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243. Fluoride and the Pineal Gland

244. New Type of Calcium in the Pineal Gland

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246. Tortuguero Prophecy UPDATE

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248. 13-Baktun Cycle Versus 20-Baktun Cycle

249. Ayahuasca Shaman Predicts Transition

250. Spiritual Emergence and Emergency

251. Discovery of 2012 Inscriptions at La Corona

252. Deunov Prophecy

253. The Variations of Translations of Tortugero Mon. 6

254. Monument 6 Right Wing Mural project in Krakow

255. July 23 2012: Double Coronal Mass Ejections Fired into Earth's Orbit

256. Kracow Mural Opening - December 19 2012

Studies have revealed that there are TWO types of calcium in the pineal gland - the one about which most studies have been done is hydroxyapatite, or brain sand. However, it has just been found that there is another type - a recent development - calcite crystals.

243. Fluoride and the Pineal Gland Sep10


Watch this 3-part video for the quick convincing download - 8 mins each part



One to show your dentist: Fluoride : Professional Perspectives

The pineal gland begins to calcify around the age of puberty. Comparison of Calcification of Pineals. Parapsychologist Serena Roney Dougal claimed in her book, Where Science and Magic Meet, that the calcification of the pineal gland improves sense of direction, particularly in girls. This implies that the calcification is a desirable and normal development of the gland. However, studies have concluded the opposite to this. See Pineal gland calcification and defective sense of direction, by C R Bayliss, N L Bishop, and R C Fowler. Roney-Dougal concludes that the calcification at puberty allows the pineal to become sensitive to magnetic fields, but it seems that the calcification actually blocks the pineal interaction with magnetic fields. The calcification consists of hydroxyapatite (hydroxylapatite) and calcium carbonate apatite crystal. It starts to build up between the ages of 6 and 20, and continues to age 30. There is some variation according to various studies in different parts of the world - some say it continues to accumulate after that. Age-Related Incidence of Pineal Calcification Detected by Computed Tomography.

Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England (1997) has found that calcified pineal glands contain a huge concentration of fluoride: "In terms of mineralized tissue, the mean fluoride concentration in the pineal calcification was equivalent to that in severely fluorosed bone and more than four times higher than in corresponding bone ash, i.e., 8,900 ± 7,700 vs. 2,040 ± 1,100 mg/kg, respectively. The calcification in two of the 11 pineals analysed in this study contained extremely high levels of fluoride: 21,800 and 20,500 mg/kg." Fluoride and the Pineal Gland. As well as the hard tissue build-up, the aged pineal also contains more fluoride than any other soft tissue. However, in her later 2001 study, Luke says that "The high fluoride levels in the pineal are presumably due to the large surface area of the HA crystallites both intra- and extracellularly....There was no correlation between pineal fluoride and bone fluoride. Therefore, unlike bone, pineal fluoride concentrations are not indicators of long-term fluoride exposure and body burden. Pineal fluoride, however, was significant." She concluded that the fluoride buildup in the pineal may affect melatonin synthesis, but it still had to be proved. See Fluoride Deposition in the Aged Human Pineal Gland. There IS some evidence presented here: Pineal calcification and sleep disturbances. .... Here is a study that seems to contradict it, but then states that " an increased calcification of the pineal gland represents a decrease in the number of functioning pinealocytes, which results in a decreased ability of the pineal gland to produce melatonin." see studies: Kunz 1999; Mahlberg 2009 for calcification causing reduction in melatonin production.


Journalist Christopher Bryson claims, in his book, The Fluoride Deception, that since the Manhattan project in the 1940s, when fluoride was used for enriching the uranium that was to be used in atomic bombs, a propaganda project was started, to convince workers and locals to the Tenessee nuclear plant, that fluoride was not only safe, but was also good for children's teeth. In the 1950s, the advertising spinmaster Edwad Bernays used the situation as an experiment in public gullibility, and the AMA started to endorse adding of fluoride to public water supplies. All studies that showed results contradicting the supposed benign nature of fluoride on health were effectively censored. See also the book by Barry Groves, Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death

Now, about 65-75% of the States (USA) have fluoridated water, as well as fluoridated toothpaste, soda drinks, and even some milk. In Southern Ireland, 71% of the population drink fluoridated water, and in in England - 10-11%....42 schools in Sheffield are adding it to school milk! Major schemes are in operation in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands, and also in Tyneside. Southampton (since 2009), are now getting it and Hampshire is imminent...and the pressure is on for other counties to to the same. In Spain, it is 3%, but all other European countries have banned water fluoridation. In 2004, there were 400 million people worldwide drinking fluoridated water, and many more consuming it through products like toothpaste and mouthwash. So why are we being compulsorily "medicated" with this poison, when a study showed that when Gateshead and Liverpool tooth decay rates were compared (one of which has fluoridation and the other does not), there is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM....?

It is accepted that about 10% of children will develop DENTAL FLUORIDOSIS (see picture) as a result of this, but it is seen as "just aesthetic and of no real consequence" compared to claimed tooth decay drops. However....

