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   Jenkins and Calleman Debate:  

Calleman’s 3rd essay now in html format


 For those who could not access Carl Calleman’s 3rd essay, which was posted in the dreaded pdf format, it has now been re-posted in html.

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·         The Orion Prophecy  - Now in  Print!: Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx’ s  long-awaited book is now out!

·         2012 The Mayan Prophecy: A novel written in Spanish, discovered on a recent trip to Guatemala - thanks to Tania

·         Sunspots & Schumann Resonance = Mass Telepathy in 2012: Jazz Rasool, in a recent talk in Marlborough, UK, predicted a species mutation in 2012 – link here to Swirled News for full report…

·        New 2012 Poem: CDP 2012

·         Astral Transition Essay Vindicated by Non-Human: No, this is not April the first… “…make of this what you will…”

·         “Sixth Sun” crop formation at Milk Hill: Great Cycle formation was predicted for 2001; see what you think..



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·        Talk by Geoff Stray called “What does Santa Claus know about the Mayan Calendar?”

               Sussex, UK, 21 Feb 2002


·        Talk by Laurence Lucas….  Sussex, UK, 19 Mar 2002




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·         Orion Prophecy

·         Profiles in Wisdom

·         Legend of the Rainbow warriors

·         Return of the Children of Light – New Edition




More info coming soon…



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