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102. Lucid Dreams and 2012

103. Steiner: Crossing The Threshold

104. Aztec Sunstones

105. Joel J Keene's Cosmic Coincidences

106. X-Files on British TV : Boylan Connection

107. Salvia Reply

108. Smelyakov: Issue 2

109. 8th March 2003: The Truth

110. Syrian Rue and the Dolphin/Mushroom/Human Collaboration

111. Clues from the Tzutujil Maya

112. Prophecies from Thailand

113. Masons, Venus, Megaliths and the Phaistos Disc

114. Reply to J.J.Keene

115. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and 2012

116. Tomorrowlander and DXM

117. Joel Keene's Continuing Web of Synchronicity

118. St. Malachy & 2012

119. The 2012 Dream Project

120. Franklin Timewave Update

121. Orion Prophecy Update

122. The Discontinuity

123. Ananda, Internal Alchemy and The Vedas

124. The Pineal Project

125. Jumping on the 2003/2012 Bandwagon

126. Tolkien and 2012

127. The Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld

128. Solar System Changes Update

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130. The Celestial Cow in 3114 BC

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102. Lucid Dreams and 2012                                    1/3/03

When a dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming, the whole dream becomes very realistic and the dreamer can then control the dream. It is widely accepted that lucid dreams are a form of out-of-body experience (OOBE or OBE), and I have already established that there is a connection between OOBEs and 2012; (see the new essay available at Salvia Divinorum Magazine, called Salvia Divinorum: Key to the Paradigm Shift in 2012; to access it you will have to join Salvia Divinorum Alliance first, to get a user name and password). well, I have just found 2 accounts of lucid dreams that featured 2012;

"Explora" had a lucid dream including the following:

"Suddenly, my attention is drawn to a large object in the sky. Looking up, I am stunned to see the words ‘2012, it is their last superstar’ printed on a large banner. The banner is huge, but seems to be moving away. It is attached to an amazing space ship, a white and blue ship, with bright flashing lights, which are travelling away quite quickly. I am amazed by the reality of the ship and it’s message, and continue focusing on what the banner says. As I do this, the words change to ‘2012, it is their next superstar’".

Click here for the whole dream.

At the Dream Images site, we find the following extract of a lucid dream that occurred on 11/28/98:

"...A man comes up to my right and says he wants to ask a couple of questions -- about the electricity changes. There are identical redheaded triplet girls having a picnic on a blanket under a tree. A girl with long blond hair past her butt with some other women -- they tell her to stay visible but she becomes invisible and may have wings. She runs through me. At the top of the hill are evergreen trees, a dirt path, curb and a building like a utility. Voice, "there's usually water here" and suddenly I'm up to my butt in cold water -- shock. I go the other way. A path into a big room like a waiting station for travelers, I start up an escalator but a voice says, "no" and I push my way back down through the crowd on the escalator. There is an elevator in
the corner with a metal label on it that says
2012-2025 -- it looks like a morgue drawer, but I hope it's a time machine. I look at the escalator again and ask if the problem is that I don't have any money -- maybe I can pretend I'm with someone and voice says, "a couple of people can." I have to get a job, I try to learn about the place -- there are maps of various countries on a table, very detailed, New Zealand is my impression -- every little town. I wonder how I'll find my body again, and then I wake up".

Click here for the whole dream. 

In a dream of Paul Vigay, dated "some time between 1998 and 2012", that "almost became a lucid dream", witnessed a decloaking of extra-dimensional UFOs in the East Kennett area (near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK).

Click here for the whole dream

Lucidity Institute (Stephen LaBerge's site)     

 Keith Hearne



103. Steiner: Crossing The Threshold                   1/3/03

A few months ago, I heard the philospher, Stanley Messenger give a talk about Rudolph Steiner's prediction of "mankind crossing the threshold at the end of the century".  Stanley said that all the people who have completed a struggle towards enlightenment through the ages, have formed a critical mass, that will allow the mass of mankind to cross this threshold together; that this was foreseen by Steiner, and that the time is now. Stanley sees the event as reaching its climax by 2012, and sees a connection to the crop circle phenomenon. Although some feel it is unfair that the masses should reap the benefits of the sacrifices of a few, it would seem to be a natural process like the "100th monkey phenomenon", or Rupert Sheldrake's morpho-genetic fields. See especially Stanley's articles, Lucifer and Ahriman under the Bed and Crop Circles as a Path from Space into Time (2).

Greg Joly, the man who built the amazing Aeolian wind harps featured on the alternative index page, has written an article on this very subject, exclusively for 2012: Dire Gnosis. Find it here:

Rudolph Steiner and The Crossing of the Threshold

Greg's CD, Wind Songs, features a track called 2012: A Space Harp Odyssey. 

Download sound-bites: here and here.

Click on album cover to contact Greg Joly.


104. Aztec Sunstones                                            1/3/03

This week, I visited the "Aztecs" exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and was inspired to put up a page of Aztec Sunstone images, since there was a rare statue of the Sun-God Tonatiuh with 22 eagle feathers surrounding his solar orb (on loan from the Museum de Kulturen in Basel, Switzerland). Could this be a reference to the 22-year binary sunspot cycle? Like the full-size sunstone and a few others illustrated here, the central motif is the Ollin glyph, meaning "movement", or "earthquake". Sunstone animation coming soon, meanwhile, access Aztec sunstone page here:

Tonatiuh & The Sunstones



105. Joel J Keene's Cosmic Coincidences               1/4/03

When Joel Keene started planning his novel, Cosmic Locusts: The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian, Mayan and Biblical Prophecy, coincidences started happening. The coincidences continued after the book was published, so I asked if he'd like to write an article about them for 2012: Dire Gnosis. Check out Joel's article here:

Cosmic Coincidences


106. X-Files on British TV : Boylan Connection      1/4/03

Awareness of the 2012 transition was increased in the UK this past month, since the final X-Files double-length episode was transmitted to British TV screens (on 16 March 2003). During this episode, the final secret is revealed, tying together a few of the past cases investigated by the X-Files team; alien colonization of Earth is scheduled for December 2012! See Whats New item 57.

 Dr. Richard Boylan has been saying just this for years, except it sounds much more pleasant than the X-Files version:

Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. worked 25 years as a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist, author of four books, his most recent is Project Epiphany in which he claims that the Future is now! Dr. Boylan conveys that sources in the U.S. government have made it clear to him that we (the human race) do have relationships with extraterrestrials. A group of those that are enlightened by this contact have agreed upon a time table; within the next eighteen months, the truth of extraterrestrial existence will be undeniable. At this time it will be announced by the head of the U.N. Security Council that we will be exchanging ambassadors with the Extraterrestrial Federation of Planets. This federation is made up of beings of all types, from Whitley Streiber's greys to non-corporeal, thought essences. From gasbag beings to intelligent insect races. This federation is a non-monetary, non-violent, telepathic coalition of beings from numerous planets. The Federation has already greatly affected our physical and spiritual evolution throughout history and even before. Many great spiritual teachers and leaders, Boylan iterates, were actually alien in origin. They believe themselves intermediaries between the "God Force" and ourselves. They, soon after establishing open contact, will distribute their vast technology. They intend to give us the knowledge to build free energy machines, teleportation devices, food replicators and instant education machines that will be able to download a whole foreign language in a one hour session and much more. They will graciously (and speedily) give us the secrets to telepathic communication, ending disease and aging and enabling time travel. Dr. Boylan says the Mayans knew this would be taking place. By the end of the Mayan calendar, 2012, Earth and all of Humanity will be wholly integrated into this extraterrestrial federation.

Here is the whole article

107. Salvia Reply                                                     1/4/03

There has been a reply to the article, Salvia Divinorum: Key to the Paradigm Shift in 2012  which I wrote for Salvia divinorum magazine (now online here http://www.salvia.us/magazine/ but you will have to join the discussion group Salvia divinorum Alliance first, to get a user name and password:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SalviaD_Alliance/)

A surfer called "Canul" includes the following comment about his first experience with Salvia:

In my first experience I felt and saw things of this reality that made me think of 2012. I had a perception of reality that is commonly described in Salvia Divinorum literature: experiencing two different realities in parallel. One reality was the one that habit tells me, the other one was 2012 near by. I don't attribute this to the enthusiasm I have over 2012. It was authentic. I am reminded of the scene in the movie Artifical Intelligence where the boy runs away with the other A.I. models from the "robot gatherers."

