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11:11 and 2012:  Do you remember the synchronicities reported surrounding the numbers 11:11? I just found this link at the US naval observatory that confirms that all those people could have been connecting in to the 2012 phenomenon.  According to this page, the 2012 winter solstice will occur at 11:11 universal time.

12-12-12.org: Andronicos "The Great", self-appointed director of the human race & manager of Planet Earth announces the forthcoming abolition of war and poverty on the 12th December 2012 (12/12/12), and the start of a new calendar on Gregorian date on 22/12/2012, which will be 01/01/01 in the new ACH calendar Anno Concordia Humanus, or the year the humans race became civilized. "He lists every problem in the world with clear instructions how they should be fixed within 10 years and by whom, so that everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately, his alter ego Andronicos "the Cynic" pokes fun at the grand plan. This site is very entertaining, educational and provides a fresh alternative to 2012 doomsday predictions". He hints how the world will be persuaded to use the new calendar: "I direct businesses to start planning now for the 1 ACH computer bug. The date December 22nd 2012 will be replaced with the date "1st of ...... in the year 01" and be written 01/01/01 dd/mm/yy format."

13-Baktun Cycle Wave Harmonic of History : A splendid colour version of Arguelles' diagram of the 260 Katuns of the Great Cycle, combined with all events of History (since records began).

13 Year Countdown to 2012 : Aluna Joy Yaxk'in gives astrological predictions for each of the 20 years of the last katun of the Great Cycle

"2012" A 130-page screenplay by Justin Dubois Asten about the life re-assessment of an anthropologist on 22 December 2012

"2012" : UPDATED The first 2 chapters of a fictional book "2012"; you can download the whole book if you like the sample (here come the ETs)  

"2012" : A very short story by Sara Dungavell about domestic appliances taking over the world

2012: Appointment With Marduk: A new book of this title has been published in July 2003, by Burak Eldem. It is in Turkish, but other language editions are to follow. There are some well-reasoned and original ideas here, in a comprehensive online essay in English, that introduces the theory. essential reading for Sitchin fans and anyone interested in the return of Nibiru.

2012 at Alien Connection: a fascinating look at the interaction of Earth's astronomical cycles, as they relate to 2012, with graphics that help model precession, variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic, and Milankovitch cycles.

2012ology - the prophecies. the predictions. the theories - the sister site of Age of Ascension - networking sites, with blogs, forums and chatrooms

2012 The Astronomy Connection : Roderick Marling sums up John Major Jenkins' discoveries of the meaning of the Mayan end-point. On another page, What Time Is It Anyway?,  Marling analyses history as a solar era of violence that began circa 3100 BC and ends in 2012 AD.

2012, Comet Lee and the Birth of Our New Neighbour : NOW UNAVAILABLE... Reverse temporal flow:   Howard Middleton Jones says there is a new planet forming near the sun which will be part of a planetary alignment in 2012. Howard's alternative site and here UPDATED see also Ambilac below.

2012: Dire Gnosis : The web's primary data-base on 2012.

2012: Eye of the Shaman : An advertisement for a forthcoming book, with odd bits of 2012 info.

2012: Final Fantasy Site of Ernie Fitzpatrick, promoting his THREE 2012 books! He also has this promo page: http://www.2012secret.com/

2012 Predictions: 2012 links directory

2012 Rising: Bruce Fenton's 2012 website. Bruce also runs the New Consciousness database - a 2012 discussion group linked to Facebook networking site, and will be publishing a book in late 2008 - called 2012 Rising.

2012 The Survival Manual: How to save yourself from " a terrible chain of events will unfold, leading to a global disaster..." The author does not give away what the disaster will be - you have to buy it for the rather expensive price of $47 for a pdf file of 74 pages.

2012 Theories : Part of e-groups, this is an email discussion group, which I have supplied with most of these links, to try & promote discussion of the future, but they do like dwelling on ancient history. Why don't  you have a go? (I also loaded up the FILES page, so check it out)

2012 the Shaman’s Prophecy : A novel by D. Rhoades Hoskins about 3 people searching Mexico  for a powerful shaman; they become involved with crystal skulls and the realization of ancient prophecies.  

2012_The Topology of Time : Hyperdimensional Space and the Unfolding of the Four Ages: A new article by Jay Weidner in which he explains the foreshortening of the Yugas or Hindu eras in terms of a hypersphere encapsulating conical spirals that meet at a "null point" that corresponds to 2012. This is reminiscent of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's description of the Omega Point at the tip of the cone of space-time.

2012 Unlimited : An Australian site covering Earth changes, Mayan Calendar, frequency rise, UFOs, dimensional shift, etc.

2012: What Does It Mean? A conversation between John Major Jenkins and Doghead Cola who seems to be a journalist for a magazine called The Deadly Type. UPDATE: John Major Jenkins has the whole article on his site, so you don't need to worry with the nasty pdf file I previously linked to. : A message from our future selves. Is it a spoof, or genuine Coming Transformation site? Great graphics and humor

21 December 2012 The Mayan Calendar End-Date : “Information Made Easy for the Everyday Earthling to Understand”

Acacialand.com: A facinating site based around Rami Sajdi's study of "the bedouin shamans of Southern Jordan", and their use of "spirit plants" including acacia and Syrian Rue. This gives support to Ananda's theory that the original Soma was acacia and Syrian Rue, which contain DMT and harmaline, and would thus in combination formn a kind of Ayahuasca effect. DMT, as we have seen, is closely linked to revelations and prophecies involving 2012.
Acalan : Videos, a TV show (see Event 2012 below), and a book, about 2012

AD 2012… Is Something Big Coming? : Inspired by the Mayan calendar, the Hopi Indians, Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods, and 13 different channelled sources, going back to the Seventies, several of which mention 2011 or 2012, this page on the “From the Stars” site gives highlights from the 13 transmissions

AD 2012 - The End of Time? : A new page on the same site as the link above, the author, Nicholas F. Schmidt has read Weidner and Bridges' The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye and incorporated the information into a new summary of his take on the 2012 scenario. The page is an introduction to a much more detailed version here: AD 2012 - the end of Time? and there are a further 16 pages of supporting material, mainly about the latest media releases concerning global warming and cosmic dust changes and also comet scares. Here they are: b; c; d; e; f; g; h; i; j; k; l; m; n; o; p; q

Ages of Adam: 365-year & 260 –year cycles – using Maya calendrics to solve the Old Testament

Alien Dreamtime [LIVE] --: A multi-media event recorded live in Feb 1993, in San Francisco -  live rave tracks with Terence McKenna accompanied by Space Time Continuum and Stephen Kent on Didgeridoo. Here can be found mp3 samples for downloading - especially interesting is the 21-minutes long (on the CD)"Timewave Zero" track, which describes evolution, from alpha to 2012 omega; unfortunately, this is the only track not available as an extract.  DVD OF THE EVENT NEW!! DVD combo Alien Dreamtime & Strange Atractor. STOP PRESS!! Download Timewave Zero track here!

Alignment 2012: (alternative1; alternative 2) (also listed under Maya Calendar & Cosmology); John Major Jenkins on the solstice sun/galactic centre conjunction in 2012. Jenkins’ original “4 Ahau Press” site is now encapsulated in this new site, under the title of “Old City”. Here you can find essays on the alignment of the solstice sun with galactic centre, which Jenkins decoded as the meaning behind the end of the Mayan Great Cycle. There are also 3 unpublished chapters that were cut from his Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 book, discussion of his earlier works, such as Tzolkin – Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies, and more. An important site.  


All About 2012 : A compilation of links to 2012-related pages, with musical accompaniment. Great fun

Amazing Creation & Annihilation of Universe Concepts : Hindu cosmology compared with Mayan cosmology: in December 2012, humanity enters Samadhi, says Ed Viswanathan

Ambilac News : A page on the Ambilac site explaining the 2012 planetary alignment & how it is encoded at Giza 

Ambilac's New Site : Wilkie & Jones join forces to sort out the confusion in trying to follow their theory of imminent changes, 2012 etc. See esp. Interdimensional Physics and On the 8th Day

A Millennium Prayer For The End Days - Aligning With The Maya Calendar End date 2012 : Dwayne Rourke's recipe of preparation is a Mayan rite of the 4 Directions

An End of Days and The Sun is on the Cross : Donald Martin uses astronomical software to reason that on December 21 2012, the star Antares will go supernova as it rises with Venus.

