as a frantic effort to build an object which he called "the lens", to allow life to escape to Jupiter on the heels of an impending global catastrophe". (Invisible Landscape p.110).

3. Aleister Crowley, who was the self-styled "Beast 666" of the book of Revelation, (some of whose followers think the Aeons of Maat and Horus will fuse in 2012 - see Whats New item 10) wrote of his "Paris Working", that "this working produced a message from Jupiter in Enochian to the effect that the gods wished to regain their dominion on Earth..."

4. Two of Jupiter's moons have a rotation period of 260 days, (Tzolkin p.98) which is the period of the sacred Tzolkin calendar, and 260 is also the number of katuns in the 13-baktun cycle that terminates in 2012.

Jay Weidner was interviewed by Network X in January 2004 and you can now read the transcript, at his Sacred Mysteries site, titled "Fulcanelli, Alchemy, The Great Cross at Hendaye and the Mystery of the Cathedrals".


132. Stela for                                        1/Feb/2004

This is the stela for the "zero day" Long Count:; Tzolkin: 4 Ahau; Haab: 3 Kankin; Night Lord: 9

See Maya Links page for the Mayan Horoscope software.


133. The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space      1/Feb/2004

Following recent discussions on the 2012 Theories discussion group, concerning Jeff Rense's page on Stan Romanek's Mystery equations, (equations and diagrams from an apparently extraterrestrial source), I noticed that the diagram shows a hypercube exactly like that in Vincent Bridges' Gnosis Gnomon article and Millennium Workings article, (see Whats New item 5). In Romanek's diagram, there is a spiral connecting one of the stars in Orion's Belt on the outer cube, (surprisingly, it is Mintaka, * which corresponds to the smallest pyramid Menkaure, not Al Nitak, otherwise known as Zeta Orionis, which corresponds to the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and is also targeted by the Southern shaft of the Kings Chamber), to the Earth on the inner cube, and Richard Hoagland suggests that 2012 is an encoded date for the event depicted, so I posted a message asking Vincent his thoughts. Vincent posted a reply saying that he was actually working on an article about this, and about 2 weeks later, he posted the article in 5 parts, but it is also available at Alternative Approaches.

* UPDATE: Joe Mason of the Great Dreams site has noticed that the dots and triangular shape shown above the belt of Orion in Romanek's diagram seems to be the sword of Orion, known as the Trapezium, which is usually below the belt. This means that Orion, or more probably, the whole diagram is shown upside down, and the spiral "wormhole" therefore does go from Al Nitak to Earth, after all. (email 30/3/04)

134. 2012 Search at Amazon                                 2/Mar/04

2012 News recently announced the fact that you can now search inside books at amazon.com (not at amazon.co.uk). A 2012 search recently came up with 2338 results, and for your amusement I have searched the lot! It took a few weeks, and huge bulging red eyes, but it had to be done! There were alot of plain numbers and references that were irrelevant to the year 2012, but a few interesting things came up...predictions of one billion transistors on a chip by 2012, predictions of presidential walk-ins, alien invasion, information doubling every second, a collision with asteroid Eros...the usual stuff. There is also a variant on the Nine Hells cycle, in which Maya Elders say they ended in 1985, two years before Harmonic Convergence. 

Here's an odd one: There is a book called Titanic 2012, published in 1999, which is not included on the 2012 Books page, since the fact that the Titanic is raised in 2012 seems to have no relationship to the Maya calendar or other prophecies, predictions, or Galactic Alignment. However, the 2012 search revealed that Arthur C. Clarke wrote a story over a decade ago called  Ghost From the Grand Banks about the raising of the Titanic in 2012! You can see all the pages mentioning 2012 here. It is now published with another story from 1957 called Deep Range. Coincidence? Over sixty books have been filtered out of over 2000, and short summaries of the 2012 references have been given. 

Click here to see the 2012 Book Search

Here are the most interesting finds:

135. 2012 and Meditation  2/Mar/04

Gloria Karpinski received an insight about 2012 during a meditation about 25 years ago, as you may remember from a link posted recently on the 2012 Links page. Her book, Barefoot on Holy Ground gives more details:

"The first few times that I received the number 2012 in a meditation as a significant date, I took it with a big dose of cosmic salt. Like the contents of Pandora’s box, the prophecy pot has been overturned and the contents have poured out into the collective for anybody to pick up and interpret. I asked myself: Is this a truth I have been shown or have I simply picked up on an arbitrary date because so many people have energized it that it is accepted as truth? But I realized that this date had been showing up in meditations before I knew that anyone else was getting it. Then as I read various prophecies, learned the unusual astrological lineups of that year and talked to others around the world who had received the same information, I realized that if I was off, then lots of us were off at the same time."

 “It is important to be clear about that date. I don’t think for a minute that the world will stop. Nor do I think Pisces will come to a screeching halt and Aquarius will be ushered in with a fanfare. I do suspect that we have been given this date from so many quarters as a kind of grace period…”

Look inside the book

136. Nordic Alien Transmits 2012 Telepathically 2/Mar/04

In Unsolved Mysteries William and Birnes reveal that Pam Hamilton's experiences signify that some environmental change may be the trigger to "switch on" their implants near 2012, causing them to take charge of groups of people:

"Pam Hamilton’s experiences started with greys before she could walk (in her crib). As she got older, she says she met a new companion, a tall creature with very pale skin and fair hair that, like the grays, communicated with her telepathically. The Nordics – at first a male and then a female – became constant companions, sometimes even materializing when she was with other people. The female still shows up, Pam says, and even after all these years has shown no signs of aging.

In one of the first memories of contact with the Nordics, Pam recalls looking up from the alphabet blocks she was playing with and seeing a strange creature who communicated to her that she had nothing to fear. In subsequent contacts, the creature imparted specific dates into her mind along with images associated with those dates. For example, she remembers him telling her that, “2012 would be very important to me. I would be leading people through the mountains. What mountains? I have no idea. He said as I grew I would know certain things”. Yet, in her conversations with other abductees, she’s learned that her experiences are not unique. There is a sense among people who’ve been abducted that they have something inside of them that will “switch on” at some point….”

Look inside the book


137. Psychic Children: First Fruits of the Galactic Alignment?                                                               2/Apr/04

Hugh Newman's website PsychicChildren.co.uk and (and forthcoming book see 2012 Books page), suggest that the psychic children that are appearing worldwide, are connected with the December 2012 Galactic Alignment. The first wave of children were called Indigo Children because psychics could detect an indigo-coloured tint to their aura. This is traditionally the colour associated with the Ajna chakra or Third Eye, says Newman, and indeed, many of these children are clairvoyant. The children are often mis-diagnosed as suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Around the same time that the Indigo children appeared, there was also a wave of "Super-Psychic" children in China, whose abilities were even more paranormal. A third type of children, are known as the Blue-Ray Children, who were also first noticed around the "early eighties", and they seem to be a transition between the Indigos and the next type, the so-called Crystal Children, who have only been incarnating since 1996, and are "incredibly telepathic", but are often mis-diagnosed as autistic.

The children say that it is important that people connect to the Planetary Grid. Bruce Cathie plotted a grid on the Earth's surface, after tracking UFO flight paths, and the result was a cube and octahedron inside a sphere. Ivan P. Sanderson  plotted the locations of areas of unexplained phenomena (eg the Bermuda Triangle), and discovered an icosahedron (12 vertices) within the sphere of the Earth. The next development was by a Russian team, who mapped undersea volcanic ridges and ancient sacred sites, and found that a dodecahedron was also evident in the grid. The grid was developed further by Becker and Hagans, and the subject is covered in detail by David Wilcock in Divine Cosmos chapter 5.

