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CLICK ON PICTURES FOR MORE DETAIL (and thanks to members of Facebook V-Twin Specials group for added research)

(Thanks to members of Facebook V-Twin Specials group for added research)

UPDATE: JAN 19 2017

Norton Superior: Bill Higginson's Matchless MX2-engined bike is now fitted with a long kickstart and new timing cover....... and is currently receiving an electric boot.... these are just temporary brackets while design is finalised.

15895905_10210114568292645_1531910904913332869_o 15977276_10210114194363297_61700533722713567_n

16114247_10210204282295439_2445975919419347281_n 16003023_10210204283775476_3725779174903994499_n 15977152_10210204285295514_571172245627547038_n 15977690_10210204282855453_8505061370968709003_n

KTT Velocette with JAP v-twin power (Thanks to Stefan Schlenk):

16113257_1892391500991282_2083967052491562878_o vtwinnews8


UPDATE: JAN 14 2017 (more on the Heemskerk v-twin below!)

Better picture of the Jiminson (Classic Bike December 2011) 760cc; Matchless Barrels and heads; Triumph 6T pistons, BSA A10 frame (lengthened 2 inches) forks, front wheel and gearbox; rear wheel is BSA plunger; modified VW Beetle push-rod tubes; (oh there's a Japanese part too - Mazda oil filter and housing).Triumph 4-spring clutch, Primary inner case: BSA C10; Outer case: BSA B31; carbs :Amal 1 1/6 Monoblocs. Tank: pre-war Matchless (modified); handlebars: Matchless; rear shocks: BMC Mini; Alternator: VW Kubelwagen... (oh and the Harley WLA bottom end)




j700 UPDATE on the JUNAK 700:

Here are some photos taken at a Polish Motorcycle rally in 1985: This version of the Junak v-twin has the cylinders at a bigger angle, and they seem to be orientated the same as in the single, except for the rear exhaust and inlet being reversed.

motory-1 motory

This is what the donor bike looks like:

img_1 img_4


You can see in these pictures that this version has the cylinders and heads arranged differently... the front top end has been swivelled 90 degrees anti-clockwise and the rear top end has been swivelled 90 degrees clockwise (on the standard single, above, you can see that the pushrods, unusually are on the left side of the engine). The camshaft runs between the cylinders in the magneto-like structure and the pushrods of both cylinders run off it. The front exhuast and inlet are now reversed.


2_1298308519 2_1298308437 2_1298308487

There is also an article from a Polish magazine about the bike and you can see where the front fins have been trimmed to fit between the frame tubes...and here are a couple more videos of the bike:



original videos:



...and here, apparently, is a third version of the machine - it has the camshaft drive coming off the engine sprocket.

2_1298308553   13396276524a5230770f916-900343-wm

Here is another Matchless MX2-engined special. Built in the around 1960, the builder, John, put the v-twin engine into the frame of a 1938 plunger Norton frame.



Finally - I found better pics of the SOHC Jan Heemskerk bike ...with BSA B50 barrels, Vincent rod, Norton box, Triumph cycle parts. Here are engine and other details:

1065cc* 50-degree v-twin *84mm bore x 96mm stroke * 2 valves per cylinder * Horizontally divided crankcase * Wet sump lubrication * Chain-driven overhead camshaft * Unit construction * BSA B50 cylinders, heads and pistons (modified) * Home-designed and cast crankcases, timing cover, camshaft, cam-chain tunnels, cam-follower housing and covers * side-by side Vincent con-rods* Camshaft adjuster coped from AJS 7R racer * Norton Commando alternator * Eccentric groove instead of holes for crank-balance * Triple-row roller big end bearings on EN36 crankpin * 2 x 30mm Amal carburettors * Air filters from BSA A65 * gearbox exterior from Norton/AMC * 4 gears from Norton Commando* Home-designed and built frame (single-tube backbone and twin-loop cradle) * Triumph handlebars, fuel tank, wheels, forks and brakes * Isolastic engine mounts inspired by Norton Commando * crankshaft and camshafts homemade * Cam grinding by Piper, UK * Cam-chain tensioners: “Weller” like AJS 7R* Cam-chain: Norton * Norton Commando clutch * Commando Triplex primary chain * Chain-case: Norton Commando * Oil filter from a car * Crankshaft gears (timing side and drive side) : Norton * Intermediate timing gear wheel: BSA * Camshaft drive gears: Norton * Home-made oil pump * Exhausts made by “London” in Hilversum, Netherlands * Manifolds: home-made * Silencers: 750 Commando * Marzocchi shocks * Saddle: home-made * paint by GL Paints * Avon tyres

 heemskerk1cheemskerk1 heemskerk3heemskerk7 $_12 Heemskerkarticle1 heemskerkarticle2 heemskerkarticle3 heemskerkfront