An Interview with Mr. X: An ex-aerospace employee reveals info about UFO documents including a landing from 2011-2012

Analysis of Fractal Time Compression Wave Event Horizons 1996-2012 : A brief analysis of Timewave Zero displays earthquake prediction

Ananda-Emmanuel : A MUST-SEE: a Norwegian contactee is working with scientists, making incredible 2012 discoveries. See CV&Time Gate first.   (Alternative URL

Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries: Will They Return in 2012 AD? Robert Berringer's website, where you can order his book of this title.

Angels of Apocalypse: dedicated to preparation for the ascension of the Earth in 2012 from 3rd density to 4th density, this is a rather irritating site, drowning in advertising, with the Terminator 2 Judgement Day musical accompaniment

Antville 2012 - News Dept. of Survive 2012

Apocalypse: End of the Mayan Fourth Age December 21, 2012 : An astrological analysis of December 21st 2012, plus a Gurdjieffian version.

Apocalypse Now - 2012 Is it True? Whitley Streiber's essay at the Future Hi website about 2012 and the Superstorm.

Apollonius - Rogue Planet : The Apollonius site has a host of interesting essays supporting the claim that Nibiru is about to return to this solar system in 2012. The page linked here makes the point that 1587 BC, which the author links to Immanuel Velikovsky's date of planetary catastrophe (see item 35) and eruption of Santorini, is EXACTLY 3,600 years before 2012! Here's another page explaining why. (3,600 years being the orbit-time of Nibiru - see also item 27)

Astrosciences.info: On Bill Hamiltons's site, this page  is about Cosmic Time Cycles

Audrey's Ancient Egypt :Audrey Fletcher has decoded the Egyptian Narmer palette & worked out that the Age of Aquarius starts in 2012

Awakening to the Omega Point :   Bob Buck,s essay, although it gets into the Book of Revelation a bit too much for my liking, uncovers some little-known phenomena, including a spectrum shift in auroras, caused by a huge magnetic area we are moving into, that he calls a “naked singularity

Aztec and Mayan Astrology: The lunar eclipse on June 4 2012 which will set off the coast of Mexico, is followed 2 days later by the Venus Transit. Could Maya Venus myths be behind the end of the 13-baktun cycle?

Azurite Press (The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order): On the Time Shift page, lists a series of "Reuche-a Shifts" through various "probability sub-harmonics", culminating with this one: Reuche-a Shift Dec. 21, 2010- Dec. 21, 2011: "From the 3rd probability sub-harmonic to the 6th probability sub-harmonic of the 6th probability main line. Earth will Phase Lock into this probability co-ordinate to enter the 2012 Eck-shi Cycle".

Bible Code: Asteroid 2012: A new page on the Exodus 2006 site featuring 4 new "slides" of Bible code in which "2012" combines with "asteroid".

Bible Code: 60-Mile Blunderbus: Andy McCracken of Exodus 2006, using Bible Code software,  has found a comet that hits Canada in 2012. For the index page to Bible Code material at exodus 2006, click here.

Blue Honey - The Infinite Mushroom : A site which deals with Mayan calendar & the Timewave, as connected by psychedelic mushrooms, plus Gaia, Science, Art and more. This page is a compilation of McKenna quotes and downloads about 2012

Brainmachines.com : A totally psychedelic, techno-shamanic site, with a DMT page and several Terence McKenna pages ..,and of course, brain machines as an alternative method of accessing altered states...very entertaining

Carlos Barrios: Steep Uphill Climb to 2012:  Steven McFadden has written a new article on Carlos Barrios, who recently gave a talk in Santa Fe concerning 2012.

CassiopaeaUPDATED The 6d Cassiopeans tell (see esp. The Wave UPDATED) how there are a cluster of comets on a 3,600-year orbit, which appears as a single body. Every time the comets come, the Annunaki arrive just beforehand, to feed on the soul energy created by fear.  Right behind the comet cluster is a "Realm Border Wave" which returns every  309,000 years, (12 precessional cycles) and will merge this "3rd density" with the next one up - the 4th density, by 2012. See Whats New 22

Celestial Dynamics  : You can order  the "Celestial Dynamics Orbital Calendar Poster" here, which shows how "the planets come into alignment in 2012"

Cerebrex : This site is about Neuro-Techno-Shamanism. That is the pursuit of altered states using mind machines & other technology. Includes reviews of McKenna & Jenkins' books

Chapel Perilous : An interpretation of The Bible Code, which implies that Mars will be crumbled by Earth in 2012, NOT Earth hit by shattered comet.

China in Prophecy: China will attack Israel with 200 million troops in 2012 – year of the dragon 

Chichen Itza in 2012 : This page is a joke, but there is a selection of Mayan links

Chiron Communications  : The website of Steven McFadden, author of Profiles in Wisdom, and Legend of the Rainbow Warriors - both books relate to 2012

Coming Into Range:Cmeckfng Xhe ]ulse of 2012: A great page by Ashblack, creator of the legendary site, that gives insights into the iispi|atien bahind that site, and the vision . ( ! of n grjph lapphng "quop;Thb Shift&zuot: frbm 1092 to 2<13.(The original vision ocburrdd ib 19=7, and the resulting graph, when compared to the McKenna Time Wave, appears as a reversed, simplified novelty wave, with novelty graphed upward ibstecd of " downward. From 1997 onwards it is quite similar to the Time Wave. Excellent laid back sounds accompany the experience.

ConsciousnessEvolution.com : Portal for 1 new websites: Mind Maps Portal; Novelty Wave 2012; Sacred Self; Ordo Omega Occidentis; New Paradigm News; Cosmic Trickster; Omega Point Journal. The amazing Omega Point 2012 Journal is evolving fast and has spawned 7 websites that are all totally fascinating...how does Jonathan do it? The site is developing fast - see Omega Point Institute below.

Conversations With My Girlfriend: An account of  a spontaneous channeling that foresees an ascension between 2009 and 2017. Here is the specific page that addresses the 2012 question.

Cosmic Stargate: Beyond the Millennium : Steven Hanauer's overview of cataclysm & transformation at the end of the Long Count calendar

Cosmic Stargate part 2: The second part of Steven Hanauer's planned series of articles on how to prepare for the coming earth changes and dimensional shift. Includes evidence of a possible cover-up concerning the current escalation of solar storms and flares; the changes these are already causing; and how to prepare physically and spiritually.

Crawford 2000 : A site discussing Mayan calendar, 2012, 2011, pole shift, magnetic field, Schumann resonance, Inca prophecies, plus illicit copy of the Geoff Stray Aztec Pizza article – original article at Swirled News

Crop Circles, Gods and Secrets: UPDATED Robert J. Boerman, from Holland, has deciphered a code in crop formations, which brings our attention to the 26,000 year precession cycle and its end in 2012, with a possible return of the gods. Here is his article The 12th Planet - a return in 2012? UPDATED

Crop Circles and Mayan Time : Find out why the crop formation known as The Beltane Wheel also became known as the "Mayan Sun glyph". Its association with Mayan calendars is due to the 33 "flames" correlating to the 33 numbers and day signs which combine to make the 260-day Tzolk'in.

December 2012 - the Mayan Calendar: Ira Kennedy inquires into Tippler, McKenna & the Maya. 

December 21 2012 - "the official" website for info on 21122012 : A small collection of articles from a few websites. NB the web address is "mysidebusiness.com" !

Don Alejandro...Mayan Elder : Don Alejandro is the Head of the National Council of Elders of Guatemala. At the Latinola link below, he describes how the earth will pass "inside the centre of a magnetic axis" in December 2012. At the Spiritwheel site linked here, he says that "During 2012-2013 there will be a great comet and a red comet". He also speaks of the Harmonic Convergence, Crystal Skulls, the Wingmakers, Atlantis, and the ETs who taught the Mayans astronomy, and came from the Pleiades, who he calls "the bringers of the dawn". It sounds like Don Alejandro has been reading New Age books by Arguelles, Marciniak, et al. Am I getting cynical?  

