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166. Jaguar Prophet V Closer of the Cycle

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157. Armageddon 2012 Review                           1/Dec/2004

The book Armageddon 2012, published in September 2004 is subtitled The Last Major Conflicts Between Scientific Truths and Religioius/Academic Myths. The author writes under the pseudonym, "The Rogue Geophysicist" (who has "an extensive background in science and other disciplines"), so as not to "incriminate" himself, and also excuses the absence of a bibliography or references by a similar desire to avoid incriminating any academics who may share his views. I actually doubt there is any living academic that shares all his views unless they happen to be dressed in a straitjacket:

The author tells us on p.3 that the Earth is not 4.6 billion years old after all, but only 35 million years old. On the same page, he says that the scientific community claim the Earth to be "more than four billion years old in a universe of the same age". Any genuine geophysicist would know that the scientific community consider the Universe to be at least 15 billion years old! I suppose he would say it was a typographical error. Anyway, the author considers the Universe to be 50 million years old. Life did not begin on Earth until 50,000 years ago when water cooled to its liquid form. Mainly plants and unicellular animals reigned until 30,000 years ago, when dinosaurs and humanity appeared.

The author starts out on p.4 by pointing out that nearly all the monitoring of Earth's temperature have been done from urban areas (highly populated by humanity) or "heat islands". The exception is a 100-year study by the U.S. Weather Bureau, and that study concluded that the Earth's surface is actually cooling at a rate of 0.2646 degrees C per century - a result that challenges global warming theory. It was a back-calculation using this figure (modified to 0.1985 degrees C per century before 1 AD) that led to the conclusions about the age of the Earth and Universe and appearance of life mentioned above.

The author claims that there have been 265 "geographic shifts" in the Earth's history. This is a term that he never fully explains, ("the axis moves to a different geographical location, but remains at the same angle to the elliptic" (sic - author constantly uses elliptic instead of ecliptic) but which seems to equate to crustal displacement, where the crust moves position, but the core and mantle remain in position (with the exception of the 265th shift...). In each of these shifts, the crust moved about 30 degrees or around 2,000 surface miles in a period of 6 to 8 hours. They were caused by "interaction with three additional planets in our solar system". The Rogue Geophysicist (TRG) calls these "the Alpha planets" and says they are on long-term, high-inclination orbits of the Sun. There were originally four Alpha planets, but one crashed into the Sun, "leaving the visible sun spots to provide remnant evidence of the impact by the cooler Alpha planet" (p.7-8). The Alpha planets have an atmospheric shroud, making them look like celestial serpents.

TRG further claims that 13,000 years ago a huge lump of Earth flew out and became the moon, killing off the dinosaurs and flooding Atlantis (p.6-7), and he claims that Pompeii and Chichen Itza are both over 13,000 years old! (p.245)

The 265th shift occurred 2,000 years ago (the Star of Bethlehem was an Alpha planet), when the increased cooling of the Earth caused solid spikes going through the mantle, so that instead of just the crust shifting, the crust pulled the core, and mantle with it, causing the axis to tilt to its current position, 23.5 degrees off "vertical". This was the first "polar shift" and was the start of the four seasons (when plant-life would have had to adapt to the new cycles of weather - e.g. the sudden appearance of deciduous trees!)

The 266th shift is due on the fall or autumn (in the northern hemisphere) equinox  in 2012, when another 30 degree shift will leave the axis tilted 50-55 degrees off vertical. (p.8). We have to wait another 280 pages for the next mention of this, when it is revealed that there will be "surface winds in excess of 1,000 mph, which will annihilate and bury at least 98% of Earth's human and animal population" (p.281). We are left to wonder why the population was not wiped out at the last encounter, 2,000 years ago, when exactly the same thing supposedly happened.  As for why TRG times the event to 2,000 years after the last shift, when he stated that the Alpha planets appear every 2,500 years on average, we are also left guessing. Why 2012 in particular? Here, TRG accidentally reveals that he has seriously neglected to research what should have been his priority subject. He says that "the Mayan celestial calendar establishes an extremely accurate time for the end date of the Earth-human experience" and mentions his source as "Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012" (sic - should be "Maya" ). Let me quote TRG:

"In Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012 (John Major Jenkins, Bear and Company, 1998), there are claims that Maurice M. Cotterell, writer, engineer and scientist, concluded that the end date of the Mayan calendar was 22 December 2012. Considering the haphazard manner our modern calendar came together, the Mayan end date could be off by one, two or many centuries, or it could be right on the money"

Apart from the book title, there are several errors here. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 does mention Cotterell, but does not mention him in connection with 22 December 2012; nor does it mention him as "writer, engineer and scientist". If TRG had read MC 2012, he would not have mentioned Cotterell at all, since Cotterell is shown in the book as being in error, plus MC2012 is packed full of other convincing material on 2012 - and the 21st December, not the 22nd! However, Cotterell and Gilbert's book, The Mayan Prophecies (note "Mayan" in title) does speak of December 22nd 2012, and the back flap describes Cotterell as "internationally acclaimed writer, engineer and independent scientist". As for the last sentence, we have already shown this kind of thinking to be nonsense in the "2003=2012" fiasco item.

Is TRG confused between Cotterell and Jenkins? If he had read Cotterell, then he would have mentioned Cotterell's sunspot theory or at least got Cotterell and Gilbert's book details right. This seems to be an attempt by TRG to do that which he said he wouldn't - i.e. to incriminate others by associating them with his crazy ideas.

It seems that this book, Armageddon 2012 (which is full of so many attempts to re-write theology, biology, geology, history, and other sciences, that it would take another book to refute them all), is a deliberate disinformation project. It is probably the worst 2012 book of all (not the most unreadable -that honour is currently held by The Prophet's Manual). It is a serious attempt to ridicule 2012 research by association with an unending torrent of plainly absurd statements.


158. Tibetan Buddhist Monks' Predictions for 2012 3/Jan/2005

In December 2004, India Daily carried a story about Indian tourists who have recently returned from Tibet with stories of Tibetan predictions of a nuclear war that will start in 2012, but that divine powers/and/or extraterrestrials will intervene to prevent the ultimate catastrophe. The monks are said to have obtained the information by a kind of remote viewing. 


"Monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in the area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry. Beyond 2012, our technologies will take a different direction. People will learn the essence of spirituality, the relation between body and soul, the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other and are all part of "God".

See the India Daily article here.    (Thanks to Kathy Doore)

Rense's version

159. Pyramid of Fire                                        3/Jan/2005

John Major Jenkins's and Marty Matz's new book, Pyramid of Fire - The Lost Aztec Codex  is now available, and it is a very significant and important document. 

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Beat generation poet Marty Matz explored remote areas of Mexico and learned to speak the Mazatec language. He gained the trust of a Mazatec shaman, who showed him an unknown codex, and also explained to him the meaning behind the pictograms. Marty made a translation and recited it in the poetry clubs of San Francisco. The final page got lost over the years, but John Major Jenkins located a recording of one of Marty's recitals and reconstructed the whole translation.

All other codices that have survived have been interpreted solely by non-indigenous scholars, with the exception of the Popul vuh of the Maya, which was written into a word form from what was originally a pictorial document. This means that the Pyramid of Fire is a unique insight into the philosophy of the Aztecs, which turns out to be fascinating. The true meaning of sacrifice, for example, is simply a transcending of the ego - a self-sacrifice. The metaphorical pictures were misunderstood and resulted in the gory mass sacrifices of prisoners for which the Aztecs later became famous. In fact, the Aztec philosophy turns out to be very similar to that which was known to G.I. Gurdjieff, following his travels across the near East and Asia.

The Pyramid of Fire reveals that the Aztecs had a spiritual technology similar to the Kundalini yoga of the Hindus, in which Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, is shown to be an identical concept. Though some have suggested this in the past, they lacked the evidence - now we have it. 

The last page of the codex reveals that the final New Fire ceremony will bring a fire of purification that will burn away the remains of mortal desires and illusions, that will be the end of obscurity - the obscurity imposed by Tezcatlipoca - the Smoking Mirror, or obsidian mirror. This is a very similar concept to the end-time vision of St. Paul "For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face" (1 Cor 13 v.12) or alternatively, "through a glass darkly". Since Jenkins has already reconstructed the meaning of the New Fire ceremony as a tradition for tracking precession (see Maya Cosmogenesis 2012), and that it was adapted at Chichen Itza (the pyramid of Kukulcan - see Item 34) to correlate with the Mayan end-date of 2012, then it seems that the Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan-Kundalini teachings are to help prepare mankind for the current time-window earmarked by 2012, when we are due to confront The Other (see the next item).

160. The Psilocybin Solution                                                                     3/Jan/2005

A free online book called The Psiliocybin Solution: Prelude to a Paradigm Shift  (UNAVAILABLE...see update) by Simon Powell, follows the trail of the modern rediscovery of psilocybin back to Gordon Wasson's account of his participation in a Mazatec mushroom rite in 1955,  published in Life magazine in 1957. Powell then looks at all the evidence that the Aztecs used psiliocybin mushrooms, including a quote from Duran that "...with the force of those mushrooms, they would see visions and have revelations of the future...". Powell goes on to look at the evidence that the Maya also used psilocybin mushrooms. One of Wasson's co-workers sent a mushroom sample to Albert Hoffman at Sandoz labs in 1958, and Hofman isolated and named psilocybin. Hofman had already isolated LSD from the ergot fungus back in the early 1940s, but this had not yet had any impact on the world.

Timothy Leary went to Mexico in 1960, tried six local entheogenic mushrooms and had "the most awe-inspiring religious experience of his life." This was the start of the Harvard Psilocybin Project, and the inauguration of the psychedelic 1960s, which had a massive impact on western culture. Powell goes on to discuss Philip K. Dick and Terence McKenna, Teilhard de Chardin among others, and concludes that the Other is communicating with us through psilocybin, preparing us for the Omega Point, which may be in 2012, when "the Other has fully transformed or reflected itself within the totality of Gaia, then this will represent the attractor or final stage of the reality process as we know it. At that point, Nature will have made maximum sense of itself."

Ten chapters with prologue and epilogue.


 Simon Powell has just been in touch about The Psilocybin Solution:

"It will hopefully be published (by www.entheogenesis.info) in a few months time - new title is Gods Flesh: Sacred Mushrooms and the Quest for Higher Knowledge. I have a multi-media item Sacred Ground that you can get from me - see my website below. (Audio sample of movie soundtrack)

Simon G. Powell
Editor of Prescience: http://www.island.org/prescience/

161. New info on Climate Change Around 3114 BC 2/Feb/2005

In Whats New item 130 (Feb 2004), we recalled evidence that around 3114 BC when the Long Count started - in other words, the last "Creation", a comet may have impacted the earth and caused the flood that was remembered in the Sumerian myth that became the myth of Noah. Also, we mentioned the implications of oxygen isotopes found in ice cores from Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro and plant remains in new ice cores from Peru, gathered by Ohio State University glaciologist Lonnie Thompson. They revealed a massive change in climate around 5,200 years ago. 

More recently, Thompson outlined his research at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco (Dec 2004), bringing in tree ring studies from Ireland and England, methane in ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, the desertification of the Sahara area and pollen from lake bed cores in South America. He also pointed out that the "ice-man" known as Oetzi - the preserved body of a Neolithic man who was found in 1991 by hikers, trapped in an Alpine glacier - became trapped and died around 5,200 years ago.

Thompson says he now believes that "the 5,200-year old event may have been caused by a dramatic fluctuation in solar energy reaching the earth....Evidence shows that around 5,200 years ago, solar output first dropped precipitously and then surged over a short period. It is this huge solar energy oscillation that Thompson believes may have triggered the climate change he sees in all those records."

Most significantly, Thompson stated that, "The evidence clearly points back to this point in history and to some event that occurred. It also points to similar changes occurring in today's climate as well,"

162. China and India Prepare for Himalayan UFO Landing in 2012                                                                                                                                      2/Feb/2005

  (Thanks to Janice Kregers for bringing article 3 to my attention, thus leading to discovery of the others).