The blue and indigo colours may be related to the seven ages of Man as described by Blavatsky and Cayce, who speak of seven Root Races, and our current transition from the Fifth to the Sixth. Like the Aztec tradition, these transitions are usually attended by cataclysms, and the Aztecs also put us in the Fifth Sun, preparing for transition to Sixth Sun,  just as the colours in spectral order have blue and indigo at position five and six. Modern theosophists all seem to disagree about these ages and colours, but the Greeks and Hebrews also encoded these five ages . The Greek writer Hesiod described an age of Gold, then Silver, then Bronze...then an age of demi-gods, then an age of iron. The Hebrew prophet Daniel describes Nebuchadnezzar's dream of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, then Iron and clay (the Roman empire continuing in the guise of the Roman church, perhaps). Vedic myth describes the same order of four metallic eras. The implication is that the next transition is back to Gold.

Newman says that after 1980, about 80% of babies showed the indigo aura. 1980 was also the start of the 36-year process of Galactic Alignment, (in which the Winter Solstice Sun crosses the Galactic equator), which ends in 2016, and which the Maya flagged at 2012

There is a part of the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas that also encodes the metallic eras - The Hymn of the Soul, in an allegorical form that is like Joseph's coat of many colours...the Joseph and his 11 brothers -  who fathered the 12 tribes of Israel, could be symbolic of the 12 signs of the zodiac. A clue as to the meaning of the allegory can be found here, and the rest of the story is here. What is the pearl of great price?


138. Earth Quarantined ready for 2012                2/Apr/04

In 2003, Peruvian contactee Sixto Paz Wells gave a lecture in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in which he stated that extraterrestrials had put planet Earth into some kind of "quarantine". He said we had been put into a kind of alternate dimension in order to protect us from a massive catastrophe that was destined to occur, and would already have done so, if the ETs had not taken action. It seems that the quarantine period, which he calls "forty days" will be lifted in December 2012, when Humanity will experience the biggest transformation ever to happen on Earth. In 1974, during a telepathy experiment, Wells produced some automatic writing apparently originated by an ET called Oxalc from a base on Ganimede (a moon of Jupiter), and then started his "Rama Mission" movement. Wells, whose father was  ufologist Carlos Paz Garcia, has written several books, including one that is available in English called The Invitation, about events of 1974, when "group of teenage Peruvians became part of a fascinating journey through the remote mystical places of Peru. " Which involves  "one of the most complex cases of ET contact ever documented". It is unclear whether he was one of the people involved, or whether there is any mention of the 2012 prophecy  in the book.

For more, see these sites about the lecture: Verdesmares (Portuguese)        Verdesmares (English translation)

                                                                   UFO Genesis (Portuguese)         UFO Genesis (English translation) 

Or this site, where Wells is interviewed:      UFO Genesis interview (Portuguese)           Interview in English


139. HAARP and Ancient Prophecies                   2/Apr/04

I recently stumbled upon the excellent Viewzone website where there is a riveting story - Viewzone Confidential, that reads like great fiction, but is said to be all true. The site was set up in 1996 and ran articles on paranormal and unexplained mysteries. In 1998, one of the staff, Dan Eden, was contacted by an ex-Navy employee in Alaska, saying that they would send him a return air ticket so he could go up and witness something "both important and terrible". To Eden's surprise, the ticket arrived, so he flew to Fairbanks, Alaska and was shown a secret Navy installation, designed (and operated by the Raytheon Corp.) to send billions of watts of energy into the ionosphere, causing it to heat up and expand. It turned out that this was not the innocuous communication installation that was known about by the media -the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - that was a cover for the real installation that was designed as a weapons system (see Eden's factual report). Together with other secret military installations all over the world, it could deliver an instant death ray to any point on the globe, by distorting the ionosphere into a lens. He was shown local Innuit children who had been deformed terribly when the unit had been tested.

Eden got caught up in a situation where he was pressured into not publishing everything he knew, and his informants were hunted down. Meanwhile, he pursued what seemed like a totally unrelated subject, investigating some ancient petroglyphs in Colorado. However, when the writing was decoded, it turned out to be a kind of proto-Hebrew that spoke of the God El, and warned of "the burning sky". A trip to Yemen revealed that the same script was engraved in the temple of the Queen of Sheba (who had a dalliance with Solomon) and again warned of the burning sky. Eden continued on to Australia, where again, the same script was found. It turned out that all these sites were nodal points on a "vortex map" that relates directly to the 12 icosahedron points in Ivan P. Sanderson's grid mentioned above (What's New item 137). The petroglyphs seemed to be referring to the places where they were found as "safe zones", and they were invariably close to military installations with a "phased array". Eden eventually had to leave the country & live abroad after publishing the story. J.J. Hurtak (author of the Keys of Enoch) got involved in the story, but I'll leave you to read it for yourselves. It is 53 pages long, so may take a few hours...

Viewzone Confidential...or check out the book, Evil Fire Made to Burn.

The 2012 connection is that the Hendaye Prophecy (Whats New item 21) predicted Fire from the Sky around the time that the Earth Cube aligns with the Heaven Cube during Galactic Alignment. A cube has 12 edges, the New Jerusalem will have 12 Gates, connected with the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles (Rev 21, 12-14). The main nodal points on the icosohedron part of the grid, are 12 in number. Weidner and Bridges also decoded the Cuzco and Urcos area of Peru as the "safe zone", and sure enough, Eden says, 

"Another point on the vortex map was Southern Peru. It didn't take long to learn that Raytheon was there also. Maps showed the familiar "off limits" zone and other records showed the installation of more antenna farms, satellite hookups and a U.S. military presence". See Viewzone vortex map. Compare with Sanderson's vortices (10 plus the two poles = 12).

140. "Dreaming Our Way to 2012" Project          1/May/04

In Whats New item 119, we linked to the results of the first SeaLife 2012 Dream Project. Well now they have just completed their Dreaming Our way to 2012 Project . For the full six pages of replies, see the Dreaming our Way to 2012 Forum, where dreamers describe experiences that include falling into a vortex, telepathic ducks and "contaminated trousers". The May/June project will be a trip to Galactic Centre.


141. Past-Life Recall and "Doomsday 2012"        1/May/04

Randolph Weldon's book, Doomsday 2012: A Survival Manual was released in March 2004. It is written in an unusual but entertaining style, that I would label as "punk-colonial". Weldon refers to himself in the third person, (ie "the author thinks..."etc) and this is how he sums up the book in one sentence:

"Having researched this subject for over a quarter-century and occupying a very high position in the celestial realm, the author presents this volume in a bid to help the untutored know and prepare for what will butcher us all within a disturbingly short span of time and supply basic information for how to reside in rosier ambience thereafter."

Weldon's quest began when he visited a regression hypnotist and experienced past life memories, including those of an Egyptian potter who lived through the disasters that occurred at the time that Moses led his people out of Egypt. The scene exactly matched that described by Immanuel Velikovsky (see Item 35) as the "Birth of Venus" that Velikovsky dated at 1500 BC. Weldon later found that in Barbara Hand Clow's book, Eye of the Centaur, she describes a past life as a Minoan priestess (in Knossos on Crete), called Aspasia, who received a warning that a massive comet was coming that would cause Thera (the huge volcano - the remains of which is now the island of Sanrorini in the Mediterranean Sea) to erupt. Aspasia was also informed that the comet returns every 3,500 years. Clow later recalled  the experience of the passage of the comet and the resulting earthquake in which her life as Aspasia ended.

Weldon's hypnotist (Gregory Paxon - also Clow's) reported that another client of his also "recounted life as a young seer-priestess on that island, and died in the same apocalyptic disaster". In  Item 35 we mentioned that Graham Phillips connected the events of the Exodus to the explosion of Thera, and also that Nigel Appleby connected the giant planet Nibiru (usually said to be on an approximate 3,600-year orbit) to the same event, and predicted its return in 2012 (3,500 years later).