Other health side-effects include Alzheimers disease, cancer, Fluoride and liver cancer, Fluoride-cancer-connection, respiratory, immune stystem, brain (falling I.Q.shown in a Chinese study), memory, arthritis and bone diseases, Skeletal fluoridosis, kidney problems, reproductive problems, thyroid disruption, (as shown by the National Research Council in 2008) and more. See Fluoride Alert

When you add to this that there has been manipulation of data and deliberate obfuscation, delaying and other avoidance tactics by official bodies such as NIDR (National Institute of Dental Reearch - USA), Fluoride tooth decay study, in revealing studies that show water fluoridation does not reduce tooth decay Tooth decay is back - fluorides's no help, then mumblings of conspiracy theorists begin to look real.

The chemicals are toxic waste products from the nuclear, aluminum and fertilizer industries, and they used to use it as rat poison, and the Nazis and Soviets have used it to "dumb down" their prisoners.

With the inference of the research presented on this website, and in Beyond 2012, that we are reaching a time when an environmental trigger, possibly of a magnetic nature, is due to affect our pineal gland and kick off a mass change in consciousness, it looks as if this may be short-circuited by the calcium screen that has now surrounded most of our pineal glands. A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever. Some people are suggesting that this is an intentional result, and one of many schemes that the elite controllers of the world have engineered. The Fluoride Conspiracy.

Conspiracy or not, when you have looked at the science at Fluoride Alert you will see that not only is fluoride a health risk, but we have been misinformed, and our spirituality jeopardised. According to the article A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever, frequent exposure to sunlight without a hat will " help stimulate a fluoride calcified pineal gland", but the references for this assertion are absent - we know that sunlight stimulates pineal serotonin production and darkness stimulates pineal melatonin production. Regarding water filters, reverse osmosis filters are expensive, but only remove 65-95% of the fluoride. However, a "distillation filter" will remove all of it. It has also been suggested that a magnesium supplement could help: "...calcification in general is often (if not mainly) caused by a shortage of magnesium. Most folks today happen to be magnesium deficient. Magnesium used to be readily available in our food sources, so in a sense there was no evolutionary drive to store this mineral... In other words, our body's magnesium needs can only be met through continuous intake of this important mineral. Today's "modern" food-sources tend to be mineral deficient due to over-farming. Most people get plenty of calcium in their diet however. The trouble of calcification begins when -in this case- the calcium/magnesium ratio is thrown out of whack. Magnesium interacts with calcium see. So simply put, a magnesium shortage causes an excess of calcium in our system which in turn causes, you guessed it, calcification". Re; Calcification of pineal...on DMT Tribe

Here are some local pressure and information groups and local news articles:

Ireland: Fluoride-free water

Flouride-free Fairbanks, Alaska

This is Leicestershire-fluoridation

Yorkshire Fluoride-in-water-study


Hampshire against fluoridation


Fluoride attaches itself to calcium, which is why it can theoretically form a protective layer if applied to teeth. However, if ingested, it will attach itself to calcium in teeth and bones, causing dental fluoridosis and skeletal fluoridosis, as well as other health problems cited above. It will also then attach to the pineal gland. The Bayliis/Bishop /Fowler study cited above indicates that pineal gland's calcification is not "physiological" - i.e. not part of its natural condition, but a symptom of disease, as in the case of other organs that calcify. However, the standard medical view is that pineal calcification is part of the ageing process. Here is the standard dental position on fluoride and answers to the fluoride critics: Doctor Spiller on Fluoride

It is presumed by many that the fluoride causes pineal calcification, but I haven't managed to find any studies that support that (please let me know if you find one!) This one implies it: Factors controlling calcification in vitro: Fluoride and magnesium, as do the quotes on this page: Bone Fluorosis/Arthritis, but this one implies the opposite: Fluoride and calcification of rat aorta, as does this one: Prevention of Renal Calcification by Fluoride (none of these are specific to the pineal but deal with other organs, or in vitro). However, (according to Luke, cited above), once we have a calcified, fluoridated pineal, the fluoride may inhibit one of the 4 enzymes that convert tryptophan into melatonin. Melatonin is implicated in ageing, cancer and other processes, such as the onset of puberty, and there is evidence that fluoridation causes a drop of melatonin levels from high choldhood levels, leading to earlier menstruation in girls. Fluoride and the Pineal

There is a suggestion that artificial light and wearing sunglassses could upset pineal function, since light striking the retina causes neurotransmitters to be sent to the pineal, and these may not be triggered properly if the spectrum is altered. stress, refined sugars and working nights could also affect it. So, avoidance of refined sugars, going to bed between 9-10 PM, getting plenty of sunlight, and eating foods high in lecithin such as soybeans is reccommended. pineal dysfunction NB soy products are also high in proto-oestrogens if they are not fermented

One suggestion for counteracting pineal calcification is to take supplements such as : Turmeric, Stinging Nettle, Fish Oil how-to-decrease-or-stop-pineal-glands-calcification , but a doctor says he doesn't know (surprise surprise!): doctor answers question of decalifying the pineal. Another is that our "western" diet is to blame, with its artificial colours, preservatives etc. Non-organic produce has residue of phosphates fertilizers and many other chemicals, incuding fluoride. Also, West African and Indian studies showed much lower calcification rates. There are lots of suggestions, including EDTA, the "novel molecule" used for treating heavy metal poisoning, serrapeptase enzyme, sacred clay, iodine, magnesium ascorbate...see Forum discusssion: How to De-Calcify the Pineal Gland for more info.