Earth 2012: a non-profit UK-based organisation that aims to build a better world after a shift of consciousness has taken place in 2012, by implementing a 7-project plan. The first of these will be a water-fuelled car  - the prototype is due to be revealed in 2006.

Earthsong 2012 : Lightworkers, healing, channeling, etc.  Extra index page 

Earth 2012 : a 2012 info site that has been formed largely from info taken from Diagnosis2012 (with permission), arranged as a spoof 2012 Olympics site

Earth Mother Crying : This is the website for the prophecies of native peoples all over the world. If you go to an article, then click on the "search this site" button on the left, & enter 2012, you will find all the native prophecies mentioning 2012. Alternatively, click HERE for the 2012 search

Earth Pole Shift 2012 UNAVAILABLE (author's theory changed)... Keith Hunter theorises that a pole shift is coming that will restore the earth's 360-day rotation period, and eventually restore it to its original spherical state, raising the consciousness of mankind. Keith Hunter wrote to me to tell me about another essay he wrote called, Sacred Geometry, the Earth, & the Mayan Calendar 'End-Date' of 2012 (now re-written) in which I found several errors; a year later, I discovered he re-wrote the essay, and deleted the first one, following my reply.  See Whats New item 69

Earthportals: This massive site, run by Willard Van de Bogart, has a new Nibbana 2012 page, "Galactic Centre as Third Eye of the Buddha. It also has reviews of John Major Jenkins' brand new book, Galactic Alignment, and another page including Jenkins' introduction  to the book, plus a review of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. Look out for interesting 2012-related links at the bottom of the review pages.

Eclipses & Venus Transit in 2012 : A page on an eclipse site, with predictions of track & appearance of eclipses & Venus transit in 2012

Elftrance : McKenna: This is a site worth waiting for! McKenna mp3 downloads - Music and audio and loads of it!

Elftrance : Downoads : Mindblowing and hilarious animations with trancey sounds, giving the earth's history from alpha to 2012 omega. It's well worth waiting for the series of 3 to download; Genesis; Evolution and OmegaVision. 

Eclipses in 2012 : Homepage of NASA eclipse site. There will be 2 lunar & 2 solar eclipses in 2012. Details here

Elementary School Predictions for 2012 : Smirk-inducing predictions by primary school children

ETs and 2012 : Dr. Richard Boylan, a professor of psychology,says we will join a telepathic coalition of ETs in 2012; governments know about it, and so did the Maya.

Event 2012! : Video coverage of a Popul Vuh re-enactment ceremony by contemporary Mayans, as preparation for the forthcoming end of the Great Cycle. Acalan home page

Evolution Day : The title of this website refers to the end of the 13-Baktun cycle in 2012. The purpose is to network people in a global experiment in order to create a positive, spiritual future by synchronised meditation and other practises, performed at appropriate times, in places of energetic potency.

Exodus 2006 : A Rastafarian site that links the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees, Revelation, The Bible Code, The  Mayan calendar and other sources, to predict the end-times between 2006 and 2012. The Whole Book of Enoch is available on line here! This is an interesting translation of the Ethiopian  text (e.g. 21.8: “This place is terrible…” NB Church at Rennes Le Chateau and 65.1: “Noah saw the Earth had tilted…” These are different from the translation of R. H. Charles.)Also tells you where to take your huge pile of food & ganja to prepare for the end-times.  

Exopolitics.com: Website of Alfred Webre who wrote the free online book, Earth Changes: The Spiritual Approach (see 2012 books page) See this page about the galactic superwave and 2012

FractalTime: The Fractal time website is now online again after 6 years absence, and the Timewave software is once more available.... The original Timewave site... ...surf a retrogressive wave...

Fusion Anomaly - 2012 : This is a "node" in an 881-node brain about trance music - see also Omega Point, Eschaton, McKenna, Timewave Zero, MC2012

Future Prospects of the World According to the Bible Code : The author, Joseph Noah, claims that the 11th September 2001 attack on the World trade Center is encoded in the Bible Code, and is the start of a ten and a half-year countdown, (that's until March 2012 by my reckoning), to the last of 3 asteroid strikes, resulting in a third world axis shift. The multiple dragon-heads of Revelation, are 7 rocks, becoming 10 pieces (of Phobos). Unusually, Tribulation is from 2005-2012, not 2006-2012.

Future Visions 2012 : Aansha Jones had a dream while pregnant, that someone gave her a baby to hold, and she asked the baby why he was on Earth at this time. He replied "For The Event", she asked "When's that?" and he replied "13/14 December 2012." She sees The Event as a 3D-5D transition.

Gaia 2012 : A Sweden-based site explaining Carl Johan Calleman's "Venus Passage" discoveries due in 2012. However, Calleman has now decided that the Great Cycle ends on 28th October 2011 - see the Mayaonics site.

Gaiasphere 2013 : A discussion site set up by the website, with general topics of noise, details, gaia, data, music, conspirofact, transmission, all of which departments have several separate discussions on related topics. "Gaia" seems to be the one most directly connected to 2012/2013 discussions

Galactic Alignment - The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian & Vedic Traditions : John Major Jenkins' book can be sampled here, where you can read the introduction, chapter 5 and chapter 17. At the Earthportals site, Willard Van De Bogart (update Aug 31 2002:) HAS JUST POSTED A REVIEW. JMJ's introduction can also be found at Portal Market. An essay by JMJ covering some of the subjects discussed in the book, has been posted at Graham Hancock's website, along with another essay, Alignment 2012, covering his book, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.

Galactic Alignment 2 -a massive  web resource on Galactic Alignment - includes related essays, reviews, excised chapters and more...

Galactic Alignments in Ancient Traditions & the Future of Humanity: Recent article by John Major Jenkins for New Dawn magazine (Jan-Feb 2003), which is a great overview of the MC2012 & Galactic Alignment books. 

Galactic Astrology : UNAVAILABLE ...reverse temporal flux...    Raymond Mardyks' fascinating astrological analysis of 2012, using a new approach, plus more. You must see Dollar Bill page; Use this...   UPDATE: Here is a copy of Mardycks’ essay on Ophiuchus, dancing through the end of time: Ophiuchus

Galactic Centre Blog : Willard Van de Bogart, webmaster of Earthportals.com, who teaches in Thailand and has been working with Sritantra at http://bauddhamata.blogspot.com/2005/07/towards-new-sanskriti.html , has also been  "researching the Churning of the Milky Ocean with the vedic texts, Mahabarahta, Ramayana, Puranas and many Indian scholars such as Subhash Kak and others". He has just started this blog (a blog is a cross between a forum and internet diary),"to encourage disloge on this special time of the ending of the 26,000 precession cycle which the Mayans of course announced at 2012. But solstice aligments were also known by the ancient astronomers of India."

Galactic Solstice 2012 : A page advertising Richard Dannelley's book about the effects of the 2012 galactic conjunction on Earth energy grids

Galactic Mandala “Site devoted to the Dreamspell and 13 Moon consciousness with an Awesome poster available of the huge painting showing the positions of every planet in every sign from 2000 until 21st December 2012.  It is also overlaid with the Tzolkin, galactic seasons, haab and thirteen moon calendar.”

Galaxy Wave : UNAVAILABLE ...reverse temporal flux...   Articles by Raymond Mardyks, Hunbatz Men, Carl Johann Calleman, and others, on Mayan Calendars and 2012. This is the company who published Raymond Mardyks' "Maya Daykeeper Calendar", but it apparently only goes up to January 2001 

GEM 2012 : Gaia Entrainment Matrix 2012 is a piece of electronic gadgetry designed to help us adapt to Earth's falling magnetic field & rising Schumann resonance in time for 2012. Includes an interesting page on Schumann resonance.

Genesis 2012 Foundation : From here, you can access a maze of Tibet-based pages about Maitreya and his plan for a one-world government (nothing to do with Benjamin Creme)

Gerardo Barrios on Mayan Time, Prophecy and the Tzolk'in : An article written in 1998 by the daykeeper/shaman brother of Mayan Priest, Carlos Barrios.