Amazingly, Weldon seems not to have read Zecharia Sitchen's The Twelfth Planet, but refers to another book called The Genius of the Few by Christain O'Brien (Turnstone, 1985), that comes to many of the same conclusions as Sitchen, but Weldon says that O'Brien "retranslated the cylinders and tablets and was astonished that they told the story of creation, of Adam and Eve, who brought them into existence, and how". So Weldon concludes, using Barbara Hand Clow's figure of a 3,500-year-comet cycle, added to Velikovsky's date for the Venus incident, to conclude that a "Death Star" that contributed the matter that became the embryonic Venus - pulled out by Jupiter, (rather than coming from Jupiter as Velikovsky argued), is due to return around the turn of the millennium. It would be red in colour, to fit in with the past-life memories, and would therefore be either a red dwarf star or an infrared dwarf or possibly a smaller Jupiter-like planet.  It couldn't be a red giant as that would be the size of the Earth's orbit.  The minimum size of a red/infrared dwarf is between a tenth and twelfth the size of the Sun, according to Weldon, but another possibility is a proto-sun like Jupiter but with a minimum size of 2 times the size of Jupiter (600 times the size of Earth). On p.173, Weldon says that the IRAS satellite (Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite) should have detected any infrared dwarf out there, when it scanned the entire sky in 1983, but it failed to pick anything up. He obviously didn't know about this announcement in the Washington Post (30/12/83).

See below

Weldon spends some time knocking down uniformitarianism and Darwinian evolution and refers to various books on cosmology and cataclysms to support his case, but there is no reference section, bibliography or index to help with verification or summarising.

As an aside, it is pretty ironic that Weldon used a past-life memory of Barbara Hand Clow to make his case for an imminent 2012 cataclysm, since Clow has since written a book called Catastrophobia, that argues the current obsession with imminent catastrophe is a kind of mental block in the unconscious mind of the species caused by a racial memory of a catastrophe in 9,500 BC (as posited by Allan & Delair in When the Earth Nearly Died or USA edn.: Cataclysm! - see Whats New Item 11). She says 2012 will be a leap in consciousness.

The predictions of seers including Cayce and Nostradamus, of cataclysmic events around the turn of the millennium served to add fuel to Weldon's fire, but the fact that they have not yet come true led to the conclusion that the Maya and Hopis must have got it right at 2012, and the other predictions are all 11 or 12 years out.

Weldon says that the difference between the coming event and the previous visits of the Death Star is that this time we have over 500 nuclear installations, millions of gallons of radioactive waste and thousands of nuclear bombs that will all be unleashed in the mayhem, leading to a double catastrophe - the second one will be the smattering of survivors all dying of radiation poisoning....but that's only the first half of the book!

The second half of the book aims to show that life will continue in the astral planes and that it is up to us to use our remaining time to try and clear our karmic debts, otherwise we will end up on the lower astral, in the "House of Hopelessness" or the slightly better "Plane of Illusion", both of which the author claims to have visited during his nocturnal projections with his guides. We should actually seek out adversity for ourselves in order to help balance up for any nasty behaviour in this life or any previous ones. The book will ruffle a few feathers with its non-PC terminology and slightly patronising tone, but it certainly makes a change from the run-of-the-mill New Age material.

A massive red planet called Hercolubus has also been predicted by Samael Aun Weor (though this is not mentioned by Weldon), who is the man behind the Gnostic Shamanism of Light (see Gnostic-2012 Resources page for online articles) and specifically:

"The Gnosis Link"

 Hercolubus or Red Planet     site about a book by V. M. Rabolu             

 Hercolubus planet: Is the Earth in danger? Translated from Spanish


142. Hypnotic Progression (Future Life Recall)     1/May/04

In September 2003, the Hindustan times reported that "an eminent film and TV personality Smita Jaykar" underwent "future progression" under the guidance of Dr. Kondaveti Newton and reported that only one fourth of the world's population would survive to see 2012.

""I could see the earth enveloped in a golden light. Everything was in absolute peace and though the world was sparsely populated, all the inhabitants looked like highly enlightened beings," says Smita while describing life on earth, as it would be by the year 2012. The Marathi actress was talking about her belief in the concept of past and future lifetimes.

So, what would it be - earthquakes, volcanoes, floods or the Third World War? "Natural calamities yes but the major part of destruction would be caused by a war no doubt," she says empathically. "It was quite a few years back that Dr Newton had carried me to the future and I couldn't quite believe what all I saw but now I can see signs of it all coming true," Smita adds."

Well, 25% is certainly an improvement on Weldon's zero%.


143. Venus Transit 8th June 2004 & June 6th 2012 2/Jun/04

As mentioned back in Item 41, Carl Calleman has been promoting the forthcoming Venus transits as important spiritual events. The web page Gaia 2012 has been online since at least 1998 (the web archive first records it in 1998). In that article, it mentions that Calleman first started up an annual celebration on every June 6th, back in 1995, as a kind of repeat practice-run to prepare for the Venus Transits that will occur on 8th June 2004 and 6th June 2012. Back in those days, Calleman's theory that he propounds in his 2001 book, Solving The Greatest Mystery of our Time: The Mayan Calendar (see Jenkins Calleman debate accessible from the index page) did not necessitate any alteration to the end of the 13-baktun cycle in 2012, so the second Venus transit in 2012 would have seemed very relevant to his theory. The Gaia 2012 index page still retains the comment on the transits, that "The first of these may be seen as the Great Rehearsal, whereas the second marks the completion of Creation and the arrival of an era of peace and harmony, the Millennium." However, Calleman subsequently realized that the theory would be more compelling if the 13-baktun cycle had ended on a 13 Ahau day (True Count), and deduced that the Maya must have been a little inaccurate with their end-point, and that it should have been on October 28th 2011. Thus his book says that "Creation is going toward its completion on October 28, 2011"(p.235). Since this site hosted the Jenkins-Calleman debate, I refrained from doing a review of Calleman's book at the time, (having read it in 2001), in order to keep it impartial.  However, I posted my comments at the page for reader responses following the debate, which is on John Major Jenkins' Alignment2012.com site (GS).

In January 2002, Carl Calleman went to India to meet Kalki who intends to enlighten a critical number of 60,000* people by 2012  (see Whats New item 40). * Kiara Windrider says it is 64,000. Apparently, Kalki's birthday was (though unknown to him), on a 13-Ahau day, which Calleman saw as significant to his theory.  Upon his return,  Calleman told me (email 13/Feb/02), that Kalki was still emphasising the year 2012 rather than 2011:

"He does not base these ideas on physical cycles but on light radiations from the center of the universe that he refers to as Mu-Lam, meaning that I feel there is no contradiction between his and my own view although the terminology differs. He emphasizes the year 2012 rather than 2011, but I am also open to the possibility that changes will take place after Oct 28, 2011, but then more like if things are adapting to and settling down as an effect of the non-dualist consciousness of the Universal Cycle (Enlightenment) that is finally established at that date than as a continued wave movement of energies such as those that will rule until then"

Since Calleman's meeting with Kalki, they have joined forces to promote an annual festival in India called The Experience Festival, which now has its own website, based in Sweden and run by Jonas Lindquist and Parlan Fritz. The website has a page called Planetary Ascension Year 2012 claiming to be "a wisdom archive on 2012" with at least 34 articles on 2012 listed. The first chapters of Kiara Windrider's online book, Enlightenment 2012 have been posted there (currently the introduction plus the first 3 chapters - see below). However, the "wisdom archive" includes John Mirehiel's article promoting his Harmonic Concordance event as the end of the Maya calendar (see Whats New item 125), and another article on 2003 by "Steve and the group". Then there is one by Kiara Windrider, who thankfully points out that Drunvalo and Mirehiel are wrong, and the end-date is 2012 in our current calendar.  Then there is Carl Calleman's article that the end-point is not 2003, but 2011, and another Calleman article saying that the end-date is not 2012, but 2011 and a further 5 articles by Calleman on the page, supporting a 2011 end-date. The 2012 wisdom archive thus has a hidden agenda: 2011.