I have also found a thread from 1999 connecting December 21, 2012 with Salvia divinorum, in which "Shivasix" says Salvia divinorum is a powerful plant helper sent to ease our transition at the end of time, which he correlates with the end of the 13th Baktun in 2012.


108. Smelyakov: Issue 2                             1/4/03

On 31/1/03 I posted Issue 2 part 3 of Russian professor Mathematics - Sergey Smelyakov's proposed 5-Issue series, THE PREDICTED UNKNOWN - A DECADE OF VOLTE–FACE. Now the whole of Issue 1 and Issue 2 are available from the above menu. Issue 3 will be THE GOLDEN SECTION OF TIME IN SPACE AND HISTORY - the replacement for The Auric Time Scale and The Mayan Factor  the phi-based time spiral that terminates in 2012 (see Whats New item 66), and will be added to the menu as soon as its out.


109.  8th March 2003: The Truth                   1/May/03

On October 12th 2002, a notice was placed on the internet to the effect that the author of the notice had stumbled upon a broken camera while trekking in some mountains. The camera had some badly damaged film in it, showing scenes with catastrophic implications for Earth. While researching the subject on the internet, the author's computer made some strange noises and he realized someone was hacking into it, and then, that his phone was tapped. He had a narrow escape, minutes later,  from the unknown occupants of a black van, and then went on the run. He promised to give updates from internet cafes, as he found out more about what was happening, and promised to post the pictures on the net on March 8th 2003.

A disclaimer appeared on the site on November 9th, claiming that the site was a hoax...some sort of promotion for a forthcoming project. However, the discussion groups revealed that alot of people were convinced the site had been infiltrated, and the original story was true, as hinted at in the next post in mid-November.

March 8th 2003 finally came, and sure enough, the half-melted images were posted. They showed aerial photos of a massive runway in a wooded mountain range, leading to a tunnel with what seemed to be a giant submarine just visible, as if designed as a Noah's Ark Mach 2, to survive a colossal flood.

In the next few weeks, another web-site appeared, showing similar photographs, apparently taken by the person whose camera had been found broken, telling the story of his discovery and the chase that followed. However, the photos were said to have been taken in Peru, while the original site said they were taken in Australia...but on the second page of this site (mountainsub.com), the pictures were said to be part of a promotion, and there was also an associated competition with a prize.

The original site claimed the second was a hoax, and then linked to another site called Ancient Medallion about a newly discovered archaeological relic (13,000 years old), that seemed to be a calendrical device, revealing a forthcoming catastrophic trigger...but then there was another implied link with a mystery publicity event.

Finally, updates at the medallion site revealed that more medallions had been found, but then linked back to a page at 8thmarch2003.com, where the whole event had been staged as publicity for a novel called Shift of The Ages by Norwegian-Australian, Jêan Nemeyeth:

"It is December 2008. Erratic weather seasons have been occurring globally for years and continue to worsen. Scientists, politicians and religious leaders worldwide are theorizing and contradicting each other, offering varying explanations from global warming to the beginning of Armageddon.

A mysterious crystal-domed medallion has been discovered at a secret military base in Antarctica. Five years previously, several identical medallions had been unearthed at unrelated ancient sites throughout the world. People were deeply affected by the symbols, stirred by a long lost collective memory of humanities distant past. It was claimed the medallions were over 13,000 years old and contained knowledge about celestial transits, indicating the ending of a 26,664-year galactic cycle that will conclude in the year 2012.

Answers to this riddle are about to be revealed by Jake Wakeman, an enigmatic ex-military colonel, who becomes the reluctant emissary of a message left behind by the ancient medallion keepers - a message of hope that could transform humanity into a utopian civilization during this turbulent time. But there are dark forces at work that will do everything within their power to stop him..."

8thMarch2003.com          MountainSub.com          AncientMedallion.com          Shift of the Ages book

Update: Some of the above links are no longer functional; 

Order the book  here or see 2012 Books page


110. Syrian Rue and the Dolphin/Mushroom/Human Collaboration                                                           1/June/03 

In the Google newsgroup, Alt.Drugs.Psychedelics, in a thread called 2012, Fractals and Quantum Physics, I found extracts from an account called "Diary of a Psychonaut"(archive). This account is no longer online at www.psychonaut.org but is available on web archives that are linked below.

In the first extract, Time Stop - Magic Mushrooms (archive), Syrian Rue, which contains harmine, originally called Telepathine due to its telepathic effects, is combined with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and psilocybin-containing mushrooms. This combination (apart from the nitrous) is chemically very similar to the combination taken by the McKenna brothers in the Amazon jungle - Caapi bark that was smoked, plus Stropharia cubensis mushrooms (same as Psilocybe cubensis - contains 4-phosphoryloxy-DMT or psilocybin, and 4-hydroxy-DMT, or psilocin), which in turn, is a combination that is chemically similar to the Ayahuasca brew that combines harmala alkaloids and DMT (dimethyltryptamine).


"Around 10:10 PM (after a 24+ hour fast) I smoked an undetermined amount of rue. Enough to feel its relaxing, mild high. Immediately afterward I consumed what I hoped was 5 gm of powdered psilocybe cubensis. I may have overshot though, since this experience was far more intense than my previous 5 gm journeys ...

...This time, the nitrous served mainly to push the psilocybin effects along, as my vision exploded into multicolored flowers and spastic mandalas exploding and throwing sparks into the darkness before my eyes. 

...My body seemed to be coming apart and reconfiguring itself in various configurations. By now, body image distortions are fairly familiar to me on mushrooms, since they tend to occur on every high dose journey I take. It seemed information was being transmitted to me (this feeling got stronger and stronger as the night progressed). Some of things I was "told" include: We (humanity) and the mushroom are two parts of the same thing. I was shown brain tissue and mushroom mycelium and informed "These are the same/very similar". They also seemed to be telling me a joke about getting monkeys into space, which I found incomprehensible...

...At this point I was very unclear as to who I was, where I was, and what the hell was going on. I was still receiving information from the voices in my head. I thought at the time they were telling me that someone was at the door (there wasn't), that the phone was ringing (it wasn't) and that I was in Minnesota (not), which was all very confusing. After reflection, I think the images and ideas I was having were highly metaphorical. They weren't trying to tell me there was someone at my door, they were trying to get an idea across to me, and using the image of someone knocking as a metaphor/example. I returned to my room and began receiving instructions and pleas to pay attention to the voices and write down what they were saying. I sat down with a pen and paper and began writing with some difficulty. And what they were telling me...

Let me add a little disclaimer here. I am not a follower of Terence McKenna's. I do not subscribe to his theories, although I have read both Food of the Gods and True Hallucinations, as well as much of the material online. His ideas are definitely entertaining, but I have a hard time lending much credence to them. Having said that, here is the message I received, reconstructed from my messy notes as best as possible:

Time stops in 2012. Please be ready. The work must be finished. This is the moment all the great books of history have been written about. This is the birth of religion.

There was a lot more (some of which contradicted itself), including the idea that I would be somehow involved in (or even responsible for) this event, that the universe was a four dimensional information encoding algortihm/puzzle, and that the universe was fractal/holographic in nature (that is, each part contains and reflects the whole)....

For the complete account go to Time Stop (archive). 

In the next account, Mushroom Love (archive), following ingestion of 5 gms of Psilcybe cubensis;

After returning to the bathroom, I decided I wasn't quite ready to get into the shower, so I sat on the floor to think. I had hopes that this trip would provide me with some insight on my previous mushroom trip, so I began thinking about that trip. Immediately, I felt almost as if I were back in that trip. I began receiving images and thoughts from that experience. Again I received the idea that something monumental was to happen in 2012. I was seeing images of McKenna, along with things like "2012, Are YOU ready?". I was told that we make our own reality, that no one needed to be unhappy. When I asked if the 2012 thing were real, I was told (the voice was now present) again "We make our own reality. It is as real as you want it to be". I knew suddenly that this could happen. I realized that 2012 is just a date and that I could transform my own consciousness by then if I wished to so so. I decided right there to do so, and to help as many others to do so as I could. It was a very religious feeling.

For the complete account go to Mushroom Love (archive).

In the third relevant account, Monkeys in Space (archive), 

The buzzing noises ceased (or became secondary...) I entered a space that so far has been accessible to me only on deep mushroom trips. As in my previous two mushroom voyages I felt as if information was being transmitted to me, or at least had become suddenly accessible. This information concerned the very nature and structure of the universe, including my place in it.

