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NEWS FLASH (19th September 2002): NEW ARTICLE by WEIDNER & BRIDGES, 

Fulcanelli’s Final Revelation: Raising the Djed at the End of Time


Brand New pages:

2012 Downloads: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/rave.htm

Have you got red, swollen eyes? Tired of sitting in front of a computer? (Oh, that's not the reason?) Anyway, now you can re-plaster your ceiling, or clean out the hamster's cage at the same time as absorbing 2012 information...just download & listen to rave tracks & interviews...Since the Terence McKenna MP3 Downloads page at Elftrance.com http://www.elftrance.com/mckenna.htm has been almost emptied, I have scoured the net and collected all the available rave tracks, interviews and video footage & linked them on this new audio/video page. There are also 3 interviews with John Major Jenkins, and more with several other people who have contributed to the 2012 knowledge data-base.

2012 and Crop Formations : http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/cro.htm

This is a new page using crop formations to illustrate various aspects of the 2012 phenomenon If you think crop circles are all man-made, check out BLT Research's website which is now online at last! http://www.bltresearch.com -see crop dept. below for more.


 New on What's New : http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/new3.htm 

New on 2012 links: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/link.htm


New on Crop Dept.: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/crop.htm



New on Maya links: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/mlink.htm

New on 2012 Books: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/books.htm


New On 2012 Events: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/events.htm  

Other News:

Stop press: new site on the 2012 webring: Barelfull of Monkeys; "The BARRELFULL of MONKEYS are a global network of artists, DJs, tech fetishists, pleazure Terra-ists and media savvy memetic sculptors surfing the inphomation tsunami filtering through the last wave of kulture before the End of The World As We Know It in 2012, by which time everyone will have got their sh*t together and linked up in HIVE minds for the pure creation and transmission of ART. "



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