Having said all that, the Venus transit is a worthy subject, regardless of the subliminal 2011 connection. A quick summary of the most interesting observations raised in the Venus transit articles would be in order. These are the dates of the most recent Venus transits:

1518 & 1526; 

1631 & 1639; 

1761 & 1769;

1874 & 1882;

2004 & 2012

There are 243 years between alternate pairs of transits (e.g. 1631 & 1874;1761 & 2004)

Venus rotates on it axis (one Venus-day) in 243 Earth-days; Earth orbits the Sun in just over 365 Earth-days, but in the 243 Earth-years between alternate transits of Venus, 365 Venus-days will have passed. Adapted from Gaia 2012

Venus orbits the Sun 13 times in 8 Earth-years.

According to Will Hart:

1518-1526: Cortez (taken as Quetzalcoatl, who was associated with Venus), landed and wiped out the Aztecs.

1631-1639: Start of a 70-year cessation of sunspot cycles

1761-1769: Birth of the American Revolution

All the 8-year periods above coincide with Turkish wars.

The period between each of the Venus transits in a pair is exactly 8 Maya haabs (365-day years), during which time, its retrograde loops form a pentagram in the sky. 

1518 was when the first circumnavigation of the globe by Magellan/del Cano was launched (they set sail in 1519

The next pair of Venus transits approximately coincided with the emergence of the first national mail services (Denmark, 1624; Sweden, 1636)

In the Venus transit of 1761... had long been prepared for by astronomers, who were planning to use their observations as a means of measuring the distance to the sun. This goal could however only be accomplished if observations were made all around the world, and for this to happen astronomers in different countries needed to collaborate.

The Venus transit in 1874 coincided with...the founding of the World Post Union, and the completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable in the same year, which both marked fundamental steps in the development of global communications. In 1874, moreover, Bell had his first idea of a telephone, which was patented two years later.  From Experience Festival

Calleman sees the transits as triggers for jumps in global communications in a move towards a global brain in which we all become human neurons communicating telepathically. This is an idea put forward by Peter Russell, adapted from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (see Item 18). The Oneness Celebration  is a globally synchronised event scheduled every year between 2004 and 2012, from 6-8 June in which we can all help in the "birthing of a new field of telepathic communication". Its a great idea, but we don't have to jump on the 2011 bus to participate. In fact, most of the Global Oneness events are being organised by the Planet Art Network, who follow Jose Arguelles' Dreamspell, and they still support the 2012 13-baktun end-point.

Oneness Celebration UK will be running an event at Bude in Cornwall, UK from 3-8 June 2004

See also the Oneness Celebration Swedish site

LATE UPDATE: See Dr. Strange's very interesting aticle connecting the Venus transit & 2012: A Once in a Lifetime Event: Time, Mythology and Paradigm Shifts

144. 2012 Tattoo                                                          2/Jun/04

Ryan was surfing Diagnosis2012 when he came across the Stela for at Whats New item 132 (further up this page). He decided to have it permanently embossed onto his body...

 ZERO DAY: Long Count:; Tzolkin: 4 Ahau; Haab: 3 Kankin; Night Lord: 9

Gregorian date: 21st December 2012 AD


145. August Noble Goes for the Jugular (with false teeth) 1/July/2004

A review of August Noble's book, 2012: The Myth of the Mayan Calendar 

August Noble's book is a 105-page work of fiction. It has only one chapter and consists solely of a conversation between a college lecturer called Alpha Omega whose speciality is Bible studies, and a dim-witted celebrity called Diva Diamond. The first half of the book - up to page 59 - is an attempt to ridicule, denigrate and dismiss the concept of the 2012 "end-point". The second half of the book describes the author's (or his alter-ego - Alpha Omega's) philosophy of discovering your life mission by noticing synchronicities and "healing the planetary consciousness" using meditation and non-selfish acts of compassion.

The author observes that the concept of "self-fulfilling prophecies" has in the past caused starvation following expectations of Judgement Day in the year 1000 AD, when nobody bothered to plant crops because they thought the world was ending, and again in 1666, which is 1000 plus the diabolical number 666, when the mass expectation of doom manifested as the Great Fire of London and the bubonic plague (Black Death). He also blames 9/11 and the terrorist attacks on the whole Y2K/ Millennium Bug phobia.

Since Noble has obviously interpreted the end of the Maya 13-baktun cycle in 2012 as another end-of-the world prediction, he decided to nip it in the bud by using every weapon he could find to attack it, but decided to thinly disguise it as fiction so that he would not have to give any references or have any need to defend himself.

He spends a large part of the first half of the book in character assassination of Joseph Goodman and Eric Thompson, since these two Mayanists are largely responsible for the correlation that fixes the start of the 13-baktun cycle in 3114 BC and the end in 2012. This is the GMT correlation, that comes in 3 versions (that fix the end-point at 21st, 22nd or 23rd December 2012). It is all made out to be some kind of 2012 conspiracy.

Fortunately, Mike Finley* who runs the Real Maya Prophecies site, realized that none of the arguments supporting the GMT correlation could be found on the Internet, while there were arguments for at least eight alternative correlations. For this reason, he put up an excellent page that explains why the GMT correlation is still by far the most popular amongst Mayanists, even after the death of Thompson, who had (as Noble pointed out) stifled all attempts to revise it. Click here for Mike Finley's Correlation page. * Mike Finley may sound familiar, since he made the superb The Burden of Time  calculator (see Maya Links page) and also answered the question of whether the 1991 eclipse was predicted on the Dresden Codex (see Whats New item 83).

Mike Finley's page answers most of Noble's points, and he also has a page on the correlation that Noble himself plugs. This is Antoon Volemaere's correlation, that puts the end-point at 2532 AD - sufficently far away that Noble won't have to worry about any doom in his lifetime - and Finley points out that Volemaere's correlation is on "the remotest fringes of scholarship". Click here for Mike Finley's page on Volemaere.

Noble had argued that since Harvey and Victoria Bricker had done a carbon-14 dating on the Dresden Codex and dated it to around 1230 AD plus or minus 130 years, then Thompson's use of the Dresden Codex as part of the proof of his correlation (in which the first Dresden entry must be dated at around 755 AD) was thus invalidated, even though Thompson explained that it must have been a copy of an earlier document  - a reasonable argument to most people.  Finley points out that it was the Brickers who actually made a case for the Dresden Codex supporting the GMT correlation since "all 77 solar eclipses (including many not visible in the Yucatan) in the 33 year run of the table from 755 AD occurred close to  warning stations".

Noble says that upon Thompson's death, Mayanist Michael Coe said that Thompson had "single-handedly set back Mayan scholarship by fifty years", but Noble fails to point out that Coe and nearly all other Mayanists continued to use the GMT correlation following Thompson's death, because it fits all criteria better than the alternatives.

Noble is so desperate to discredit the 2012 end-date that he uses arguments that cancel each other out. He argues on p.48 that it is illogical for the Long Count to start on a calendar round date of 4 Ahau 8 Cumku and it should have been 1 Ahau 0 Cumku, so that the 4 Ahau 3 Kankin end-point must be wrong too. Yet on p.55 he says that Volemaere had it right with the end point in the year 2532, which is exactly ten calendar rounds (520 haabs) after  the 2012 end-point. He says that the GMT supporters "had the right day and month but they were exactly ten calendar rounds off the mark". In other words, the GMT correlation can't be right because it ends in  4 Ahau 3 Kankin (in 2012), but Volemaere was right with his 4 Ahau 3 Kankin endpoint because it is not 2012. Whatever correlation you have, is equal to 4 Ahau 8 Cumku...unless you follow the "Carl Calleman correlation", but since it is certain from all the inscriptions that equates to 4 Ahau 8 Cumku, this means that to support the Calleman correlation, it is necessary to believe that the Maya had got the Long Count -to -Tzolkin relationship wrong... and this is precisely what Calleman claims. However, I digress...