I had a vision of the universe, containing itself. I saw a series of calendars, clocks and other time measuring devices, the most perfect/accurate of which seemed to be the Mayan calendar. Again I experienced the "time stop" phenomena as well as the mushroom voice. Again it told me many strange and wonderful things. Here are a few of those things.

The mushroom, mankind and several other species on this planet (including dolphins) are all collaborating on a colossal project, the ultimate nature of which was somewhat elusive to me. Most of humanity is completely unaware of their participation in this project, but the majority of the other players are fully aware of their own parts in it. This project will reach completion in the year 2012. It has something to do with time, consciousness, and perhaps leaving the planet or returning it to a pristine state.

I experienced, as I have a few times before, other people's lives. I was told that other peoples perceptions were as valid as my own, even when they directly contradict mine. This experience of other peoples existence included protohumans, my friends, and at least one famous figure. It was like being granted access to THE library, the ultimate repository of knowledge.

For the complete account go to Monkeys in Space (archive).

Another independent source that confirms a some of these insights, was found at the 2_0_1_2 (Live Journal) discussion group (aka Destination Eschaton) in a post by "Tomorrowlander":

Then, around a year ago, my girlfriend and I had serendipitously began a dissociative-psychedelic binge, one which has effectively changed us both forever. Let it suffice to say that information was obtained via the hyperspacial other (or spirit-realm, akashic records, whatever you choose to call it), that in the year 2012, everything will change... 

Unfortunately, the group is for invited members only, so my efforts to find out more detail have been unfruitful.  Is anyone reading this a member who can ask Tomorrowlander for more info? 

Ananda has written a book called Somanetics, (part of his Somagenesis project), that proposes that the Gnostics and Alchemists used a combination of Syrian Rue and Acacia, as a kind of Western Ayahuaca - please let me know if you have a copy, as it's now unobtainable.


111. Clues from the Tzutujil Maya                      1/June/03

In Whats New item 82 we saw that while the Aztec, Zuni and Navajo peoples say we are living in the fifth era, and approaching the sixth, the Q'iche Maya Popol Vuh myth (entire Popol Vuh online here) is usually only said to cover 4 eras, like the myths of the Hopi and some other tribes. Professor Gordon Brotherston's analysis, in The Book of The Fourth World, implies that the four worlds in the Popol Vuh are equivalent to the first four of the five Suns of the Aztecs, represented in the centre of the Sunsone by the four Suns surrounding the fifth, in the central quincunx, and this corresponds to the world of the Maize People in the Popol Vuh. However, since Brotherston concluded that the eras are connected to a 26,000-year cycle of precession, and John Major Jenkins' research supports and extends this, implying that each 13-baktun cycle is one of the five eras, and the current one is the fifth one, which ends in 2012, it would be good to find a supporting Maya source.

In Martin Prechtel's book, Secrets of the Talking Jaguar, we find just such confirmation. Prechtel was apprenticed to a powerful shaman in Santiago Atitlan, and finally took on the job himself. On p. 104-108, he describes how the children born in the village had already...

 "been born into and passed through the other four layers of creation, one layer at a time. In each of these consecutive creations, the child received an essential layer of his/her own physical and spiritual composition. After having received and lived through these four layers of lives, the child was given form and born into this fifth layer of the Earth Fruit, the world of form, this world. In this way, all of us humans relived the history of the world and actually were diminutive earths walking around in the earth, with everything inside us in miniature that was visible to us on the outside."

An evolutionary process is clearly described as the souls progress through the 5 worlds:

"The first creation was stone and fire; in this layer you received what was hard and hot. Here you got your bones, your heart, and your gall bladder. Grandfather Fire lived in your bones, and the mother of Life lived in your heart. Your personal soul was housed in the gall bladder, and its tenant was called Q'aq'al, or Fire Soul.

In the second layer you were given your flesh because this creation had all the food plants, flowers and trees. All Tzutujil people know that flesh comes from eating plants. In the third creation you acquired the layer of your blood and nerves and all the liquids of your body, because here was the land of water, rivers, rain, lakes, springs, cloud, mist and lightning. In the fourth, a layer of breath, vision, and movement was tied into you, this being the layer of wind and animals. Then you were born into the fifth layer, here to have form, becoming fruit on the branches of the Old Life Tree of the Village.

On each layer, two Deities, an Old man and an Old Woman uttered magical phrases that "became the very things they described" and thus assembled the world. By the point of the fifth creation, the words uttered by the Deities "take on physical form and function" , and "these counting prayers never ended, going from one layer to the next, being basically the Mayan calendar."

Our lives should recapitulate the evolutionary stages we went through to get here. At our deaths, we should have 

"passed through all the layers of remembrance while alive in this fifth, Earth Fruit world.

This process was the process of Mayan initiation. Each layer of creation one had passed through before birth would be passed through in this world again in a ritual way, only in reverse order.

These layer look just like the stages of ones life. The first layer in life is the last layer in birth. This is the fifth world of movement. The first layer of remembrance is childhood, the time of movement, where you become a visible, moving part of nature and the village.

The second layer is the crucial time of adolescence. This is the layer of visibility, vision and breath, the layer of the wind. This is the layer of emotions. The young men and women of the Tzutujil are like shining warriors and shimmering girls full of visibility. This time of life is a time when remembrance becomes a way of life through large public ceremonies of initiation. Next comes the sub-adult layer of creation: the creation of water is the layer where one began making life, the layer of baby-making and marrying, the making of blood and blood relations. This is the layer of abundance, crops, rains, middle life. Here one's initiation into the public hierarchy begins, and here initiation ceremonies differed a little from the adolescent, as they were done in small, more private settings.

Then comes the layer of trees and plants, the land of being an adult or elder. A person became a full adult only at the stage of becoming an elder. We called the adult-elders Big Trees, Big Vines. These elder-trees provided the shade for the other layers to grow and develop.

Finally, One gained the layer of stone and fire, the world of original memory, the world of roots. These very ancient people were dried by the heat of memory, which is why they were so slim. At some point after entering this stage of initiation, they began to remember everything, and they actually turned into memories themselves, memories that would echo through the layers of creations. These people were called Culba Vinaaq, Echo Persons.

Four out of five of these obviously correspond to the names of Creations in various Aztec versions, though in a different order, and the food/plants  level corresponds to starvation or being eaten;



fire/rain of fire

starvation/eaten by jaguars/eclipse;


The layers of initiation are represented by extra layers of ritual clothing, and "when people of great ripeness were buried, you you could hardly see them in the grave for all the layers of clothing they wore as they passed out of this layer into the sixth. To die, well-adorned in remembrance clothing, was seen as feeding the world for unborn generations." 

In summary, the Tzutujil myth confirms that we are in the fifth of a series of five eras, and also suggests an evolution through the eras, culminating in the "fruiting". In addition, it also suggests the need for a conscious evolution during this 5th-era lifetime to become the ripe fruits we are designed to be, and that there is a Creation beyond the fifth.


112.Prophecies From Thailand                              1/July/03

I recently had an email from my friend Len, who is currently living in Thailand:

"Any chance you could tell me if you have any information on the following predicted phenomena or US plans:
1. Arab nations planning to ban the US dollar.
2. Predicted nuclear strike on Israel in 2005
3. US use of high-tech heat ray on an Asian nation killing much of the population 7 days later.
4. Post-2012 discovery of ancient city in northern Canada after ice melts?

The reason I ask is
I have been at a meditation retreat at a temple in Thailand. The man there (if you can still call him a man) is reputedly an arahant - a person who has managed to discard all concept of self and is therefore more like a force of nature than a man. His teacher lives near Mae Hon Son,  Northern Thailand and three times has received information concerning the above phenomena culminating in a pole reversal in 2012  - the destruction of everyone who isn't at least partially enlightened or in the presence of an enlightened one. I really don't think these people are aware of the other prophecies regarding 2012."

My reply: 

1. Yes, here's a page that mentions Saddam's intentions to ban the US dollar, date of post: April 2003

2. In the Bible Code, year 5766 is encoded, for an atomic/nuclear world war, possibly following a nuclear strike on Israel. (Bible Code 2 p.169). 5766 starts on  October 4th 2005 (see calendar converter page).  However, a missile hitting New York is encoded for year 5764, which ends on September 15th 2004, and a biological weapon strike - smallpox - (14,700 casualties) is encoded for Israel in year 5765 (between Sept 15 2004 and Oct 3rd 2005).