There has been a steadily increasing number of UFO sightings in the Himalayas Tarai area of northern India, and also in Nepal and Tibet since India conducted a nuclear test in 1998. It has also been reported that Indian military activity near the Indian border, and also Chinese military activity on the other side of the border has increased. An article in India Daily (October 2004) included the following:

"According some scientists of Indian Geological Survey, UFOs and strange beings are visiting a specific 100 square kilometers regularly since last eighteen months. North of Himachal Pradesh is experiencing very specific sightings. Among the local people there is a rumor that “they” will land somewhere there in the next seven years. Some UFO researchers say that beings from K-9 constellation will land on the earth and expose themselves finally in 2012. Is this then the final preparation of landing that even Mayans predicted thousands of years back?"

The topic was enlarged upon in an article the following month (November 2004), confirming that the Indian Space Research Organisation has had a team in the Himalayas and have been preparing a landing area for UFOs that are due to land in 2012. The Chinese Space Administration were reported to be undertaking similar activities on their side of the border.

"Indian sky has been the scene of numerous UFOs in recent days. According to some of the Indian Space Research Organization officials who are officially tight lipped there are lots of excitement about this topic. Many are hinting that in 2012 there will be an official landing in six different countries all over the world. India is one of the six chosen. The UFOs are mainly performing scouting missions to establish contacts with Indian Government and military. India is being told on how to tackle the nuclear, space technology and other advanced technologies."

China is said to be another of the chosen six countries.

In December 2004, a third article claimed that Indian scientists have been working on the forgotten technologies mentioned in the Indian Ramayana and Mahabharata myths - in particular, an anti-gravity device:

"Dighi in Pune, the city of the brightest Indian defense research scientists and engineers is full of whispers these days. According to some sources in Pune the scientists are tight lipped and say they cannot speak till 2012. What is going to happen in 2012? No one knows but they keep saying before any question is asked – "I know nothing!""

India Daily also claims that "China is being “told” to abandon any manned space journey above 100 miles from earth till 2012" and another article reiterates that the anti-gravity and other space technology is being supplied by the same UFO occupants, who, according to psychologist and UFO researcher Richard Boylan, are behind the recent  peace talks between India and Pakistan. This could also be connected to a recent announcement that the Indian Air force intend to phase out the MIG aircraft by 2012.

The final article from India Daily (January 2005) claims that Russian scientists are now confirming the "planetary angular momentum theory" to predict that more tsunamis are coming, and the article also links this to 2012.

163. Author's Reply to Riding the Wild Orb Review.           2/Feb/2005

In Whats New item 96 we reviewed the book, Riding the Wild Orb, which asks on the back cover,

"Are we going to encounter a galactic wave of magnetism that will reverse the magnetic poles of the Earth and allow the pole locations to move?.....Is the cycle of the Mayan Calendar really 83 years, and does it predict the sunspot cycle?"

Well, the author, Roger Jewell has just got in touch to comment on the review. He says that the original summary was mistaken to connect the positions of Venus and Jupiter to a magnetic reversal in 2012 (the review has now been updated in pink). In fact, he says he didn't predict the magnetic reversal for 2012. Despite the section of the book called "The Mayan Clock" (p.6-7), where he mentions March 21st 2012 and conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter, (p.6-7), and the section called "Rhythms of the Sky, the Mayan Calendar", (p.42-49), in which he plays with Mayan numbers and the Tzolkin, and the cycles of Venus and Jupiter, all he actually predicts for 2012 is the start of an 8-year drought:

"I know I said there was no proof on any pole-shift eminent (sic) on March 21, 2012, but it does indicate a weather pattern similar to the drought situation in 1929 that ran into the early thirties. This was known as the dust bowl years. In 2012, we can expect a very dry spring in the grain belt of the USA. Rain may come in late June to save the season, but the real drought will just be beginning. It will reach its maximum with an extremely hot dry year in 2020. Hopefully, we will still be here to see it."

So why would the Maya predict an event over 2,000 years in their future, by ending their 5,200-tun era then, if it was an event that happens every 83 years? Although drought is the archaeologically accepted reason for the abandonment of the Maya cities, there must be more to it than that. Jewell's source on the Maya calendars was Arguelles' The Mayan Factor , much of which he admits to not understanding (p.42). On p.49 Jewell resorts to the Sumerians for answers because "the Mayan calendar does not use the 360-part division of the sacred circle...". He forgot about the 360-day tun cycle, which is the core cycle of the 5200-tun 13-Baktun cycle of the Long Count that ends in 2012!

See Roger Jewell's comments on original review (before pink additions)



164. "Merlin Project" Predicts 2012                                    1/Mar/2005

Some software known as The Merlin Project  has been developed by "futurist" Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. James Hart, and they claim it is "the first scientifically-based forecasting technology that combines equations derived from celestial phenomena with past historical data and blends that information into a graphical timeline that accurately plots the chronology of future events" The creators of the software claim that it predicted many events on the world stage, from the timetable for the breakup of the Soviet Union to the acquittal of O. J. Simpson. They also claim to have been approached by the Pentagon in 1995 to provide a forecast of domestic terrorism in the USA, and the resulting prediction culminated with a "significant threat" in the autumn (fall) of 2001 - i.e. the 9/11 incident. The system, which is said to operate with an accuracy approaching 80%, is also claimed to have predicted the stock market plunge in November 1991, which brought it to the attention of NBC Nightly News. this is how 

"MERLIN combines the exactness of planetary mathematics with recognized historical cycles to create snapshots of time by using a single, "frozen moment" of time as a starting point. The resulting chronographs, called "Timetraks®" are highly individualized patterns, tracings in time that begin when we are born or a key ("genesis") event occurs. These Timetraks® depict chains of activity that are twofold: external factors (career matters, where we work or live) and internal factors (health, relationships, emotional concerns.)  MERLIN pinpoints three elements about such periods of activity: the onset, the intensity, and the duration and the technology is equally applicable to people, companies, situations and countries."

...Or it can be described more simply as "as a form of "highly distilled astrology," that is computerized and which can provide a detailed graph that outlines the most significant moments of change in your life".

Projections of many people's "Timetraks" revealed an anomaly between 2010 and 2012:

"The period of 2010-2012 is unusual, in that 4 out of 6 people have high levels of activity. Guercio speculated that perhaps an asteroid hit or very rapid climate change may occur, such that a great number of people will be affected during this time frame."