Glen Deen's Home Page : Glen Deen’s site, including articles now deleted by Yowusa. Glen now says Planet X could impact Mercury circa March 2, 2012 and Mercury could impact Venus circa June 6 2012, resulting in a rendezvous of Venus/Mercury with Earth on 11th December 2012.

Gnostic Christianity, Revelations and The Presence of Shiva : A brilliant short article by John Major Jenkins. This may jolt you into seeing the secret teaching lurking blatantly behind the words and images of Christianity.

Godsweb : News direct from Heaven: The New Jerusalem is to be situated in central California & fully functioning by 2012 - more information in God's New Millennium, by Richard Henry Whiteside, though, he says, "Actually, God Himself is the author"

Hand Clow 2012 : Barabara Hand Clow, author of The Pleiadian Agenda provides information on her workshops to help prepare people for 2012 - the "Journeys Through Nine Dimensions" and "led by the Pleiadians - star beings from the Pleiades - with her partner Gerry Clow".

 Harbinger UNAVAILABLE... Time reversal... Connects the Aztec Sunstone  with Jenkins' solstice sun / galactic centre conjunction theory (see Maya calendar & cosmology link below) , and  Richard Dannelley's  sunspot theory (see Galactic solstice 2012 link above). (However, this connection is done by default, since the "Aztec calendar Sun Stone" link given as reference, does not really explain the sunstone link).

Harmonic Convergence 2012: A New Age site.

Harmonies Project 2012: A project to launch an expedition into the Amazon jungle to investigate a group of unexplored pyramids

Healing on the Lines of Time: Barbara Marciniak channels the Pleiadians, who give advice on the "fleeting moment" between 1987 and 2012 - "in 1997 through 2007 the energy will increase one hundred fold for each year, preparing you for the last five years of this unfolding fan in which you will switch on to such a degree that the energy will increase one hundred thousand fold per year until the nano-second closes at the end of 2012 for the auspicious entry into 2013". Its a shame the Pleiadians don't know about paragraphs - this is a large page with only 2 of them.

Hope 2012 : Holistic & parapsychological education to prepare for the coming shift.  Alternative URL 

Hope 2012 (b) : A lost piece of the Hope 2012 website

How To Survive 2012 : Patrick Geryl's website. Geryl wrote the book, The Orion Prophecy (see Dire Gnosis review at http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/orp.htm  ) and is about to release (summer 2005) a sequel called The World Cataclysm in 2012, which will be followed by a third book called How to Survive 2012 (due in spring 2006).

Hyperborea : Terence McKenna's site discussing the I Ching Timewave which terminates in 2012. Here can be found all sorts of information, on the Timewave, technoshamanism, altered states, UFOs, drugs, rainforest flora, conferences and talks, video, audio, CD and books by McKenna. Also Tantric material, poetry, Quantum Physics, virtual reality, alchemy, magic, astronomy, cosmology, sacred geometry, fractals, archaeology, art and more.

IanHard: Steve Scott has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and since childhood, has sensed the importance of 2012.

Imagidelica : Still under construction, this site, "an on-line HIVE nodal point of hypercondensed imagination", discusses the forthcoming dimensional shift in 2012

Info About Energies - Now to 2012 : How to deal with coming effects of the Shift; Light Body Activation

Into the Heart of Creation : Dwayne Edward Rourke's page on "Embodying the Wisdom of the Mayan Sacred Calendar". The phase of the moon at your moment of birth is the key to coping with 2012 

Jay Weidner, co-author of Monument to The End of Time, (see item 37 and Whats New 5 & 21), provides this interesting essay, called The Golden age and The End of the World: Extinction or Enlightenment? At Jenkins' Alignment 2012 site, Jay Weidner has his own section, where there are 3 essays;  an essay on the hidden alchemical message in Kubrick's film 2001; a third essay called The Ka, the Ba and the Kabbalah, and a fourth - The Black Madonna - The Return of the Feminine. His partner, Sharon Rose has a section here. Here is another Jay Weidner page. UPDATE: Sacred Mysteries IS NOW BACK AS JAY WEIDNER'S VIDEO AND BOOK CATALOGUE.

JOHN MAJOR JENKINS' website, Alignment2012.com has  these alternative URLs

Kalki, Avatar of the Golden Age : Kalki, last incarnation of Vishnu is here, and intends to enlighten 60,000 people before 2012, so as to form a critical mass that will cause a chain-reaction, enlightening all mankind in preparation for the Golden age in 2012. Golden City (UPDATED);  Foundation for World Awakening ; More on Kalki ; New Kalki links: True Awakening ; World Awakening

Jonathan Bethel Interview : Jonathan Bethel, webmaster of Omega Point Institute and 2012Eschaton.com has been interviewed by R.U. Sirius about psychedelic visions and 2012. Read the transcript here.

Karma Free Teachings : Mursshud van Merlin's Yoga remedy for 2012

Latinola site: Mayan elder, Don Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj says "...on Dec. 20, 2012, Mother Earth will pass inside the center of a magnetic axis..." This will precede earthquakes & floods. 

Leading Edge International Research Group: This site has articles on McKenna's Timewave, Montauk, Drunvalo Melchizedek,, abduction, and more. If you put "2012" into the site search engine, 19 pages will be listed.

Library of Halexandria:2012 AD: This is a rather good summary of all things 2012, including an astrological chart, and one or two other items you may have overlooked, including Drunvalo's recipe of preparation, but it unfortunately gets Ruth confused with Rush...

Lightworkers Tempel: A Dutch New Age site, which includes Harley Swiftdeer's Rainbow Dream Vision and a Maya/2012 page. A new 2012 page on the same site, (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) ...sounds like it may have been  written by Golem, "We'll travel true a tunnel who looks like a navel-string"; "At preciously 21/12/2012 the calendar stops. Many cycle are ended on this precious moment"; "we'll not blow areself sky high... " etc.

LiquidLightbody.com :NO LONGER AVAILABLE. See Laurence at Stardrum Laurence Lucas has investigated Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan & Chinese mysteries and formulated a synthesis by which we can prepare our higher dimensional vehicle for the shift in 2012. The method uses astrology, shamanism, yoga, movement, sound, and Mayan calendrics (- the True Count). 

Magic Journey:  (UPDATED: NOW AT NEW URL) Vincent Bridges (co-author of A Monument to the End of Time (see item 37 , Whats New 5 & 21) has continued the research since the book was finished, and combines Enochian Magick, Sacred Geometry, Egyptology, and more, to find the method by which we can prepare for the descent of the New Jerusalem Cube in 2012 - it forms over a 20-year period from 1992 - 2012, which may explain the Mayan Katun period. See also Fifth Way Mystery School & Aethyrea Books and  San Graal School of Sacred Geometry

Magic Music Myth – a rock opera, cd & live concert by Alchemy about judgement of the devil in 2012. Now with a special enlightenment page on 2012 theory. NEW

March 2012 – It All Begins as Foretold: NEW David Koresh’s replacement in the Branch Davidians has written an online book of this title, in which he explains that 3 x 2300 days from Koresh’s death on April 19th 1993 brings us to 10th March 2012 when the proverbial dung collides with the propeller. 2300 days is mentioned in the Book of Daniel.

maya12-21-2012.com: This new 2012 site has a great video collection on its 2012 video page - no mean feat, with so much dross out there now, to trudge through! Unfortunately, it also bigs up Carl Calleman's invented Maya Calendar 9-step system. As I have pointed out in the review of Calleman's book, it's a nice idea, but its his idea, not the Maya. Essentially, many 2012 researchers agree that we are talking about an evolutionary event, but we don't have to invent anything to make that point.

Maya Calendar and Cosmology (alt 1; alt 2): John Major Jenkins on the solstice sun/galactic centre conjunction in 2012. Jenkins’ original “4 Ahau Press” site is now encapsulated in this new site, under the title of “Old City”. Here you can find essays on the alignment of the solstice sun with galactic centre, which Jenkins decoded as the meaning behind the end of the Mayan " Great Cycle". There are also 3 unpublished chapters that were cut from his Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 book, discussion of his earlier works, spch as Tzolkin –(Visionaty Perspectives and Calendar Studies, and more. An important site.