3. Cant find anything, but it sounds a bit like HAARP (or here)

4. Can't find anything

Thailand was once part of the Khmer kingdom, based at Angkor which is in Cambodia. In Graham Hancock's book Heaven's Mirror, he proposes that the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, encodes the lengths of the Hindu ages, or Yugas. The Krita Yuga, or Golden Age was 1,728,000 years; the Treta Yuga was 1,296,000 years; the Dvpara Yuga was 864,000 years, and the final age of decadence, which we are now in, the Kali Yuga, lasts 432,000 years. Causeway lengths and other measurements at Angkor Wat have measurements of 1,728 hat, 1,296 hat, 864 hat and 432 hat. 

These are all precessional numbers, being multiples of 72 - the number of years it takes for the equinoxes (or solstices) to precess by one degree. There are also carved reliefs showing "the churning of the Milky Ocean", which also relates to precession of the equinoxes, as explained in the classic Sanillana & Von Dechend book, Hamlet's Mill. Hancok then points (p.150-153) out Coomarswamy put the start of the Kali Yuga in 3102 BC, near the start of the Mayan Long Count calendar; that 72 is an important number in the Mayan calendar, and that the Fifth Sun of Mesoamerica ends "in the tumult of global cataclysm - in AD 2012, on 23 December" (by the Lounsbury correlation). (See also Whats New item 86 : Kali Yuga and 2012 and Whats new item 40: Kalki - Critical Mass of Enlightened Ones by 2012 )

Willard Van de Bogart also lives in Thailand and has a series of articles at his Earth Portals site about Angkor Wat, precession and 2012: Stones in The Sky


113. Masons, Venus, Megaliths and the Phaistos Disc


Put aside your conspiracy theories for a few minutes;

I have just finished reading The Book of Hiram, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, which is the fourth book in their series, attempting to trace the roots of the Masonic tradition. In their 1999 book, Uriel's Machine, they looked at the Book of Enoch (several Masonic degrees feature Enoch), and concluded that Enoch was taken by the angel Uriel to Stonehenge in England and the Newgrange "passage grave", in Ireland (Robin Heath published the Stonehenge -Uriel connection just the previous year - 1998 in his excellent book, Sun, Moon, Stonehenge). Knight & Lomas pointed out that if the shadow from a post or gnomon is marked at midday every day between solstices, and the dots are joined, the resulting figure is two spirals. Thus, a spiral represents a quarter of the year. There are many spirals at Newgrange, which is aligned so that the Winter Solstice sunrise illuminates the chamber each year. There is a conspicuous triple spiral in the inner chamber at Newgrange, and a triple spiral would represent three seasons; nine months, or the gestation period of humans. This is the period around which the Mayan Tzolkin of 260 days is based, and, as we know, the 13-baktun cycle that ends in 2012 is structured like a giant Tzolkin of 260 katuns, possibly representing a planetary gestation that precedes the birth of the next Sun (rebirth of One Hunahpu) on the Winter Solstice of 2012.

Enoch lived "365 years" (Gen 5 v.23) and that must be a calendrical clue! He was warned about the forthcoming global flood, and passed the information down to his great grandson, Noah. Knight and Lomas found evidence that the "Grooved Ware" Neolithic people of Britain, who built the megalithic sites, survived a comet impact of 7640 BC and foresaw the next one of 3150 BC (Robin Heath says "sometime around 3300 BC"). They have traced back Masonic ceremonies to the Knights Templar (so convincingly that many previously incredulous Masons now concur), the original  nine knights were direct descendants of Jewish Temple priests. The Templars excavated under the Temple of Jerusalem, and found the huge stash of treasure described in the Copper Scroll from Qumran, plus accompanying secret texts - contemporary writings to the Dead Sea Scrolls. These were then buried under Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, which is a copy of Solomon's Temple, complete with nine vaults. The information in the scrolls was encoded into Cathedrals sponsored by the Templars - this is when the Masonic guilds started, who performed the stonework.

The Grooved Ware people were trading in the Mediterranean area (e.g. tin for bronze production) and their beliefs were passed onto the Caananites and Phoenicians, who bequeathed them to the Israelites, when they arrived from Egypt.

Like the Maya, the Grooved Ware people were obsessed with tracking Venus. In fact, the triple spiral at Newgrange is not fully illuminated at Winter Solstice, say Knight and Lomas, but every 8 years, Venus comes up just before the Sun, and directly illuminates it (Venus features in many Masonic degrees). Biblical and other connections show that the King rites were carried out in chambers aligned to the Shekinah or Venus light every 40 years (e.g. Saul, David & Solomon all reigned for 40 years), when the King can re-birth into a new body.

They have found that certain Venus numbers are encoded into the Bible (see The Orion Prophecy review for an explanation of the movements of Venus) and these are a 40-year period, 480 years and 1440 years. Venus "loops" every 584 days, and completes a pentagram of 5 loops every 8 years, but this is 2.4 degrees away from its previous position. After 40 years, or 5 pentagrams, the loop is 12 degrees away from its starting position. After 480 years or 60 pentagrams, it is 144 degrees away from its starting position. After 1440 years, it has moved 432 degrees which is 360 + 72 degrees. Have you noticed the precessional numbers here? 12; 72; 144; 432 & 18 x 1440 =25,920. Exact alignment should come after 5 periods of 1440 years, or 7200 years.

Then I noticed that eight of these 1440-year periods is 11,520 years, which is the length of time between the catastrophes found by Slosman in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. In fact, in The Orion Prophecy review I said, regarding the period between the last catastrophe ("9792 BC") and the next one in 2012 ( a period of 11,803 years):

"We are not told how Slosman got the year 9792 BC, so cannot speculate further... except, maybe it should be 11,520 years, since that is the period between the catastrophe in 21, 312 BC and 9792 BC; and 11,520 = 7200 x 584, or 7200 Venus cycles."

According to Biblical chronology;

Solomon's Temple was begun 1440 years after the Flood; 

Jesus was born 1,440 years after Moses led the Israelites through the Red Sea;

and Rosslyn was begun 1,440 years after Christ's birth.

Just after reading in the Book of Hiram how the Grooved Ware people had a calendar of 366 days, and the "Minoan Foot" is related to the Megalithic Yard, I took a look at a replica of the Phaistos Disc (from Minoan Crete) in my father's bookcase, while clearing it out. Then I looked for more on the Phaistos Disc and found a book called Atlantis Messages that connects the Aztec Sunstone, the Phaistos Disc, and an inlaid Mayan shield with the Dendera Zodiac, revealing information about the timing of the Great Flood! Further digging showed not only that the Minoans had a 366-day calendar, but that several people had shown the "undecipherable" Phaistos Disc to be a calendrical device, as described in Alan Butler's book, The Bronze Age Computer Disc. Then I found a German site that finds a 4,076 year cycle encoded in the Phaistos Disc, plus Venus cycles; English translation: The Multi-millennial Minoan Calendar

Then I took a look an ancient map of Ireland and found there was a county whose border was on the Boyne Valley called...Uriel...! See ancient map page on Mythical Ireland site.

These connections require intense research! Volunteers please...? Here are some links to get you started...post your theory here when it's finished!

Phaistos Disc as Calendar Links:

366-day year       Herman Wenzell     Pomerance and Franklin    Steve Whittet     Ole Hagen 1  2  3  4

 Irish megalithic sites, including Newgrange:   

  The Sacred Island           Mythical Ireland

Knight and Lomas' Masonic Research Resource:

The Web of Hiram

 Venus links:

Cycles of the Heart: The Venus Passage 

a great page showing animations of Venus cycles, also explaining a 10,708-year Venus cycle:


480 and 1440 in the Great Pyramid


Bruce Scofield's amazing article showing Clinton as Quetzalcoatl  

- Venus qualities of Love/sex, rulership, and the descent of energies

Venus-Sunstone theory

The sky above, now

Venus transit applet    Venus and the Maya    Venus transits on a paper plate   Cherokee Venus comment    Venus:malefic

Microbe attacks on photos after inferior Venus conjunctions  

Flu outbreaks also after Venus inferior conjunctions 

X-rays from Venus 

114. Reply to J.J.Keene                                          1/July/03

Joel J. Keene's article describing the coincidences surrounding the writing of his book, Cosmic Locusts (see Whats New item 105 above) has received a response. Ian R. Crane has sent an open letter making some interesting points:

Open Letter to J.J. Keene


115. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and 2012                1/Aug/03

Steve Scott has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and since childhood, has sensed the importance of 2012. A BBC TV Horizon programme, called God on the Brain on 17th April 2003 dealt with the connection between TLE and religious experiences. They covered the work of Dr Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Canada, whose research indicates that people with TLE may be especially sensitive to magnetic fields. He has a specially- designed helmet that directs controlled magnetic fields to the temporal lobes, and has been able to trigger several types of religious experiences, including out-of-body sensations, and even feelings of alien abduction in some cases.