BRIEF SUMMARY: Complication /the dangers of consuming fluoride (Thanks to Krista)


244. New Type of Calcium in the Pineal Gland: Oct 31 2010 (Thanks to Synthia Andrews for discussion and supplying some of these links)

Studies have revealed that there are TWO types of calcium in the pineal gland - the one about which most studies have been done is hydroxyapatite, or brain sand. However, it has just been found that there is another type - a recent development - calcite crystals. Calcite crystals found in the inner ear - octoconia; - have already been studied and found to be piezoelectric - in other words, they produce an electric charge when pressure is applied to them ...and the "reverse piezolectrial effect"...when an external electical field is applied, they will change shape slightly. It is very likely that the pineal calcite crystals are also piezoelectric, according to the 2002 study. New Crystal in the Pineal Gland. One effect is that external fields could, via the resulting change of crystal shape, change pineal output and melatonin production, through "electromecano-transduction on the pinealocyte membrane".

"By that very fact the piezoelectric property of the crystals would allow them to interact with the electrical component of electromagnetic fields. A simplified formula applied to those crystals (f = v/2d) lets us think that these crystals could be sensitive to RF-EMF in the range of 500MHz to 2.5GHz depending on their size. This range contains portable wireless frequencies, GSM (872-960MHz), DCS (1710-1875MHz), UMTS (1900-1920MHz, 2010-2025MHz), or BlueTooth (2400-2483,5MHz)."

In other words, mobile phone signals, wireless phones and Blue Tooth can effect your pineal gland!

The same thing applies to the otoconia , or calcite crystals that have been found in the inner ear of people having dizzyness and/or vertigo. It works in a similar way to a the early radio receivers or 'crystal sets'- a crystal resonates with the radio wave by being tuned' with organic material - originally a 'cat's whisker'. The paper points out that the magnetite crystals found in the brain have already been suggested by Kirschvink's study to be affected by microwave radiation in a similar way, via "their interaction with the magnetic component of RF-EMF*", but the authors think biological effects would be more likely from an electical field interactiion than magnetic field - and that is what triggers the calcite crystals.

* Radio Frequency Electro-Magnetic Field

Effects have already been observed from TETRA radiation at 16Hz, and the discovery of the piezoelectic calcite crystals would provide the mechanism. http://www.starweave.com/pinealsummary/

The continuing studies are concentrating on whether the radio frequency electro-magnetic fields of the global system for mobile communications will affect melatonin production. Whether or not it could directly effect the production of other pineal hormones, such as the (at least) 5 hallucinogenic molecules* * remains to be seen, but since they are synthesized from melatonin, the implication is that if the studies show the mobile communications radiations inhibit melatonin production, then the knock-on effects will include inhibition of DMT and beta-carboline synthesis... i.e. a blocking of Spirit Molecule and Psi Molecule. There is no evidence yet that mobile phones cause cancer, but the fact is that melatonin can inhibit the growth of cancers, and that certain electro-magnetic fields can inhibit melatonin production. This has been shown for fields over 12 mG (milligauss), 50-900 MHz (but any fields over 2 mG may be significant), which would mean avoiding such sources as "electric blankets, electrically heated water beds, improperly grounded home wiring, in-floor electrical heating systems, older computer monitors, flourescent lighting systems, occupational exposures". http://www.alternative-doctor.com/cancer/EMFs.htm

* * Tetrahydro-beta-carboline; 6 methoxy-tetrahydro-beta-carboline (pinoline) (ref Inv. Landscape p.97); adenoglomerulotropine (=6-metrhoxy-tetra-hydro-harman- ref. Inv Landscape p.65); 5-Methoxy-DMT (ref Callaway, J.C. 1988, 'A proposed mechanism for the visions of dream sleep' in Medical Hypotheses 26; 119-124); Dimethyl-tryptamine (DMT) (ref Strassman, 2001: 'DMT - The Spirit Molecule'.



245. The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled (reminder/summary) Jan 12 2011

In March 2010, Graham Hancock published Geoff Stray 's essay about Tortuguero Monument 6. Monument 6, which is the only Classic Maya inscription known that mentions the end-date in 2012, was erected to comemmorate a pibnaah (a steam-bath or underground shrine), and the essay finds correlations between the pibnaah a kiva - a Hopi ceremonial room, that were originally underground as well. By combining what we know about kivas with recent developments in Maya studies, plus established facts about pibnahs, the essay throws light on possible functions of the Maya pibnaah at Tortuguero, and this in turn reflects on the meaning of monument 6 with its 2012 inscription. The study continues into looking at who are the Nine Gods mentioned in connection with 2012, and echoes of these Nine Gods around the world, with a common theme - the Underworld. READ THE ESSAY HERE



246. Tortuguero Prophecy UPDATE Jan 12 2011

Since the TORTUGUERO PROPHECY UNRAVELLED essay was written there has been a major new development. Sven Gronemeyer - author of the most comprehensive study on the site of Tortuguero - and Barbara MacLeod, the originator of the "3-11 Pik Formula" (which shows evidence of precessional periods on an inscribed bone from Tikal) , have combined forces and produced a revised study of Tortuguero Monument 6. They included many other epigraphers in their conversations about how the glyphs should be translated, and have even come up with a translation of the damaged glyphs. Here is the new translation:

It will be completed the 13th Bak'tun. It is 4 Ajaw 3 K’ank’in and it will happen a ‘seeing’.
It is the display of B’olon Yokte’ in a great ‘investiture’

The commentary implies that the King of Tortuguero - Bahlam Ajaw (Balam Ahau) is predicted to be present (possibly in a post-mortem or "astral" state - otherwise in a reincarnated state) at a ceremony that was due to be held in the underground shrine (pibnnaah) that the monument was associated with, at the end of the 13th baktun (in our year 2012 - except that the shrine is now destroyed along with the whole site of Tortuguero). This "great investiture" sounds similar in many ways, to the annual ceremony in Santiago Atitlan, in which the god Mam, or Maximon, is dressed in layers of clothing, before being hung and dismembered. This Maximon ceremony happened originally during the Wayeb days (the 5 days added to the (18 month of 20 days each) 360 days in the haab calendar), but due to Chrstian influences, it now happens at Easter. It is a similar concept to the Green Man ceremonies that still happen in UK on May Day, where a giant figure made of leaves - Jack in the Green - is ripped to pieces at the end of a day full of dancing, drumming and procession, so as to welcome in the Spirit of Summer. Out with the Old, In with the New....The Gronemeyer MacLeod essay is called:


UPDATE ON THE UPDATE (October 2011): Epigrapher David Stuart has continued the discussion of Monument 6, following Sven and Barb's essay. He has given his support to some of Stephen Houston's statements that the monument is not in any way prophetic about the future. However, Sven Gronemeyer and Barb MacLeod have posted a response following Stuart's article, and they effectively counter his points. The outcome of this, is that the very latest interpretation of the controversial part of the text on Monument 6 has been slightly modified to the following:

It will be closed the 13th Bak'tun (on) 4 Ajaw 3 Kank'in.
It will happen this Balun-Yokte'-display in the great investiture.

Here is David Stuart's article, but be sure to read the Gronemeyer/MacLeod response below it.



247. Jenkins's New Tortuguero Discoveries Jan 12 2011

In a presentation for the Society for American Archeology, in April 2010, John Major Jenkins showed the latest discoveries regarding Tortuguero Monuument 6. When the 13 dates on the monument were studied, Jenkins, (in conjunction with Michael Grofe) found that they correlate to conspicuous conjunctions in association with the Dark Rift of the Milky Way. We know already that the 4 Ahau 3 Kankin date (21 December 2012) that is mentioned on the stela, corresponds to the winter solstice sun conjuncting the Dark Rift...but now Jenkins reveals that on the birth date of Bahlam Ajaw, the Tortuguero ruler (612 AD), the Sun was also in the Dark Rift.... and when the earlier (510 AD) opening rite was performed at the pibnaah (underground shrine/steam bath that was erected to comemmorate), the Sun was also in the Dark Rift. Other dates involve a total lunar eclipse in the Dark Rift and Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, or Mercury in, or opposite the Dark Rift. Amazingly, Even Bahlam Ajaw's death (679 AD) correlated to Jupiter in the Dark Rift.

Jenkins has made the informtion available online as a paper, and has invited several academic Mayanists and other researchers to discuss it in a forum. The whole thing - paper and forum can be read at the Maya Exploration Center website here:

The Astronomy of 2012 and Tortuguero Monument 6 plus Facebook discussion


248. 13-Baktun-Cycle Versus 20-Baktun Cycle Jan 12 2011

During the discussion of John Major Jenkins's SAA paper (see item 247 above), the Mayanist Stanley Guenter repeatedly stated that there is "no evidence" for a 13-baktun cycle, yet failed to give any reasoning for that statement. It has become a popular stance recently, amongst Mayanists, to counter what they see as Doomsday hype (thanks largely to the Roland Emmerich film, "2012"), by resurrecting the statements of Schele and Freidel in A Forest of Kings (1990), where they say that it is now known that the "Great Cycle" consists of 20 baktuns, rather than 13, so there is no 13-baktun cycle; ergo, no end of the world in 2012. However, this position is actually a backward-step to 1915, when not many of the inscriptions with cycles longer than a baktun had been discovered. As more were found, the discussion continued as to how many "cycles" or baktuns make up a "Great Cycle". Some inscriptions implied 13; som implied 20. The discussion continued from 1897 to 1950, when Thompson solved most of the inscriptions.

When Thompson died in 1975, his colossal calendrical scholarship died with him, and Maya scholars made jumps in understanding reading the other glyphs. By jumping back to the "no 13-baktun cycle" argument, Mayanists are effectively throwing years of study away, and along with it, understanding of the longer date inscriptions, which they are now forced to gloss over.