The Merlin creators, who have combined Guercio's speciality of the "traditional and esoteric predictive systems" of the "psychical sciences" and Hart's work on "the application of supercomputers to the mathematical modeling of systems exhibiting extremely complex behavior", which he used in SDI (Star Wars) research, were interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Radio on August 30th 2004. Listen to the 2012 excerpts here:

MERLIN on the 2010-12 Period (audio) (1,633 Kb) 

MERLIN on the Reasons for the 2010-12 High Levels of Activity (audio) (2,404 Kb) 


To get personal readings, the cost is $50 for a basic "18-year graphical snapshot". There is also a more detailed "Complete Initial Session" that costs $220. See The Merlin Project website for more.


165. Blair on 2012...                                                               1/Mar/2005  

"...and Terence told me all about the foreshortening epochs that start off this size and kind of end up being sucked up their own exhaust pipe into the plughole at the end of time, which is a kind of massive consious "thing" that pulls us towards it in an ever accelerating ingression of novelty..."



Thanks to Mark Heley for this


166. Jaguar Prophet V Closer of the Cycle                            1/Mar/2005  


Carl Calleman, (whose debate with John Major Jenkins in September - December 2001 was hosted on this site), has recently authored an article that has been circulated widely all over the net. The article was called The false Mayan Calendar: “The Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar” is based on patriarchal dominance. Calleman makes some valid points. He points out:


1. The Dreamspell calendar system was invented by Jose Arguelles and is not the original "Mayan calendar", as believed by many people. 


2. He also points out that energetic qualities of the 260 days are completely different from those of the Q'iche Maya, who have kept the count unbroken since the time of the Classic Maya, and that this discrepancy is due to the Dreamspell practice of freezing the Tzolk'in count for a day every four years, on the Gregorian leap year-day, February 29th . 


3. He points out that the female menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle with which it synchronizes is actually 29.5 days, not 28 days;  that artificial lighting has interfered with the regularity of the menstrual cycle, (this point is reinforced in Lyall Watson's books), and that the Maya kept a 29.5-day lunar calendar .


4. He says  that the statement by Bishop Diego de Landa, that the Maya celebrated their New Year on July 26th is unreliable, since de Landa had just burned all the Maya codices, and was in the act of subduing the Maya into accepting Christianity, this necessitated a fixed New Year so that the Christian feast days could also be fixed.


While much of the article would not be disputed by those familiar with "the True Count"( the Tzolk'in or Cholq'ij 260-day sacred calendar count of the Q'iche Maya of Guatemala highlands), for anyone who has also read much of Calleman's theories, this all seems a bit ironic coming from him. As I read it, I began thinking that the article could easily have been written as a criticism of its own author, with a few minor changes to the text. As if in answer to my thought,  a person with the web-name Treefrog posted a slightly edited version of Calleman's first paragraph on the Saq' Be' site:


>>To much of the world a calendar system invented by Carl Calleman in the nineties has come to be known as ‘THE Mayan Calendar’. Despite the fact that this is a calendar system that has never been used by the Maya, its protagonists have however been falsely presenting it as Mayan. In campaigns of a sizable scale and on web sites on the Internet many people have been deluded into believing this and today one of its main functions in the world is to create confusion and block people¹s access especially to the true Long-Count used for millennia in Mexico and Central America.<<


(thanks to Mark Heley and Treefrog)

 Tree frog calls Calleman's system "the Calleman-spell" and if you have read Calleman's article, please read Treefrog's response.

I said something similar myself in response to the Jenkins - Calleman debate, which was posted on John Major Jenkins' site under the initial "G" in order to remain impartial following the hosting of the debate. In that response, I noted that Calleman's criticisms of Arguelles and Jenkins, and McKenna all apply to his own concoction. In the forthcoming book, Beyond 2012, Calleman's system has been dissected in detail, but briefly, he has altered the correlation, not between the Maya calendars and the Gregorian calendar, but between the Long Count and the Tzolk'in. This has never been suggested before, for the simple reason that the stelae of the Classic era Maya show both Long Count and the Tzolk'in in a constant relationship to each other, and to dispute that is to say that the Classic Maya got it all wrong!


 More next month...


167. Hyderabad Scientists Predict Geomagnetic Reversal in 2012 1/Mar/2005


Hot off the press today - March 1st 2005: "Computer scientists working together with a group geophysicist and astrophysicists," for a private research and analysis company in Hyderabad, India have just produced a computer model that predicts geomagnetic reversal for 2012. India Daily (yes, them again - see Whats New item 158 and Whats New item 162 above) - say that when the falling geomagnetic field reaches zero Gauss, and combines with the solar maximum (which is due in 2012), we have a problem....earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, asteroids (due to a change in the gravitational field), increased solar radiation leading to cancer, meaning that those who wish to survive must be living deep in the Earth's crust, or be taken off-planet. The UFO activity reported in the Himalayas in Whats New item 162 is brought in here, to suggest that the UFOs are here to either somehow halt the catastrophes or to "remove us to an unknown destination". 


Read the India Daily article


168. Nibiru: Latest Updates                                                     1/Mar/2005 


On the Yowusa.com site, (which has been mentioned on the 2012 links page), there is an audio page where you can hear the latest interview by Marshall Masters, who thinks Nibiru (the massive planet on an 3000+ years orbit) is due to return around 2012. Some of the past interviews include

The latest interview can be heard for free, but previous ones can only be heard after subscribing ($ 25 per year). As of today (March 1st 2005), you can hear Dutch physicist Jacco Van der Worp talk about the Nibiru return in 2011 - 2013.


Yowusa Audio Page


(thanks to Andy Thomas)




169. Tsunami Conspiracy Theory                                      1/Mar/2005 

A surfer named Edwardo has been in touch to point out that one of the Prophecies from Thailand in Whats new item 112  - prophecy 3,  "US use of high-tech heat ray on an Asian nation killing much of the population 7 days later" may have been fulfilled (other prophecies from Thailand predict a 2012 pole reversal and the post-2012 discovery of a buried city in Canada).