Earth Mysteries researcher, Paul Devereux was director of the Dragon Project which started in 1977, which was an attempt to monitor energy anomalies at sacred sites. Many sites have been found to have magnetic anomalies, such as Carn Ingli, the "Peak of Angels" in Wales, which has areas of reversed magnetic field. It was here that St. Brynach, a sixth-century Irish holy man, lived as a hermit and communicated with "angels". Devereux says that   " Persinger and colleagues have produced some exciting statistical evidence that suggests that there is a link between some forms of psi activity in humans and the activity of the geomagnetic field". ( Places of Power p.207) see also  Earth Lights Revelation. Devereux, who has tried Persinger's magnetic helmet,  notes that a stone shaped like a seat in the Gors Fawr stone circle in Wales, not only affects compass needles, but is also one of a pair of outliers that align to sunrise on the summer solstice.  " The sitter's head leans back against exactly that part of the stone that most disturbs the compass: the cerebral cortex is in close proximity to the natural magnetic effect. The stone is also involved in a midsummer-sunrise alignment. Would the effect be somehow enhanced then? Or does that clue tell us when the ritual was carried out at the magnetic "spirit" stone? Alas, we have much yet to learn in our fledgling study of geopsychedelics."

Are magnetic effects at sacred sites enhanced at the solstices? Will the winter solstice in 2012 trigger an even more far-reaching effect? Should we be at such a sacred site for the Galactic Alignment event, or will the changes in the background geomagnetic field affect the weak magnetic field that surrounds all our heads? Perhaps being present at a sacred site might protect us from changes in the background geomagnetic status. Here is a translation of a Spanish page that explains how Russian cosmonauts exposed to a magnetic field of 0 gauss experienced "confusion, aggression & madness", and how Earth’s magnetic field is dropping towards 0 gauss by 2012.


116. Tomorrowlander and DXM                                        1/Aug/03

In item 110 above, there was a brief reference to someone called Tomorrowlander, whose "dissociative- psychedelic binge", resulted in the reception of information about 2012, but I was unable to find out any more. Well,  Tomorrowlander, founder-member of the Live Journal community  2_0_1_2 Destination Eschaton, has now kindly contacted me and supplied the details.

First of all, Tomorrowlander points out that he had been "at least partially aware of the 2012 enigma" since 1998 when he saw the deoxy.org website (which includes TerenceMcKennaLand). 

Around the winter solstice of 2001, due to extraneous circumstances, Tomorrowlander found himself  in possession of some  dextromethorphan hydrobromide or dxm, with intent to severely alter his state of consciousness. He explains that dxm is "officially an antitussive whose properties are to suppress cough; but there is another property of this chemical: when taken at higher doses, it becomes quite the dissociative". This substance is very risky to the health, and one article on Erowid describes how a mother had to agree to the life-support machine to her son being cut off as a result of using dxm, so the following report should perhaps be regarded as a kind of near-death experience:

Tomorrowlander and his girlfriend, "*", had both taken the dxm...

Now at one point, near the peak, while listening to an ambient CD which we had made for this purpose as we found that louder or faster music was not favorable when under the dissociative influence- this CD had some classic Brian Eno stuff and specifically at that moment, we were listening to a track by the duo "Union Jack" which was called "There Will Be No Armageddon" and "*" and I were touching our foreheads, right at the third eye, sitting lotus style, when something occurred. She began to speak to me. And the she I refer to was not my girlfriend. It was my girlfriend's voice, but it was not her at all.

In short, we had discovered that channeling is a very ready potential with dissociatives. This being who channeled to me was unbelievably loving to me, and she appeared to me very much like an angel, descended from the greater reality.

She said "she is right you know, there will be no Armageddon." and when I asked some questions pertaining to our personal lives, I then asked something like "what is it about 2012?" and her reply was one which has been permanently etched into my memory, (though I may at times forget the transformative profundity of this realization) she said: "In the year 2012, we will come...."

This was the only piece of information 'she' has told me about pertaining to the 2012 enigma... but boy has that been enough! There was a time later on during this dxm binge (which lasted a full 2&1/2 months) when I felt that she was in fact extraterrestrial of origin, hence the 'we will come' part but have since been proven wrong on that particular theory as there was another occasion when my beautiful spirit guide had referred to her last life on earth as human.

During one of those same very early trips (as a dex trip for us lasted 8+ hours) while listening to the song "Indian Chanting" by Enigma, we both just "KNEW" that we had lived at least a few former lives as native Americans, and why we had now incarnated in the descendents of those same whites who wiped out so many tribal peoples was because we both have some greater purposes in store in the near future, part of which (in my case) pertained to spreading information about 2012 and past lives.

Thanks to Tomorrowlander for this.


117. Joel Keene's Continuing Web of Synchronicity 1/Sep/03

Following his novel, (see Whats New item 94) Cosmic Locusts: The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian, Mayan and Biblical Prophecy, Joel J. Keene wrote an article for 2012: Dire Gnosis about the coincidences that surrounded the writing of the book, (see it here: Cosmic Coincidences and Ian Crane's reply here)...the weird stuff is continuing, and Joel has written a new article for us, in which he discovers that not only has he got a duplicate nose of the Maya king Curl Nose, but other parts of his body are also re-capitulating those of the same Tikal-based king (too much information?). All this causes Joel to conclude that the event he wrote into his novel - i.e. a comet storm October 2012, plus EMP wave, and a comet colliding with the Moon in December 2012, is actually going to happen on schedule. Here is the new article : 

Celestially Challenged


118. St. Malachy & 2012                                        2/Oct/03

Thanks to someone called Allen for asking me about St. Malachy. A search came up with this site which connects the prophecies of St. Malachy with 2012. In 1139 St. Malachy prophesied 112 future popes ending with Pope Peter II who will be pope when the "final persecution of the Holy Roman Church" comes about. We are currently on pope number 110 of the St. Malachy list, and with rumours this week of his failing health, reminds us that there are only 2 popes left to go. It is unclear how Ronald L. Conte Jr. came up with the dates, (article written in August-September 2002), but here they are:

Summary of Dates:

see also this site


119. The 2012 Dream Project                                  2/Oct/03

Explora, who had the lucid dream described at Whats New item 102 above, and who runs a site called Dreamspace has contacted 2012:Dire Gnosis.  The site has a forum called Sea Life that is the hub of several dream projects:

As a group of what is currently 4 dream teams (about 30 dreamers) plus other individuals, we have a lot of potential to recover knowledge through dreaming. Our first serious group journey was on the topic of  'Dreaming Our Way to 2012'. In conscious dreams, we traveled to the year 2012, to discover the role of dreaming, and other possible changes awaiting us. 

See the results here.


120. Franklin Timewave Update                               2/Oct/03

Zyzygyz, who devised the concept a Timewave based around the magic square of Ben Franklin, (see Whats new item 68) has made a breakthrough! He announced the breakthrough at the Timewavezero2012 discussion group in message number 3408;

I have finally found a way to quickly and easily chart the Franklin Time Wave in its fractal form as far back as 7 billion years through I guess what you might call reverse engineering...

and there has been some discussion following the announcement  - see message 3438 (see the "dimension" thread from message 3518 or any after that with "Timewave" in the title). The Franklin Timewave can now be easily compared with any other sections of the wave of any duration between a maximum of 7 billion years and a minimum of 1 hour and 33 minutes, on any of the other 4 number sets (Kelley, Watkins, Sheliak - all based on the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, & Huang Ti, based on an alternative arrangement of the I Ching). Like the other waves, the Franklin wave shows a close resonance between the World War II years and the years between 2006 and 2012, (when novelty ingression reaches maximum by hitting the baseline). Zyzygyz makes a case for the Franklin wave having a particular significance to the Gulf War:

The coincidence between Saddam's ascent to absolute power in Iraq, his attack on Kuwait and the entire Gulf War scenario compared with the Franklin Timewave (FTW) is just too strange to chalk up to coincidence.