The solution, in brief, is that there was a 13-baktun cycle AND a 20-baktun cycle (the pictun) - each had a different function, just like the 13-katun cycle (the "short count") and the 20-katun cycle (the baktun) - or the 13-day cycle (the 13 numbers of the Tzolkin) and the 20-day cycle (the uinal). To fully understand this, check out my illustrated article here:




249. Ayahuasca Shaman Predicts Transition Apr 19 2011

In 2004, Rebekita published a fascinating account of her 1997 trip to Peru and subsequent apprenticeship to an Ayahuasca shaman - The Shaman's Last Apprentice. She was working in a hotel in Machu Pichu, when she got a telepathic message from an Amazonian shaman - an Ayahuasquero, (who she had never met or heard of) who lived in a village that is a day's boat-ride fron Iquitos in the Peruvian rainforest. She managed to find him, and spent several months training to become an Ayahuasquero - a training that is unheard of for non-tribal people - even mestizo apprentices are rare. The shaman died not long after teaching Rebekita, and she was his final apprentice. I would recommend this very readable and gripping book to anyone interested in shamanism, for its insights into a fast-disappearing ecological and magical mind-set.

On p. 138-139, Don Juanito, (the shaman), converses with Rebekita:

""We are now almost totally controlled by fear, and therefore believe that we need to control the natural flow of life, the very thing that creates and preserves human existence. This fear could eventually lead to the end of the human race as we know it." "But how can we die out when we are the most powerful species on the planet?" I protested . "Huh!" the Shaman snorted. "Mother Nature is alive, and is growing just like humans. Do not think the strange weather patterns and natural disasters you will start to see across this planet are solely because of global warming. No, it is Mother earth preparing herself for a new cycle, a new rebirth. Now the time has come for the next phase to take place, and it will be painful for those that do not choose to change. Do not despair my little linda wawita. We can still change the direction we are going, but only when we decide to change the way we see the world. Only when we unite, and choose love instead of fear, unity instead of separation, power instead of force, can we stop the destruction that is about to take place. For soon it will be time for Mother Nature to take charge once again. She has been patiently waiting for us to wake up, but she cannot wait much longer. This is what Ayahuasca has told us.""

Rebekita - aka Rebekah Shaman - has this website: Rebekahshaman.com



250. Spiritual Emergence and Emergency Apr 19 2011

In the Diagnosis2012 interpretation, the changes that are starting to culminate in the next months could include increased incidences of kundalini experiences, out-of-body experiences and vision states.

Christina Grof - wife of Stanislas Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology - experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening during the birth of her first child. In an interview with Dr Jeffrey Mishlove, she describes the distinction between Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency:

"Spiritual emergence is a natural capability of every human being -- to emerge into their spiritual self, to emerge out of the sense of limitation as an individual into a more expanded sense of self, and that this kind of spiritual identity gives sacred underpinnings to a person's life. And so spiritual emergence can happen easily; for some people they might not even notice that it's happening, and after a period of five or ten years they look back and say, "I really have changed." Spiritual emergency is something else. This is spiritual crisis. This is a time when the experiences, when the physical states that you mentioned, when the insights come very rapidly, and a person sometimes in that situation has trouble coping with their everyday life, and for a while may even need to step away from some of their daily responsibilities to give attention to this inner process that's become very overwhelming." Here is the transcipt of part 2 of the conversation:


As a result of her experience, she has set up a support network called the Spiritual Emergence Network - "a network of centers where people can go, to go through the critical periods of their spiritual emergency." They are staffed by psychiatric specialists who are licensed and insured and specialize in or have been trained to deal with many psychospiritual issues, (rather than just misdiagnosing as schizophrenia, resulting in being put in hospital and being given a cocktail of drugs to suppress the symptoms).

These are the links to refer to in case you, your friends or family need help and support in a Spiritual Emergency:


the Spiritual Emergence Network Spiriual Emergence Netwok home page

Spiritual Emergency Resource Center - the CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) SEN hub

Spiritual Crisis Network - the UK-based arm of the network

Spiritual Emergence Service - the Canadaan arm of the network, in Vancouver

Spiritual Emergence Network - Austalia Austalian arm

Spiritual Emergence Network - Germany - European Transpersonal Association



251. Discovery of Murals at Xultun and a "2012 Inscription" at La Corona July 2012

A great new discovery was made on June 28, 2012. A long series of glyphs were found on a stairway at LA CORONA. Here is a BBC video covering the discovery:


In this picture, top right, is the glyph 4 Ahau; bottom left: 3 kankin. Above 4 Ahau we have what seems to be the 13 baktun glyph (not shown in this pic - see following link); below 4 Ahau is a glyph for 3 baktuns.

See this link for a large image: http://cdn.physorg.com/newman/gfx/news/hires/2012/hs2block51(davidstuart).jpg


Around 10 May 2012, a discovery of well-preserved murals at Xultun, Guatemala, that showed "astronomical tables", was presented by literally hundreds of websites like this one as proof that the world would not end in 2012, since a period of 17 baktuns was recorded, implying that there are further baktuns after baktun 13. However, as I have explained in a detailed essay (see item 248 above), this is a misleading argument - (like future archaeologists claiming that 20th century clocks counted 24-hour days, and not 12.) Then 6 weeks later, we have the discovery at LA CORONA...Several sites have used this as another excuse to try and deny 2012 such as this one. HOWEVER, the Mayanists are now having to start admitting that perhaps there IS a 13-baktun cycle after all!