He has summarised it in detail here, but in brief, a meteor was seen on December 19th in Jakarta Indonesia (report date of 18th is due to time-zones - it is reported elsewhere as the 19th) and the magnitude 9.0  earthquake that caused the tsunami  "struck about 7 a.m. Sunday (0000 GMT Saturday) and was centered about 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island". This means that the 7-day predicted interval had been fulfilled...The fact that the American military base had an advance warning, and that they possess technology capable of triggering earthquakes (ref1, ref2,) regardless of distance (ref3, ref4), in any medium (ref5) and that in a Chilean earthquake, an electromagnetic disturbance was picked up 6 days beforehand (see ref1), then Edwardo reasons that "if a set of
electromagnetic transducers were used to generate a 20 minute pulse which propagated through resonant materials in the fault (such as quartz as suggested in the article), the resulting seismic event would occur approximately a week later."


He also notes that "Charles Fort was among the first to note that strange "meteors" appeared coincidentally with earthquakes", there was a heat component to the tsunami, and finally, from the transcript of a press conference with then U. S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen in 1997:

"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves."


170. India Daily Goes 2012- Beserk!                                          April 2005


More articles are appearing on India Daily concerning 2012 (see Whats New items 158 , 162, and 167). On 8/3/2005 this appeared: Many in India getting ready for the coming upheaval of 2012 –will we survive? and on 10/3/2005 was this headline:74,000-year cycle of massive volcano in earth eliminates civilizations and living beings – next one due in 2012? in which it said that  "some geologists" say that because a massive volcano erupted 74,000 years ago in Sumatra, causing a 8-10 degree temperature drop and mass extinction, that we are in for a repeat performance: 


"According to some geologists, the next one is due around 2012 based on that 74,000 year cycle. Many are pointing towards Yellow Stone National Park in America where Earth’s crust is wafer thin in geological scale."


On 11/3/2005 the theme is continued, with Extra-terrestrial underwater experiments near Sumatra – are they trying to diffuse a super volcano repeat eruption like the one 74,000 years back ...and the 2012 fascination continues through March into April:


31/3/05: Evidence of unusual structural disturbance inside the earth – polar reversal may be root cause of increasing earthquakes and volcanoes – ticking time bomb for 2012?


5/4/2005 Simultaneous Terrestrial and Solar polar reversals can cause super volcano in 2012 -Hawaiian Islands, Indonesia, Iceland and Yellowstone probable hot spots

8/4/2005 Drilling earth’s crust to break into the earth’s mantel” – thousands of these funded projects may cause massive devastation by 2012


Check here for latest 2012 search on India daily




171. Investigating the Origins of Dreamspell                        April 2005


Last month, we promised more following on from Carl Calleman's criticism of Jose Arguelles. Arguelles recently stated a clear reference concerning the origin of the Dreamspell correlation. He said it originated in the "Cuceb" section of the Chilam Balam prophecies. At considerable expense, Dire Gnosis obtained copies of these rare books, to check up on Jose's claims.  The details of the investigation can be found here, ....


from which this conclusion was reached:



See whole investigation


172. More on Maya Prophecy                                             April 2005 

At Whats New item 150, The Real Maya Prophecies, we saw that the Chilam Balam of Chumayel predicted the return of Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan in Katun 4 Ahau, and that this could be the remains of a 2012 prophecy. The recent study of the Chilam Balam books of Tizimin and to a lesser extent, Mani, has provided a few interesting additions.


Four Ahau is the katun for remembering knowledge and compressing it within annals. (Makemson p.57)

"The Nine shall arise in sorrow, alas...And when over the dark sea I shall be lifted up in a chalice of fire, to that generation there will come the day of withered fruit. there will be rain. The face of the sun shalll be extinguished because of the great tempest. Then finally the ornaments shall descend in heaps. there will be good gifts for one and all, as well as lands, from the Great Spirit, wherever they shall settle down. Presently Baktun 13 shall come sailing, figuratively speaking, bringing the ornaments of which I have spoken from your ancestors. Then the god will come to visit his little ones. Perhaps "After Death" will be the subject of his discourse."(Makemson p.30)

In the commentary, we find, "There is an unusual prophecy about the end of the world on page 16: "...in the final days of misfortune, in the final days of tying up the bundle of the thirteen katuns on 4 Ahau, then the end of the world shall come and the katun of our fathers will ascend on high". It is entirely possible that there is a copyist's error here and that thirteen baktuns were intended, since the katun cycle began and ended with 11 Ahau, we are told elsewhere, and the thirteen baktun cycle ran from 4 Ahau to 4 Ahau. The prophecy continues: "These valleys of the earth shall come to an end. For those katuns there shall be no priests, and no one who believes in his government without having doubts...Pay heed to the truth which I present to you in the katun of dishonor. Shall my intercession, my pleading be in vain? I speak to you! I Chilam Balam, the prophet of the Jaguar! I recount to you the words of the true gods, when they shall come." (Makemson p.167)

Another prophecy concerning the last katun of a series may have some bearing on the final katun of the final baktun:

"Thirteen Ahau is the thirteenth katun and they shall count it at Cabal. In the assemblage of people they shall open the sealed katun. At dusk they shall smell the fragrance of flowers. Day shall be turned upside down;. their faces shall be disturbed. The genealogical tree shall descend. Stones shall descend and Heaven and Earth shall be universally consumed by fire. They shall make a divination concerning the living and the dead: 'The dead shall live! Dying from old age, they shall immediately ascend into heaven. They shall ascend quickly by good roads'. Evil roads descend, spreading out on the earth. At the end, in the final days of the katun, we will hear the words of the fathers of Heaven and Earth regarding the government of Katun 13 Ahau during his days, at the completion of the katun. Vale." (p.107-108)


The editors' notes confirm that, even if the prophecy for the end of 13 katuns did refer to katuns and not baktuns, that it still refers to the final katun (4 Ahau) of the 13-baktun cycle:

" The Mayas had a firm belief in the concept that history repeats itself, and they fully expected the malevolent events of the Katun 8 Ahau to recur in approximately 260 years, when there would be another Katun 8 Ahau..." (Craine and Reindorp p.85)

Makemson, who translated the Tizimin, concluded from the dates given in the Tizimin that the most apt correlation between the Maya and Gregorian calendars was correlation # 489138. This results in an end-date ( of June 22nd 1752. As mentioned in the investigation article, Eric Thompson has argued convincingly against this in his book, Maya Hieroglyphic Writing, but it is interesting to note that on p.194, a prophecy of "A time will come when the katun-folds will have passed away, when they will be found no longer, because the count of tuns is reunited", is interpreted as follows: "In other words, separation of time into periods will be no more". It is strange, then that on p.132, Makemson states that "the katuns after 1752 contained 24 years instead of twenty tuns, and they were named for their beginning instead of for their ending days"...Even stranger that in September 1752, UK, Canada and USA all changed from Julian to Gregorian calendars, (170 years after the Gregorian reforms in Europe). Thus, it seems that a kind of end of time had been prophesied for 1752, and this was exactly 260 years before 2012, when the original 13-baktun count will culminate...with a recurrence of the prophecies...or perhaps this original culmination reflected backwards through time...