More in message 3582...


121. Orion Prophecy Update                                                                   2/Oct/03

In Whats New item 39 I summarized my detailed review  of  The Orion Prophecy, which is a book by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx proposing a catastrophe in 2012. The theory was largely based around the claimed correlation between a retrograde loop of the planet Venus, that is due in 2012, and one that the authors said happened in 9792 BC. When I reviewed the Orion prophecy, the 3 astronomical software programs I used, (all freeware or shareware), would not go back as far as 9792 BC (one of them almost did it, but kept crashing the computer & giving nonsense readings).

I recently tried the same thing on a program called Skyglobe. If that sounds familiar, that's because its the one used by Cotterell, Gilbert, Hancock and Bauval in their investigations of ancient Egyptian skies. Well, Skyglobe will reproduce any sky configuration visible from any from any of 120 cites on Earth, between 30,000 BC and 30,000 AD! 

Skyglobe shows the 2012 loop exactly as described by Geryl and Rattinckx, when set to show the sky from a Cairo vantage point between May 14th 2012 and June 26th 2012 (the 2 standstill points in the loop of Venus. However, the 9792 BC loop is not at all the same as that shown in the Orion Prophecy. Skyglobe shows the loop in the Orion Prophecy to be one that occurred 96 years later, in 9696 BC.

In fact, the Venus retrograde loop of 9792 BC as shown on Skyglobe, has an exact match in the year 1609 AD! The exact match for the 2012 AD loop, actually happened in 9389 BC, (starting on 12 February), I found after much searching with Skyglobe.  Check it for yourself if you don’t believe me:

Download Skyglobe (shareware)


122. The "Discontinuity"                                      1/Nov/2003

In the Montauk section, (item 24) and in the Remote Viewing section (item 36) of this site, second-hand claims were reported about remote viewers being unable to get past 2012. There is also page on the Great dreams site that refers briefly to it, but this page gets the end-point of the 13-baktun cycle confused with the start date, saying that it ends on 12th August 2012 instead of the 21st December. 

I have now found a page where we can get it verbatim, straight from the horse's mouth. In a radio interview with Art Bell, (Jan 30th 1997) remote viewer Ed Dames answered a question on this topic, and the transcript of the interview is online here, and the relevant piece is just under halfway down the page. To save your time, I have quoted it below. 

Ed Dames was in charge of a U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency team of remote viewers. He became head of his own remote viewing company ( Psi Tech), claiming that his company's remote viewing findings were 100% accurate; he is now executive director of the Matrix Intelligence Agency. He has been criticized for making predictions that don't come true.

BELL: Now to Ed Dames and some very sobering, or to use this faxer’s words, spooky stuff. Alright, Ed, you are back on the air. This faxer goes on to say ‘is it possible, the reason that remote viewers and time travelers hit a wall in the year 2012 and find no one after that date, is that we have all gone to another time or dimension via time travel or ETs or whatever? ’

DAMES: Do you want me to answer that?

BELL: Uh huh.

DAMES: This deals with what, in house, we call the discontinuity. We‘ve used topical search terms like the rapture, the quickening, things like that but, I have mentioned this before, that remote viewers run up against a point where things change dramatically and globally. . . . and it’s all at once. I can give you my best guess about what that is.

BELL: Alright.

DAMES: We have explored it, it’s geophysical parameters, biophysical parameters, trying to discern what the heck is happening and we have a working hypothesis now and the working hypothesis, and it’s that only by the way. . . it may be something that is truly beyond our ken, is that time changes. That there is an event that is global, that something happens to the world that makes all the event timelines change.

BELL: That’s the spiritual event, Ed?

DAMES: That’s what it appears to be, that something happens on earth. . . in the past. . . . that affects the entire earth in the future. . . . all at once. . . . and that when you look around, everything is different. You appear to be somewhere else and, in fact, you’ve leapt onto a different event trajectory, a different time. . . . parallel time, if you will. That is the best that we can do at this juncture. We are having a very difficult time with this. We will continue to explore it but we are quickly being overcome by other events, as I’ve mentioned.


123. Ananda, Internal Alchemy & The Vedas  2/Nov/2003   

Ananda Bosman, who lives in Norway, had a bicycle accident at the age of 12 or 13, in the year 1985. The result was that his pineal gland was triggered into activity, and he started a 7-year process in which the Pineal Eye (pineal gland) was progressively opened. The natural hallucinogens, Pinoline, and DMT were being pumped into his blood stream especially at night, when there was more melatonin available to be converted into the "spirit molecules" (see the Rick Strassman book review). He had an OOBE (out-of-body experience) in which he met a group of beings that were beyond extra-terrestrials  - even beyond ultra-terrestrials. They called themselves collectively, Emmanuel, and told Ananda in 1989 about the significance of 2012

Over the next few years, Ananda worked with a variety of scientists and technicians, to develop a method by which people could create a hyperspatial vehicle or light body. The techniques included sound, mudras,  Faraday cages and light isolation. The light isolation developed into a 14-day Dark Room Retreat, combined with a diet rich in tryptophan, the raw material out of which the pineal synthesises melatonin, from which it then makes the hallucinogens. The diet also avoids tyramine, which is present in many foods, such as dairy products and wine (this is because the beta-carbolines -harmine and family- made in the pineal, are mono-amino-oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and MAO normally protects us from tyramine, rendering it harmless).

One of the Emmanuel group that Ananda met early on, was called Salvana. While reading the ancient Vedas recently (2002), seventeen years after this contact, he was...

"... thunder-struck in discovering the archaic manuscriptorial references that actually mention the "Salvana" of Emmanuel (one of my most intimate Emmanuel contacts), as being described in the Vedas as one of the central MANU's from the 7 Alpha-Omega MANU couples that overwatch and influence the species development"*

He realized that the Vedas, (said by some to be up to 7,000 years old), encode the process that we are currently undergoing, that culminates in 2012.

"What was of even further a quaking nature to our cognate geology was that Manu Salhvana/Savarna is also described as the Omega MANU of our cycle, into which our reality is emerging.

The Veda's conveyed such an emergence to be astronomically marked by the precise alignments of our astrophysical  backgarden that accurately took place in 1998 and those of
2012 - an emergence we are amidst. The Omega Manu, in hadron physics jargon acting as a kind of Macro Irreversible Coherent Noosphere of our Age."*
* From Ananda's Grailzine newsletter September 2003

Ananda has written a 432-page book called The Rig Veda, due to be released soon, which demonstrates the Rig Veda as the "Source of the Book of Revelation "Apocalypse" code". He has also written a 670-page (so far) book called The Soma Conspiracy that covers the material that was to be in the books, Somagenics and Somanetics, now combined, about alchemy, soma and  pineal hallucinogens. The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, which I have personally been trying to get hold of for years, is being re-written and should be available soon in pdf format (without pictures, 540 pages)...to be announced on the 2012 books page. Other books soon to be released in hardcopy are

Vajrhiratha: Diamond Body Manual, 2003, 672 A4 pages; 

The Alien Presence: The Evidence for Government Contact With Alien Life Forms, 1993, 630 A4 pages;

The Light Of Emmanuel: Exploraitons Into Oneness, 1992, 350 A4 pages; 

and perhaps other books like 

Sovereignty: The Emegency From Independence From the Global Slave Machine, 1993; 

and the book Ananda is currently working on,

The Manu: An Omnidimensional Artifact At The Genesis of History, presently 500 A4 pages. 


See 2012 Events page for an upcoming (Nov-Dc 2003) Dark Room Retreat in Switzerland with Ananda.


Ananda-Emmanuel     Somagenics page   Somagenics 2  Somanetics page    Somanetics book


Timegate 2003




124. The Pineal Project                                         2/Nov/2003


The Pineal Project is a research proposal by a Netherlands-based  biologist called Saskia Bosman, Ph.D of Inclusive Science....yes she has the same surname as Ananda! The project will investigate the production of pineal hallucinogens during mystical experiences, prayer, and meditation, using multi-channel SQUID neuromagnetometers (plus MRI scanning) and PET scanning. If you check out other research projects you will find that they include heart and brain coherence as outlined by Itzhak Bentov, and Earthgate energy field research project, influence of sun and moon on crystallization and acupuncture and chakra points, and an investigation of Earth energy, (not dissimilar to the Dragon Project) using an array of detection equipment that includes:

The Pineal Project will study the interaction of five pineal secretions; Serotonin, Melatonin, DMT, 5-meo-DMT and Pinoline, the last three of which are psychoactive. The scientists are also following some of the research of Dan Winter, who Ananda has worked with. Perhaps Saskia is related to Ananda? Galactic core explosions Schumann resonance, lightballs - they all come in to these projects.  McKenna's Invisible Landscape is also mentioned as a reference. Is this the first scientific investigation of the forthcoming 2012 event outside Russia?