Maya Mystery School : This page concerns the angle of stairways on Mayan pyramids, plus Carl Sagan's film, Contact; both connect to 2012

Mexican Horse :Lord Pacal reincarnated explains Mayan maths and 2012. NB this is not the reincarnated Lord Pacal that wrote Place of Mirrors (Jeeni Cricenzo), nor is it the reincarnated Lord Pacal who wrote the Mayan Factor (Jose Arguelles) UPDATE: New pages at Mexican Horse: Sarcophagus' Hidden Secrets: A new page on the Mexican Horse website - apparently, the lid of Pacal's tomb encodes his reincarnation, which occurred at the exact moment that the lid was raised in 1952. He has reincarnated to witness the end of the cycle in 2012. Fatidic 2012 Glyph: interpretation of a glyph on the lid.

McKenna's Timewave Examined :   UPDATED A mathematical critique of the original Timewave Zero (wrongly presumes McKenna chose end to coincide with end of Maya Cal) 

Menopause & 2012: "Yes.  We all know that another word for menopause is “the change.”  What we’re talking about is not the end of the world, we’re talking about the earth going through menopause.  The earth is going through menopause in the body of a hundred million women". 

 Mooncat's Astrology :Neptune and Pluto are re-entering the Septile Phase that was active from 1938 to 1941. This current waxing Septile Phase will begin in earnest in 2002 and last until 2012. Neptune's position is also important, since it entered Aquarius in 1998 and leaves it in 2012.

Mother Mary & 2012: Apparently, Annie Kirkwood is channelling Mother Mary (i.e. mother of Jesus), who says "a meteor of large portions" will collide with Earth in 2012.

Mutation Parlour : An Australian site linking Chaos Magick, Maat Magick, McKenna, Arguelles & Hopi Prophecies. In 2012, a group-awakeming of Kundalini will occur for Humanity & Gaia. Special "Chakra-Piercing" rites are being held at sacred sites to ease the process.

Myrddin's Warning :Mother Shipton (1488 - 1561) made some fascinating prophecies, including the invasion and defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 and the Great fire of London in 1666. The Fiery Dragon in her Last Prophecy has now been identified as the Asteroid Toutatis, and the due date is 12th December 2012.

NASA on climate change: A pdf file in which Nasa admits extreme climate changes connect with an epoch ending around 2012: "Presuming that a return to the more active state has, indeed, occurred, one expects the number of seasonal intense hurricanes during the present epoch (continuing through about 2012) to usually be higher than average (i.e., 2), except during El Niño-related seasons when the number usually will be less than average".

Network 2012 : A connection for Light Workers , covering their efforts to raise global consciousness for the Shift in 2012

New Living: Creating a More Loving World to Help us Through to a Golden Age :Channeling plus Nibiru plus Calleman

Nibiru Flyby More Likely in 2012: A new page at the Yowusa.com site discussing the 2003 scenario versus 2012 scenario

Nibiru: Will Mars Become a Nibiru Flyby Safe Haven for Mankind? Yowusa.com's follow-up article from the 2003 versus 2012 Nibiru article above, in which Sitchin says the Jewish calendar goes back to Nippur 3760 BC, explaining the 240-year discrepancy (see Whats New item 63). If you read the article, you might like to look at the Mars by 2012 Project and Exploring Mars which reveal an acceleration of effort to reach Mars by 2012. in fact, Mars Scout 2 is scheduled to land humans on Mars by September 2012, stay until December 2012 and return in September 2014.


Nibiruan Council: Jelaila Starr is in contact with the beings living on Nibiru - the planet on a massive elliptical orbit, due to return to our solar system in 2012. Two more sites which agree that Nibiru will return in 2012 are Apollonius, and Phoenicians .

Nibiru 2012: A web-site run by Ben (Yahweh Ben Yahweh - no, not that one) that follows up any clues on the return of planet Nibiru to the solar system in 2012. The index page features a re-working of Robert Boerman's essay, plus there is a related Nibiru 2012 Message Board.

Noah's Ark 2012 : Still under construction, a specialist site for vegetarian astronomers, includes Jenkins' "Why 2012" essay & great effects

Nostradamus 1999-2012 AD UPDATED: A Fundamentalist Christian  - Pastor Harry of the Church of Philadelphia, says Nostradamus was "Satan's Prophet", who "seems to show us a Window of Time SEPT 1999 -- 2012 AD when The RAPTURE will happen so He can bring forth Antichrist onto the world scene". See also The Early 21st Century: 2003-2012 below

Novelty Theory and the Singularity of Dec. 21 2012 : A very brief summary of Timewave Zero

Novelty Project: The Terence McKenna Benefit CD. There are 3 sites that deal with the music CD put together by the Novelty Project, with proceeds to help pay for Terence's medical fees in trying to fight his cancer. The others are Wizard of Harmony UPDATED (= Heartgasms) and  True Hallucinations 

Ny Tid: Mot 2012 :UPDATED A page on a Norwegian New Age website called Operasjon Jorden - only 50% English Alternative URL

Old Earth New Earth : Ascension 2011-2012

Omega Point Institute : UPDATE: Now called OMEGA POINT INSTITUTE (previously The Society for Scientific Illuminism,  CounsciousnessEvolution.com (mirror) or Omega Point 2012). NOW WITH ELEVEN DOMAINS. These are 2012Eschaton.com; (spot the Dire Gnosis Timewave) Transhuman Horizons; MindMaps.net; Sacred Self; Gaia; Man, Myth & Messiah; Gnosis: Journal of Esoteric and Occult Enquiry; 23 Skidoo; Apolitical: Freedom's Underground NewsParanormal Investigator. ..and the forthcoming Eye-In-The-Triangle.com.   These sites are developing so fats it ius hard to keep up. originally a facinating blend of Thelemic Magic (The O:.O:.O:., or Ordo Omega Occidentis), Terence McKenna, Leary - obviously inspired by Robert Anton Wilson's writings (especially Illuminatus and Cosmic Trigger), the component parts are separating into micro-worlds.

Omnicentricity: Carey Thompson's visionary art, at Galactivation.com, includes combined imagery of kabbalistic tree of life, DNA, crop formations and Mayan Tzolkin

On the Brink - A Three-Part Overview of Crop Circles : Rodney-Carr-Smith explains how Earth energy currents & crop formations relate to 2012

Orion Prophecy : A book  (2001) by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx, called  "The Orion Prophecy - Prophecies From an Ancient Mayan & Egyptian Civilization for the Year 2012". FULL Dire Gnosis REVIEW HERE. These are the archaeoastronomers who re-discovered the Labyrinth in Egypt, following on from Bauval's discoveries. See Count down for the new Sun for a review by Jacques Groenen, who has read the Dutch edition. Here's another page  and another. Buy it here: Adventures Unlimited

O/Time 2013: The site, run by the O/Time Foundation -  an "omnifaith metaphysical spiritualist church", claims that an 84-year old "elder" of Aztec/Maya heritage, called Trececasas (meaning "keeper of the tradition"), has revealed the true Maya prophecies for 2012, but you will have to pay $70 to do the full course and hear them all.

Our Rock Who Art In Heaven: Excerpts from a book by Jacqueline Brook that starts with the presumption that Michael Drosnin's Bible Code, that predicts the Earth being hit by a comet in 2012, is not only possible, but  which is actually the "primary message of the plain text of the Bible", and also underlies many worldwide mythologies.

OXLAJUJ B'AK'TUN: Mayan Perspectives on the Date December 21 2012

PAG E-News: Links to articles about 2012, astronomy, UFOs, Earth Changes and conspiracies.

Paradigm 2012 : a Scandinavian New Age site with lots of 2012 links, but alot of them don't work. Connected to the Ny Tid: Mot 2012 site 

Paradigm Shift 2012 : UPDATED An interpretation via standard astrology of 2012, finds Pluto & Uranus connect it to 1776 (shades of Illuminati!)

Paradigm Web 1999-2012: "Planetary paradigms, paradigm shifting and the paradigm conspiracy, and why our social systems violate human potential & how we can change them." Essays and books by Denise Breton & Chris Largent. 


