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!!SCOOP!! Jenkins and Calleman Debate!!: www.diagnosis2012.co.uk


2011 v 2012 round 1

John Major Jenkins presents a critique on Carl Johan Calleman’s book and theory, while simultaneously, Carl Johan Calleman presents a critique of John Major Jenkins’ book and theory. You saw it first on 2012: Dire Gnosis. Will the 13-Baktun cycle end on 21 December 2012, or 28 October 2011?



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· Shift of the Ages: David Wilcock’s online book, Convergence, which found the end of the Mayan calendar to be 2039, has been replaced by Shift of the Ages, since continued study has shown that "the 2012 date fits in much better".

· Kalachakra Prophecy: What’s all this about a Tibetan 2012 prophecy? We chase up the rumours, and Vincent Bridges helps out.

· Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secrets: Does the new book by Howard Middleton-Jones and James Wilkie live up to hopes and explain how and why the Giza Plateau maps out the sky in December 2012, or is it just a heap of pyrites?


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Temple of Sakkara: A new age reverend meets disembodied Templars & works on the earth energy grid to prepare the 144,000 for 2012

Time Wave Zero 2012: Club/discussion group debating McKenna’s Timewave from which you can DOWNLOAD THE TIMEWAVE SOFTWARE FREE (includes Sheliak TW1 version) available to members (membership free)

Gaiasphere 2013: Another discussion group, with multiple simultaneous discussions 

Terence McKenna Bibliography: TM publications – written, video & audio

Elftrance: Fantastic animations explaining history until 2012 and McKenna downloads – funny & thought-provoking

Stardog 2012: I’ve just found this interesting site, with Maya, McKenna, UFOs, X-Files, Conspiracy pages + more


 Brand New Page – Other Links: www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/oth.htm

Trasnslated foreign sites:

Solutions 2012 from France

Globale Transformation 2012 from Switzerland

Graveworm: Precession concealed in Gnostic texts


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Countdown to Mayan calendrical information, including the "Short Count"

Artcamp: A rural woman’s artisan cooperative in Guerrero New Mexico, with a compilation of Aztec Calendar articles.


Also: several other URLs (web addresses) updated on the links page


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