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The forthcoming book, BEYOND 2012, Catastrophe or Ecstasy? is on schedule for release in mid-July

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  • "Conversations With My Girlfriend": An account of  a spontaneous channeling that sees an "ascension" occurring between 2009 and 2017.


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  • Robert Berringer's book is now available: Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries
    Will They Return in 2012 AD?


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  • New Flyers posted in 3 languages for the Festival 2012 in Belgium in July 2005

  • More talks by Geoff Stray added to the series: Frome, Somerset, UK, November 2005 & Cobham, Surrey, UK November 2005

  • Reminder: The last 3 talks in the Earth Revelations 2012 series in Atlanta, Georgia, USA will happen on June 16th, 23rd & 30th. Bill Hamilton will speak about Dan Burisch (see Whats New item 174), David Wilcock on solar system changes and Tricia McCannon on DNA activation.


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  • 2 new Dutch discussion groups: Atlantis2012.com; Discussieforum 2012.pagina.nl 

  • 2012 Circle Dreams


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  • Massive Dutch 2012 Links Page (plus English translation link)

  • Another Dutch 2012 links page (plus English translation link)


Other News:

Joel Keene's latest article, Commencing Countdown is available here: http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewshortstory.asp?AuthorID=10788 He also has a new news blog on the site.






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