Article in Dutch magazine, Motor Sport Nieuws jrg.17 #195 1982.... translated to English by Straydog...pages 1, 2 and 3.(click on pic to go Flickr, then click again to enlarge)


  heemskekarticle $(KGrHqJ,!l!E1GC-3wz7BNd8dtOkG!~~_12 heemakerk56

WEEKBLAD article translated to English by Straydog (click on pic to go Flickr, then click again to enlarge).... Heemskerk v-twin also featured in Classic Bike #52 1984

Download the WEEKBLAD article here (in Dutch): http://www.slideshare.net/JanHeemskerk2/bsaheemskerk-vtwin


This was found in an obscure Australian shed advert... Thirties BSA Y13 750 v-twin engine in a fifties plunger frame, (48-53 Gold Star frame), and fifties BSA gearbox as fitted to these early Gold Stars, but turned 90 degrees .Oil tank is Matchless; girder forks are from an earlier machine. The bike was built by John Mazzer in Lismore, Australia. He spotted it 25 years ago leaning against a wall at a client's house and it took over 20 years before he managed to get hold of it. http://www.shedboss.com.au/shedblog/man-machine-and-my-shed/

IMG_0298 14052194_1209805239092255_957078555_n


Ariel-JAP special. Norton Dollshead gearbox; BSA frotn hub; AJS/Matchless oil tank.Pic with rider taken byDorian Rollin, Ireland, August 2015

 21403421378_9932eb49b7_b ariejap 29143571294_ac7a8fca0e_b

arieljap3 arieljap1 29143571294_ac7a8fca0e_b arieljap6


Aniket Vardhan has recently dispatched his fourt and fifth 998 Musket V-twins to their newe owners. Here are all five... (number two is actually an 1120cc version).

NOW TAKING ORDERS! http://www.musketvtwin.com/home.html

Musket v-twin on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Musket-V-Twin/176515752448366

Aniket Vardhan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aniket.vardhan.5?fref=ufi

10696209_542347805865157_8416156402755393464_n musket 11407070_637758339657436_749149853162181309_n 14196130_10154558722358856_2524130021702998378_o 13903169_815474498552485_963699986215413013_n 17434538_10155265946643856_8122084956627331762_o 18556606_10155461479763856_1650482183640927978_o

...and here is a custom bike that uses the Musket motor, plus a featherbed conversion under development:

12002181_1062314500453412_7736064784185727174_n  10703587_550826205017317_810389215682619660_n 1780874_550826218350649_2832287535013193059_n


Burney with JAP engine... "Blackburne was a trade name of Burney and Blackburne Limited a British manufacturer of motorcycles from 1913 to 1922 at Tongham near Farnham, Surrey...."... "...In 1923 Burney Baldwin & Co Ltd started making Burney motorcycles. The motorcycle was exhibited at the 1923 Olympia show, and the Vintage Motor Cycle Club library holds a copy of their promotional literature." Extracts from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackburne_(motorcycles) Thanks to Stefan Schlenk

15800416_1855161834772076_7719810955820728496_o <burney


229436_0 230900_0 230902_2 230903_0 230910_2


The Bonhams Spring Sale at Las Vegas in April 2011and the Stafford Classic Bike Show Auction in October 2011 included this 1938 OEC special with a water-cooled 980cc JAPv-twin engine.

1938-oec-jap-special-858x570 1938-oec-jap-special-2-854x570 1938-oec-jap-special-1-871x570


Better picture of Brian Shackleford's remarkable creation... see future updates for more info:


Dart-Jap, 1918, 654cc. Made by Dart Engineering Co. on Coventry. Onl;y in business for a year, this was the only example made. Now for sale at £14,950

Link: MIBT .....see bike running in the video below



A Norton-Jap recently sold at Verralls for 12K: According to Vintagent: " A 1930 Norton chassis with '26 JAP 1000cc v-twin side-valve engine, single camshaft model. Apparently a real flier; Ian reckons doing 80mph down the road with no problem, with a lovely smooth power delivery..." Link: Vintagent on Verralls It is the other side of the bike shown on the Jap-Specials page.