Paradise 2012 : Ex-NASA graduate Todd Boe makes digital video linked to psychoactive music to accelerate evolution ready for 2012 see also main page

Passover 2012 :Kabbalah (gematria) and the bible code combine to provide a reason for Christians to expect the ascension, when the Bride of Christ (the Church) ascends to meet Jesus, to occur at the end of a 7-year tribulation on Passover 2012. (thanks to Robert Franks for the link)

Phantasm 2012 AD : Subtitle: The Mormon Mausoleum - Apocalypse and Hell on Earth, this is about a proposed sequel to the film Phantasm. Originally titled Phantasm 1999, before delays UPDATE:  THE FILM IS NOW RE-TITLED AS  "PHANTASM'S END"

James van der Worp on Phobos: The orbit of Phobos was affected by the passing of comet 76P, says Van der Worp, shunting it towards Earth. In part Part 2 , Glen Deen calculates that it will collide with Earth on 18 September 2012.

Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program : UPDATED At this Cornwall-based site, you can book up a course of three 4-day workshops over 6 months, in which your chakras & meridians will be worked on by Sirians, Pleiadians & Andromedans, allowing interdimensional travel in a MerKaBa to become your Christed Overself; activate your Light Body, allowing ascension to the 4th dimensional Golden Age, avoiding the dangerous Zero Point of electromagnetic field strength due on  Winter Solstice 2012 !!

Possible pole shift precursor: In 1998, a variation started in Chandler's wobble. Not only did Cayce predict 1998 as the beginning of a pole shift; it was also the year of precise galactic alignment (solstice sun & GC)

Predictions For 1999-2012 : Rafael Aric Rey finds that the Biblical prophecies of End-Times were talking about the time up to 2012, some of this may surprise you

Predictions For 2012 : UPDATED This is the result of an e-mail survey on 2012 theories - perhaps the "2012 Theories" group should try it

Preparing for 2012 : Miguel Angel Vergara's seven-stage development programme, with one 10-day workshop being held each year between 2006 and 2012, in the Yucatan area of Mexico.

Prophetic Timeline of the Messiah: Website advertsing "a computerized document depicting time from Adam to the year 2039 CE" based around the Seven Days of Creation, in which year 6000 ends in 2012 AD, inaugurating the Millennium (1000 years of peace).

Prophet's Manual - Fractal Supersymmetry of Double Helix:  A website covering a forthcoming book of the same name (due out in September-October 2003). The book will represent a "rediscovery of ancient wisdom through resolution of general relativity and quantum mechanics in its fractal context. It's unveiling of original knowledge of spacetime in order to prepare for quantum leap in 2012."

Project 2012 : A forum, chat room and poll to gauge public opinion about 2012, as raw material for a forthcoming book.

Prophecies of Elia : UPDATED THIS SITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE (aka Rafael Eric Rey):An Australian site selling videos about the prophecies of Elia who seems to be Elijah, covering Atlantis, UFOs and a coming golden age in 2011 UPDATE: DATES OF PREDICTIONS HAVE NOW BEEN REMOVED or EXTENDED to 2022

Quetza-Sha: A "Mayan-Aztec Shaman", Quetza-Sha claims to have deciphered 777 ancient manuscripts, and has some interesting prophecies

Raising the Djed : Moira Timms describes an ancient Egyptian rite that should be carried out at Winter Solstices to prepare for the Big One 

Rediscovering Our Power Before 2012: Gloria Karpinski, author of Barefoot on Holy Ground, has given a workshop of this title, in which she stated: ""I was ‘getting’ that year in meditation long before I knew why,” Gloria told the September workshop participants. Indeed, it was Gloria who first mentioned the year 2012 to us at the original Women and Wisdom group in New York, twenty-five years ago. “I had no idea that year was pinpointed in the Mayan Calendar as the end of a 25,000 year cycle,” she explained. “The last time this kind of cycle ended was, of course, before recorded history. So we don’t know what form it took then or will take this time.” Thus we have here an independent source of 2012 information.

Remote Viewing Probabilities 1999-2012 : Predictions by remote viewing - some have failed to come true already

Remote Viewing and 2012 : Ed Dames on remote viewing & 2012 at the Great Dreams site

Robinson Crusoe 2012 : Hilarious satire of our imminent fate

Sacred Mysteries : UPDATED: NOW BACK AS JAY WEIDNER'S VIDEO AND BOOK CATALOGUE -  includes the work of  Weidner & Bridges, Sharon Rose, Alex Gray, Jonathan Goldman, Alberto Villoldo. Jay Weidner, co-author of Monument to The End of Time, (see item 37 and Whats New 5 & 21), provides this interesting essay, called The Golden age and The End of the World: Extinction or Enlightenment? At Jenkins' Alignment 2012 site, Jay Weidner has his own section, where there are 3 essays;  an essay on the hidden alchemical message in Kubrick's film 2001; a third essay called The Ka, the Ba and the Kabbalah, and a fourth - The Black Madonna - The Return of the Feminine. His partner, Sharon Rose has a section here. Here is another Jay Weidner page.

San Graal School of Sacred Geometry: Ray Flowers' site, combining Yoga, I Ching, Merkaba, Egyptian Mysteries, and Sacred geometry. Bridges' & Weidner's Monument to the End of Time (see item 37 and Whats New 5 & 21) is covered in detail; plus articles by Bridges (see Magic Journey above) and Steven Hanauer (see Cosmic Stargate above)

Scientific Research - A Gnostic Interpretation: A Gnostic interpretation of BLT Research's findings in crop formations points to human mutation by low-energy plasmas, causing fertility and growth changes, plus consciousness changes around 2012.

Second Coming : The return of Christ was predicted in the Book of Daniel for 1967-2012

Sex Church 2012 : Pastor Harry's rather poor attempt at poetry shows what kind of rabid hallucinations an overdose of the bible can lead to...he'd like to see more stoning and burning at the stake...what would Freud have to say about this?

SiLoam.Net Adventures in Archaeoastronomy : Hamlet's Mill updated & organized, includes 8 2012 essays developing Jenkins' ideas & commenting on Ambilac & Jones

Solstice Studios : UPDATED Galactic Solstice 2012; Santa Claus & Fly Agaric mushrooms at the Winter Solstice

Solstice/Galactic Alignment - Now or 2012? : There is disagreement among astronomers of when the galactic-solstice alignment occurs. See also Jenkins essay "Truezone" at his site, (Alignment 2012).

Something is Wrong With Our Sun : UPDATED (28/5/06) Australian ham radio enthusiast, Kev Peacock has discovered a sunspot cycle ending in 2012, through studying radio interference; he has now transformed the page into an eBook (previously the Geomagnetic page of the VK4VKD site)

Sound Photosynthesis : A massive catalogue of Terence McKenna's audio tapes, video tapes, music CDs and books. 

Sphinx Stargate : Dr. Paul La Violette's theories about a galactic core explosion wave due in 2012, and much more...UPDATE:  a page by Paul LaViolette about how the "Photon Belt" of New Age circles is totally misconceived, but can be used as an analogy for a galactic superwave...UNAVAILABLE, but go back via the Tardis...

Spirit 2012: UNAVAILABLE A small Homepage featuring Cosmic Charlie's links  & UFO theory 

Spiritweb: Timewave Zero : In an article that originally appeared in Magical Blend magazine, McKenna explains TWZ

Star Birth Bardo in the Body of Orion : Vincent Bridges tells how the geometry of Giza gives a message about the necessity of creating a bardo body in preparation for 2012

Stardog 2012 : Newly discovered site with pages on Mayans, Mckenna, conspiracy, UFOs, shamanism, x-files and much more...I'm still exploring but got waylaid by Elftrance...watch this space...

Stargate Cipher 2012: subtitled "Athens Olympics, Contact, Life On Mars, Holy Grail, Ultra Technology & Mayan Calendar", this essay comes in 2 parts (so far) comprised of 5 massive pages in part 1 and 3 in part 2. Is it a paranoid fantasy? The part about the Maya calendar is on pages 2 and 3 of the 2nd part, and shows how the Winter Solstice Galactic Alignment in 2012 seems to have been encoded into the 2004 Olympic Games opening show.

StarGate Zero - Portal to 2012 and Beyond: NEW 2012 site under construction, so far covering Bible code, Peak Oil, Timewave Zero, and Economic Collapse. Also houses a great new forum that takes over where the recently demised Final frontier left off.