John Major Jenkins has immediately found some amazing astronomical facts associated with the inscription, that back up his findings from the Tortuguero monument 6. To summarise:

The visiting King from Calakmul, Yuknoom Yich'aak K'ahk' called himself "13 k'atun lord" and the 13th katun ended on a day when the Moon, Saturn and Mars were in conjunction at the same celestial crossroads that the winter solstice occurs on at the close of baktun 13 in December 2012. Just as in the case with the Tortguero inscription on monument 6 (that references the King Balam Ahau to 2012), Yuknoom's birth date also links in, since on that day, the Moon was conjuncting Saturn.

Here is JMJ's new article on the discoveries:


Included is a link to the University of texas coverage of the discovery, with a slideshow.


252. 1944 Prophecy of Deunov Reflected in Dmitriev and NASA Findings Sep 2012

A Bulgarian mystic made predictions in 1944, that several decades from then, a "rapid waves of cosmic electricity" would inundate the Earth, inaugurating a new Era of Love. One researcher - Wayne Purdin - has discovered that the predictions closely tally with Alexey Dmitriev's statements that the solar system is entering an area of magnetised plasma (see item 179). This also tallies with more recent statenments from NASA about us running into a local interstellar cloud (see Item 241)

Purdin says, "When will the solar system be entering this region of space? Well, the Voyagers are at the edge of it, and they are 8.6 and 10.8 billion miles from Earth. If we take the speed that the solar system is moving, 485,000 mph, that would put us at the edge sometime between March and September of 2013..."

Here is Pudin's article. Here is the NASA article by Opher et al: A strong, highly-tilted interstellar magnetic field near the Solar System


253. The Variations of Translations of Tortuguero Monument 6. Oct 2012


Following an attempt to denigrate and trivialise my book, The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars, by an individual called James Kowalick, in a review on Amazon.com, I attempted to reply with a shorter version of the facts listed below, but was told by Amazon that authors are not permitted to reply or comment on reviews and that any further attempts would result in the removal of my book from Amazon. In short, Kowalick, whose hero is epigrapher David Stuart, says that the translation of the right wing of Tortuguero monument 6 given in the book, is out of date, since Stuart provided a later translation that removes the prophetic content. Kowalick implies that I don't even know this, and the book should have been updated and is now inaccurate or "not true". In fact, I have closely followed the developments in the translation of this monument, as people who have seen my talks and this website will realise. As shown below, there have been at least 3 translations before Stuart's (which was still the most recent when The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars was published, and a least 11 updates after the first Stuart translation. Sven Gronemeyer and Barbara MacLeod have made an intense study of the complete text of monument 6 - Gronemeyer has produced a study of all the inscriptions at Tortuguero, and they have discussed it all in detail with many other epigraphers and I followed some of these discussions online. David Stuart was a child prodigy (see his story in the film Breaking the Maya Code), but he is not infallible, and his book, The Order of Days is full of factual errors. In fact, there are errors on his website, which are much easier to correct than a book. John Major Jenkins has covered some of these errors in detail in his new book, Reconstructing Ancient Maya Astronomy: The Field of 2012 Studies in 2012. SEE JOHN MAJOR JENKINS' FULL REVIEW OF STUART's BOOK HERE ..... (OR...see quick summary version at Amazon)

Following a blog post by Stuart, in which he yet again stated that the Maya had no interest in 2012, Gronemeyer and MacLeod challenged Stuart to comment on his omission of a glyph component in his drawing and analysis. Here is the blog post and challenge Stuart said he would get back to them, but never did... because the component implies a future event and therefore would negate all Stuart's statements about the meaninglessness of 2012 as a future event. As you can see if you follow the development of the translations below, my use of Stuart's initial translation, with it's implication of the significance of the end of the 13-baktun cycle, may not be the very latest iteration, but it is still valid. (Note that Kowalick also interfered with this discussion with ridiculous and insulting off-topic contributions near the end - maybe part of the reason why the topic was abandoned.)

Kowalick's attempts to support Stuart's campaign against researchers who are not part of academia follows a shocking pattern of double standards that is evident in many representatives of academia. JMJ has published online much of the shocking correspondence that demonstrates this. Kowalick (who is not a Mayanist but just a cheerleader for Dave Stuart) obviously knows nothing about publishing, as updating a book every few months, when a new translation appears is completely unrealistic....and is, as you will see, also irrelevant.


The first studies of the texts at Tortuguero were by Berthold Riese in German, in 1978 and 1980. This translation was published in 2006 in Spanish in a book called Tortuguero: Una Historia Rescatada by Alfonso Arellano: You can find it on p.107:
"(Desde 9 etz’nab 6 kayab) se cuentan 7 k’ines, 7 uinales, 0 tunes y 8 katunes y se habia alzado en ( 8 (chuen 9) mac [7-XII-510] cuando habia entrado en la Casa del Maiz o Casa Preciosa, su casa subteranea de Ah K’uk’. (Desde 9 etz’nab 6 kayab) transcurren 2 k’ines, 9 uinales, 3 tunes, 8 katunes y 3 baktunes hasta que se complete el 13o baktun ( 4 ahau 3 kankin [23-XII-2012] sera (en el) cielo…la bajada de Bolon Oc en ...…"