On p.39, Noble accuses Terence McKenna of postulating that the Maya knew we would drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and back-engineering the Timewave to fit in with the Maya prophecy. This shows a complete ignorance of the facts. McKenna didn't know about the Maya Long Count when he came up with the date, or he would have got it spot on, whereas it was 33 days off in the first edition of his book. We have been through all this before, on this site. Then Noble goes one step further by saying that "a number of mathematicians went through his equations and came up with the date 1995; not 2012. Apparently, he could postulate end-dates but he couldn't add". No wonder Noble put this out as fiction! That is clearly what it is, and what his defence would be if McKenna's executors accused him of libel. He also insults the Maya, questioning why "we are attributing advanced knowledge to a people who were not even able to invent the wheel" (p.23).

Another example of Noble's "evidence" is that the modern Maya (although he implies on p.22 that they are extinct), don't believe in the 2012 end date. He quotes a report by Thompson that during an eclipse, the villagers all thought the world was ending then. The answer is simply that the Long Count fell out of use long before the Spanish arrived, and the Calendar Round and eclipses took on the symbology of the end of the 13-baktun cycle, with any of the original meaning long lost.

Noble has nowhere considered the possibility that the end of the 13-baktun cycle was not about the end of the world, but the end of a world-view, or state of conciousness. Anyone who spends time looking closely at the theories will find that most of the catastrophe theories are, like Noble's theory, internally inconsistent. Throughout this Dire Gnosis project, we have found plenty of reasons to look forward to this event as a rare opportunity - a quantum evolutionary leap for mankind. Noble's "smash it with a hammer and sweep it under the carpet" approach is equivalent to the book-burning approach of the Spanish conquest.

Here's an example of the puerile reasoning of Noble's hero:

"No Mayan calendar has ever been found. No Mayan calendar, per se. Not the type type of calendar we hang on our walls. All that has been found are date inscriptions on tombs and monuments." (p.37)

Here is the Mesoamerican response:

 On one last point: Noble says (p.44-45) that the whole concept of the 13-baktun cycle is based around Stela C at Quirigua, (see graphic at Mike Finley's site) which is interpreted as saying that the last Creation occurred at the end of a 13-baktun period on the Tzolkin day 4 Ahau and the Haab day 8 Cumku. Noble says that since the stela is not a regular date inscription, and the 13-baktun part is not written as in date format (, that the 13-baktun part just means "a long period of time", like when we say "ages", and that the Long Count should really go on to complete 20 baktuns before it re-starts. I can think of 4 pieces of evidence that counteract this proposal.

1. Stela 1 at Coba records this date:

This implies a huge hierarchy of levels above baktun, and that they all go up to 13.

2. Although the “Creation” date in 3114 BC is theoretically written as “”, wherever it is referred to on a stela it is written as “”  and most Mayanists have thus concluded that every time we get to the end of the 13th baktun (which is baktun number twelve, since the first one was baktun zero), we reach a new Creation date and the count of baktuns, katuns, tuns, uinals and kin go back to zero. A record on a temple stairway at Yaxchillan  is said to show eight levels above baktun, and they are all still at “13”. This underlines the fact that the higher levels are fixed at 13 while the baktuns only go up to 13 and then revert to zero.

3. When the Spanish arrived, there was a Long Count remnant still in operation called the Short Count, which consisted of 13 katuns, making a complete cycle of 260 tuns (just over 256 solar years). This has the same structure as the 260-day Tzolkin and the 260-katun, 13-baktun cycle, and it seems logical that it was a shorter version with the same structure as the cycle it replaced.

4. It seems that Noble is only considering what is written on one side of Stela C at Quirigua. On the other side, the creation date appears unambiguously as 4 Ahau 8 Cumku. See for yourself at Mike Finley's page with graphics showing the Creation date side here and the other side that Noble is talking about here.


146. 2012 and the Group Mind Feedback Project 24/Aug/2004  

August Noble book review above prompted a search into the question of when the 2012 date actually entered into the group mind of the species as a significant date. We know that Terence McKenna brought it to public attention as the end of time his 1975 book, The Invisible Landscape, (but not connected to any Maya calendars) and that Jose Arguelles brought it to the attention of a huge number of people as the end of "the Great Cycle"  when he published The Mayan Factor in 1987. However, the question remains as to who first published it and when, since earlier visions and prophecies then take on much more significance if they can be shown to have been uttered before there was any public knowledge of 2012.

So any pre-1975 books on the Maya would be instructive here, but also any between 1975 and 1987, since McKenna's book was originally not widely circulated, and it didn't connect to the Maya. Unfortunately, these old books are getting quite hard to find, especially in the UK where not many were imported. The  GMT correlation was first proposed in 1897, but it was not very popular until 1930, when Thompson revived interest in it, making his best case for it in 1937. It seems that the zero date or base date ( written as was calculated first, but many of the earlier authorities made the error of reporting the base date as 3113 BC instead of 3114 BC (due to the "no year-zero" problem). Thus, many early calculations of the end-date came out as 2011.

This is what I have found so far (UPDATED Jul 2010): 

Author                                     Book/Aricle             Year/edition          Page                Base date               End date

J. T. Goodman  The Archaic Maya Inscriptions (appendix to Maudslay, 1897)    here and here     1897     penultimate page     4 Ahau 8 Cumhu; no correlation, but gives length of 13-baktun cycle 1,872,000 days (p.25)      

Un-numbered appendix page (p.232): Gives start-date of the "Fifty-fifth Great Cycle" as 4 Ahau 3 Kankin

Charles P. Bowditch A Method Which May Have Been Used by the Mayas in Calculating Time 1901 Gives base date as 4 Ahau 8 Cumhu - no correlation

J.T. Goodman        Maya Dates, Amer. Anthropologist, p.642-647 n.s., vol VII, ( and here ) 1905 Suggested the correlation 584280 and equivalent dates in Julian and Maya, and says Palenque was in

existence in 3143 BC (earliest Palenque date was old era). (18 Dec 2012 by calc.)

Charles P. Bowditch  The Numeration, Calendar & Astronomical Knowledgeof the Mayas  1910   p.319-321  4 Ahau 8 Cumhu; no correlation, but mentions end-point on 4 ahau 3 kankin

Herbert J. Spinden  The Reduction of Maya Dates   1924              p.108-110       Oct 14 3373 BC     Feb 23 1753  (Spinden's correlation - 13 katuns before GMT correlation).

Juan Martinez Hernadez   PECMADY******          1926    Suggested the correlation 584283 (21 Dec 2012 by calc.)?????????????????????????????

J. Eric S. Thompson       ACOTMAEUC and here*             1927                    p.12             13 Aug 3113 BC   (23 Dec 2012 by calc.)

J. Eric S. Thompson     The Civilization of the Mayas  1927                p.57                            3113 BC   (2012 by calc)

Herbert J. Spinden     Maya Dates & What They Reveal    1930    p.46  584284: = Dec 10 435 AD   (22 Dec 2012 by calc)

                                                                                                      ???? 4 ahau 3 kankin = "1753" (Spinden's correlation - 13 katuns before the GMT correlation).

John Teeple                     Maya Astronomy                          1931          p.35           August 12 3113 BC          (22 Dec 2012 by calc)

J. Eric S. Thompson              ANMODYD*              1937    Maya dates and Gregorian counterparts (21 Dec 2012 by calc.)

William Gates    Translation of Landa's 1566 "Relacion" 1937   commentary " " 13 Aug 3113 BC  (23 Dec 2012 by calc.)

Sylvanus G. Morley              The Ancient Maya 1st edition      1946/1947       Table V p.81 and p.284   Maya dates and Gregorian counterparts;  4 Ahau 8 Cumhu  (23 Dec 2012 by calc.)

J. Eric S. Thompson ............The Rise and Fall of Maya Civilisation... 1954 ........p.152, 153..............3113 BC

Lawrence Fawcett ................TAMEBSHMC******* ...............1956 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sylvanus G. Morley              The Ancient Maya   2nd edition    1956/7        Table V & p.92            -                (23 Dec 2012 by calc.)