173. Uranus and 2012                                                         April 2005  

In the astrology of 2012 we find that Uranus, which entered Pisces in March 2003, leaves it in 2012 (some sites say Uranus leaves Pisces in 2011) and enters Aries. Neptune has been in the sign of Aquarius since November 1998 and will leave it in 2012. Neptune and Pluto entered the "Septile phase" (that was active from 1938 to 1941) and which lasts until 2012.  For more on 2012 astrology, see The Sequence of Planetary and Stellar Dynamics to 2012 and Paradigm Shift 2012 .

Halexandria shows a chart for 22 December 2012.

Recently, the effects of Uranus have been claimed to be more than astrological. On 30th March 2005, the Mail and Guardian Online had a headline saying "Uranus is 'responsible' for sea quakes". The article claimed that

"Under the front-page headline "Uncanny Uranus", the report in the Bild newspaper cited an array of experts, ranging from Nasa scientists to TV astrologers, saying the seventh planet from the sun possesses a "quadripolar" magnetic field that acts as "a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner"

This heavenly Hoover is literally sucking the Earth's tectonic plates out of their beddings, according to Bild, Europe's largest daily newspaper with more than five million readers.

This magnetic pull is strongest along the Earth's equator because the tropics are marginally closer to Uranus than the poles are.

The magnetic forces "are strong enough at the equator to suck up electrically charged dust particles", which could, in turn, disturb the Earth's crust and spawn killer sea quakes and resulting tidal waves.

The reason these natural phenomena have increased of late is that the distant planet's orbit has brought Uranus uncomfortably close to Earth.

Instead of being its usual 3,14-billion kilometres from Earth, Uranus currently is a mere 2,59-billion kilometres away.

And it will remain this close through the year
2012, so Bild warns that we could be in for more uncanny Uranian catastrophes well into the next decade until Uranus slowly retreats back into its proper place in the Outer Solar System."


Read article


174. Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox                   11/May/05

According to microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch, who claims to have been associated with Majestic 12 (MJ-12), and to have worked at Area 51, he was directly downloaded with information from an ET ( J-rod):

"According to the J-rod "yellow book" that shows past, present, and future developments on earth, the earth is scheduled for a pole shift on 2012 which will decimate the planet. The scoop is that J-rods are actually progeny of earthlings travelling back in time to fix something bad that happened in their history at this period of time. Prior to 2012, the earth goes through a serious of tribulations both natural and man-made. These are a function of choices made by earthlings, but 2012 is set in stone. Dec. 22 to be exact, even down to the very hour. The J-rods supposedly descend from a group of humans that high-tailed it to Mars and then on to a neighboring star system.

Others following the saga do not believe that inhabitable earth comes to an end at
2012, but still think that the work being done by Dr. Burisch could play a pivotal role in helping a positive shift in earth consciousness, with belief in God intact -- ascribing the survival to God, not human evolutionary technology alone."  

Source article here


In an interview with Bill Hamilton, the date given for the event is the 21st December 2012, and is said to have been triggered by human attempts at time travel (sounds like the Montauk experiment, which came out of the Philadelphia experiment, as covered in item 24 -  Montauk, except that the Montauk loops are every 20 years and the last one was on 12th August 2003). He calls the situation "the Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox":

"BH: Okay, I understand what you're saying a loop within a loop

DB: Yes, more of a well, from my framework, moving from A to B [here loops his hands again, and points to where the loop returns to rejoin the string] looping like this, and each of those nodes would be an overlay of a time-stream. So the more we muck with it, the worse we get.

BH: And the critical period of time is coming up within about ten years?

DB: [starts to half-nod diagonally] The critical period, according to the history [here face breaks into incredulous smile] of which has not technically been written yet if you walk outside and say this [gestures grandly towards the door] they will charge you with incoherency! [laughs, then whispers "I had to say that!"] The history has not been written yet, if you walk outside here. [now he is extremely serious]. But according to the history books that I read, there is a 'difficulty', unless they further overlaid something in the time-stream that either corrects it or gets us out of the paradox in which we live, which I don't know how the hell that would happen. I don't pretend to understand that kind of stuff. Put a slide in front of me and I'll do a micro on it, okay? [here he is smiling and addressing his response to BJ] [returning to Bill and the camera] but yeah, around
2012. We're talking about the famous Dec 21, 2012, the Mayan issues the Catastrophe is alleged to have and to occur around yeah, that date and what we can do about it I have no clue."


Source article here

In an interview witrh "DonDep", Burisch claims that

"In 2012, the Sun will shower the earth with waves of energy, bound to the Einstein-Rosen Bridges that are clumped together at the Galactic equator." and that all of the "natural stargates" will turn on, causing "something wonderful" to happen, but that if we do not disable the manmade stargates first, the excess energy will cause the poleshift, "first magnetic, then geophysical". The result would be a minimum death-toll of 4 billion, according to Burisch.

Interview extracts


175. Lahun Chan, Tzitzimime and Chupacabras                 11/May/05

In the Chilam Balam of Mani  (eds: Craine & Reindorp p. 116), it says:

"[In the time of the Katun 13 Ahau], Lahun Chan will seize the earth...."

The editors' notes provide more information on Lahun Chan:

"Lahun Chan, the Venus god, who has as his outstanding characteristics the head of a jaguar and the body of a dog. In addition, Thompson (1962: 219) says, "his tooth is long, his body is withered (like that of a rabbit in the Mani version). He is called Ah Chich, 'the forceful one', in Mani; '9 mountains' and Yuma-Une-Tziuit in Chumayel.""

