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  • Predictions of 2006 and 2012 Received in Meditative State
  • The Tortuguero Prophecy: Just after the previous update, it emerged into the public domain that there is a monument from the Classic era of the Maya that shows the end-date of the 13-baktun cycle in December 2012 and is accompanied by a prophecy that supports previous conclusions on this site concerning the Chilam Balam prophecies. This is an important development since it should silence all those who say that the end of the 13-baktun cycle would have been of no significance to the Maya, or that the cycle actually had 20 baktuns and will not end for hundreds of years, or that it was too far into the future for them to have been interested, or that the prophecies were all distorted by Christian ideas. This is the only surviving prophecy of 2012 to be discovered so far, apart from the distorted Chilam Balam prophecies. Read the brand new translation of the inscription... 
  • 2012- The Return of Quetzalcoatl - A DiaGnosis Review: Daniel Pinchbecks first book, Breaking Open the Head, about the authors travels around the world, meeting shamans and sampling their sacred hallucinogenic medicines, was widely acclaimed. Thus his next book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl was awaited impatiently by many, and being published by Penguin, had the advantage of pre-sales hype, and pre-orders awaiting its release.  Dire Gnosis reviews Pinchbeck's latest offering and offers him right of reply...
  • "Jaguar Prophet of Our Time" Sinks His Teeth In: Swedish biologist Carl Calleman thought Diagnosis2012 was ignoring him, and started circulating rumours that the site prefers to consider catastrophe theories than ones based around an evolution of consciousness. Calleman's theory was not discussed here originally because I was just about to post a review of his book when Diagnosis2012 hosted the Jenkins/Calleman debate. I held off with the review to retain impartiality, so that the debate could proceed without any outside influence, but Calleman is right - now is the time to review his theory, which has become so well circulated that some are now calling it "the Mayan calendar". So here is the "Calleman Solution" - the Dire Gnosis review of Calleman's first book, Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time, The Mayan Calendar.
  • 2012 and the Harvest of the End Times (Review): Does this book live up to the hype or is it just an insult to the intelligence?

  • 2012-Year of the Apocalypse - A DiaGnosis Review: Is this worth reading?

  • Berringer's Ancient Gods and 2012 - Another DiaGnosis Review: Chariots of the Gods plus a 2012 angle.

  • NASA Predicts Massive Solar Storm in 2012: Several space scientists have recently agreed that we are due for solar storms culminating in 2012 with likely damage to satellites and electric grid systems.

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  • How To Survive 2012 - Patrick Geryls new website

  • The 2012 Agenda: Brad Bartholemews response to reading Beyond 2012 and the articles on Crop Circle Connector by C. Lewis, the Australian Scientist, plus Geoff Strays articles about the so-called Mayan crop formations of 2004 and 2005. Brad considers Russian discoveries about DNA and what this may mean for 2012.

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  • The 100th Human by Chris Fenwick: "In this novel, Chris Fenwick successfully explains such complex scientific theories as critical mass, zero point, wave functions and punctuated equilibrium, making them accessible and even important to our daily lives."

  • Oblivion 2012: Book I - Mistress of the Komodo Dragons  by Susan MV Baker: "Raven-haired and eccentric rock star Tara Morgan just played her last gig. On a morning in March, 2012, she wakes stranded solo in her dome in the New Jersey suburbs, shocked that she has alone has survived the scenario of global destruction that lies outside her crystal walls..."

  • Event 2012: Yet another book about raising the Titanic in 2012 (- three books altogether, by different authors) Titanic 2012 and Deep Banks - all about Titanic & 2012

  • Escape to Earth by Lawrence Johnson: Crop circles, aliens, pyramids, Maya and the end of the world in 2012...

  • Through the Eyes of the Phoenix by Odysseus: A satire set in 2011-2012, an underground music collective fights the New World Order.

  • Through the Eyes of the Jaguar by C. Charles Coyle: "A gripping race to save the world in 2012 via shamanic journeying into Xibalba..."

  • The Chaos Point by Ervin Laszlo: Laszlo's analysis of graphs and trends indicates that we have 6-7 years before the ecological and economical "tipping point" or Chaos Point, beyond which the world will change...Laszlo notes the synchronistic end of the Maya 13-baktun cycle in 2012 at this time...

  • End of Time 21. 12. 2012 - New online 2012 book by Daniel Srsa who wrote Prophets Manual, which was practically impossible to read...this one's in small electronic print so its harder still...