J. Eric S. Thompson       The Civilization of the Mayas   1927/1958       p.52                  3113 BC       (2012 by calc.)

Victor W. von Hagen             World of the Maya                  1960         p.177                   3111 BC              -

Victor W. von Hagen             TASKOTA**                 1962              p.214                        3111 BC              -

Sylvanus G. Morley              The Ancient Maya   3rd edition    1963       Table V & p.92            -                (23 Dec 2012 by calc.)

J. Eric S. Thompson             Maya Archaeologist       1963               p.112         11 Aug  3113 BC    (21 Dec 2012 by calc.)    

Michael D. Coe                    The Maya          1966 (1st edition)                 p.149                      3113 BC      24 Dec 2011

Alfonso Caso....................... Calendarios Prehispanicos (Mexico). 1967 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Michael D. Coe                    The Maya             1971 paperback         p.174                      3113 BC     24 Dec 2011

William Irwin Thompson        ?????????                   1971                   ?????                                           2011

 Norman Steenstrup         TVSUMMCBSC****     1971                ????? = 320 AD  (2012 by calc)

J. Eric S. Thompson             Maya Hieroglyphic Writing  (1950, 1960, 1971) p.152   10 Aug (typo - should say 11th)

                                                                                                                              p.305             (21 Dec 2012 by calc.)

Paul Rivet                             Maya Cities          (1954, 1960) 1973       p.70                      3113 BC    (2012 by calc.)    

Jose Arguelles                     The Transformative Vision   1975 (1 May) p.304                 3113 BC        "AD 2012"

David Adamson                    The Ruins of Time            1975                p.223        10 Aug  3113 BC      24 Dec 2011

                                                                                                                 p.215                           (21 Dec 2012 by calc.)  

Frank Waters                        Mexico Mystique             1975               p.258        12 Aug 3113 BC       24 Dec 2011

Peter Balin            The Flight of the Feathered Serpent  1978 (1st Jan)   p.29                  3113 BC       21 Dec 2011

            "The Mayas believed that most of the destruction will take place between December 21st 2011 and June 6th 2012"

William Irwin Thompson        ?????????                   1978                   ?????                                    December 24 2011

Michael D. Coe                    The Maya                      1980 (2nd edition)    ???? .........................  January 11, AD 2013

Sylvanus G. Morley/Robert Sharer               The Ancient Maya   4th edition    1983   p.556 and appendix "a day in 3114 BC" December 21, 2012

Michael D. Coe                    The Maya                      1984 (3rd edition)     ????                             23 December AD 2012

Ernesto Lunardi                Il Calendario Maya           1984                   ????       13 Aug 3113 BC (Lunardi correlation = 8 Feb 3113 BC) (2012 by calc)

Larry Tyler                      Mayan Cycleology             1986/7                   p.17                                    24 December 2011

Charles Gallencamp       Maya: TRAROALC    (1959, 1976, 1981, 1985) 1987 p.77       3114 BC (21 Dec 2012 by calc.)

Miguel Leon-Portilla         TARITTOTM***    (1968, 1973) 1988   p.4   (& typo: "3133 BC" 3113 BC (2012 by calc.)

Michael D. Coe                     Mexico         (1962, 1977, 1984) 1988     p.76        13 Aug 3114 BC       (2012 by calc.)

Marco Y Marcus de Paz      CMECIT*****          1991                                 11 Aug 3114 BC/13 Aug 3113 BC ( 2012 by calc).

Michael D. Coe                    The Maya             1993 5th edn.             p.174                     3114 BC         23 Dec 2012

Michael D. Coe           Breaking the Maya Code  (1992,1994) 2000   p.259    13 Aug 3114 BC   23 December 2012

Robert J. Sharer    The Ancient Maya (Morley 1947)  1946, 47, 56, 83, 1994 p.568 "a day in 3114 BC" December 21, 2012

                                                                                                                             p.755       3114 BC

                                                                                                                               p.762                                   December 21 2012

Graham Hancock .......Fingerprints of the Gods ..............................1995...........p.100 ...............................23 December 2012

..............................................................................................................................p.517................................24 December 2011



** TASKOTA: The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas

Maya: TRAROALC: Maya: The Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilisation

*** TARITTOTM: Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya

**** TVSUMMCBSC: The Vigesimal System and its Use in the Maya and Mexican Civilizations Before the Spanish Conquest

*****CMECIT: Calendario Maya - El Camino Infinito del Tiempo

******PECMADY: Paralalismo Entre los Calendarios Maya y Azteca Diario de Yucatan

******* TAMEBSHMC: Time and Morality: Establishing a Babylonian Source for Hindu and Mayan Chronologies. (Woodland Hills Reporter, 1956),

Calling all Dire Gnostics:

Can you help with this project? If you would like to contribute, please check out your old Maya books in your bookcase, local library, antiquarian bookshops etc. and email your results, set out as above, to Dire Gnosis with subject: "2012 feedback project". This is the Dire Gnosis email.

Thanks for your help... results will be reported next month.


147. Feedback Project: Results                             3/Aug/2004

Many thanks to John Major Jenkins, Mike Finley and Peter Meyer for their input to the 2012 Feedback Project (see Whats New item 147 above) and also to Richard Gabriel and to Ryan (of 2012 tattoo fame).

If you scroll up to the previous Whats New (item 147) above, you will see that the table of published start-dates and end-dates for the 13-baktun cycle has been expanded. Mike Finley pointed out that 3113 BC start-date is only an error if it is understood as a "historical" rather than "astronomical" date, and the original Mayanists who developed the GMT correlation (i.e. Goodman, Martinez and Thompson), were fully aware of the fact that "3113 BC Gregorian astronomical" = " -3113" = "3114 BC Gregorian historical". In the case of the former two date forms, no year needs to be added when computing across the BC/AD divide, but in the case of the latter, a year must be added to compensate for the "missing year zero". Thus, all the above forms generate a 2012 end-date when appropriate calculations are performed.

Mike Finley pointed out that in his 1937 paper by Eric Thompson, although Thompson doesn't refer directly to the correlation constant, or any start or end-date, he gives a Long Count date and its Gregorian AD equivalent, ( occurred in 889 AD), thus showing that the correct calculation had been made across the BC/AD divide, and forward extrapolation will generate a 2012 end-date. Likewise, in William Gates' 1937 commentary on his translation of Landa's Relacion (1566), Gates gives a 3113 BC start-date and a Long Count date with its Gregorian AD equivalent ( occurred in 1539), showing that 3113 BC had been taken as an astronomical date, leading to the correct calculation and a possible forward extrapolation to a 2012 end-date.

John Major Jenkins pointed out that Jose Arguelles gave the end-date as "AD 2012" as early as 1975 in his book The Transformative Vision, and this was the same year in which the McKenna brothers published The Invisible Landscape with an I-Ching-derived 2012 eschaton. John Major Jenkins also brought my attention to Peter Balin's 1978 book, The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, in which he gives a 3113 BC start-point and a 21st December 2011 end-point, but also says the Maya expected destruction to extend from then until the Venus Transit in June 2012 (click the hyperlink to read the actual passage).

John Major Jenkins also raised a fascinating question:

At which point was it realized that the 13-baktun cycle was an important period? The "Creation monuments" at Quirigua and Coba are now accepted as indicating that the Creation cycle lasts for 13-baktuns, but without this realization, there would not have been any point in calculating forward 13 baktuns from the base date, when Goodman fixed the correlation in 1897.

As if in confirmation of this point, just after receiving this from Jenkins, I received a 1947 edition of Morley's The Ancient Maya, and although Morley mentions that the zero-date of the long count was on 4 Ahau 8 Cumku, he doesn't give the Gregorian date, or say anything about the length of the cycle, and seems to imply that it is 20 baktuns in length (a pictun). He  does discuss the 13-katun Short Count, on the other hand. He mentions Quirigua, but not stela C (the Creation stela). He does give some Long Count/Gregorian AD date equivalents (table V and p.81) that enable a forward extrapolation using a 13-baktun cycle, to a 2012 end-date, but if he thought the Creation cycle lasted 20 baktuns, any forward extrapolation would give an end-point in 4772 AD.