Star Map of Oskar Hansen: in 1936, an amazing model of precession was built into the Hoover Dam, encoding "the new mayan cycle for the next 26,000 years in 2013."

Steve Alten: Steve Alten's great new 2012 novel DOMAIN, (released Jan 2001), is a race to save the world from destruction by the evil Lords of Xibalba, and is inspired by Hancock, Jenkins & Von Daniken. On Steve's site, you can read extracts, reviews, and other background info.

Style 2004: Instant check on the remaining portion of the Timewave leading up to 2012, and another page here that shows the current weekly Timewave. However, this is version 4.30 of the Timewave software and so shows the original Kelley version of the wave. Later versions (final version = 7.10) gave options of comparing Kelley, Watkins, Sheliak and Huang Ti versions, of which the Sheliak wave is (in the opinion of Zyzygyz and Straydog), the most convincing version. For more info, join the Time Wave Zero 2012 club (and see files page).

Summary of JMJ Talks at the Tempe 2012 Conference: John Major Jenkins has now put up a page summarising his Friday night keynote address and his 3-hour workshop held on the Monday of the Road to 2012 Conference held at Tempe, Arizona, in November 2004.

Surfing the Apocalypse : A nice collection of 2012 and Maya links, plus other apocalyptic links 

Survive 2012: Ancient Maya Doomsday : Robert Bast's site, covering crustal displacement, cosmic rays, and how to avoid death and mutation in 2012. Alternative URL  News Dept. of Survive 2012 is now called Antville 2012

Tai Chi, Chi Kung & 2012 : In the time of change leading up to 2012, "Performing practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung are essential at this time to stay rooted", says Jill Jardine, astrologer and oriental therapist.

Temple of Sakkara :  A new age reverend meets disembodied Templars & works on the earth energy grid to prepare the 144,000 for 2012

Terence Tells : A selection of McKenna material, with an excellent interactive painting of TM - just pass your cursor over it & see.

Terence McKenna Bibliography : A  bibliography of McKenna's work, including video, and audio (lectures and music, with hyperlinks to sources and lyrics - see also elftrance 

Terence McKenna Land : Hyperborea's review of Terrence McKenna Land says, “The grandaddy of all the Terence McKenna sites on the WWW this site is the one stop shop of TM and TM related links… An on-line library devoted to shamanism, nanotechnology, Jesuits, the End of the World, psychedelics, DMT ‘elves’ and MUCH more…” Don’t forget to visit the Omega page.

The 2012 Agenda: Brad Bartholemew’s response to reading Beyond 2012 and the articles on Crop Circle Connector by “C. Lewis”, the “Australian Scientist”, plus Geoff Stray’s articles about the so-called Mayan crop formations of 2004  and 2005 . Brad considers Russian discoveries about DNA and what this may mean for 2012.

The 3D Timewave Page: A Japanese page showing a collection of 3-dimensional images of McKenna's Timewave Zero, by an artist called Aix; colourful fractal concoctions.

The Bomb A resource page about Grant Morrison's cartoon, in which all conspiracies are controlled by the "Archons of the Outer Church"." The Invisibles are their enemies: working alone or in cells, they fight against the Universal Conspiracy as we spiral towards the Apocalypse (which according to the Mayan calendar will happen on December 22nd 2012" 

The Celestial Clock : Dr. William A. Gaspar has written a book explaining the Great Cycle of Mayan Long Count as a quarter of a "warming cycle", which is part of a 23,000-year "dominant ice volume collapse cycle", leading to a cyclical pole shift with resultant earthquakes & floods.

The Coming Solar Nova 1998-2012: according to this Bible-inspired theory, the sun will "Nova" to 7 times its brightness between 1998 and 2012

The Curse of Columbus : UPDATED On October 13th 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas (San Salvador). 2012 will be the 520th anniversary & 520 is a Mayan harmonic number. An interesting site...make sure to visit the Countdown to 2012 UPDATED page (where you may notice some items donated by 2012:Dire Gnosis)...and the Olmec page,UPDATED on which the strange period of 520 years crops up again, as evidence is presented that the Olmecs arrived from Africa via Spain, from which they were expelled in 1849 BC, exactly 520 years after "The Great Flood" of the Toltecs. Zecharia Sitchin has also found evidence  of the Olmec presence in Mesoamerica around 3,000 BC, which he says, explains why the Long Count starts around then. UPDATE (Jan 2003) : NOW AVAILABLE

The Descent: Contemplating 2012: a poem by Ann Mortifee

The Early 21st Century: 2003-2012 : Predictions from 2008 to 2016, influenced by Nostradamus. In 2012, Prince Edward will be made Second Emperor of Europe. The asteroid impact predicted in Revelation & Nostradamus is likely to be with Toutatis, which returns every 4 years, and is due in 2012, but will be very close in 2004. However, possibility of impact is predicted for July 2008.  For more info on Toutatis, see Lucifer's Hammer. New page added called The New Millennium - Beyond 2012 ( Nostradamus on post-2018 events)

The How & Why of The Mayan End-Date in 2012 AD : John Major Jenkins' important essay with colourful painting - also at Hyperborea, but with summary, notes & refs at  that site. Alternative URL or another 

The New Age Messiah 2012: Conspiracy time; massive page purporting to show that Prince William is the antichrist

The Mayan Site : Alom Ahau Tze'ec is a Mayan teacher who tells of the 21 December 2012 as the final moment in the great cleansing of Mother Earth. we must let go of past patterns that are stopping our vibrational frequency from increasing.

The Mayan Sacred Calendar - an introduction by Omeakaehekatl (Erick Gonzalez) and Nancy Gonzalez

The Party at the End of Time: Where will you be on December 21st 2012? You could be at the rave to end all raves, and you can have your own input to the event.

The Photon Belt : Dr.Noel Huntley gives the case FOR the photon belt.

The Portal into the Heart of Creation : Willard Van de Bogart reviews Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. An excellent review of an excellent book, plus several 2012 and precession links.

The Project for Metaphysical, Spiritual and Religious Study: Includes Maya 2012 and Hindu 2013 - and The System Design of 2012 - a unique perspective on 2012 through from the angle of Systems Theory: "If we take into consideration Mayan Knowledge and its Calendar, if we observe nature and the happenings around, if we take into stock changes in solar system and what the scientists have begun take note of, everything points to the fact that we are probably in the last wave of the quantum world before a phase change occurs..."

The Prophet Code: The book of Ezekiel contains a precessional code, according to author, Stephen E. Crockett, but although Crockett interprets the code to signify that the precessional cycle ends in the year 2,144 AD when the vernal equinox precesses into Aquarius , the year 2012 still figures strongly in the code as the years between 1944 and 2012 are "the time of the end"; the 1948 to 2012 period is significant; and the 2005- 2012 period signifies a 7-year cleanup period from "the destruction of Gog's military to 2012". The years 2000 to 2012 signify "an extinction level event". The relevant 2012 parts are coloured here.

The Red Letters : "The Red Letters represent a series of twelve letters that were dictated by the Master Kuthumi to the DK Foundation in the United Kingdom in order to aid mankind in its preparation for the upheavals expected between now and the year 2012."

The Sequence of Planetary and Stellar Dynamics to 2012 : This page has astrological diagrams of planetary conjunctions at the total solar eclipse on 13th November 2012.

The Straight Dope: Is The Earth About to Enter the Photon Belt Causing the End to All Life As We Know It? : "Cecil"gives the case AGAINST the Photon Belt (see also article by Dr. Paul LaViolette on the Sphinx Stargate site).

The Strange Attractor Crop Formation and The End of Time : Joe Mason comments on an article by Geoff Stray about a convergence of 2012 Omega Pointers - see here for original article ( Hieroglyphs of Dimensional Interface).

The Sun in Time Slideshow: NASA has a 9-part slideshow about the Sun and ancient solar alignments - this one shows the Aztec sunstone superimposed onto the Sun's very active corona.