125. Jumping on the 2003/2012 Bandwagon       1/Dec/2003


John Mirehiel, as you have probably heard, conceived the recent Harmonic Concordance event, when a rare planetary configuration combined with a lunar eclipse. For several months, he has been repeating the old "2003=2012" misconception on his site. This  is a piece of disinformation which I tried to lay to rest back in June 2002, in an item called The Sylvia Brown 2003 Error, alerting the original perpetrators - Nancy Leider and ZetaTalk., but to no avail. The old Harmonic Convergence, we are assured, is the "spiritual ancestor" of the Harmonic Concordance. With all the excitement over the Harmonic Concordance, people started picking up on this again - even  Drunvalo Melchizedek, the purveyor of the  Flower of Life and Merkaba concepts, wrote an article  in his November issue of The Spirit of Maat in which he repeated it all, but added his own piece of "research". (The whole article is repeated on this page of 2012Unlimited). He also republished an article by Mirehiel in the same issue. I emailed both Mirehiel and Drunvalo (several attempts with various email addresses to the latter) but they have both declined to explain themselves. Here is a copy of the email I sent to John Mirehiel, quoting the one I sent to Drunvalo:



Dear John,
Thanks for your recent promotion of the Concordance event, which I celebrated. However, you have got a few facts wrong, and these are being repeated and exaggerated all over the net. I enclose a copy of a letter sent to Drunvalo who has repeated this mistake. I told the Zeta-Talk site about it ages ago but they chose to ignore it because it did not suit their agenda.
All the best
Geoff Stray
This may also be of interest: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/harm.htm
Dear Drunvalo,
You said recently,
"In my research back in the mid-1980s, I discovered six places where, for political and religious reasons, the Catholic church changed the date of the year, holding it back. From my understanding at that time, I could prove that according to the Mayan Calendar, our current Gregorian year of 2003 is really at least 2009. But others say that there were three other times when the year was held back."
Would you mind giving me more information on this please, because the "growing body of researchers" who think 2003 is 2012 all seem to be basing their statements on hearsay and rumour that was originally encouraged by Nancy Leider on the Zetatalk site (it was quoted on the astrosite, which is connected with the whole harmonic Concordance phenomenon, which explains why it has just come up again). The whole story originates from a radio listener who heard an interview with Sylvia Browne, but it was taken out of context...see http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/new3.htm#2003 For you to promote this 2003/2012 subject further without supplying the evidence is very frustrating for those of us trying to get to clear up misinformation surrounding the Maya calendar. I hope you understand and will reply, since I shall be saying something about this in the next update to the website.
So, the information originated in a 1996-97 radio interview  with Sylvia Brown, who mentioned in passing, that 2000 AD took place 6 years previously. Sylvia didn't receive psychic information that the Mayan calendar was wrong, or even mention 2012 - the rest of the Zetatalk letter is supposition of a Zetatalk correspondent. What Sylvia probably meant, is that, since theologians and historians all argue about the actual year of Christ's birth, this means that our calendar's base-date is off by anything up to 10 years, and therefore, if any Christians were expecting the Second Coming to occur two thousand years after Christ's birth, their estimate would be off by a similar amount. One of the most popular current years for the birth-date is 6 BC, but some authorities say 9 BC or even 10 BC. If Jesus had been born in 9 BC, then the 2000-year anniversary would have been in 1991.  If this turned out to be true, and the year we now call 2012 should really be called 2003, that just would just mean that the Gregorian year that correlates to in the Long Count should also be called 2003, though it would still be the same year! Likewise, the year favoured by Zetatalk for Nibiru's return, would no longer be called 2003, but 1994.     (More refs:  9 BC; 10 BC; 10 BC)

The point is, no matter how much anybody changes the Gregorian calendar, it does not make any difference to the Maya calendar. The Gregorian calendar started in 1582 due to an accumulated difference of ten days between the Julian calendar and the solar year. This caused a near riot, when people protested at the calendar jumping ten days, as if they were having ten days stolen out of their lives. Yet we are supposed to believe that in the following 400 years, the calendar jumped back nine years? If we suppose that there were  nine one-year action replays, that would just be in the Gregorian calendar, while the Maya continued on with their day-count, and the end-point of the 13-baktun cycle would then be in the New Gregorian year "2021" Yes if it's 2012 now, then the end-point is in 2021. 


The start and finish of the 13-baktun cycle can also be worked out in the Julian calendar and in that case, the start-date is 6th September 3114 BC (JD) and the end-date is 8th December 2012. So, saying that 2003 is really 2012 is a bit like a movement that suddenly announced that today is really the week before last.


Mirehiel says in his article in the Spirit of Maat newsletter, 


"But noted Psychic Silvia Browne has said the 2012 date itself is erroneous; that confusion arising over western calendar systems has led to our belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of the Mayan Great Calendar when, according to her guides, 2003 is the correct corresponding Gregorian year."


If you look at the place where this Chinese whisper started: Zetatalk, you will see that the very short sentence concerning the "noted" psychic has been spiced up! There is nothing there about her guides telling her this.


I am wondering why this has been so persistently spread around. Obviously, Zetatalk wanted to bolster up their case that Nibiru would return in May 2003, and that is why they refused to take the page down, or correct it. Does this mean that Mr. Mirehiel was trying to bolster up the significance of the Harmonic Concordance? That really wasn't necessary - anybody can see the significance of that planetary combination...Perhaps he wanted the cult status that Arguelles enjoyed after the Harmonic Convergence? Perhaps we should not be surprised if,  like Mr. Perona and Mr. Arguelles, Mr. Mirehiel suddenly announces himself to be dead and reborn as a Hebrew priest-king or Maya king... I would suggest a combination such as Solomon Pengragon...or Dagobert Atahualpa (oops have I overdone it?)




126. Tolkien and 2012                                           1/1/2004


Happy New Year to all Dire Gnosis surfers (Dire Gnostics)


North Down  Wiltshire UK C. 2003 Steve Alexander

Thanks to Steve Alexander at Temporary Temples for Crop Circle image



These gold hats are around 3,000 years old from the late Bronze Age and covered with Sun and Moon symbols. They are a kind of logarithmic table, on which the 19-year Metonic cycle could be calculated five to seven hundred years before Meton was born. They show the 1735 days in 57 lunations, which is a quarter of the 235 lunations of the Metonic cycle, so the Bronze Age calendar priests could make long-term predictions. The hats were found in France, Switzerland & Germany, with rumours of several found by peat-diggers in Ireland, that have since gone missing. Prof. Gerloff  has also suggested that the Gold Cape of Mold, found in Wales in 1831, was another part of the ceremonial dress of the priest-kings. So our Halloween fancy-dress outfits of Merlin, with his Sun, Moon and star-covered cape and hat are actually based on the calendrically-encoded ceremonial dress of Bronze Age “king-priests” who would have been revered at Lords of Time.



The hats were recently displayed together at Nuremburg museum and they demonstrate that our ancestors were far more aware of calendrical cycles than mainstream archaeology would like to admit, and that the archaeoastronomers' calendrical interpretations of megalithic sites should be taken seriously. See Whats New item 113 for Megalithic calendars and possible 2012 connections. Merlin of course, shares an archetype with Gandalf, Tolkien's White Magician.


In January 2003, Vincent Bridges posted a message at the 2012 Theories discussion group in which he pointed out that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings ends at the junction between the Third and Fourth Ages of Middle Earth:


"LOTR takes place at the end of the 3rd age, which is roughly 5200 years long, the same harmonic of the Great Year as the Mayan. The 4th age began with the passing of the ring, and ushers in the age of men as the elves and dwarves fade away (hobbits would remain of course and become Englishmen). We are therefore living in the 4th age, also just as the Mayan say."


Tolkien also implied that a similar battle between good and evil occurs at each junction between the ages, and that we are now approaching the end of the fourth age.