I laid the question on Mike Finley and he did some more checking and found that in Morley's 1915 book, Maya Hieroglyphs: 

"[Morley] didn't even try to guess at a correlation at that time, but he  was aware that  some monuments  give  the date  4 Ahaw 8 Kumku instead of  4 Ahaw 8 Kumku, and realized they are equivalent.  So it seems had others, including Goodman  (of GMT fame, writing in 1897) and Bowditch (1910).  In 1915, there was a debate as to whether the "Great Cycle" was 13  or 20  baktuns in length.  Goodman said 13, and of course, dated the beginning of the current Great Cycle in 3114 BC.  Morley  carefully reviewed the evidence, and took a  sort of compromise position:  He suggested that mathematically the next highest unit above the baktun is 20 baktun, but agreed with Goodman that  the calendar was divided into epochs of 13 baktuns."

This seems to imply that in 1915 the question was still open as to whether the Creation era lasted 13 or 20 baktuns, and that Morley was open to both answers. 

However, this still leaves the question of the first realization of a 2012 end-point unanswered. Mike Finley hopes to do a bit more probing, and will hopefully find a bit more for us. Peter Meyer suggests that the Peabody Museum at Harvard would be a good place to start, since it holds Goodman's papers (click on link for "Goodman, Joseph T. (1838-1917) Papers, 1888-1914, n.d.: A Finding Aid") so if any one reading this will be in the vicinity, how about checking them out & feeding back to Dire Gnosis?

The current position is that we have a first definite mention of 2012 in 1975, but although Long Count dates have been correlated to AD dates, and 2012 can thus in many cases be calculated (2012 by calc.) above, this is not necessarily significant unless the author recognized a 13-baktun Creation era. In the case of The Ruins of Time by David Adamson (see table in Whats New item 146), his start-date, end-date and Long Count/Gregorian extrapolation must be from 3 different sources, since they don't actually support each other.

 I shall continue to look into the question of the date of first acceptance of the 2012 end-date and announce any results in future updates.

Richard Gabriel responded and said that he had an experience in 1967 that foresaw a "world shakeout around 2010 and beyond". His blogspot gives the scenario and his book that covers the experience can be read free online: Down to Earth (The Way it is), and though it doesn't mention any prophecy or vision of 2010 or beyond, Richard Gabriel says he resonates with the Dire Gnosis website: "The scenario you describe for 2012 is as if it had come from my own mouth and from the Understanding opened to me".

Ryan's contribution is covered next:


148. Berber Eclipse Cycle                                        3/Aug/2004

Ryan (whose arm you can see at Whats New item 144), suggested that the origins of the 2012 knowledge could be traced by looking into connections between the Olmecs and the Berber people of North Africa and possible connections to the lost continent of Atlantis. He suggested looking here and here for Berber/Atlantean connections. I had already heard that the Malinke and Bambara languages from Mali (where the Dogon tribe come from), are similar to the Mayan languages (see this site), and we know about the Zulu Sanasi or shaman Credo Muttwa's 2012 prophecy from South Africa (see Whats New item 80), but there is no direct link...

But then I found this page on site of The Center for Archaeoastronomy, which is about the Berbers' calendar, when they lived in Teneriffe in the 14th & 15th centuries.   The page reveals a knowledge of a 520-day eclipse cycle, which is equal to 2 Tzolkins! This is a "triple eclipse half-year" (Tzolkin p.87, 113). Food for thought...

UPDATE: New link: The Olmecs and the 12 Sea Roads


149. Mayan Ayahuasca                                             3/Aug/2004

Maya Carved Stone Mushroom

Cross-legged Maya mushroom stone. Click on picture for more.

I received a letter recently, from "Unborn Mind":


I am writing about a trip my friend took a few weeks ago.  First let me give you a little background:

He is what I call a drug abuser,  his sole reasoning to eat the mushrooms was to get "fucked up". It was one of his first trips, and he ate about 4 or 5 grams.  He has no knowledge on religion or prophesy.  What followed after was described by him as "the ripping away of everything as we knew it" and he was very adamant about the year this would happen (you guessed it, 2012).  I just think it is very interesting coming from someone with absolutely no knowledge of what a Mayan even is.  Well, I just thought you would like the information.  Thankyou."

Thanks to Unborn Mind. This reiterates a point demonstrated over and over on this site: the Psilocybe mushrooms have a 2012 connection, and the Maya ate these same mushrooms.

The ceiba tree had a great mystical significance to the Maya and was known as the "first tree of the world" and the "tree of life". The Yucatec Maya envisioned it as a kind of World Tree, that penetrates seven celestial levels, that the souls of the dead ascend, to a height according to their merits. The Christian God is at the top, since the post-conquest Maya of the Yucatan masked their philosophy with that of their conquerors. (See Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya by Miguel Leon Portilla p.135-141).

E. P. Grondine claims on this webpage that the  "one of the central symbols of Mayan religion, the ceiba tree, is a source for an MAO inhibitor used to amplify the effects of ayahuasca, a source of DMT". See the Ananda item for an explanation of MAO. Grondine suggests that the ceiba was taken in an enema form.

Since we know the Maya used the Psilocybe mexicana and Psilocybe/Stropharia cubensis mushrooms, that contain  close relatives of DMT, (psilocin is hydroxy-N,N-DMT and psilocybin is O-phosphoryl-4-hydroxy-N,N-DMT), this provides a recipe very similar to that taken by the McKenna brothers - Psilocybe cubensis plus smoke of Banisteriopsis caapi bark (the latter is also known as Yage or Ayahuasca, that gives its name to the hallucinogenic Amazonian brew), that provided the knowledge of 2012 as the end of time. The experience is related here. See also Clifford Pickover's DMT/Moses essay. As already mentioned, Ananda thinks that the Alchemists and Gnostics  used Syrian rue and Acacia to achieve the same combination, as is used by the bedouin  shamans of Southern Jordan.


150. The Real Maya Prophecies                           1/Nov/2004

The only surviving "Maya prophecies" are those found in the Books of Chilam Balam, which are known as the Katun Prophecies, that refer to the U kahlay katunob or "Short Count" calendar of 13 katuns (a 260-year cycle). Essential information on these can be found at Mike Finley's site, The Real Maya Prophecies, on the Katun Prophecies page. 

Mike Finley provided some insight into the Katun Prophecies in recent e-mail communications;

"No post-Conquest source refers  to the long count at all, and it was probably the first part of the calendar to be lost when the codices were burned and the priestly caste suppressed. The "short count" retained an echo of it, because the sequence of katuns was originally dictated by the long count. But the origin of this anchor may have been lost not long after the conquest.

Interestingly, the Books of Chilam Balam have much that smacks of "apocalyptic" thinking  --- no doubt enhanced both by the trials of the Maya people under Spanish rule and perhaps by Christian parallels. Ironically, at just the time when Maya interest in the end of the Great Cycle might have been expected to have peaked, knowledge of the long count was lost. So there is no clear reference to 2012 or the end of the Great Cycle in post-conquest literature.  I suspect that in the 16th Century,  2012 (but no longer specified as a long count date) was still known [as] the date of the end of the epoch by the chilans who wrote the oldest passages in the Books of Chilam Balam (see below), but even this was lost to the scribes who later expanded the Books.

... The Maya themselves didn't leave us any clear, direct evidence of exactly what 2012 meant to them --- likely not because it didn't have significance, but because by the time the question would have seemed particularly important,  calendrical knowledge was rapidly being lost.  Thus we can only infer from the structure of the Classical calendar and the presuppositions of Maya thought that 2012 would be regarded as a highly significant date."