 The Chilam Balam of Chumayel puts the coming of Lahun Chan at Katun 11 Ahau, but the final Katun of the series of 13 (the Short Count is a series of 13 Katuns - 260 tuns in total), was originally named after its end day, 11 Ahau, and later named after its beginning day, 13 Ahau. As we saw in Whats New item 172 above, prophecies for Katun 13 Ahau in the Chilam Balam could refer to the end of the 13-baktun cycle in 2012.

The Aztec Sunstone (see  Sunstone page) shows the current era, ruled by Tonatiuh, the Sun god, surrounded by the past four eras, all of which are said to have ended in destruction, according to surviving Aztec myths. The current era or Fifth Sun is known as the Sun of Movement, because it is encased by the day-sign Ollin, which means "movement" or "earthquake", so it is thought that it will end with an earthquake. Previous eras are depicted by the day-signs, rain, wind, water, and jaguar/ocelot, and the former 3 are connected with a rain of fire (lava from volcanic eruptions); hurricanes; flooding. The Jaguar Sun represents an era that ended with the population being devoured by ocelots or jaguars, according to one account. The Cuauhtitlan Annals, a Nahuatl manuscript, suggests that Jaguar Sun ended with an eclipse accompanied by the descent of tzitzimime, celestial demons that devoured mankind. John Major Jenkins says the tzitzimime are also predicted by the Aztecs for the end of the Fifth Sun, and sees them as either our own subconscious fears or as "autonomous transdimensional entities." The picture of one of these tzitzimime shown in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (from Codex Magliabecchiano) appears to be very similar to the god at the centre of the Aztec Sunstone, with claw hands and a flint-knife tongue, which is confirmation of the connection between the tzitzimime and  the end of the current era.

Since the mid-1970s there have been reports from Texas,  Florida, through Mexico, Brazil, Chile and the Carribbean (particularly Puerto Rico), of a "chupacabras", or "goat sucker", that drains blood from goat, sheep, cattle and chickens:

"Chupacabra are said to prominently appear in three specific forms. The first: a lizard-like being, appearing to have leathery/scaley greenish skin and sharp spines running down its back. It stands approximately 3-4 feet high, and stands/hops in a similar fashion as a kangaroo (in at least one sighting, the creature hopped 20 feet). This variety is said to have a sort of proboscis extending from its mouth, with a forked tongue protruding from it.
The second variety also stands/hops as a kangaroo, and it has coarse fur with greyish facial hair. The head is similar to a dog's, and its mouth has
large teeth.
The third form is simply that of a strange breed of wild
dog that is mostly hairless, has a pronounced spinal ridge, unusually pronounced eye sockets, teeth, and claws, but is otherwise a typical canine. This animal is said to be the result of interbreeding between several populations of wild dogs, though enthusiasts claim that it might be an example of an extinct dog-like reptile."

Source: Wikipedia


176. Exploding Toads Triggered by Galactic Centre?       11/May/05

In Whats New item 156, we saw that the moment of Galactic Centre rising can affect intuition and ESP. It now seems to be causing more dramatic effects...

Edwardo (see Whats New item 169 above) has been monitoring a situation that started in Germany, but has now spread to Denmark. Hundreds of toads are exploding at regular intervals - it happens between 2 and 3 am. Edwardo's Synchronism blogspot claims the following:

"At a lake in Hamburg, toads are exploding by the hundreds. Biologists have few theories and even fewer facts about the gruesome demise of the amphibians. All that is known is the toads have been seen to expand to three or four times their normal size and then burst in a most unpleasant way. The peak time for the events is also known, and it happens to coincide with the rising of the galactic center."

Edwardo has now suggested that ELF waves produced by the USA military that is causing the whales and dolphins to beach themselves, may give a clue here:

"Galaxies with centers similar to ours have been shown to generate extremely long waves with periods as large as 25,000 to 30,000 years. Other observations show very powerful magnetic fields are also generated. This may indicate that a powerful ELF source exists that has periodic influence on geomagnetic, earthquake and even life." 

Synchronism blogspot



According to a report in the Independent Online edition, it seems that an amphibian specialist has now said that idcntical punture marks in the toads indicate that crows have attacked them and pecked out their livers (which are missing in all cases) - this triggers the toad's defense mechanism of swelling up. 

(Thanks to Debbie Parkes)



177. Has the Galactic Superwave of 2012 Begun?                  11/May/05


Astrophysicist, Paul laViolette has suggested that we are due for a wave of radiation from Galactic Centre, and has even connected it with the Maya 13-baktun cycle's end in 2012, (see Item 48,  and Whats New item 84), but a recent interview on Mitch Battros's Earth Changes TV suggests that we may now be getting the first precursors of a galactic wave:

"We discussed what Dr. LaViolette describes as "super-waves (gamma rays) from the galactic core" which has a cyclical time-line of approximately 26,000 years. But there is also a subsidiary cycle which occurs approximately every 14,000 years, and the last one was "about 14,000 years ago". That’s right, it would suggest we are due for another hit.

We did indeed discuss the most recent gamma ray burst which hit January of this year. It was so powerful it lit up the night sky more brilliant than the moon. I did ask Paul if this could have been a precursor (or first wave) to larger more intense waves to come as part of the 26,000 or 14,000 year cycle (depending on how you measure). You don’t want to miss his answer." http://www.earthchangestv.com/audioarchives.php (requires subscription)



Alfred Webre's Exopolitics.com website has posted an article that looks into this possibility in detail, including an article by LaViolette himself, in which he points out that the Indonesian earthquake that caused the tsunami was followed by a gamma ray burst and that the two events are almost certainly related:


"The 9.3 Richter earthquake was ten times stronger than any other earthquake during the past 25 years, and was followed just 44.6 hours later on December 27th by a very intense gamma ray burst, which was 100 fold brighter than any other in the past 25 year history of gamma ray observation. It seems difficult to pass off the temporal proximity of these two Class I events as being just a matter of coincidence.  A time period of 25 years compared to a time separation of 44.6 hours amounts to a time ratio of about 5000:1.  For two such unique events to have such a close time proximity is highly improbable if they are not somehow related.  But, as mentioned above, gravity waves would very likely be associated with gamma ray bursts, and they would be expected to precede them."


LaViolette's article: 


Was the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
Caused by a Stellar Explosion 45,000 Light Years Away?


The Exopolitics.com article:



Exopolitics: Has the Galactic Superwave of 2012 Begun?




