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   Jenkins and Calleman Debate:  LAST ROUND!

2011 v 2012 - Round 3 www.diagnosis2012.co.uk

 John Major Jenkins and Carl Johan Calleman simultaneously present the third and last round in their debate. Will the 13-Baktun cycle end on 21 December 2012, or 28 October 2011?


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·         Magic Music Myth – a rock opera, cd & live concert by Alchemy about judgement of the devil in 2012

·         Into the Heart of Creation : Dwayne Edward Rourke's page on "Embodying the Wisdom of the Mayan Sacred Calendar". The phase of the moon at your moment of birth is the key to coping with 2012

·         Chiron Communications: The website of Steven McFadden, author of Profiles in Wisdom, and Legend of the Rainbow Warriors - both books relate to 2012

·         Wheels Within wheels: You must see this moving model that shows how Mayan calendrical cycles interact!

·         Celestial Dynamics : You can order  the "Celestial Dynamics Orbital Calendar Poster" here, which shows how  "the planets come into alignment in 2012"



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