Mike Finley says he thinks the significance of 2012 is indirectly referred to in the Books of Chilam Balam, even though the prophecies were applied to the arrival of the Spanish. he sums up the situation on his Katun Prophecy page:

"No Maya text actually tells us explicitly what the Maya believed would transpire in 2012 AD, but the the end of the cycle was no doubt regarded as a highly significant time of transition between epochs.  According to  the Books of Chilam Balam, Kulkulcan will return in katun 4 Ahaw .  Prophecy  of the return of this deity, transformed in the Books  into predictions of the coming of Christianity, may have originally been inspired in part by the coming end of the long count cycle."

From Chilam Balam:

"Katun 4 Ahau . . . . The katun is established at Chichen Itzá.  The settlement of the Itzá shall take place [there].  The quetzal shall come, the green bird shall come.  Ah Kantenal  shall come.  Blood-vomit shall come.  Kukulcan  shall come with them for the second time.  [It is] the word of God.  (Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, XXII)"

Katun 4 Ahau is, of course, the final katun of the 13-baktun cycle that ends in 2012. 

Complete Chilam Balam of Chumayel text here.

Lord of Katun 4 Ahau

FIG. 41--The lord of the katun. (Chumayel MS.)

Supporting evidence:

"A surprisingly large proportion of the important upheavals in Maya history appear to have occurred in some katun named either 4 Ahau or 8 Ahau." from Sacred Texts

"Katun 4-Ahau: There will be scarcities of corn and squash during this katun and this will lead to great mortality. This was the katun during which the settlement of Chichen Itza occurred, when the man-god Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) arrived. It is the katun of remembering and recording knowledge." from Bruce Scofield taken from the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel and the Codex Perez and the Book of Chilam Balam of Mani. 

See the four surviving Maya Codices:

     Dresden Codex online   (download pdf )  Madrid Codex download pdf  Grolier Codex online  Paris Codex download pdf (alt.)

Popul vuh online

Mike Finley on codices


151. The "Doomsday Crop Circle"                     1/Nov/2004

On August 2nd 2004, a crop formation was reported near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, UK and on the following night it was completed, to become Crop Circle Connector's "Crop Circle of the Year". The Daily Mail newspaper featured a double-page article on the formation, dubbing it "The Doomsday Crop Circle", because an article on Crop Circle Connector showed a statue of the Aztec god, Xochipilli (Lord of Flowers) sitting on a base with the same double square spiral as that featured in the crop formation. The Aztec belief in imminent catastrophe was then connected to the end of the Maya Long Count calendar in 2012, and the conclusion was that the Crop Formation signified planetary doom in 2012. C. Lewis posted an article on the same page of Crop Circle Connector called "The Calendar Clock", that apparently found evidence of calendrical clues in the formation, supporting the 2012 connection. Swirled News asked for my input, so I had a look and (while avoiding entering into the contoversy of who or what created it), I found grounds to disagree with the interpretation, as well as spotting that the diagram provided on the page was wrong. Swirled News put up an article featuring my reply, in which I also commented on a formation that appeared at Lewisham Castle, near Aldbourne, Wiltshire, UK, on August 6th 2004, which I found to be an encoded Magic Square of the Moon (though again, the diagram on Connector was faulty). See Swirled News article.


152. Auric Time Scale Update                              1/Nov/2004

In Whats New item 66 June 2002, Russian maths Professor Sergey Smelyakov and Yuri Karpenko's paper, The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Factor  was introduced, (showing a foreshortening series of eras based on phi, the golden section) and was revealed to be one year in error due to basing the start-date of the Maya Long Count on a date of "3113 BC", which was taken as a Gregorian historical date rather than a Gregorian astronomical date (the correct Gregorian historical date is 3114 BC). Prof. Smelyakov wrote a special summary article for 2012: Dire Gnosis, Astrological Roots and Forecasting of Some Acute World Trends for the Current Epoch while we waited for the updated version of The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Factor . In Whats New item 99 (January 2003), Prof. Smelyakov supplied the first 2 parts of a 5-part mega-theory: The Predicted Unknown - a decade of Volte-Face. Part 3 was to have included the revised theory in a chapter called The Golden Section of Time in Space and History. 

Prof. Smelyakov has just contacted 2012: Dire Gnosis to announce that he has completed the revised version of the theory. This consists of a small change to the introduction and changes to the start-date, end-date and bifurcation points in part 12 of the paper, (which discusses the theory as applied to the Maya Long Count). The revised introduction and revised part 12 (pages 41-64 of the paper) are now available with the rest of the paper on 2012: Dire Gnosis as a zip file here: UPDATED AURIC TIME SCALE

There is a fascinating appendage to this story, but having just re-connected with Prof. Smelyakov after his email address disappeared about 18 months ago, I am awaiting his  comments before saying more....


153. Another Fungal Message                            1/Dec/2004

In a recent e-mail, Doug Ready mentioned that he too has heard from the mycelial mind, concerning 2012:

"I have been told many times, during mushroom experiences that there is going to be a new form of life born in 2012. Perhaps some kind of symbiotic joining of awareness with the next level up. This is only my hunch, but it seems we need to reach a critical mass of people who have begun this accent in awareness before the birthing of our species can truly begin."


154. Summary of the Road to 2012 Arizona Conference                                                               1/Dec/2004  

Mads Larsen, a Norwegian journalist and author of a best-selling Norwegian novel is currently researching the 2012 phenomenon in preparation for his next novel, to be published in 2006. He says that  he intends that it will "do for 2012 what the DaVinci Code did for the legend of the Holy Grail". Mads kindly agreed to summarise his impressions of the recent 2012 conference in Tempe, Arizona for 2012:Dire Gnosis. Click on the link below to access the conference summary:

Signs of Destiny 2004: Crop Circles and the Road to 2012


155. Jenkins Counter-Critique                             1/Dec/2004

Carl Calleman, the Swedish author and inventor of the 2011 end-date was unable to attend the Tempe Conference (see Whats New 154 above) but he contributed a statement that was included with the conference program. The statement included the following sentence, highlighted in bold ink:

"Recently, professional astronomers have studied the Mayan calendar and have concluded that it cannot possibly be based on precession or any other astronomical cycle at http://www.astro.uu.nl/~strous/AA/en/2012.html "

In his talk, John Major Jenkins addressed the issue, since he was familiar with the web-page in question. He compared the situation with one that would exist if he had stated that "crab apples are bitter" and was then accused of falsely stating that "apples are bitter". If small but vital parts of the original thesis are omitted, the whole meaning is changed. John Major Jenkins has now put up a response page that thoroughly answers all the points raised by Dr. Strous, the astronomer in question. See it here: http://www.alignment2012.com/responsetostrous.html


156. Galactic Centre Found to Affect Intuition  1/Dec/2004

In 1998, Russian biochemist Simon Shnoll published the results of 30 years work, (see here and here) showing that a sidereal day (i.e. one rotation of the Earth in reference to the stars, rather than a solar day which is in reference to the Sun), affects biological processes, chemical reaction rates and radioactive decay. Since the 13-baktun cycle is tracking our changing orientation to the equatorial plane of the Milky Way, this discovery could imply the existence of a switching mechanism for human biochemistry or neurochemistry. His results also implicate sunspot cycles - specifically the Carrinton Rotation of 27.28 days - in their effects on biochemistry  (more on this in the forthcoming book, Beyond 2012). 2012 is, of course, the projected time for the next sunspot maximum.

I have just discovered that in 1997, James Spotiswoode published a paper called Apparent Association Between Effect Size in Free Response Anomalous Cognition Experiments and Local Sidereal Time in which 2,500 trials were performed using remote viewing and Ganzfeld experiments. The results showed not only that the time of the sidereal day (about 4 minutes shorter than a solar day) had a significant effect on the results, but specifically, that at a a Local Sidereal Time (LST) of about 13.5 hours plus or minus an hour or so, which corresponds to the rising time of Galactic Centre on the horizon, there is a massive increase in human "intuition" or psychic ability. Like Scnoll's discovery, this could also have significance for the Galactic Alignment process. See summary page