178. Torsion-Wave Energy From Galactic Centre                  11/May/05

The latest chapter in David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos online book - Chapter 9 - shows that researchers into pyramid energy noticed that the spherical energy orbs around their pyramids all disappeared on December 4th 1979, and this turned out to be a day when the X-rays from Galactic Centre had suddenly shut off. Russian research into torsion-wave energy indicates that this could be the factor involved here:

"This is another valuable piece of data, as it shows us that the center of the galaxy is actually our primary source of instreaming torsion wave energy. In this case, the torsion waves appear to be propagating in tandem with the X-ray wavelengths of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Even though the activity of the Sun can increase or decrease the strength of torsion waves coming into the Earth, without the input from the Galactic Center we will have much less energy available to us. This will prove to be a very important point that we will use to explain the importance of the Mayan Calendar end-date on Dec. 21, 2012 ."  http://ascension2000.com/DivineCosmos/09.htm

The pyramid experiments of Joe Parr, as recounted by Wilcock, imply that the torsion wave energy can trigger a hyperdimensional jump out of our 3d space-time into "a higher aetheric density":

When pinch-off is achieved, the pyramids would either self-destruct or travel through solid objects, as indicated. This would also have the effect of causing extensive damage to the rotating arm and the entire inside of the machine...in Parr’s experiments, the pyramid would temporarily disappear from our known "three-space" reality....In 55 different experiments of this type, the pyramid would pass through solid objects such as the wall of the machine, which formed an enclosed shell that surrounded the path of the pyramid’s rotation.  http://ascension2000.com/DivineCosmos/09.htm

Incredibly, Parr found that this "pinch-off" effect happens most often when Earth passes through an imaginary line between the Sun and the belt stars of Orion. This happens every year between December 13th and 16th. This is reminiscent of the revelations in Whats New item 133, The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space.

See Divine Cosmos Chapter 9



179. Solar System Changes Update                                    11/May/05

David Wilcock has been working with Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission, and they have produced an updated series of articles on the solar system changes, using the latest data from NASA and other sources to show that Earth changes are part of something that is happening throughout the whole solar system.

See Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow series.

180. 2012 Antichrist Fiction?                                                   10 June 2005

Antville.org, the news blog site of Robert Bast's Survive 2012 has announced that a new 2012-related book is due out before August 2005. The book is called "The Antichrist Version 666" and Antville carries a summary here, saying that this is a "real live account". The original idea was by Cloise Orand II and the story was ghost written by Karen Cole-Peralta. It apparently fuses the Maya calendar with the Book of Revelation and was supposedly written by "the Antichrist" himself. Whether this refers to the originator of the idea, you must decide for yourself. See the alternative summary here. See the plot Timeline here, and see the basic outline, or  this more detailed book outline, which calls the book AC 666 and says it was originally titled "The Antichrist". This is the basic 2012 scenario:

         A. The End of the World--2012 AD, December 27

                   1. The Illuminati Prepare for the End,  2. Jesus' Second Coming, 3. The Comet Hits the Earth

         B. The Mission to Venus--2012 AD, December 27 to 2013

                   1. They Leave in the Spaceship--2012 AD, etc, etc...see above links for more.


181. India Monthly: The Latest India Daily Claims           10 June 2005

India Daily, the online newspaper has recently carried two more 2012-related articles;

April 11 2005: Recent Sumatra earthquakes precursor to probable mega Volcano in 2012 that can end human civilization  

May 12 2005: An orderly visit of Extraterrestrial Federation in 2012 representing 88 star constellations – the world is getting ready for the most spectacular event

Alfred Lambremont Webre's Exopolitics site lists some India Daily articles under "Exo News" and some under "ET/UFO Disinformation".



182. Did ETs Encode 2012 in Their Landing Sites?              10 June 2005

In a 6-page essay called "An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Count down to 2012" , David E. Flynn claims that the Masonic number 33 encodes a secret. There are 33 grades of initiation, or degrees, in Masonry, and Flynn says that the clue lies in the ubiquitous Masonic symbols, the square and compass. If these are taken as symbols of navigation, it is found that the first recorded "ET" landing site - Mount Hermon (as recorded in the Book of Enoch and confirmed in Sumerian sources - see The Genius of the Few - the "ETs" may have been an advanced Earth civilization, of course), is situated at 33.33 degrees N and 33.33 degrees E, says Flynn, who goes on to say that this is equivalent to 2,012 nautical miles N (of the equator) and 2012 nautical miles E (of the Paris meridian, not the Greenwich one). Then he says

"To be completely accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 ".9" This corresponds to the year and date that the ancient Mayans of middle America believed their calendar will end, December 21st, 2012. This is also the year their serpent god and founder of civilization, Quetzalcoatle, (sic) will return from heaven."

Flynn goes on to suggest that the more recent "landing site" at Roswell, New Mexico, (site of an alleged UFO crash in 1947) lies at the same latitude as Mount Hermon:

"The impact area near Roswell lays 33° north latitude, at a distance 2,012 miles from the equator"    .

Checking up on these claims, we find that the longitide and latitude of Mount Hermon is Lat.: 33o 24' 38'' and Long.: 35o  51' 26''. If we then use an online distance calculator and enter the latitude figure into both latitude boxes, (rounding up and down), and the longitude figure into one longitude box and the given longitude of Paris: 2o 20' into the other longitude box, we get a figure of 1674 nautical miles and 1926 statute miles. If we try converting these into all other types of mile (ancient British, ancient Roman, Irish, US, international, nautical international, nautical US, nautical UK), at an online length conversion calculator, we still don't get near 2,012...The error is about 1o 30'...in other words, if we enter 50' for the Paris meridian, then we get 2,012 statute miles. Likewise, if we enter 35o  51' into both the longitude boxes and 33o 25' into one latitude box and 0o 0' (equator) into the other, we get 2008 nautical miles and 2311 statute miles.

Oh well, it seems that's another theory shot down in flames...unless this calculation is faulted and you can make it work... please feel free to double-check and let 2012:Dire Gnosis know!


183. Planetary Positions on Winter Solstice 2012                   10 June 2005

Sun, Moon, and all the planets, except Jupiter are in the same 180-degree section of the sky.


Screen shot from Cybersky software (Download free demo here)


Screen shot from SkyGlobe software. Download shareware zip file here