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Happy Winter Solstice!

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  • Apocalypse Now - 2012 - Is it True? Whitley Streiber's article on the Future Hi website, about 2012 and the superstorm

  •  StarGate Zero - Portal to 2012 and Beyond: New 2012 site under construction, so far covering Bible code, Peak Oil, Timewave Zero, and Economic Collapse. Also houses a great new forum that takes over where the recently demised Final frontier left off.


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  • 2012 - Year of the Apocalypse: The Destruction and Resurrection of Earth by Edward Arnold ( published Nov 05)

  • Predictions for a New Millennium by Noel Tyl: Originally written in 1951, the astrological predictions are looking quite accurate so far...

  • Free 2012 ebook: Souls of Distortion Awakening/Convergence of Science and Spirituality by Jan Wicherink

  • Does the Music play Forever? by Tina Ancinec. Fiction about a scientist manipulating a wormhole in order to avoid destruction in 2012

  • Beyond the Indigo Children : The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World by P.M.H.Atwater: Atwater thinks that the Indigo children are the Fifth Root race, who have come to help us fulfil the 5th Sun of the Aztecs (and Fifth World some Maya myths).

  • The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, Vol. 2: Earth Changes and the Post-2012 Society by Michael Mau (Forthcoming in March 2006)


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  • Introducing Michael Morris by John Reizer. Every 90,000 years, Planet X comes close enough to push the earth into a fourth-dimensional state. In 2012, this will happen, without the usual pole shift but with a shift to 4D where we will see "desert plains littered with machine-marked surveillance grids" and reptilians.

  • Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs: From Toad Slime to Ecstasy edited by Paul Krassner. The book contains an interview with Terence McKenna, in which he is asked, "What are your visions of alternative scenarios that are upcoming, either in December of 2012, or before?" McKenna's reply covers 3 pages, including time travel and the grandfather paradox.


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  • Winter Solstice 2012- 7 Years to go! A Trance-Dimensional Costume Ball in Glastonbury, UK. 21st December 2005

  • 2012 talk in Surbiton, Surrey, UK in May 2006


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  • Forthcoming Film project, "2012" by Justin Dubois Asten is nearing completion


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  • StarGate Zero Forum: The excellent Final Frontier forum is no longer online, but has been replaced by this forum, which has just started up, so if you were a member of final frontier and wondered what happened, join Stargate Zero.


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  • Various T-shirts, mugs, clocks and stickers from Cafeshops.


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  • Spanish Book: Profecias Mayas by Dario Bermudez

  • Portuguese Book: 2012 O Fim Anunciado 2012: the Announced End by Marcelo Utumi

  • Siver Wolves.com - 2012-The Awakening: French website:

  • 21 Decembre 2012 - Le Zero Point: French webpage

Other News:

Joel Keene's latest offering at http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewshortstory.asp?AuthorID=10788





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