Vincent's co-author of the book A Monument to the End of Time, Jay Weidner, has just produced an extended article on this subject, called Tolkien at the End of Time; Alchemical Secrets of The Lord of the Rings, in which he goes into Tolkien's mythology of the first three ages, showing how it connects to the doctrine of alchemy and the secrets of the ages encoded into the Cross at Hendaye (see Whats New item 21 for a review of Weidner and Bridges' book about the Cross at Hendaye). In the context of the end of the current, Fourth Age, the Ring represents The Machine - or our tendency to become entranced or seduced by technology - something that Terence McKenna referred to as "thing-fetishism" (to those with a world-view structured around Abrahamic religions, this would be called "worship of graven images").


Weidner and Bridges have totally re-worked their book A Monument to the End of Time, including 80,000 words of new material, and it is now available as 


The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time


See 2012 Books page for more info.



127. The Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld   1/1/2004

We know about the 33 vertebrae and their connection to the 33 Masonic degrees, but have you ever wondered about the Sacrum or Holy Bone at one end of the spine, and the Temples at the other end? Brian Stross (University of Texas) has written an article; The Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld showing that the Maya saw the spine as a microcosm of the World Tree or axis, and that it has a portal at each end. Not only does this shamanic concept of the Maya have parallels to the Hindu concept of the Kundalini serpent, but it is also relevant to the Galactic Alignment of 2012, since the skull and sacrum were seen to correlate to the galactic portals where the ecliptic crosses the Milky Way. The Galactic Sacrum was at the Place of creation in Orion (the Turtle Shell) and the Galactic Temples were therefore at the Dark Rift, where the 2012 Alignment will occur, when the World Tree aligns with the Galactic Tree. This all seems to add weight to Jenkins' conclusion (Galactic Alignment p.268) that the Galactic Alignment will involve Kundalini flowing through the Earth and through us. The Egyptian Djed column is related to this, being the backbone of Osiris, and also the World Tree; Osiris being represented in the sky by Orion. See Weidner & Bridges' essay,  Fulcanelli's Final Revelation:  of Raising the Djed at the End of Time.



128. Solar System Changes Update                       1/1/2004


In David Wilcock's  Divine Cosmos, he goes into some detail regarding the work of Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev and particularly Dmitriev's essay, Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life. Dmitriev analyses Earth changes, Solar changes, and (less well-known), changes to other planets in the solar system, to conclude that the solar system is moving into a new energetic area. This area, says Dmitriev, is a magnetised plasma band. In a recent essay, The Ascension: “Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?” , Wilcock has added more recent statistics to Dmitriev's information, showing that the planetary changes are continuing; here is an excerpt:


"SUN:  The Sun’s magnetic field is over 230 percent stronger now than it was at the beginning of the 1900s, and its overall energetic activity has sizably increased, creating a frenzy of activity that continues to embarrass NASA’s official predictions.

 VENUS:  Venus is now glowing in the dark, as is Jupiter’s moon Io.

 EARTH:  In the last 30 years, Earth’s icecaps have thinned out by as much as 40 percent. Quite inexplicably, just since 1997 the structure of the Earth has shifted from being slightly more egg-shaped, or elongated at the poles, to more pumpkin-shaped, or flattened at the poles. No one at NASA has even bothered to try to explain this yet. 

 MARS:  The icecaps of Mars noticeably melted just within one year, causing 50-percent changes in surface features. Atmospheric density had risen by 200 percent above previous observations as of 1997.

 JUPITER:  Jupiter has become so highly energized that it is now surrounded by a visibly glowing donut tube of energy in the path of the moon Io. The size of Jupiter’s magnetic field has more than doubled since 1992.

 SATURN:  Saturn’s polar regions have been noticeably brightening, and its magnetic field strength increasing.

 URANUS:  According to NASA’s Voyager II space probe, Uranus and Neptune both appear to have had recent magnetic pole shifts – 60 degrees for Uranus and 50 for Neptune .

  NEPTUNE :  Neptune has become 40 percent brighter in infrared since 1996, and is fully 100-percent brighter in certain areas. Also, Neptune ’s moon Triton has had a “very large percentage increase” in atmospheric pressure and temperature, comparable to a 22-degree Fahrenheit increase on Earth.

 PLUTO:  As of September 2002, Pluto has experienced a 300-percent increase in its atmospheric pressure in the last 14 years, while also becoming noticeably darker in color. "

For more info, see WhatsNew item 27 The Shift of the Ages and Whats new item 65; Converegence 3 & Divine Cosmos.


129. Prophet's Manual                                      1/1/2004


The recent book by Daniel Srsa, Prophet's manual : (Fractal Supersymmetry of Double Helix) is over 450 pages of fairly small print. The cover claims that the book connects the Egyptian concept of Zep Tepi (the First Time of Osiris) with apocalyptic texts from ancient civilisations, and the end of the 13-baktun cycle of the Maya, explaining the physics behind the forthcoming quantum leap. The result of its publication is predicted to be a recognition that it is the "...long awaited revelation of Holy Grail of knowledge with unprecedented consequences that are bound to shake the world from its foundations." Daniel Srsa is from Croatia, so this explains why the explanations on his website, and in posts he has made to discussion groups are in a rather awkward kind of English. However, I expected the book to be a different matter. In fact, it reads like the scribbled notes of someone writing a shorthand account of a conversation between Albert Einstein and  John Nash. Here is an example  - the first half of the first paragraph in Chapter One (words in red are words that should be there but aren't):


"In a 3D context, a constant is a derivative of two equal and opposite variables . Constancy is a changeless pattern between two interfering variables (C=d/t=const). Constancy is singular, while variability is its equal and opposite infinity. The Difference between a constant and its equal and opposite variability is infinite, because the difference is exponential. An Exponential difference is a fractal dimensional difference. One constant is an infinity of fractal variables, just as a 3D cube is an infinity of 2D surfaces. 3D is always double the fractal difference - it is two equal and opposite infinities (variabilities) of a singularity (constant)."


I am told by a language-teacher friend of mine, that the Croatian language is structured like this, but this text should really have been checked by someone who speaks fluent English. However, even when the missing words are inserted, this excerpt is still hard to understand for non-physicists. There is a glossary that includes explanations of the terms constant, fractality, variable, infinity and singularity, but these definitions tend to use other terms that have to be looked up in the glossary, and so do they, and so on. Since this is from the start of chapter one, the above excerpt is actually easier to understand than most of the text.


I  have read A Brief History of Time by Professor Stephen Hawking, who is generally recognised as "the Greatest mind in physics since Albert Einstein" and it was an absolute doddle compared to this. If Professor Hawking can make his ideas understandable to the non-specialist, then surely it is possible that the concepts being explained by Daniel Srsa (an engineer) could be phrased in a way that could be understood by people who are not Croatian scientists. I sadly don't have time to get my head round this book, so if anyone out there has read and understood it, and speaks and writes fluent English, then how about writing a synopsis for 2012: Dire Gnosis?



130. The Celestial Cow  in 3114 BC                     1/Feb/2004


In Whats New item 16 we saw how Egyptologist David Rohl placed the flood of Noah (or Utnapishtim in the earlier Sumerian version) at "3113 BC", when the Long Count started. In Whats New item 23 we saw how David Furlong  found evidence for a comet impact at this time, and Timo Niroma suggested that although comet Encke was in an Earth-crossing position about 5000 years ago,  he thought a likelier scenario would have been another comet that broke into three pieces.


Now, Ed Grondine reasons that the ancient Egyptian myth of The Celestial Cow, in which Ra punishes Mankind by sending out his eye in the form of Sekhmet/Hathor (see item 40) originated in the first dynasty and refers to the encounter between comet Encke and the Earth. Grondine also quotes from a recent report on the findings of Ohio State University scientists, from Peruvian ice-cores, that "Something happened 5,200 years ago that was abrupt and very large-scale...


Grondine summarises the article: "The Ohio State University team works under Dr Lonnie Thompson, with  financial support coming from the United States' National Science Foundation and the Comer Foundation. Dr Thompson's  teams' new ice cores from Quelcoro, Peru agree well with their earlier ice cores from Mount Kilmanjaro, Tanzania in showing a climate collapse ca. 3200 BCE, with dating determined by radio carbon dating techniques.  Given this accuracy, these radio carbon dates agree well with the absolute dates given by the Maya."


Another relevant page from Grondine is here. (Thanks to Joel Keene for this)