The Transition 2012-2013: Ptaah channeled by Jani King  - a critical-mass of consciousness explodes at the end of a 25,000-year cycle

The Unfolding Technology of Crop Circles : Freddy Silva tells an amazing story of Chris Hardeman's anti-gravity machine, based on the Barbury Castle Pictogram, and connects it to the Timewave of the McKenna brothers - (emphasising the hologrammatic angle of Timewave theory). Also at The Crop Circular 

The Unlimited Dream Company : Site of the people who put Towards 2012 together, apparently unlinked. A good article by Gyrus on the Timewave Zero software

The Year Zero : A film made in Holland about Maya shamans & the Long Count cycle

Time Gate 2004: The long-awaited annual article by Ananda is now online and gives updates on the changes going on in the solar system, relating them to Novelty Theory and the Timewave which is headed for maximum ingression of novelty in 2012. Time Gate 2004 part 2 starts with Alexey Dmitriev's observations and updates them with a huge amount of information. - all illustrated. Updates to the article are here.

Time Travel With the Hyper Dimensional Resonator : Steven Gibbs has invented a time travel machine, so you can verify what he says will happen in 2012. Buy the plans here

Timestar Earth : Crop circles and their link to the Mayan calendar plus the 1991 Mexican UFO wave; accurate earth change predictions claimed - however, they are linked to the invented Dreamspell count, which is not a true Mayan count.

Timewave 2012 : Amazing Timewave calculator, showing Kelley, watkins, Sheliak, Huang Ti and Franklin waves. Also now has a new mayan date calculator - N.B. re-enter the date when it downloads, or it will show the wrong date . the site also has a great Amazon 2012 search engine - works better than the one at Amazon!

Timewave Zero.com: Unavailable: Imminent Omega links page, including many sites monitoring earth changes 

Time Wave Zero 2012 : UPDATED  This is a discussion group that was set up by zyzygyz in order to discuss the Timewave and its imminent termination point. Messages can be accessed by guests, but to post a message you have to join - don't worry - ITS FREE! All you have to do is choose your webname, which must be a single word, and unique! I could easily waste alot of time hanging about on this site, debating. 

Tony Smith's 2012 Page: UPDATED covers Mckenna's Time Wave in some detail, plus, JMJenkins, Hindu yugas, Chinese zodiac

Towards 2012 UPDATED The Unlimited Dream Co is now Norlonto.net: Excerpts from the journal of millennial mutation. A McKenna interview by Gyrus that was never published, (alternative URL) plus other archived material is being collected at the brand new Norlonto website (alt URL)

Transformation 2012 : "Independent Product/Media Source. Australia products/Books/Videos & Membership on; Natural Medecine/Issues, Free Energy Technology, The Transformation, Conspiracies + more..."

The Transition : The Transition: this is quite an entertaining journey through several 2012 theories - great graphics, quick-loading...just follow the arrows...

Truthforwellness : A daily blog with 100s of posts for mind-body-spirit wellness, with its own 2012 page

Universal Festival Calendar : New 2012 page: the Moment of Transformation; the End of Time

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization:2012 : UNAVAILABLE  Daniel Ryan, after witnessing 4 UFOs, received telepathic info, about the coming changes - graphics are nice

 Uppanaki - Mascot for the 2012 Ascension : Jeremy Turner has created a 2012 Mascot" By the end of the year, this mascot will be available for download as a Microsoft Agent (cartoon office assistant).   Hopefully, by the end of 2012, people around the globe will have Uppannaki on their desktop." There is also an explanation, flash animation and forum. Uppanaki is from upward and Annunnaki.


Venus Transits 2004 and 2012: NASA information on these upcoming rare transits when Venus crosses the disc of the sun. They happen every 130 years, in pairs.

Vibration Science Ascension Astrology: explaining the 13-baktun cycle in terms of vibration.

Vincent Bridges (co-author of A Monument to the End of Time (see item 37 , Whats New 5 & 21) has continued the research since the book was finished, and combines Enochian Magick, Sacred Geometry, Egyptology, and more, to find the method by which we can prepare for the descent of the New Jerusalem Cube in 2012 - it forms over a 20-year period from 1992 - 2012, which may explain the Mayan Katun period. See also Fifth Way Mystery School & Aethyrea Books and  San Graal School of Sacred Geometry

Vision 2012 : a global vision for the realization of a new age 

VK4VKD-One Man Tower- Radio Antenna Towers NOW  UPDATED! (29/3/02) An Australian ham radio enthusiast has discovered a sunspot cycle ending in 2012, through studying radio interference                          !!NEWS FLASH!! Kev has just emailed me with the the new web address and says that the page has now been transformed into an eBook, called Something is Wrong With Our Sun

Web of Light : Judith Bluestone Polich's website. She has just written a book called "Return of the Children of Light - Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World" The site covers the book, tour schedules, workshops, and related subjects. Sounds interesting - tieing in the Incan prophecies with the Mayan, like Joan Parisi Wilcox has, in her recent book, Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge.

Weinholds.org: A new collection of 2012 information

Webtrance : Rare downloadable McKenna video footage shot in South Africa

What happens in 2012?  The Solar Tribe provide a message from the Cosmic Maya about a leap to the 6th dimension, plus Mushroom religion, the Annunaki, and more. 

What's So Special About 2012? : An article by Geoff Stray, (but due to a typo by the webmaster, where it says 1010 it should say 1010 and 109 should be 109 ), summarising some of the most fascinating 2012 facts and synchronicities covered in the new book, Beyond 2012 - Catastrophe or Ecstasy

Wheels Within Wheels  : Check out this moving model that shows how Mayan calendrical cycles interact, but BEWARE! When you hold the mouse over each wheel, explanations of the cycles appear, BUT FOUR OF THESE ARE WRONG - the baktun, katun, tun and "solar year". These should say, Baktun: 400 360-day-years (144,000 days); Katun: 20 360-day- years (7200 days); Tun: 360 days; and instead of "solar year" of 365.25 days, it should say, Haab: 365 days. The remaining 5 wheels are annotated correctly.

When the Dream Becomes Real - Inner Apocalypse: Fascinating essay on the healing possibilities of schizophrenia, and its connection with apocalyptic themes and sacred sites. McKenna discussed the connection between schizophrenia and shamanism in the Invisible Landscape, and, I discovered, it is also a fact that "tryptamines other than serotonin" have been found in the urine of schizophrenic people, which brings in the DMT/2012 connection.

Why 2012? : This is a good question, since this page doesn't seem to mention it, but has been given this title in the browser. However, the subject is images of asteroids from the Near Asteroid Tracking System. Is this a coded message? For Jenkins' answer to the question Why 2012?, click here, or see The How & The Why of The Mayan End-Date in 2012 AD above

William Henry : Fascinating site by the author of two 2012 books - The Healing Sun Code and Ark of the Christos (see 2012 Books for details), plus several others. Covers subjects like Rennes le Chateau, Holy Grail, Hall of Records, Osiris, Denderah, The Maya, Atlantis, Christianity, the Templars, Rosslyn Chapel, Oak island, UFOs, Nostradamus, Galactic Alignment, and...the 2012 opening of a stargate/wormhole to heaven and its connection to Nibiru (see Nibiruan Wormhole and The Wormhole of Daath to see some of my own early speculations on these matters).

Wolflodge: Visions 1993 - 2013 : Harley Swiftdeer's Rainbow Dream Vision covering the years 1993 to 2013.

Xibalba 2012.com: A new what's it all about site - neat & concise

X-mas 2012 AD : An attempt to start a desert community for hip musicians called Disturbia, to experiment with post-apocalyptic music recording

Yowusa.com : All the latest on Nibiru and 2012, with an audio page - the latest interview is free to hear, but membership is required for more of them...interviews include Mystic Prophet, Father Andrew C. Wingate  -- Predicts Major USA Terror Attack by February, and Nibiru Flyby in 2012; Solar Code Author Echan Deravy — Nibiru Will Be Here in 2012, and It Will Bring Death, Destruction and Evolution, Why You'll Find Mayan Anthropologist George Erikson in a Cave on December 21, 2012 , 2013 will be the Worst Year of the Nibiru Flyby -- Physicist Jacco van der Worp

Zion Nirvana : Rastafarian/Buddhist fusion - Dub sounds to amuse you while the groovoids load (if you've already got "beatnick"  - if not, get it here). You should arrive at the Revelation Time page, with 2012 links, (but you may have to go automatically via the index page).