TWELVE 2012 Books at Lulu.com:

  • Fear Kindness Love / Earth Ascending 2012 by Alexander Kiy: This novel is essentially a primer for how planet Earth is going to transform Herself over the next few years, ...The scope of this novel's story includes: 2012 related discussions...

  • The Storms Of Armageddon by Nickolaus Pacione: A dark vision of the future via the author Nickolaus A. Pacione. Set during the year 2013, this is a future that no one wants to imagine can happen...  Think what happens when technology survives the Mayan Calendar. 

  • CITIZENS OF LIGHT - SEERS OF ALL THINGS by Robert Winston Burnett: They're real and with us as Celestial Intelligent Creation (CIC). ...Are we ready, preparing for major changes for all life towards the year 2012?

  • OPERATION RESCUE by Robert Winston Burnett: A human race as original intelligent light creation, needs urgent help to adapt to changing vibrations as we draw closer to the crossroads on Earth or a vital Universal light juncture of the year 2012. 

  • BIGGER THAN BULLIES by Robert Winston Burnett: Arrival of Blue Flame Indigo Children on earth as...divine links arriving en-mass on Earth from 1987 (25 year period.. 2012) 

  • The X-Brief by Estanislao Carter:  Our most ancient civilization are the Sumerians... and surprisingly they talk about our future. Our very, very near future.

  • Downfall by Chris Keogh-Ly : 2012 - London has vanished from the face of the Earth. Two hundred years later a plan is hatched to find it and only one man can get them there.

  • The Return of the Pleiadians by Richard Brown: Itís 2012. The world is crumbling. Governments worldwide have collapsed...

  • The Handmaidens of Anarchy by Richard Brown:... the Pleiadians are preoccupied by their own problems with the Orions. The local born-again Christians turn to blood thirsty terrorism...

  • Synetica 2012 by Patrice Vassy: Script for the end of a world. 

  • Holy Wars 2006 - 2012 by Klaudio Zic Astrocalypse 2005 - 2013: An astrologic diary of the apocalypse with perpetual update. Download: FREE

  • The Grass is Green by Michael Soltys Arthur Gray is confused. Arthur Gray is lost....


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2012 Books:

  • Synetica 2012 by Patrice Vassy 

  • The light family. Theories for the Coming Years Until 2012 by Barbara Marciniak

  • Don Eric und die Maya. 23. Dezember 2012. Werden die Gotter Wiederkommen? by Mario Krygier and Jens Rohark

  • 2012: The Coming Time Turn and the Golden Age. Prophetic visions to the present and future by Tibor Zelikovics

  • Turn of an era 2012. The calendar and the prophecies of the Mayas. At present in short form as updates to "the coming turn of an era..." by Tibor Zelikovics free of charge available from Tibor

  • The Next Point 2012 by Noah Jacobsen

  • Nearer than you think! It and 2012 by Nick Armstrong

  • Antaris. One day on earth in the year 2012 by Robert Kendel  Pseud

  • Developments for a new millenium. Timeship Earth - the time until 2012 of the Maya calendar. Cropcircles - gate into the 4th Dimension. The opening... 11/9/2001 and further consequences By Wolfgang Weidergut

  • Japanese: Prophecy to Earth -2012 Year of Impact by Mori Kisida

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  • DVD: Dialogues on Prophecy and the End of Time: Jonathan Zap and John Major Jenkins recorded August, 2004 by Lost Arts Media. Two hours. 
  • DVD: Looking Toward the Event Horizon: Jonathan Zap, interviewed by John Major Jenkins 
  • CD: The 2012 Show: A musical show that recently travelled around the UK. If you missed it, the CD is still available


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  • WHAT COMES AFTER 2012? 2013 Oracle: Transitioning to the New Humanity with David Carson Vancouver - August 4-6, 2006 

  • Questing Conference: Sat 28th October 9.30 AM - 6 PM, London NW1: 2012 talk by Geoff Stray plus talks by Andrew Collins, LynnPicknett & Clive Prince, John Reid, Andrew Murphy, Greg Little


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New Video from Sharron Rose, due out soon:

  • 2012 - The Odyssey: featuring Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins, Geoff Stray, Alberto Villoldo, Gregg Braden, Rick Levine, Moira Timms, Jay Weidner


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  • David Carsons New Oracle Cards: 2013 Oracle: Transitioning to the New Humanity 


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