73853_368742673217382_154588121_n Imgp5139

"B Shaman" made in Finland, from a "1929 BSA G29"

More pics: Motorchyco

Videos of the B Shaman:



Blown the Harley engine up? Here's the answer:



Another pic of this chunky DTZ -Norton special; Sam Lovegrove's Royal Enfield Special; BSA Y13 750 v-twin engine in Gold Star plunger frame, and BSA gearbox as fitted '48 to '53 Gold Star but turned 90 degrees.(see above for more info).

trolley 14570269_1412047838824203_5805923946204319675_n IMG_0298



Dan Smith of Vancouver built this unique replica of the AJS V4 that raced at the Isle of man TT in 1936.... compare to the original. Here is an article about it: 1935 AJS V4 Replica

AJS-2 ajsv4 13323808_10153738650770208_6300483286198194105_o AJS101 AJS-1

Remember Gustavo Salvador's v-twin "MAL 800" on the V-Twin Innovator News page 1? Gustavo lives in Argentina... Since then, he has cast his own cylinder heads...which you can see on the bench...barrels from...?

378581_212252245526412_1406858858_n 381517_204545539630416_700346914_n166940_204544362963867_515134934_n Untitled-1

.... and the finished engine:


...and here, finally is the first start... and second...



MAL 800 from Guido Riera on Vimeo.

...incredible it runs so well considering the drilled and welded conrods etc: 263049_126898484061789_256970_n-1

more build pics on Facebook: MAL 800 build


Another view of a JAP special - a JAP in an Ariel frame with Norton forks....



Various old v-twins:

15178203_1786840588223495_3053682406594374560_n 12190122_907053239373321_8651071551084028647_n 13310409_10153733086840208_5843702612055522356_n 13315722_10153732562950208_2285449905023177224_n koehler nsu-v-twin-2-760x570 1932-499cc-james PHILIRVING12 1916GCSA 15338669_1793280394246181_3219366575814779329_n lbutler anzani33 lv0116-228393_4@2x Rudge-1923-1000cc-twin 2513065238_c263747dfa_b exotic22 Sokół1000 9ba95a44cf304faa7df9370c0c30ebb2

Various engines: HRD -Vincent Series A "plumber's nightmare" and a replica made by a home machinist.....................and a MatchlessSilver Hawk narrow-angle vee..... and an unidentified engine...

14237512_10153850332630905_2467212041562938888_n vincent hrd 15439931_10208198666024557_261131368949315038_n12360096_10153753356863798_8966679672575296006_n



Brough bitsa with JAP DTZ engine: Non-standard engine from a railway trolley car or firing range; Triumph twin-leading shoe Bonneville front brake and circa 1970; Triumph twin chaincase; Norton Dollshead gearbox:




A JAP engine inserted into a Panther... and what's left of it today...belonging to" Ia Woo".

15622057_901434549993191_962321397450911018_n 15578923_901434733326506_2759326447614379326_n


Project on ebay: s-l1600 s-l1600-2 s-l1600-1

Horex+Petith+Nachbau_Horex+Montage+001.jpg.small Horex-Treffen

This is a replica of the Herbert Ammon bike shown on the first V-Twin Innovator News page, which is itself inspired by Alfred Petith's original.Variously either 700cc or 750cc, the 90-degree v-twin was presumably made by Herbert Ammon, and is formed of two modified 350 top ends - from a Horex Regina, with specially-made barrels, on a modified 1955 Horex Resident crankcase.

The seat, front wheel, shocks, rear-sets and exhaust system, as well as other details, set this apart from the one shown previously, which you can also see on the right, above.



Another MX2-engined special: "Brough Superior Special"

13680898_10155044585363047_5081647945826869132_n 10330508_10152574404428950_1857075795952600772_n 10386755_10152574404703950_2187844564271881489_n 10417668_10152574405093950_4290890819476472895_n 14762683618_3555737b46_z 14926306026_6884e36df6_z

According to the photographer who spoke to the builder, the man's father bought the Brough (Matchless MX2) engine and Brough tank several years ago, and eventually the son accumulated enough parts to build it into a bike with a Norton Featherbed frame. It appears to be a wideline with Norton's Roadholder forks and a Norton seat...

More pictures at Dogdragons


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