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  • Mayan Crop Circle Misrepresentations: Remember the "Aussie Bloke" who started a doomsday rumour, claiming to be an Australian scientist? Now we have an Australian scientist (claiming that crop circles encode Mayan doom prophecies), while also pretending to be a deceased Christian-children's-story-writer. Straydog investigates...

  • More on Dan Burisch: A new website has collected the Dan Burisch info into one place. Burisch connects the Divergent Timeline Paradox, solar radiation, Galactic Centre, pole shifts and "Stargates" to 2012.

  • Hoagland on 2012: Richard Hoagland is about to give 2 workshops on 2012 at the Conscious Life Expo, (see 2012 Events below) and will also be on the "Countdown to 2012" discussion panel. What is it all about?

  •  The "Pacal Votan" Composite: Lord Pacal of Palenque lived around AD600. Votan was a culture hero who lived many centuries before. They were not the same person, as many people seem to think...

  • Moon Dream 2012: Daniel O'Brien has had a recurring dream of 2 moons in 2012...


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  • Oxlajuj B'ak'tun: Mayan Perspectives on the date December 21 2012

  • December 21 2012: "the official" website for info on 21122012 : A small collection of articles from a few websites . NB the web address is "mysidebusiness.com" !

  • Weinholds.org: A new collection of 2012 info


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  • The Nostradamus Code: World War III - 2006-2012  by Dr. Michael Rathford. The latest data-mining decoding techniques have been used on a newly discovered Nostradamus manuscript ( found in the Italian National Library of Rome in 2004), to reveal prophecies of Bin laden, 9/11, World War 3 and more prophecies leading up to 2012...

  • Atlantis Today - The USA Poised for Destruction by Nina Anderson. From the author of the fictional story, "2012, Airborne Prophecy", comes a comparison between the decadent civilization of today, typified by USA, and the stories of Atlantis prior to its fall - a scenario which Anderson thinks will be repeated in 2012.

  • Earth Changes by Carl Peterson. Evidence for a forthcoming pole shift in 2012

  • Voices From Legendary Times: We are a Bridge Between Past and Future by Ellen Lloyd. This could be another book connecting the sinking of Atlantis with a similar scenario in 2012...

  • The World Turned Upside Down by Jo and Kris Van den Driessche. This book was released in January 2006, and it covers "new insights about evolutions in our universe. The most important one right now is the near end of a half precession cycle which will leads to a huge world disaster. In other words: a pole shift is on its way. We expect it around 2012 – 2013".

  • Psychedelic Information Theory : Shamanism in the Age of Reason by James L. Kent. There is a section n part 4 called "Pushing Through 2012 and Beyond".

  • Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into the End of Civilization by Lawrence E. Joseph. Forthcoming in September 2006

  • 2012: You Have a Choice:Archangelic Answers and Practises for the Quantum Leap by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. Forthcoming in February 2006.



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  • Peril and Prophecy: Nostradamus and Mayan 2012 Warnings, in Light of the Kolbrin Bible by Marshall Masters. An audio introduction to the Kolbrin Bible, highlighting correlations with "the Mayan 2012 prophecies", involving the return of a red comet.

  • New audio interview with Geoff Stray (webmaster of Diagnosis2012 and author of Beyond 2012 - Catastrophe or Ecstasy).


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  • The Conscious Life Expo: Los Angeles, California, USA, February 10-12 2006. Includes COUNTDOWN TO 2012 Free 2.5 Hour Panel discussion with Bettye B. Binder, Dr. Nicholas Begich, Dannion Brinkley, Richard C. Hoagland, Sean David Morton, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Kaa. Also workshops with Richard Hoagland: 2012: Kokopelli and the End of Time and Changing the “2012 Scenario”— Using Ancient Science...and a talk by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Kaa: : The Archangelic Revelations of 2012, on their new book (see 2012 Books page).

  • A presentation Geoff Stray at the UFO Congress, Laughlin, Nevada, USA, Mon Feb 27th 1.30 pm. The Congress lasts a week, from Sunday Feb 26th to Saturday March 4th

  • Plus more presentations from Geoff Stray in the UK...

  •  2nd Healing Conference in Jericho, Israel. Ton van de Kroon leads this conference, and has also dubbed it a "2012 conference". May 1-6 2006

  • Stop Press! Just received this: Festival 2012 in Belgium, 22-25 July 2006


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  • Stargate 2012 - a new DVD by William Henry


Other News:

The "Investigating the Origins of Dreamspell" article has been updated following new claims from Treefrog. See bottom of page: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/dspell.htm



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