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NEW! Egli Vincent frames, tanks etc can be bought from BSK Speedworks :




You can buy a 1000cc or 1200cc Vincent engine or complete bike made from new part from Maugham and Sons:

"It is possible to build a brand new Vincent twin engine. In fact, a completely new bike can be made. One such machine sold at auction a few years ago and fetched £30,000. Brand new engine cases start at £1950. We used to supply engine cases to Matt Holder and machine them right here. But these days we’ve got so much work on that we use John Wyatt cases that come ready machined for Steve to rebuild an engine."



Maughan & Sons

Vincent precision engineers and spares manufacturer

Telephone: 01529 461717


BSK Speedworks will also build new Vincent engines. Website :



BUY A USED CLASSIC V-twin here...: PAGE 17 - Buy a second-hand Classic v-twin NEW!


OR... find a Restored or Replica one below:


Brough Superiors are still made to order, though now made in Austria, the compny is run by Englishman, Mark Upham. They are replicas that are claimed to be better than the originals, due to improved manufacturing and materials...they (currently 2010-2011) sell for around £150,000, which is not cheap but the originals are now fetching upto £286,000 at auction. I was present in October 2010, at the Haynes Museum Classic bike auction when this record sale was made;

New SS100 just revealed...out soon...but will cost about E50,000 (£42,000):






J.A. Prestwich are back in business (now run by Alec Card and family). They have improved the 1298cc JAP engine, giving it enclosed valvegear, electronic ignition, ceramic-coated barrels and "a revolutionary new timing gear configuration". They supply a bobber-style motorcycle, powered by the JAP v-twin, for around £30,000. Here is the website: now unavailable - here's a partial archive:




Another company that are producing the JAP v-twin is Cameron Racing, and they say they can also supply a brand new Brough Superior SS100: Here is the website:







Another British company supplying parts for JAP engines, including the OHV conversion pictured above, is MFC



GSgreg Jap_880_greg_summmerton_engines_brakes

In South Australia, Greg Summerton makes complete J.A.P. engines, and races them. Greg says, "Internally, these engines are currently only loosely based on the JAP engine layout, but dimensionally they are all my own design. Nothing from my engines will suit or fit a genuine JAP." Website:



IV_080803_View_C_cropped solo_1600_front_lo_res solo_1600 298_391144259


Since Vincent employed an Australian design Engineer, (Phil Irving), an Australian Engineering company, KH Equipment, in Melbourne, (run by the Horner brothers), decided to continue development of the 1000cc V-twin Irving designed. They set up a subsidiary company called HRD engineering - Horner Race Development - recalling the HRD company that became Vincent Motorcycles. They have massively increased the power output to 165 brake horse power, and have won the Daytona Battle of the Twins in 2008, and other races. The bike is available in 6 versions, with two dispacements - 1300cc and 1600cc. See website:




JMC Classics, based in Hertfordshire, England, make replicas of the Egli Vincent. The Egli Vincent was a chassis designed by Swiss motorcycle engineer, Fritz Egli in the late 1960. They also make a Norvin replica - a Vincent engine in a Norton featherbed frame. The bikes come in 2 colours - black or red, with various specifications to the buyer's taste, such as single or dual seat, 1000cc or 1200cc, electronic or magneto ignition, black or polished engine; also a race clutch and electric start are standard. See the website:


hmregli HMR_norvin


The original company (10 miles from JMC Classics), was called "John Mossey Restorations" (JMR). This became HMR for a year but then was closed down. The story was "JMR assets and management was taken over by investors which removed John Mossey. The investors developed the relationship with the Hailwood family and rebranded the business and bike "HMR" for about one year before business was closed down. In parallel John Mossey established JMC and resumed the production of the motorcycles that were manufactured in the previous (company) structure."

Here is the old HMR catalogue:


vincent-motorcycle-3 vincent-motorcycle-1

French restorer and Vincent-lover Patrick Godet also makes Vincent Egli replicas. Website:




Steve Tonkin no longer provides new Egli-Vincents, but he does supply newly restored Matchless G50s, Gold Stars and Manx Nortons


tdc234 V1000disp.

The Hesketh 1000cc v-twin was developed in 1974, with 4 valves per cylinder and overhead went into production before development was complete, but development has continued by Broom development Engineering, who have changed tyres, brakes, added oil cooling improvements, and gearbox modifications. They make about 12 per year at their Northamptonshire facility. On the left above is the original and on the right the current v1000 model. Note back to spoked wheels and re-positioning of calipers. Here is the NEW website:

Update JAN 2014: New Hesketh Model 24 with 120 BHP 1950cc aircooled v-twin power - actually an S&S engine. Update JAN 2017: New Hesketh model... £10,000 cheaper than the''24'' model; this is £25,000. 2.1-litre S & S engine.Hesketh Sonnet




norcroft norcroft2

Norcroft-Enfield. The Norcroft venture was started by Bill Hurr and Richard Hurst. Hurr noticed that a Royal Enfield Bullet has the same bore and stroke as a Vincent Black Shadow and Rapide. After successfully designing a 50-degree v-twin with Enfield top ends, they got Metisse to design a custom built rolling chassis. Financial problems led to a postponing of production plans. The bike is still under development. UPDATE 2014: Now going into production - see links below... UPDATE JAN 2017: Bikes just at testing stage and being made in India and Germany. See Faceboook link below for latest news.


Original Website: New Website (2013):

Norcroft on Facebook:

New Kneeslider article (Feb 2014):

Royal Riders article (July 2014):


EnfieldV-twin CarberryEnfield

The Carberry Enfield is made by Paul Carberry and Ian Drysdale in Australia. They took the top ends of two 500cc Royal Enfield single cylinder engines, which are still being manufactured in India, and they designed a crankcase to turn them into a 55-degree 1100cc V-twin. UPDATE Feb 2014: Carberry have stopped production.

UPDATE JAN 2017: Carberry has been re-vamped! According to this Feb 2016 article, The firm has moved from Australia to Indi, and they are planning to launch the bike in Spring 2017! See their facebook page below for latest updates:

2016 article:

Carberry on Facebook:


See original website (archived):




2706660 musket4

Enfield Musket. Aniket Vardhan moved from Delhi to USA since he loved the sound of the Harley Davidson v-twin, and wanted to build a v-twin out of 2 Royal Enfield Bullets. He built a 700cc v-twin from two 350cc bullets and is currently working on the 1000cc version, to be available as economical kits, to convert a bullet into a v-twin. The bike sounds fantastic - The angle of the vee is 70 degrees. Website:

Clutch springs were beefed up after this road test revealed some clutch slip due to increased power:


Amazing tick-over:


UPDATE: Jan 3 2012: Wooden casting patterns for the 500 v-twin now complete... v-angle changed to a more compact 59 degrees, than the 70 degree angle of the 700cc v-twin...hope the tick-over still sounds as sweet


UPDATE!!! Musket 998 now finished! See news page: V-Twin Innovator News

Here's the 988 Musket sounding great: ... and bike number 4 starting up:

 Number 4:


Musket v-twin on FACEBOOK:

Aniket Vardhan on Facebook:

 10696209_542347805865157_8416156402755393464_n musket 11407070_637758339657436_749149853162181309_n 14196130_10154558722358856_2524130021702998378_o 13903169_815474498552485_963699986215413013_n


New 1200cc 75-degree V-Twin from Lotus! With a Rotax 200 bhp engine similar to that in a KTM RC8.


lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-30 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-26lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-29


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