This translates into English as:

(From 9 etz’nab 6 kayab) count 7 kins, 7 uinals, 0 tuns and 8 katuns and had risen in ( 8 (chuen 9) mac [7th Dec 510 AD] when he entered the House of Corn, or Beautiful House, the underground home of Ah K’uk’.(From 9 etz’nab 6 kayab) elapsed 2 kins, 9 uinals, 3 tuns, 8 katuns and 3 baktuns until completion of the 13th baktun ( 4 ahau 3 kankin [23rd Dec 2012 AD] will be in heaven the descent of Bolon Oc in…

In 2002, at the Proceedings of the Maya Hieroglyphic Workshop at the University of Texas, Nicolai Grube, Simon Martin and Mark Zender gave a brief rendition of the text of Monument 6, into its oiriginal Mayan language:

"13 B'ak'tun 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in Utom ?? Yem Ta???"

Rendered as:

"It will happen, ?? will descend ??"



The next development was in 2004, when Sven Gronemeyer produced his Master Thesis (in German) - Part 1 .....and Part 2 in German (which I have rendered in English here):

"7 days 7 Uinals 0 Tuns and 8 Katuns, previously it happened. On 8 Chuen 9 Mak, it was completed for nascent becoming, the pibnaah of Ahkal K'uk. It was 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before the 13th Baktun is completed on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. Then it will happen - darkness, and Bolon-Yokte will descend to the (???)"

...and in April 2006, David Stuart produced his first translation of the text (in English):

"The Thirteenth 'Bak'tun" will be finished(on) Four Ajaw, the Third of Uniiw (K'ank'in).
? will occur. (It will be) the descent(??) of the Nine Support? God(s) to the ?."

There have been several developments in the translation of this text.

When The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars was published in 2007, Stuart's first translation was still the current version.

In April 2008 I covered the latest update from Stuart, including preceding text, on the Diagnosis2012 website (see Whats New item 223). It was as follows:

"...(long ago) it happened, the day Eight Chuwen, the ninth of Mak when the Becoming-Ripe-House was constructed(?)
It was the 'underground house' (shrine) of (the god) Ahkal K'uk'. It was two and nine-score days, three years, eight-score years and 3
x 400 years (before) the Thirteenth Pik will end on Four Ajaw, the third of Uniiw, when ..?.. will happen, the ..?.. of B'olon Yookte' at ..?.."

Apart from the addition of the preceding text the changes are all minor except that "the descent" has been omitted.

I also analyzed how the dating was obtained and that the "long ago" part of the translation was misleading, since it was a précis of what was actually inscribed, and this was clarified in 2009, when I obtained Gronemeyer's German thesis on Tortuguero. The part in Stuart's translation given as "long ago" actually said,

" 8 Katuns, 0 Tuns, 7 Uinals, and 7 Kin previously it happened. "

The original translation from Stuart was quoted in the book of the epigrapher, Mark Van Stone, 2012: Ancient: Science and Prophecy of the Maya, where it is dated 2008 (the book was published in 2010). But Van Stone then updates the translation by giving his own version (dated January 2009, p.59):

"(The Thirteenth B'ak'tun will end [on]) 4Ajaw, the 3rd of Uniiw (a.k.a. 3 K'ank'in). Black
(or "seeing"?) - ?? will occur. (It will be) the descent(?) of Bolon Yok-te'/Many-Strides?* to the great? (or red?) -ma ?-??."

Van Stone also gives his preliminary translation from the previous year, 2008 (p.65):

4 Ajaw, the 3rd of Uniiw (a.k.a. 3 K'ank'in). Black-?? will occur. (It will be) the descent(?) of the Many-Strides? to the great? (or red?) -ma? -??."

In March 2010, I wrote an essay for Graham Hancock's website (Author of the Month, March 2010) and included a translation of the relevant section of Monument 6 as given in Gronemeyer's German thesis on Tortuguero from 2004 (see the secomd translation listed in this item, above). Gronemeyer rendered one of the un-translated glyphs as "darkness".

In the essay, I also included a third version of the translation from Stuart, given on the FAMSI website, which went as follows:

7 days, 7 Uinals, 0 Tuns and 8 Katuns previously it happened, on the day 8 Chuen, the 9th of Mak, the Becoming-Ripe-House was constructed(?). It was the 'underground house' (shrine) of (the god?) Ahkal K'uk'. It was two and nine-score days, three years, eight-score years and 3x 400 years (before) the Thriteenth Pik will end on Four Ajaw, the third of Uniiw, when ..(?)… will happen, the descent(?).. of B'olon Yookte' to the ..?

Note, this version includes the word "descent". When I finally managed to obtain Gronemeyer's English translation of his Tortuguero thesis, (published in 2006), the glyph-by glyph translation went as follows:

"…two K'in (ahead) (and) nine WINAL (ahead) (and) three TUN (ahead) (and) eight K'ATUN (ahead) (and three BAK'TUN (ahead) it will be completed the thirteenth BAK'TUN 4 Ajaw, 3 K'ANK'IN it will happen ??? it (is) his descending Bolon-Yokte' onto ???"

The next development was also covered on the Diagnosis2012 websiteWhats New, item 246, in January 2011, in which epigrapher Barbara MacLeod joined forces with Sven Gronemeyer to look at the Monument 6 inscription again, in an article on the wayeb.org site (Wayeb Notes, 34) titled "What Could Happen in 2012: A re-analysis of the 13-baktun Prophecy on Tortuguero monument 6:

"It will be completed the 13th Bak'tun. It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in and it will happen a 'seeing'.
It is the display of B'olon Yokte' in a great 'investiture'"

This was the second version I had seen, since a previous version had been circulating in discussions preceding the publication of the final version. This had been during 2010:

"(Will have been completed, the 13th bak'tun). Will happen, the witnessing/attending of the display of Bolon Yokte' in the great impersonation (envelopment in costume and regalia)."

However, as I also announced in item 246, Stuart's new translation and article caused Gronemeyer and MacLeod to reconsider their rendition of this part of the text and they modified it to:

"It will be closed the 13th Bak'tun (on) 4 Ajaw 3 Kank'in.
It will happen this Balun-Yokte'-display in the great investiture.

The final stage in this saga was when Barbara MacLeod gave a further modified version of the text in the documentary film, 2012: The Beginning, 2012: The Beginning which is just for released (in the autumn (Fall) of 2012) but I have already got a copy, since I was interviewed for the film. Barbara's final version is as follows:

Two days, nine-score days, three Tun, eight K'atun and three Pik (forward),
it will be 4 Ajaw, 3 K'an'kin. It will happen; this display of Bolon Yokte' in the great investiture/return.

So, to summarize, there have been TEN updates to Stuart's first translation, over the last 6 years (between 2006 and 2012) excluding my 2010 translation of Gronemeyer's 2004 rendition. Stuart produced three versions, including his first one; Gronemeyer has two versions – the German and the slightly different English one; Gronemeyer and MacLeod produced three versions; Van Stone produced two versions, and MacLeod produced one final version – 11 versions including the first Stuart one....which was NOT the first translation, since Riese and Gronemeyer had already translated it into German and Grube, Martin and Zender had rendered it in English.

The epigraphers have constantly revised their interpretations, through extended study and discussion. As you can see, most versions include the prediction of a "significant event" – particularly the most recent one. Despite attempts to pour cold water on the prophetic content, it doggedly remains.



254. Monument 6 Right Wing Mural Project in Krakow : Oct 2012

This picture is a simulation of an intended mural that is being planned for Krakow...it is a simulation ...the real one is still being planned...


Here is the story (instant translation from Polish): Krakow Tortuguero mural and here is the project website: Mayamural Krakow 2012


255. July 23 2012: Double Coronal Mass Ejections Fired into Earth's Orbit.: July 2014

5 days before the discovery of the "2012 Inscription" at La Corona (see item 251 above), , Earth was in a "near-miss" with a double CME. The CMEs crossed Earth's orbit, but fortunately, Earth was not in that part ofd the orbit. If the CMEs had been 5 days earlier, it would have been a different story. There is a 12% chance that Earth will be hit by one in the next 10 years. Here is the article about it from NASA:



256. Krakow Mural Opening - December 19 2012. June 2021

The mural planned for Krakow mentioned above, was painted between 6-9 December and 13 December 2012. It was inspired by Monument 6 from Tortuguero, but is NOT a copy of it. It is located Kraków, Józefi?ska 24,
corner of Krakusa and Limanowskiego streets. Below you can see that the glyphs are a jumbled up mix of the glyphs from the right wing of Tortuguero Monument 6. Note that the very top glyph (the '3 baktuns' glyph) has been inverted and I have noted this on the comparison to Gronemeyer's diagram. In an article from September 2012, it is explained that the mural was planned by the organizers of the Kracow Maya Conference, the annual Mayan epigraphy conference and workshops held at the Jagiellonian University to " bring the richness and beauty of the Mayan culture to the inhabitants of Krakow" and to show that it was NOT about the end of the world.

English Translation from Polish article, September 2012

English Translation from Polish article December 2012

Archive of project website

328205e5918c90b7e414b74f28b9ac28 mayamural

The event was organized as part of the project of the New Theater Association in Krakow "The Art of Anger - festival of engaging art". The project was carried out with the financial support of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Municipality of Krakow, the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

Project partners: Krakow Festival Office, ZNACZY SI? New Art Foundation, Institute of Culture of the Jagiellonian University, Cervantes Institute in Krakow, Castorama, Props

Idea and organization: Micha? Pa?asz
Design: Aleksandra Toborowicz
Realization: Weronika Kasprzyk, Aleksandra Piorek, Paulina Lichwicka, Joanna Róg-Ociepka , Artur Wabik, ?ukasz Podolak, Aleksandra Toborowicz
Mayology: Jaros?aw ?ra?ka, Sven Gronemeyer, Monika Banach, Magdalena Rusek Coordination: Agnieszka Unzeitig, Ola Dzwierzy?ska, Joanna Fory?, Marta Sukiennik, Anna Kapusta, Iwona Sztajner
Festival curator: Tomasz Kire?czuk
Coordinator: Dana Bie?
Producer: Piotr Sieklucki